A Random Act of Insitgation

A short growth-themed vignette I wrote to tease an old friend of mine: Tyr(Twitch)

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Old content, Originally posted August 28th, 2010 ||



Tonight would be an interesting night.​​ 


The sound of metal clanking upon metal, of the occasional THUMP of steel on concrete, muffled with a thin coating of carpeting over the concrete, the faint grunts of effort that came from the usage of the heavy​​ equipment that filled a Gym. It was a Gym for the big guys... the REALLY big guys. Every single member had been in some professional bodybuilding contest or another, several were national winners. One or two had even qualified for the global competitions.​​ ​​ Sufficient to say they were /BIG/. ​​ The smallest, ranging from barely smaller than Six foot Two, and the largest pushing the Eight foot mark. Not to mention their mass... weighing from the smallest being over 200 pounds, to some of the biggest nearly in the quadruple digits! Luckily the Gym was built specially for these incredibly large furs, as an ordinary gym would probably be broken in a matter of days.​​ 


Especially with all of the “roughhousing” so to speak... it was no secret everyone inside the gym​​ was very... 'friendly' with one another. Friendly being the child-safe word to use for the intense, constant acts of sexual prowess going on inside at all times. To the point that they had to install tinted windows to hide the goings on inside, as many of​​ the members didn't even wait to get to the locker or shower rooms before they would begin their 'fun'...​​ 


“Hey look, that lil thing is back!” a rather bulky, towering 7'6 specimen of a Dire wolf called out, grinning toothily to himself as he started to lumber towards the front door, catching sight of a passerby, that came past nearly every day. The doors to the gym bursting open just as the significantly smaller person was walking past


A light, sky blue colored jacket fluttered in the afternoon air, hanging loosely around a tighter, deeper blue colored T shirt beneath, tucked into the waistband of an equally deep blue colored pair of jeans, all of which clung to his rather thin, lean form nicely. He wasn't thin or lanky, at least from what his clothes revealed, but he certainly wasn't ripped like the moving wall of fur and muscle for a wolf approaching him.​​ 


A long, muscular saurian tail twitched in mild agitation behind him when he heard the wolf's voice, the soft tan colored flesh stretching about the​​ flexing muscle of his tail, warping the shape of the darker brown colored stripes stretching down its length, ending at the narrow, sharp tail-spade at the end. Added with a growl of annoyance, and a flick of his head to adjust a few head-feathers that took the place of hair atop his head and he turned to stare up at the towering wolf.​​ 


“Well Well Well if it isn't our favorite lil Dragonraptor” The wolf snarled out tauntingly. Grinning widely at the comparatively miniscule male before him, who's body wasn't even as thick around as one of the wolf's thighs.​​ 


It was the same shit every other day. He would pass by, the wolf would come outside, flaunt his size and tease the Dracoraptor about it, then make some lewd, taunting gesture or comment, then end with a 'you cant have this' hidden within a flick of his muscular ass as he walked back inside.​​ 


Sometimes he imagined beating the hell out of the wolf... he probably could do it without too much trouble, but overall it seemed just a waste of his time and energy. So, like every other time he simply brushed it off and kept moving.


Today, however... someone was watching from the shadows of a nearby alleyway... a wide grin forming on the hidden person's muzzle... as he slipped deeper into the alleyway, a plan​​ forming in his mind, and a desire to implement it driving him onwards to prepare before it was too late.​​ 


Nearly an hour later, Twitch finds himself standing at the door to his home, fumbling around in his pocket for his keys. Tap, Click, and the door was unlocked, opened, then pushed closed behind him. A sigh of relief escaping his lips as he started to tug his jacket off, casually tossing it over the back of the couch and stretching himself out a bit to work out a few kinks and cramps along his spine and legs. Once that was done, he headed for the fridge, to get a nice cold one to relax with.​​ 


A Nice cold Brisk Lemonade that is.


The sound of the tab popping open echoes through the otherwise quiet home. Followed by the Gulpgulpgulpgulp of him downing​​ the entire can in a matter of seconds. Letting out a loud, content sigh afterward, as he crushed the can in his fist, and casually tossed it into the trash can. He paused for a moment, licking over the edges of his lips as the taste lingered for a few moments on his tongue, tasting a bit sweeter than normal. Though he quickly shrugged it off, and went off to continue the rest of his afternoon routine.​​ 


Dinner consisted of a microwaved steak, and a few steamed vegetables, followed by a quick scrubbing of​​ the dishes. By the time he made it to the bathroom to brush his teeth he had to tug at his shirt a bit... some of the steam's moisture must be clinging too it, as his shirt seemed to be stretched a bit tighter around him, clinging a bit more snugly to his​​ upper body, jeans pulled taunt around his legs. With a ​​ mild grumble, he began to undress himself, tossing the shrunken clothes aside, as he stepped into the shower to wash himself. Steam swirling around the bathroom, and partially fogging up the mirror...​​ obscuring sight of himself as he stepped out of the shower. Walking to the bedroom to dig through his drawers for a pair of underwear and his pajama pants, grunting a bit as he tugged the snug breifs up his muscular thighs, seeming to have a bit of trouble getting them around the plump slabs of meat.


“Damn things must have shrunk in the wash” he ​​ huffed aloud, one last tug pulling them up around his rump, and a paw in the front tucking his package snugly into the pouch of his breifs, before the pajama bottoms were pulled up over them as well... the fact that his thighs were a bit thicker, that his groin was a bit fuller... that his shoulders were a bit broader, and his whole body a bit taller seemed to escape him, as he finally nestled himself up underneath the blankets. Letting sleep, and his dreams, slowly overtake him.​​ 


And as the night went on... his body changed. Or rather, continued to change... lengthening... swelling... expanding. The frame of the bed groaning under the changing and increasing weight of its inhabitant... the covers spreading across his expanding form... and starting to tent up as a rather prominent 'swell' between the dracoraptor's legs expanded with the rest of him, firmed from both the sensation of his body's changes, and an accompanying 'enjoyable' dream he was experiencing...


Morning light shone through the windows, assaulting his face as if the sun itself were intent on forcing him awake that very moment, causing a rather deep, rumbling grunt to boom through the room. His head raising up, eyes slipping half open... then shooting wide open when he sees himself... or, his NEW self...


Paws, with fingers thick as sausages, attached to palms big around as small plates, at the end of​​ two thick, tightly knitted masses of sinew that were his forearms. Elbows connecting those two two enormous slabs of meat for his biceps, each one nearly the size of a watermelon, attached by two bowling balls for shoulders to the enormous expanse of his barrel chest, shoulders wider than his entire bed was now and then some. His abs having swelled up and hardened, filed down with immense, deep valleys of definition along his not a 6 pac, not even an 8 pac, but the beginnings of a full on, borderline absurdly sized 10 pac of washboard abs. Hard and cut​​ enough that someone could wash laundry on them. All of this was, or rather would be, held up by the two gigantic redwoods of meat that were his legs, that seemed to stretch out for miles... though comparatively they might as well have... as the Dracoraptor had exploded in more than just muscle mass... his height now topping out over the Nine foot mark. ​​ But that wasn't what had the majority of his attention...


What did, was the half hard slab of man meat flopped over one of his massive thighs, not even fully erect from his 'pleasant' dream, and it was nearly a foot and a half long.. thicker around than his arm used to be, connected to balls that each could shame a cantaloup in size. Even for his inexplicably massive body, they were enormous.​​ 


Surprise raced through his mind as he tries to take in the sudden changes his body had gone through. That turning to Fear of what people would say when they saw him. Then... when he saw what was hanging above his bed it flared into momentary anger, though despite that he couldn't help but smirk lightly. Hanging above his bed by a thin piece of string was a single piece of paper, with a large red lettered D on it, and attached to that was what looked like... a Thong. Jet black in color, with some lettering on the front of it... and big. Very, very big... probably big enough to contain him even now.


With a huff, he looked around his room, blinking a bit when he hears a low groan and, from his movements, his bed simply CRACKS beneath him, crashing to the ground as it breaks under his immense weight. Snorting, he snatched up the thong hanging above him, since nothing else in the house would even be close to being able to fit him. Pausing for a moment to admire the sight of his enormous arm ripple and flex immensely from​​ such a simple movement, before he reached down to start tugging the thin, rather revealing piece of fabric up his legs. The strap in the back all but dissapeared between the two enormous hams of muscle for his asscheeks, and after a bit of adjusting and stuffing, he was, just barely, able to stuff his massive cock in the front of it. Leaving next to nothing to the imagination...and then almost bursting out laughing when he sees whats written on the front of the thong.




He was massive... ripped... and hung bigger than the biggest porn star...and he knew where his first stop was. A wide grin on his muzzle the whole time, as he squeezed his way out of the front door, ignoring the gawking stares he got from passerbys as people stared at the enormous, towering, overmuscled and incredibly hung hybred walking down the street. The door to the Gym all but burst open as he kicked it open, lumbering inside with that same wicked grin he'd had the whole way over... licking hungrily over his lips as he started to eye all the variously sized 'early risers' filling the gym... The guys who had, not 12 hours ago, made him look like a shrimp in comparison, now ​​ were made miniscule by his new stature all staring at him in mixtures of awe, amazement, fear and lust.​​ 


“All Right...” he rumbled deeply, licking hungrily at his lips as he took another floor rumbling step forward. “Who's first to be my New Bitch?...”


Tomorrow. Tomorrow he would go get his revenge on Dragonien, for instigating this whole​​ situation. But​​ today was going to be quite a day for the hybred... especially when a certain 'oversized' wolf came to the gym... to find its new alpha male waiting for him...


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