Mat at Muscle Beach


Just a quick little story (a very old one) about a particularly muscular husky friend of mine showing off at the beach.

|| Old content, Originally posted August 8th, 2008 via Furaffinity ||


Contests. One of the many narcissistic activities that society thrives upon, groups of people gathering together for little more than to be able to say 'I'm better than you at this or that'. But... Who's to say that everyone that enters these contest's is just a showoff?...


“And up next is a Burly bull bodybuilder from Balora beach, everyone put your hands together for -- -- !” The announcer's voice boomed across the makeshift stage, amplified tenfold by the stage's microphone. On Que, the big Bovine of a bodybuilder stepped out onto the stage to begin his routine.


It was a regular day at muscle beach, that oh so famous and oh so stereotypical part of the beach where all the bodybuilders and bigger guys and girls would hang out, pump iron, and generally be BIG, in their own little circle. And as per every other week, the annual Pose-off was in full swing today, the contest already nearing its end. Only 2 contestants were left after the current participant was done with his routine, though it already looked like a Tiger From earlier would have it in the bag, having scored a solid 9.4 average from the 3 judges on his routine... then again, you know what they say. Save the best for last.


“and next up, we have a newcomer to the beach today! Hailing normally from the beaches of Hitsume Cove, give it up for Mat the Husky! “the announcer roared out into the microphone, overplaying the excitement as always, trying to get the crowd riled up... but, then again the crowd for the most part didn't need that. Think about it, an audience of Muscle loving people, watching the best and biggest showing off for them... I doubt it’s possible to rile them up anymore than they already were!


But... the opposite was possible.


The curtain of the roughly made, plywood stage pushed back slightly, and the soft, barely audible sounds of canine paw pads walking across the floorboards broke the silence that had whipped over the crowd at his appearance...


The husky was Devilishly handsome, that much alone was enough to shock the crowd into silence. A Long, smooth mass of perfectly combed, golden head fur hung down over his brow, the top of his bangs barely covering the top part of his left eye, combed to the left side and leaving his right eye completely exposed, while the rest of his golden 'mane' of hair hung down from the back of his head, arcing between two Golden, triangular canine ears that adorned either side of the Husky's head, flicking and twitching slightly when a stray breeze would blow across them, the end of his hair coming to a Long golden ponytail that hung down almost to his shoulder length, the ponytail itself held together by a red, smooth strip of silk tied around the base of said ponytail. From the top of his brow down this his jawline, and across his neck his fur turned a pure, snow white color that seemed almost to reflect light as it shone across it, the white color excellently contrasting with the glistening, emerald green color of his eyes... Those two gems for iris seeming as if to hypnotize anyone that would look in their endless depths for too long. His smooth, combed cheek fur angled backwards away from the tip of his muzzle, where a small, shining black nose was set, the light reflecting off of the moisture built upon the cold sensory appendage.


But it wasn't the husky's handsome, flawless head that made everyone silent in confusion... it was his attire. Everyone previously had come on stage in Nothing but a posing speedo, swim trunks, or something of a similarly revealing nature. But this Husky here... Mat, the announcer had said his name was... was Fully dressed. Wearing a pair of Loose fitting, dark colored blue jeans, and a Loose, borderline on oversized, black long-sleeved shirt... The only thing actually eye catching about his attire was the Black leather collar that was clasped tightly around his neck, a small, glittering golden tag hanging off of it, partially hidden by the collar of his shirt. Even If he had some form of good-looking body... save for his head, his clothing completely hid it from view.


Even the announcer was... confused, to say the least... adjusting his sunglasses as he looked over in Mat's direction as if expecting something of him... even making a quick couple of hand gestures, signaling for him to... start, if he intended to actually do anything. The husky looked at the announcer, then over to the side of the stage, behind the curtains... whispering something quickly and lifting his hands in a questioning gesture, before he seemed to get some sort of answer from whoever was hiding behind that curtain, giving a nod and then turning back to the audience. His paws reached up from their relaxed position at his sides, and began to reach for the bottom of his shirt, head turning towards something or someone off stage, and giving a nod... Then... he began to lift his shirt up...


It was as if someone had lifted up a que card for the entire audience, with the single word written on it.




The entire collective group of furs and humans big and small crowding the beach all simultaneously sucked in a breath of air in surprise, as those white furred, ivory clawed canine fingers gathered together a handful of his shirt and began to lift it up... exposing the bottom of a solid wall of fur covered mass for a stomach.


Washboard didn't even begin to describe it, Inch after inch of Rock solid Abs were exposed as mat lifted his shirt higher and higher... 2... 4... 6... and a bit more... the beginnings of an 8 pac of abdominal muscle bulges lined his stomach, each one with deep crevices between the thick hills of muscle! The smooth, thin fur that covered his torso seemed to only make it even more impressive, giving it a smooth, softer look while at the same time short enough to not hide any of the details of that perfect belly the husky possessed.


They all stared in in rapt attention as the shirt was lifted higher and higher... the bottoms of the husky's chest beginning to be exposed, as the shirt was lifted up to the point where it hid his face from view, arms lifted half above his head as it was pulled up and over, a sudden tug pulling it up to his neck... and exposing two broad slabs of meat for pectoral muscles, that seemed to spread out from the top of his abs as if one giant set of abs, broad and powerful and dozens of times larger than the smaller swells of meat that lined his stomach. They Jutted out far from the base of his chest, easily looming over his stomach like a shelf of solid mass, protruding at LEAST 3 inches from the base of his neck, the smooth white furred curves of muscle that was his chest broken only by the two small circles of pink flesh only half hidden by his fur that were his nipples.


Finally, the shirt was fully tugged over his head and tossed to the side of the stage, once more revealing that handsome muzzle... as well as the beefy arms that jutted out from the two thick balls of muscle that were his shoulders... with his arms free of the sleeves, they were also free to be roamed over and gawked at by the eyes of the audience... the two swells of shoulder muscle that connected his arms to his pectorals, leading down to two thick, relaxed curves of canine meat that were his biceps, ending in the underside of his elbow, and continuing on into a curve of thin cords of muscle that covered his forearms, powering his wrist and hand movements...


His cheek fur could be noticed taking the faintest Pink hue, as a light blush crossed the canine's muzzle... not used to exposing himself in front of such a large audience... and that blush would only increase in intensity as another unheard command caught the husky's attention from off stage... His paws hesitating, before they moved down... collecting another gasp, this one of more anticipation than surprise, as his fingers began to fumble with the button of his jeans...


The button popped free of its clasp, and the zipper was slid down slowly... before his hands simply released the waistband of his jeans... the thick, heavy fabric falling down with a soft FLUMP to the stage floor, pooling around his ankles... Two thick, powerful slabs of meat, like several perfectly cut steaks all pushed together formed the husky's powerful thighs, built tough with the power to hold up his well-cut upper body, attached to the two circular bony protrusions of his knees that separated his thighs from his lower legs. His calves were like Hills of muscle, slowly growing as they went up the back of his leg, before ending abruptly in the back of his knees...The canine's two Foot paw's toes clenching slightly as he shivered lightly from the sudden exposure... curved, ivory toe claws catching slightly on the wood of the stage. But the audience wasn't looking at those powerfully build, sculpted legs of the husky's... they were looking at what lay between.


Skin Tight Red fabric, bright as a cherry covered his groin, two thin straps, little more than strings, curving around Mat's lean waist... The fabric was so tight, that it conformed like a second skin around what lay between his thighs... and what lay there indeed! Two thick, hefty curves for testicles that hung down towards the ground, pulling the fabric down slightly, each one bigger than a large hen egg, and above that the outline of a circular tube of flesh, almost as thick around as a beer bottle, that was the Husky's dormant sheath.


All eyes were on the canine now exposed before them; his cheeks flushed a bright pink color as the dark red of his flushed cheeks mixes with the white fur covering his face. He was like an Adonis from Greek myth brought to life, as if someone had taken the greatest Male models of all time, and put them all together, replacing every flaw, every imperfection each one had, with a perfect feature from another... It boggled the mind to try to understand why such an amazing specimen of masculinity would ever DREAM of denying such perfection from the view of the public.


Even despite his almost otherworldly body, so perfect in every manner it was as if some divine being itself had sculpted him out of the most perfect, flawless slab of marble in existence, and then brought it to life... It boggled the mind as to why such a perfect specimen of masculinity would be so shy. But... regardless, whoever was hiding behind the curtain had gotten him out here Infront of all​​ these people, and that was all they wanted. Well... almost all they wanted... But, their last 'desire' so to speak, of the husky before them was about to come true...


He was about to begin his routine.


First, those thickly corded arms of his began to lift up, the powerful sinew built into them shifting slightly as they lifted their own weight up, holding his arms straight out from his shoulders, spread out straight.... then a sudden, quick blur of movement rustles his fur, as he clenches his arms HARD into a perfect right angle, striking a classic double bicep pose. The two thick, powerful melons of muscle that were his biceps sprang up, turning rock hard and swelling out almost half again their relaxed size! Actually pushing the strands of his fur apart, so that, were you to look hard enough, you’d actually see the thin coating of flesh under his fur, that covered those powerful muscles. A collective mixture of “ooohs” and “aaahs” along with a few whistles echoed across the crowd.


His Arms lowered quickly, a soft grunt at the effort from the flex slipping from his lips as his arms curled inward, back inclined slightly forward as he struck a crab pose. Thick, powerful pectorals swelling up and grinding against each other, his thickly muscled biceps pressing against the sides of his chest. The cheers of the crowd intensified as they watched this herculean beefcake of a husky Pose for them, striking pose after pose... Lat spread, Most Muscular... going through a whole routine, to the increasing excitement. But any good routine needs an ace in the hole...


His pose relaxed, letting himself stand back up in a casual stance, arms at his side... before he leaned backwards... spine suddenly bending back, before his hand paws pressed down onto the floor behind him... completely bending over backwards into an upside-down U shape! Sure, any bodybuilder could get big, brawny and beefy... but how many of them could keep their flexibility?


The rather... unorthodox pose seemed to rile the spectators even more... whether from seeing this Adonis of a Husky as flexible as a yoga master, and muscled like a pro bodybuilder, or the fact that his current position made the bulge in his far too tight red thong push outward, making it even more prominent no one knew... and no one seemed to care to find out, far too absorbed in the show.


His next surprise seemed even better than the last... as his fingers curled slightly, claws digging lightly into the floor of the stage to get a good grip... and with a shove of his foot paws, his lower body lifted up... pulling himself up into a handstand! Perfectly balanced, barely the faintest of swaying in any direction... the Most impressive sight, though, was the Sight of his exposed back... a literal road map of crisscrossing cords of muscle, bulging outward and tensed with the effort of holding the husky's weight upside down as such... like a perfect upside down V shape... That wasn't what their eyes were on, at least not for more than a second or two...


Their eyes were on his ass.


Two, thick, meaty and perfectly rounded hams of muscle, pressing together and forming a large cleft between them... on full display for anyone watching, with the thin, red strap of his speedo practically disappeared into his deep butt crack. Most bodybuilders, when they bulked up their lower​​ body, lost all the fat that builds up around one's buttocks, it becoming lean, firm and thin... but Mat's was thick and plump, not with fat Oh no... but with rock hard, solid muscle... a proverbial 'ghetto' booty of solid meat, flexing slightly as he continued to hold himself up upside down... thick... powerful glutes practically begging for someone to give them a touch, a squeeze, a slap....


Before people knew it... minutes had passed, and with a final movement, he suddenly sprang forward, arms shoving down to the floor and sending him flying upwards a few feet... flipping forward in midair and landing back on his feet upright... one arm extended out to his side, with the other curled inward against his stomach as he gives a light bow... The end of his routine... before he turned, and with a swish of his upward-curled tail... walked off stage... the crowd perfectly silent... he didn't even stop to see his score.


And then the crowd erupted into while Roars, yells and cheers, a wave of applause washing over the area, as the judges all lifted up their cards... two 10s, and a 9.8... an almost perfect score! And well deserved too... it would be a miracle, if any of the people that had been watching wasn't wet between the legs, or having to adjust their swimsuits to hide certain... swellings at the sight of such a show.


“l-ladies and gentlemen, Mat the Husky! “The announcer called out over the loudspeaker amidst the applause. “And now for our final conte-...” he started to say, then paused, as a glint of something red peeked out from behind the curtains, a hissed whisper of conversation reaching the announcers ears... before he nodded, and turned back to the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen... it seems our last contest has dropped out... so I think you all know what that means! Our winner, and Muscle Stud of the week is Mat the Husky!!! “He roared out, his own cheers mixing with his announcement.


But Mat never came out to accept his win... backstage, he was already gone...


“Still can’t believe you made me do that” The husky huffed out, though despite his playful irritation, his tail wagged slowly behind him. “you know I'm shy! I'm not cut out for stuff like that!”


“Bah, you love the attention, you just don't wanna admit it... Plus, with that bod of yours, it’s a crime NOT to show it off” came a deep, growl of a reply... The big, red Dragon playfully ruffling the husky's head fur, as they walked down the beach together... arms draped around each other’s middles.

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