A Backyard Game of Changing

Dragonien and a group of his friends get together for an afternoon of strange bodily transformations.

Originally inspired by a transformation-themed writing prompt game from an old chat room I briefly frequented. Includes several friends of mine, the list of which can be found on the original post on Furaffinity.

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Old content, Originally posted July 16th, 2011 ||

A Backyard game of Changing




The sun shone brightly down on the pool set within the rather spacious backyard of Dragonien's home. The grill had already been fired up, with dozens of hotdogs and hamburgers already in buns set out across the picnic table​​ ready for his guests to arrive, and take part in his new 'game'.​​ 


First came his more well known acquaintances. Alex, A rather lithely built tiger who's nose was just barely level with the bottom of the looming 8'4 dragons chest, and sported a rather unorthodox coloring of dark black fur, streaked with a dark emerald color of stripes rather than the usual orange with black stripes. He was greeted by a playful pat on the head, and a quick whip of Dragonien's tail across his tush that sent him off towards the picnic table, muttering 'threats' under his breath.​​ 


Next came Dorenrab, though Dragonien always just called him Doren. A rather bulky built 'behemoth', looking something like a cross between a lion and a bear. Bulky in both the sense that his body had a good deal of muscle on it, along with a softer layer of fat and girth covering it. The 5'9 hybrid was quickly greeted by an almost crushing hug from Dragonien that left his feet dangling off the ground and his face buried in the thin black fabric covered pectorals of the red dragon holding him. Leaving him stumbling a bit as he was shoo'd off towards where Alex sat, so Dragonien could await the newcomers.​​ 


Next came a new trio of furs that he had only met recently, hanging around various Gyms and coffee shops across the city. 'scouting out', so to speak, contestants for his new game. First among them was a rather lithe male Eagle morph, which was quickly greeted by a, while not painful, somewhat firmer than necessary handshake from the looming dragon.​​ He gave Syrinx the eagle a friendly smile, then turned to meet the far larger wolf he had met at the Gym. Giving Tom a pat on the back, as if in congratulation at being the only person there so far that could stand tall enough to see his neck without looking up.​​ 


Finally he turned to the third newcomer, one of the more 'unorthodox' of the contestants today, a 5'8 Tigertaur. Dragonien always finding the interesting combinations of custom made clothing taurs wore to keep themselves decent, especially considering this particular tigertaur liked to 'hover the line' so to speak, between genders. Sporting both male and female anatomy. Its not a party unless there's at least one herm, right?! With a playful Laugh, he gave T.D. A pat on the back, and gestured the​​ three over to where Alex and Doren sat, already digging into the large spread of grilled foods sitting​​ atop the picnic table.


Then came an audible, and visible 'Thud' that seemed to vibrate through the ground ever so slightly. As if through some kind of​​ conditioning, Alex's ears instantly pinned to his head and started looking around, subconsciously recognizing what the impact was before it was visible or obvious. It only made Dragonien grin wider when that Thud was followed by another one. Then a third.​​ Then a fourth. Soon a large blue head raised up into view from behind Dragonien's house. Followed by the rest of the massive drake's body, as he rumbled his way down the street, looming almost as tall as the 2 story buildings in the neighborhood. Each footfall causing a faintly noticeable shaking in the ground from his heavy weight as it trotted towards Dragonien's backyard. The towering drake stood taller than even Dragonien, just at his shoulders. Roughly 10 foot tall to the top of his shoulder joints, and over twice that from head to tail in length. ​​ He gave a casual wave and gestured Mechanodragon into the, thankfully, huge backyard. Giving a quiet, wry comment about watching for tigers underfoot, that immediately got him a glare from Alex.​​ 



“Alright​​ then!” Dragonien called out after having given them all a few minutes to get acquainted, and have a few snacks. “I'm assuming you all at least skimmed over the little Rule note that I gave all of you, so you understand how this is gonna work. I could go into details on how it works, but sufficient to say. Any round winner's accused change will be forced upon its target. So. Why don't we get started? If you all wanna just have a seat over here near the pool, will give everyone” he paused, looking up at Mechanodragon, easily the largest here, even over himself “some room to stretch out. And we can start the first round.” he explained. Gathering up a small pile of cards and a pair of dice up off the picnic table. And letting the others take some time to spread​​ out near the pool.​​ 


After everyone was settled, Dragonien called out for the first round to start. Somewhat hesitantly, or skeptically, everyone gave out a number. And then, rolling the dice. Dragonien watched it land on 8. “Alex wins the first round. Alright. Who's changing, and how?”


When Alex turned and grinned at Dragonien, already he knew what was on the tiger's mind, and gave a sigh “oh come on your not even gonna wait ti-” but was cut off when Alex exclaimed loudly and firmly “Dragonien, you will​​ shrink to 5 inches tall.”


The others leaned in a bit, as if expectantly. Still somewhat skeptical of whether things were really going to happen... but as if Alex's words truly had magic power in them, Dragonien started to 'deflate' into his clothes. His​​ normally tight shirt starting to puff outwards and sag heavily around his torso, one of the shoulder straps sliding down​​ off one of his arms. His pants similarly starting to sag and fall down off him. Flumping down around the dwindling dragon's ankles, as​​ his shirt rapidly became more like a dress too him... then soon disappearing even under that. As the dragon ended up not even half a foot tall, buried within the now massive confines of his jeans, underwear and shirt.​​ 


The looming quadruped dragon reaches out one of his forepaws, playfully nudging the eagle's side. Giving a playful grin and rumbling “its a good thing we got someone with 'eagle eyes' otherwise we might lose sight of our host.” he joked, eliciting a wry smirk and playful glare from the eagle up to the looming dragon.​​ 


Dragonien didn't stay lost for long, however, as Alex crawled forward, grinning deviously all the while, and started fishing a paw through Dragonien's now 'discarded' clothing, until he let out a quiet “a-ha!” and plucked and squirming and flailing, nude, Dragonien up by a leg, dangling the naked 5 inch tall red dragon upside down. Where he growled and shook a fist up at Alex, tail reflexively curled between his legs to give him some modesty “Put me down! We gotta start the next round!”


Alex simply grinned and shook his head “na-uh, yer my dragon now” though he lowered Dragonien down just enough to let him grab the Dice, as Dragonien yells out “new round, new round!”


Everyone quickly gave out there numbers and the now tiny​​ Dragonien threw the, to him, large dice across the ground, watching as it landed on 14... again Alex had won. Causing Dragonien to Curse loudly. While the tiger simply smirked as he scanned over the 'victims' nearby. And of course, as everyone expected...


“Syrinx, right? Why don't you join drag down there in the five inch high club...” and again, following Alex's 'demand' The changes rapidly began to overtake the Avian. As he started to rapidly shrink and dwindle down into his own clothes, a bit slower,​​ considering that unlike Dragonien he had a couple feet less height to lose. Though within a few moments Alex was digging a paw greedily through Syrinx's clothing as well, pulling out a similarly shrunken, 5 inch bird, again dangled upside down, and holding​​ him and Dragonien both in front of his grinning face, Dragonien growling and yelling out “new round!” while grabbing at the dice again before he was hoisted back up into the air by the greedy tiger.


Alex felt something bump his side, as Mechano's large​​ head nudged it away slightly, so he could lean in to look at the two tiny contestants, breath blowing over them both like, to them, blasts of gale force wind, causing the two upside down dangled micros to flap and swing from their held position. Dragonien​​ making waving arm gestures with the arm not holding the dice as if to try to hurry the others up, while the​​ Eagle simply glared up at the grinning, looming tiger. The wolf, Tom, was pouting in the background, muttering just loud enough to be heard “I wanted to shrink Dragonien...” while Doren was struggling, and failing, to hide a smirk as he leaned a bit to get a better look at the two shrunken captives of the tiger.​​ 


They all gave their numbers and Dragonien struggled with the dice almost half his size,​​ throwing it down to the ground... a grin rapidly spreading over his lips as it rolled on 3. His win. He defiantly wanted some revenge against their tiger captive... but decided to be a bit trickier and sneakier about his 'revenge' than something obvious.​​ He swung over lightly, grabbing onto Syrinx's feet. And muttered quietly to the eagle, so that their 'captor' couldn't hear him “How about you get some Hypnosis-eyes?” and instantly a momentarily pained squawk emitted from the avian as he felt a faint burning tingle flood through his eye sockets. His eyes changing color to a deep, almost glowing golden yellow color, with reptilian slitted pupils rather than his original eyes. Said eyes seeming to have a faint glow to them... and anyone that looked at them found their gaze lingering on those unusual eyes against their own will, without them even realizing it. ​​ 


“Hey... what are you up too. I'm not getting tiny yet.” Alex murmured accusingly, expecting to have become flea sized the moment the dice landed in​​ Dragonien's favor. He raised the two up to eye level, staring at the dragon, then over at the bird. “What did you... do...” he started to murmur. Seeming to trail off mid sentence as he looked into the eagle's eyes. Doren, T.D, and Mechano leaning in curiously as if also trying to figure out whats going on, none of them able to have heard the tiny dragon's change either.​​ 


“You know...” Syrinx cooed softly, unable to help but grin a bit as he stared into the looming set of Feline eyes that him and the dragon were dangled in front of “Your head up there looks mighty comfortable for some lil guys like us... why don't you put us up there for now... and no shaking us off either”. Alex seemed to simply stare at them a moment longer. Then obediently raise them up, to set the two atop His head. Dragonien and Syrinx each grasping onto a large feline ear to help keep them balanced atop his head. Doren, T.D. And mechano all blinked a bit, somewhat surprised that Alex wasn't doing something more... devious with his two​​ shrunken victims. Then all just shrugging, and Dragonien calling out, atop his new perch “new round!


The dice was thankfully handed up to Dragonien, after a 'suggestion' from the eagle atop Alex's head. And he tossed it down atop their tiger chair, letting it roll across the ground till it showed up 17. Mechano's first win.


The looming feral simply smirked softly. Looking over at the two tiny furs atop the suddenly somewhat obedient tiger's head. And gave a shrug of his broad shoulders “Everyone is so​​ serious so far, why not something silly... Tom. How bout you start growing some Catfish whiskers, that wont stop growing for at least a few minutes.”​​ which caused the wolf to perk his head up, blinking a bit in disbelief “Wait what?!”


He felt the flesh on the sides of his cheeks and muzzle starting to shift outwards. Huffing softly at the strange and overly sensitive sensation. As small 'pricks' of flesh slowly started to stretch out from his cheeks and the edge of his chin. Every few seconds adding. another centimeter or so to their length. The wolf reached up to brush a finger over them, head jerking backwards in reflex to the touch to the overly sensitive appendages. “This is... weird.”


The two littles and their feline perch looked over, blinking a bit​​ at the odd sensation. Doren and T.D. Simply chuckling and murmuring almost in unison “Weird”, before Dragonien stood up atop Alex's head and yelled dramatically “New round!” and threw the, again tiger-offered, dice down to the floor


The dice rolled towards 22, and The eagle sitting beside Dragonien squawked happily as his number came up, without hesitation yelling “T.D. Grow to 25 foot tall!” which caused the herm taut to blink and eye widen in surprise. Starting to protest, but hir words quickly cut off​​ as hir shirt pulled skintight around hir torso. And hir special 'taur' shaped pants splitting open at the seams as shi ballooned to double, Triple hir size and still growing. Hir Hindquarters smacking into the picnic table and starting to shove it backwards as shi expanded. Swelling out until it finally stopped when the Tiger-taur, still with hir legs curled under hir to sit down, sat taller than even the huge feral dragon laying beside the pool. Shi was even longer than Mechano was now, and more than twice as tall, making even the huge feral dragon look and feel small in comparison.​​ 


Dragonien was blinking up at the now massive, and naked he might add, Herm sitting across a good majority of his backyard... silently glad he had such a big house and yard... mostly for when HE did big things like that... “well... ahem. Hi up there” He 'squeaked' out up to the giant taur, probably too quiet for hir to even hear as more than a faint, incoherent squeaking. The looming herm looked around at how absolutely tiny everything looked now, not even noticing how Doren had Darted off, back pressed up against the wooden fence to try and escape hir expanding side. T.D. Then grinned down at Mechano, leaning down with one arm crossed over hir chest to hide hir tits from blatant view, murmuring out in a rather blatantly provocative tone “mmm... I could get used to this... maybe you and me should find some privacy later, big... or rather. 'lil' guy... help me take this size for a spin...”


Dragonien Coughed a bit, as if clearing the obviously provocative words from the air... with hir size, T.D.'s words not only echoed across the backyard... but a good portion of the nearby neighborhoods. ​​ “Ok then! Erm... new round!” Dragonien called out as he threw the dice down again, watching it land on 18, a tie between Doren and Syrinx. With another roll of the dice and Doren picking odds, the dice landed 56, and Syrinx won the​​ round again. As he sat atop Alex's somewhat dopey grinned face, thinking, T.D. Leaned hir now huge head down, giggling quietly and planting a kiss on Mechano's head, which caused the formerly largest of the guest to blush and mutter incoherent under his breath, shying away rather bashfully, a somewhat hilarious sight considering he was so large.


Suddenly his attention was diverted to the tiny eagle, who's voice seemed to be magnified for a moment as he demanded “Why don't we give our big dragoney friend Mechano, a second set of 'upgraded' equipment... and make them both extra productive for good measure” He giggled softly. Causing Mechano to blink a bit as if in disbelief, before he felt his cheeks flush, and let out an involuntary groan of pleasure. His hips started shifting and squirming, grinding his lower body down to the edge of the pool as he felt his original male-hood Plump and thicken... both from the sudden surge of foreign pleasure, and it quite literally SURGING larger, followed by as if watching some weird perversion of two cells splitting in a microscope, his male-hood started to stretch to the left and right, then Split apart. So rather than the one sheath and single ball-sac, he had two, one right next to each other. Both shafts already peaking from their hiding spot, a small wet spot starting to grow beneath him, as his now over-productive testicles flooded his cocks with sexual juices... and his body and brain with sexual hormones.


“This could get messy” Dragonien muttered softly. Blinking as he Saw Doren slowly scooting across the edge of the backyard, as if trying to 'sneak' closer to the dragon...​​ slowly 'tiptoeing' his way towards the hindquarters of the squirming feral dragon now, nostrils flaring and somewhat greedily sucking in that masculine, musky scent of sex that was starting to radiate out from Mechano. All the while T.D was still fauning over the dragon, and Tom was sitting near the diving board, trying to hold up his constantly expanding catfish whiskers... though each time he tried to touch the now almost foot long appendages his head would jerk upwards from the sensation. “er... new round?”


They all muttered out there numbers, some easier than others. Whatever trance Syrinx had Alex under seeming only to break long enough for him to let his own number murmur out, and Mechano had to struggle a bit to get his out past a muffled moan. The​​ dice rolled across the floor and landed on a 16, Tom had finally won his turn! Though Dragonien had to ask Doren to prod him into attention, making Doren pout a bit after being 'stopped' from his secret feral lusty dragon mission, to go nudge the wolf currently still preoccupied with his own change to notice he had won.


Tom barely seemed to even be able to pay attention, as if entranced by the irritatingly sensitive catfish whiskers, and muttered out “Give Dragonien big feet?” Which caused the little red​​ dragon to blink, and meeped softly as he felt his already rather large paws start to swell and expand. Stretching his legs down so that his paws hung almost right in front of one of Alex's eye, which even in his half dazed state locked​​ in, cross-eyed, on the sight of that little paw as it swelled and expanded to almost twice its normal size. Not absurdly blatantly oversized for the dragon, but they were certainly far larger than what would be normal for his size and build. “um... I don't think my shoes will​​ fit anymore” Dragonien murmured, though he didnt think anyone other than Alex and Syrinx heard him. T.D. Too busy petting along Mechano's haunches and tail, while Doren was trying to find a way to sneak up under the pre-drooling feral dragon, who's juices​​ were starting to leak into and taint the pool water. ​​ “er... yea. New round guys”


Again Doren's 'quest' for a piece of the newly enhanced virility of the Dragon was interrupted as Dragonien called out “Doren's roll! Your turn to change someone” which caused the behemoth to pop his head up from behind Mechano, looking around them for a moment, before snickering at the two shrunken furs still atop the lazy-faced tiger's head “I think Alex would look a lot better if he was smaller... lets make him about a foot tall.” Doren said.


Quickly Alex's body started to compact downwards, causing the eagle and dragon atop his head to yelp out in surprise and cling to each other as they started 'falling' with Alex's shrinking. Within a few moments similar to how the eagle and dragon had shrunk Alex disappeared within the folds of his shirt and pants. Though with him a foot taller his outline was far more noticeable, Especially with Dragonien and Syrinx both landing atop him.​​ 


Whether it was from the shrinking, or the​​ impact of the two furs not quite half his size landing atop him, Syrinx's effect on Alex seemed to have worn off, and he poked his head up from the shirt, pushing it off him and them, glaring down at the two sitting in his lap. He started to glare down at​​ them “I Don't know what you two were doing but...” then he trailed off as he grabbed both of them, one in each arm and squeezed them to his chest as the now small tiger stood up, nude, out of his clothes “I think its time I got back to my original pla...”​​ he started to murmur, but Syrinx quickly glared up at him, again causing Alex's eyes to draw towards the eagle's own, and his words trailing off into a slack jawed smile. The eagle giggling softly then raising up a taloned finger to gently stroke over Alex's chest, murmuring out seductively “hey sweet lil kitty... why don't you be a good boy and take us over there where the others are having their fun...” which elicited a soft nod from the tiger.


Dragonien grabbed the dice as he was hefted up, and called​​ out “Ok, things are getting a bit heated so... last round!” and threw the dice as everyone called out their numbers, mostly barely even realizing they did. As the dice rolled to a 14, T.D.'s number.


Shi barely was even paying attention, too busy petting​​ and rubbing up against Mechano, threatening to push him further into the pool if she nudged too much closer. “mmm... that lil Doren sweety would look kinda cute as a chick...” Shi practically purred​​ out. And almost instantly Doren felt his body tense, and​​ start to slim inwards. Body swelling a couple of inches taller, while losing a lot of its bulk. Hips becoming thicker and shapelier, while a lot of his extra 'fat' started to center into his chest as it started to swell out into a pair of thick, ample Tits... A cups... B cups... C cups! Stopping when they were easily deep into the D cup range. Straining his shirt forward with their thick girth and mass. His pants tightened around his... or rather now, HER growing ass and hips, while thinning out in front as his male-hood disappeared and was replaced with a feminine 'slit' instead. Leaving in the masculine 'bear' of a behemoths place a shapely, mildly stockily built Female Behemoth.​​ 


“This is... new” She murmured, testingly hefting her tits in her paws...​​ before shrugging, and diving back down to Mechano's side, trying to crawl her way beneath the constantly leaking dragon...


Dragonien simply sighed, and shook his head. Struggling not to smirk “I knew it'd go this way, didn't expect it to degrade so quickly tho...” he muttered quietly, as he was carried off to what was within moments about to be quite the interesting 'orgy'...




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