A Strange Pendant

An unassuming man named Cory puts on a strange amulet and begins to experience wave after wave of strange transformations.

Another transformation-themed story involving too many people to list. Was originally written as a livestreaming game where the viewers voted on each round’s transformation.

Old content, Originally posted July 21st, 2011 ||


His name is Cory. Hes a pretty average looking Human. Slightly pale white skin, obviously spending a lot of time inside. Somewhat shaggy black hair that is usually combed upwards atop his head. Standing at an average 5'8 in height, and with a somewhat lanky, slightly hefty build. Arms fairly lean and devoid of really any visible definition, with only a slight widening of his hips and a mild swell of stomach fat for a gut protruding from his stomach. Currently hes wearing a pair of somewhat loose fitting blue jean shorts and a similarly lose pale red collared shirt with a single flower design on the left side.​​ 




1: Mechano- dragon talons <winner>

2: Elrabin- Fat to muscle, amateur bodybuilder

3: Kindle- grows 6 foot in height.​​ 

4: Zev- 20 pounds​​ fatter.

5: erde- Anthro Hyena

6: blue: Dragon wings. Cause that sounds cooler.​​ 


Cory had been fiddling around with a strange pendant he had gotten from a local curio shop, when suddenly a spark of electricity zapped his fingers, causing him to drop it and gasp out in suprise. Within moments a strange tingling began to fill his hands, seeming to suddenly shoot down his arms, over his chest and down his legs, ending in his feet where a sudden itch began to form at the tips of his toes and hands.​​ 


“W...what the...?!” He called out in surprise as he felt a momentary, sharp pain shoot from the tip of his fingers, his fingernails seeming to 'melt' into his flesh, as then with a faintly audible, somewhat sickening sound of tearing flesh, long, curved, ivory colored claws tore from the tips of his fingers. Worse yet was the tingle filling the rest of his hand, as his ring and middle fingers seeming to be slowly stretching closer to each other, slowly starting to 'merge' together, as his remaining fingers seemed to thicken and fatten ever so slightly to swell out and 'accommodate' the missing finger and take up its leftover space.​​ 


He didn't have long to ponder this however as the tingling in his feet sharpened suddenly, and with the same sharp and sudden pain he​​ heard a rather loud RIIIP sound, as claws tore through the front of the fuzzy, dark blue house shoes he wore, having stabbed right through the front of them as they burst out of his toes. That same 'merging' sensation overtaking his toes as well as they started to clench and glide together until instead of 5 descending sized toes he had three almost identically sized ones, each sporting a rather wicked, animalistic claw.​​ 


But the changes did not end there, as the flesh around his hands and feet started to bunch up, seeming to harden slightly and darking absurdly in color. From his ankles down, and from a bit under halfway down his forearm to the tips of his finger his flesh was turning blue, a deep almost ocean blue color. The flesh continued to bunch up​​ until it seemed to be separating and growing atop itself, forming into broad diamond shapes that interlocked with each other, soft and supple to the touch, but turning practically stone hard when pressure was applied too them... Cory now not only had animal-like claws and only 3 toes, and 3 fingers and a thumb, but his body from mid forearm and ankle down was covered in deep blue draconian scales...


ROUND 2. Human with Draconic hands, feet, and claws.​​ 


1:Kindle- +12 foot height

2: Tshaw- slender Dracaonic​​ tail. <winner>

3: mechano- Arm spike blades

4: Dorenrab- Bigger hands/feet.

5: zev- hair on his head grows super long.​​ 

6: Elrabin- Fat to muscle, amateur bodybuilder

7: erde- Mr fantastic mode.​​ 


Cory panted softly as he tried to recover from the, if breif, rather powerfully painful experience of having his fingers and toes suddenly merge together then sprout claws. Letting his 'recovery' take presedence over staring at the fact he now not only had claws, but SCALES.


He didn't have long to ponder, as he heard a faint crackling sound come from the necklace which had fallen to the floor, tumbling halfway beneath his desk. Before he could bend down and reach for it, he felt another electric tingle surge through his body, rapidly zapping down his spine and​​ centering in his tailbone, just above his ass. He gave out a grunt, which quickly rolled into a low groan as he felt a growing stiffness and soreness growing at the base of his spine, like he had slept on it wrong and a disk was pushed out of socket.​​ 


He​​ felt the pain suddenly intensifty as if something were shoving against the top of his ass, and had to reach back behind him, Yelping loudly in pain as he accidentally pricked himself with his new claws, then, carefully, pushed his jeanshorts down a couple​​ of inches... and letting his eyes go wide as he felt something growing from his spine.


It was a hard sensation to describe. Like his spine was 'stretching' out behind him. Becoming longer and longer, but instead of going down deeper into his body it was​​ stretching out behind him. And as his skin seemed to stretch out to cover the extending new links of his spine, he felt that same strange 'bunching' sensation along it as the flesh​​ started to turn into those supple, oceanic blue scales that his arms and feet now sported.​​ 


The appendage grew longer and longer, first a foot long... then two... then three. Then he felt it brush down along the ground as it stretched out and finally stopped growing when it was almost four foot long. The base of it was easily​​ thicker around than his arm, while the tip of the new, what he could only call his new 'tail', was barely as thick around as one of his fingers.​​ 


 A sudden shock of pain caused him to cry out as new nerves suddenly shot out through the new appendage like​​ webbing, almost instantly adding the strange sensation of a new 5th​​ prehensile appendage to deal with, which seemed to start reflexively moving to his thoughts. Simply idly wondering what it looked like caused it to almost instinctual curl around in a rather impressive show of control and prehensile flexibility, to where he could see the ending half ​​ of the new appendage. Carefully rubbing his newly draconic fingers over the tail as if testing its feel, as if trying to confirm it was there... and upon feeling his own touch on it as if he had been touching his own arm, sure enough, it was real...


“This cant be happening...”


ROUND 3 ​​ Human with Draconic hands, feet, and claws, as well as a draconic tail.


1: Elrabin- Cock grows to 2 foot long, thick as his​​ arm.

2: Mechano- Grows 18 foot taller.​​ 

3: Zev- tiger patterned fur.

4: tshaw- Doubles in height.

5: erde- reptilian tongue <Winner>


“this can't be happen-uuueeeehhhh..” he started to groan out, when before he could even finish his exclamation of disbelief another surging electric tingle shot through him, and centered inside his mouth this time. He felt his tongue starting to thin out, becoming a bit flatter and not quite as 'broad' as a normal human tongue, as well as feeling new nerve endings sprouting​​ to life inside his tongue. Then it began to lengthen outwards, stretching longer and longer, as it started to seemingly 'reel' out of his mouth. One inch... two... four... before too long an entire foot of tongue was hanging out of his mouth, the tip of it​​ starting to slowly stretch outwards and split into a V shape rather than the triangular tip of a human tongue.


It wasn't just the fact that he now had a reptilian tongue that made it so weird, but the fact that it was so LONG, and that he could feel so​​ much more of it, and with it. He could curl individual parts of it, wrapping it around itself and slithering it around as if it were a snake under his mind's control. Almost perfectly prehensile, and seemingly​​ instinctual in his ability to control it. He felt the bottom of his mouth and his throat shifting slightly, making a bit more 'room' inside his mouth to fit his new tongue into it, as it stretched out even longer still.


By the time the change was done and he had gotten used to controlling, and talking with the new massive oral appendage, albet with a faint slur to his words now, he was 'reeling' back into his mouth almost a foot and a half of long, serpentine tongue back into his mouth. Things just kept getting weirder and weirder.


ROUND 4. Human with Draconic hands, feet, tail, and tongue.​​ 


1: Elrabin- Cock grows to 2 foot long, thick as his arm.

2: mechano- Giant, flamboyant Dragon wings. <winner>

3: zev- Gigantic 'beanbag' nuts.

4: erde- variation. Sharp spines on tail and arms.​​ 


He was starting to get rather annoyed with these changes. He started to reach down for the pendant again, leaning his head up underneath the desk, when yet another surge shot through his body, causing him to yelp and THUNK! Smack the back of his head on the underside of​​ the desk. He fell down onto his hands and knees as his back seemed to flare in a sudden, rather intense pain.​​ 


His shoulderblades tensed and contorted, causing the back of his shirt to shift and strain upwards at odd angles, as if his shoulderblades were dislocated and trying to shove up from his back. A sudden, searing pain shot through his back, strong enough to make him yell out in raw pain as his shoulder blades quite literally 'split' and two long, lanky new 'arms' of sorts, literally tore from his​​ back, shredding two large holes in the back of his shirt as the appendages stretched out to either side of him, each one nearly 5 foot long when fully extended. Then they started to clench inwards into a more 'V' shape as a thin almost canvas-esque leathery flesh began to spread out between the two pulled-together new appendages. Rapidly knitting together into two fleshy 'sails' of a similar, if more transparent, dark blue coloration as Cory's new scales... as Cory's new wings finally finished forming, with​​ the now somewhat familiar sensation of new nerve endings forming along their length.


He gave a few experimental flexes and stretches of the new massive flight appendages, groaning a bit as he felt the, if somewhat sore, new muscles along his back to support his new wings stretching and tensing. He then gave a wince as he heard a CRASH, as his wings knocked over a lamp and let it fall down to break open on the ground


“er... Whoops...”


ROUND 5 Dragon hands, feet, tail, wings, tounge


1:Elrabin- 2 foot long cock <Winner>

2: mechano- Purple fur

3: Zev- More muscle and lots of it. Come at me tiredly bro.

4: erde- second set of arms.​​ 



Distracted with the new wings spread out from his back, testingly flaring them out and then retracting them, Cory seemed to have momentarily forgotten for his 'quest' to retrieve the pendant... at least, until he felt it effect him again. This time the shock was far less painful and far more.... pleasurable. An involuntary moan escaping his lips as he felt a tingle flood through his loins as if someone were pouring pleasantly hot water over his nethers.​​ 


Another soft groan escaped his lips as he tumbled back to plop down on his ass, legs spread a bit and his tail and wings limply flopped out behind him, his head lowering to​​ look down at the front of his jean shorts. Trying to make sense of the sensation he was feeling. It felt like he was getting hard... but he wasn't, at least, not at first. He felt his cock slowly stretching out along the inside of his underwear, pushing along the snug fabric of his boxer breifs and the denim of his bluejeans surrounding it, but it wasn't getting rigid or pushing outwards as well as upwards like when he got an erection and it tried to raise up under its own weight... No...


His cock was /GROWING/. And that got him hard very, very quickly.​​ 


The 'growth' sped up from both the actual increasing in size, and his now rapidly growing arousal, he saw the outline of his normally modest 6 and a half inch (hard) erection already swollen up closer to​​ 8 inches in length. Stretching and straining the front of his jean shorts, which were rapidly turning from pleasantly snug to uncomfortably tight as it continued to swell and grow. After only a moment's hesitation he reached down, pausing for a moment to​​ remind himself of his new claws, and rather gingerly started undoing his button and the zipper of his jean short, exposing the dark blue fabric within. His nostrils flared a bit as he smelled his own arousal, stronger in the air than he had ever smelled it​​ before... it normally something so faint that his weak human senses could only pick it up in the highest peaks of his arousal... but, now it was far stronger... and somehow, far more arousing. As if not just his cock was growing, but his virility with it.​​ 


Thicker and longer it swelled, Cory having to, again carefully, reach down and wrap his fingers around the expanding shaft, starting to angle it upwards so that his​​ swelling cock would start pushing through the waistband of his boxer breifs, aimed up at his small paunch as it continued to grow... 9 inches... 10... 11. The feeling of his new girth filling his hand so fully was by itself incredibly arousing. The feeling and knowledge that a dick that usually fit so easily in his hand, was now a struggle to wrap his fingers around... and was still growing.​​ 


An increasing tightness in the basket of his breifs was starting to gain his attention as well, as he realized, past the 'distracation' of his cock, his balls were growing as well. Normally the size of​​ small eggs, now had ballooned out almost to the size of lemons and were still rapidly expanding with the rest of his now foot long and still growing cock. “ooooh... god...” He groaned out softly as he felt his scaley palm push down on the outline of his cock-base through his briefs as the exposed head and last couple inches of his cock pushed up against the small curve of his belly. Slowly stretching up closer and closer towards his bellybutton... The sight of a rather large, and rather wet bead of pre leaking from his tip and drooling down onto his stomach only furthered his own arousal. He found guys that produced lots of pre-cum incredibly hot, and he had just produced over a tablespoon of pre-cum in a single 'glob', almost as much as he used to cum in an entire masturbation session...


He had to push his jean shorts down further, and readjust his briefs, sliding them lower to give his expanding nuts more room to grow, as his equipment continued to expand more and more. He was far past the 'Large' size.​​ People in the 'huge' category would gawk at the size of his dick, and even porn stars would double take at the sight of his massive phallus... and still it grew. 14 inches... 15... 16... It easily had to be the biggest cock the world had ever seen, and as​​ if further trying to make the situation even more erotic for the constantly changing human, it was /STILL/ growing.​​ 


It was all he could do not to just cum right on the spot from such an arousing and erotic sensation. The sight of his cock, so big even both his paws couldn’t cover its length, so thick his fingers couldn’t curl around its girth, so long that it stretched up past his bellybutton... his balls had bloated up well past the size of baseballs, hell they shamed SOFTBALLS now, threatening to burst​​ the seams of his briefs open if they got much larger.​​ 


Finally the growth seemed to slow to a stop, leaving Cory with one arm stretched out behind him to support his upper body, legs spread widely to either side of his desk to make room for his massive,​​ boxer brief-straining nuts, and his other hand... well, paw now, slowly stroking up and down his utterly enormous, two foot cock, glistening and slickened, fully lubricated, entirely with his own pre...




ROUND 6 Human with Dragon wings, hands, feet, tail, tounge and a 2 foot cock with almost cantelope sized nuts.


1: zev- fox ears

2: elrabin- grows to 500 foot tall <Winner>

3: mechanodragon- gains lean musclemass

4: erde- unhinging jaw

5: jacom- turns full anthro dragon, blue and gold scales.


“J-jesus...” Cory moaned out softly, one hand-paw still slowly stroking up and down the utterly enormous slab of meat jutting from his hips now. It was enormous, overly so. Realistically he knew he probably should be passing out from blood loss with an erection this huge, but then again, he also knew he shouldn't have the various draconic features suddenly bursting from his body simply from having touched a cursed (or blessed, depending on your perspective) pendant.​​ 


Said pendant seemed to have more​​ in store than simply letting Cory sit there and jack off his new massive, dick however. As another surge of tingling electricity shot through his whole body this time, spreading out from the tips of his fingers all the way to the center of his chest and down his legs. He could feel it welling up within him, faintly numbing his limbs and causing him to gulp audibly... this was going to be a big one.​​ 


Cory had no idea how (ironically) correct he was.


His body suddenly seemed to tense and pull in on itself, then SURGE outwards. Quite literally. His entire body, keeping all its proportions, simply ballooning in all directions. His legs stretching out and SMACKing against the far walls, his new tail and wings spreading out behind him and pushing up against the far wall as the 5'8 half dragon seemed to suddenly grow outwards in all direction. The whole room seemed to shrink around Cory as he surged upwards and SMACK! Hit his head on the 9 foot ceiling, still sitting down. That meant... he had to be nearly 20 foot tall!


The sight, and sensation, of him suddenly growing larger seemed to only further arouse the over endowed half dragon human, as his paw on his cock started stroking up and down its massive girth faster and faster, groaning out deeply and letting his long tongue hang partially from his lips in pure bliss. His body still surging outwards, never really having stopped, as his head shoved harder and harder against the ceiling. And though the pressure on it was building as he surged past 22 foot...25 and​​ still growing, at the same time the pressure seemed to be lessening, as the bigger he got, the weaker, relatively, the material the drywall ceiling was made of became to him. It starting to crack and bend upwards as the pressure his head and, soon, his shoulders were pushing​​ up against it.


Pre drooled down his swollen cock and off his handpaw in larger and larger globs as they grew with the rest of him, mixing with a sudden rain of plaster dust and debris as he swelled up past 30 foot... 40, and rising.​​ Head and shoulders tearing through the roof of his apartment and into the one above, causing the tenants to scream in terror as a reptilian tongued, growing person swelled through their floor and caused it to start collapsing infront of him. 50 foot... 60... 80...! his growth was speeding up the larger that he got. His legs smashing through one wall and into the next door neighbor's apartment, while his tail and wings did the same behind him, ripping through plaster, drywall and wood as if it were ever weakening particle board, then little more than gram crackers as he surged up towards the 100 foot mark.


His body was stretching out into the parking lot now as he continued to grow, a swelling puddle of precum pooling beneath his oversized nuts as his paw stroked his, comparatively, too huge cock faster and faster, literally getting off on his growing size, and the immense power that came with it. He saw a gathering crowd of people that had escaped the destruction his growing body was causing to the nearby apartments beginning to crowd up off to the side of one of his thighs, against the fence separating the parking lot from the office building next door. As he swlled past the 150 foot mark, Cory felt his inhibitions starting to lower... and fantasies before​​ only played out in his mind, starting to come forth in his brain, now literally enactable... but first, he wanted to put on a bit of a show.


“Hey there shrimps... Came to see the New big guy on the block eh?... well I don't wanna disappoint my audience...” he rumbled out in his ever deepening voice as he swelled past the 200 foot mark, his expanding thigh and ass slowly stretching out closer and closer to the crowd, causing them to start reflexively backing up. Cory, keeping with his 'promise' of a show,​​ angled his massive, oversized phallis upwards, letting its thick girth push into the small paunch of his gut, as he started to lean himself forward, mouth opening wide and letting the massive length of his, to him, foot and a half long tongue stretch out and hang somewhat limply next to his massively oversized dick. Then, the prehensile oral appendage started to slowly curl around the upper portion of his shaft like a snake curling around someones arm, the growing 'hybrid' of a human groaning out deeply from the pleasure of feeling his own warm, saliva slickened tongue squeezing around his oversized length.​​ 


His lips started to slide down, making a bit of an overly drawn out show of letting his plump, soft lips press to his massive cockhead, making a rather loud, especially with his massive 300 foot and growing scale, and lewd suckling sound as he started to drink down his own pre, sucking on the tip of his own massive cock that, even despite his best efforts, he couldn't even fit the entire cockhead into his mouth. Forced to let his long,​​ serpentine tongue stroke up and down the upper portion of his phallus while his paw worked the lower half of his cock.​​ 


One of his legs lifted up, broad draconic footpaw raising up, then SMASHING down on the white SUV that was, or rather, used to be his car. Letting out a muffled groan as a particularly large spurt of pre shot into his mouth at the spike of lust that surged through him when he felt what had once been over a ton of powerful mechanical 'beast', turned into​​ nothing but a crushed tin can beneath his paw. Oh yes... he was really getting into this. He'd always fantasized about being some gigantic monster, smashing cars and buildings and having his way with a city... now he was getting to live it. He wasn't going​​ to last long.​​ 


300 foot swelled towards 350... then 400. his ass and thigh now trapped the small crowd of people between it and the fence, leaving some trying to climb over it and escape. Seeing this, Cory lets out a rather wicked grin as he glances over at them... the power obviously going to his head, as the paw propping his back up raised up, hovering over the crowd as they tried to climb the fence “What rude little bugs...” He murmured ominously, the shadow of his hand paw hovering over them a bit before simply lowering down. THUD. Smashing down onto all of them, and the fence. Crushing it all into splintered wood, and little red splotches of blood...​​ 


That was more than enough than Cory could take. The lustful power-trip that crushing other humans​​ like they were nothing more than bugs, or ants, mixed with his height finally peaking and stopping at a massive 500 foot in height sent him over the edge, and with a blissful groan, he orgasmed... his massive, over 150 foot long cock surged and spasmed, sending a massive wave of white cum bursting from his cockhead and sent flying out across the couple of blocks behind Cory. Then came the second spurt... and the third... fourth. Whitewashing his own face, his chest, and the buildings and streets behind him​​ as the massive 500 foot tall human turned draconic hybrid fell backwards onto his back with a massive THUD, letting his orgasm play out until the massive spurts turned to a soft trickle of leftover cum dribbling over his chest.​​ 


Cory lay there panting for a couple of minutes, letting himself catch his breath after such an intense orgasm... though even then he felt his massive cock still stay mostly hard... more than just his size having grown, as his virility seemed to skyrocket as well... leaving him ready to go again. And, as if responding to his already 'recharged' libido... he felt a now familiar surge of electricity tingle through him... the pendant now lost under the debris beneath his ass taking effect once again...




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