A Powertrip For Elrabin

Few love power as much as Elrabin, and few wear it as well. If you’re not familiar with him don’t worry. He’ll grow on you. And on everything else too.

Another transformation piece, this time for my buddy Elrabin

Elrabin’s Furaffinity

|| Old content, Originally posted September 18th, 2013 ||

A Powertrip For Elrabin



He panted a bit in surprise, as an all too familiar tingle shot down his spine, leaving his body shivering briefly. He winced a bit, chewing on his lower lip as he struggled to suppress the inner pressure building up within him. His concentration was broken with a brief wince of pain, as the coppery taste of blood tickled against his tongue. He had bitten through his lips. His normally dull canine teeth having swollen to sharp fangs that had easily pierced the skin of his own lips. His tongue having gained a good half inch of girth and filled his mouth that much more.


"Shit shit shit, not here, not now!" He thought to himself, clenching his fingers into fists as he felt the beginnings of claws beginning to push out from the tips of his fingers and dig into his palms. He could feel his shirt already pulling tight, as several pounds of new found muscle had already begun to bulk up his frame. The lean curvature of pectorals slowly began pushing out from his chest, as his taunt stomach began to harden with the makings of abs. He could feel a slowly growing pressure along the base of his spine as his tail struggled against his mental fortitude, trying to force its way from his control, and into the air...


He had to get out of the public. It was coming on really bad, and he didn't think he was going to be able to suppress this one. He could already feel his feet thickening and spreading longer and wider in his shoes, leaving them pinching his changing feet uncomfortably tight as they suddenly found themselves almost two sizes too small. he could feel the fabric of his jeans straining against the newly increased and still slowly growing girth of his thighs. he had to duck his head away from someone walking by, hoping they hadn't seen the slitted pupils of his new very feline eyes. Still the changes were only getting faster.


He stumbled his way towards the bathroom, struggling to keep his balance with his feet so painfully compressed within his shoes. He had to grip the inside of the door frame to the unisex bathroom as a soft groan escaped his lips. He felt his spine lengthen as a lengthy mass of lean bone and muscle stretched out from his tailbone, pushing his pants down a couple of inches to free itself and expose his new tail. As it did, his fingers clenched against the frame of the door, as short, sharp ivory claws pushed form his fingers where once had been fingernails, tearing deep gouges into the metal of the frame. Time was running out for him as he shoved his way into the room, kicking the door closed behind him and fumbling to push the lock in with the end of his finger.


Already his shirt had started to tear off of his torso. The new girth of his biceps had started to split the seam of his sleeves each passing second as they gained a fraction ​​ inch in girth. His pectorals had swollen to clearly visible levels, each one easily big enough to overflow a person’s palm, and with a cleft deep enough that he could flex and hold a pencil inside of it. His pants weren’t fairing much better, as the button of his jeans popped open from the thickening girth of his waist and ass, while his groin ground obscenely against the front of his underwear. Despite the embarrassment of changing in public, and the worry of what people might do if they saw him like this, he still couldn’t help but become aroused at the changes. It was painful at times, but overall the pleasure it gave was far more intense than any pain it brought on. That, mixed with the lust inducing sensation and knowledge of feeling raw, primal power surging through every inch of him would be enough to get anyone stiff.


He could feel the tickling tingle of his fur sprouting up spreading across his form, feeling his clothes going even tighter as that thin layer of fluffy hair added an extra layer of padding to his already clothes-overflowing body. The lush, silky soft layer of caramel colored fur spread across every inch of his form, save for the front of his torso, throat, and the inner area of his thighs where it stayed a lighter, almost white color instead. The hair atop his head thickened and spread downwards across the back of his head as it thickened to hang down nearly to his collar, while his ears raised upwards along the side of his head. They sprouted thicker, spreading wider and thinning out a bit as a thinner, more sensitive coating of fur spread across his new feline ears as well. The most painful change came next, one that he was expecting this time and had gotten somewhat used too, as he felt the front of his face seem to simply shatter. Bones cracking and splitting apart as his jaw and the front of his face slowly stretched forward, misshaping his nose into a new rounded muzzle forming on the front of his face.


That wasn’t what was worrying him though. He was nearing the end of his transformation, surprisingly much bulkier than he usually was… but the sensation was still there. If anything, it was stronger than ever. He felt himself changing still, his body still reshaping itself, adding more and more...


He fell down onto all fours as a spasm wracked his body, muscles unable to respond, and a loud RIIP Was heard from his shirt. The taunt fabric split apart down his back as thick, fur covered muscle burst through it. His shoulders widened a good 2 inches in a matter of seconds, while his pectorals ballooned outwards and his biceps thickened like meaty balloons themselves. ​​ Another, louder ripping was heard as the thickening hams of meat for his ass cheeks swelled and thickened with the rest of him, swelling into near ‘ghetto booty’ levels of meaty girth and splitting the seam of his pants open. A final POP of rubber and leather bursting apart was heard when his growing feline paws finally shredded through his shoes, ripping the sides of them open and his claws tearing through the front of them.


His hand and foot paws both began to spread across the floor, twitching and squirming as they thickened along with the rest of him. The seams along his jeans split and tore apart, shirt further shredding into little more than cloth tatters across his expanding form. This was wrong. ​​ He shouldn’t be changing even more. His previous transformations were never like this, but it felt so RIGHT. He didn’t want it to stop. The feeling of being more muscular, of being more in tune with his primal nature and having all of his senses and instincts increased was one that filled him with a tingling rush of power. But this was something else entirely. He was on a total power trip right now. He had never felt this strong. This big.


As if in response to his thought his hips rolled forward and a lusty snarl escaped his lips as RIIIIP, the front of his pants burst apart. A thick, wet FWAP was heard as his now massive phallus flumped down onto the cold tile of the floor below, leaving a visible dab of pre dribbling onto the polished white tile. His head lowered a bit to look down between his arms at his newly grown appendage, eyes going a bit wide at what he was.


It was a monster.


He had never been a slouch down south that was for sure. And even when he changed it got that much bigger. But this was something else entirely. He was still his same were-cougar size of 6 feet, and that massive beast of pink male flesh was grinding down against the floor, dangerously close to being as thick as a beer bottle, and at LEAST a full foot in length. The monster would take both of his paws to even begin to cover most of it! His balls were even bigger, blatantly disproportionate to the rest of his body, as each massive nearly baseball sized sphere of manhood rolled and sloshed between his well-muscled thighs. Bouncing and jiggling with even the slightest movement that he made. ​​ The monster of were-cougar manhood dribbled a thick glob of pre from its tip, leaving a visible puddle of it on the tile in front of it, which only seemed to further arouse him.


Of course, his body seemed to have no plans to slow its changes to let him admire his new battering ram for a dick. If anything it seemed to take it as a challenge to speed up! The remains of his clothes rapidly shredded off of him as his body began to expand in all directions. More than just adding muscle or growing the proportion of his hands, feet, or dick. No, he was getting TALLER. Feeling himself stretching out across the bathroom floor, watching as everything seemed to get lower beneath him, compress smaller and smaller in his perspective as he grew. At first it was just a couple of inches… then four… then 10… within 15 seconds he had gained a full foot of height, and it only seemed to be speeding up.


Seven foot gave away to eight… then ten… bigger and bigger he grew, and with each added inch his arousal seemed to grow with him. Soon his foot paws were pressing​​ against one wall, while his head was nudging against the sink. He started to sit up, only to have his head smash against the ceiling. Several of the ceiling tiles were cracked and sent a small shower of dust raining down on him, as well as his head feeling a bit sore from where it had hit and bent the metal frame that held the tiles in place. ​​ The impact on his head, and the dull throb that followed, seemed to inly infuriate the rapidly growing were-cougar. With a snarl, his back raised up fully, head and shoulders smashing through more of the ceiling frame. His arms swept forward, one of them smashing through the wall separating the bathroom from the hallway outside and sending a thick cloud of dust and debris flooding into the food court outside.


Already Elrabin had reached 25 feet tall and was still growing faster with each passing second. With a lusty growl, he fell back down onto all fours, his further expanded body ripping up more chunks of the ceiling as it lowered down. His shoulders smashed through the remains of the wall as he started crawling on all fours into the food court. People were already in a panic, and seeing a gigantic furry monster, with a dick the size of them in a state of clear arousal, only further intensified that panic. A chorus of screams met Elrabin’s ears as they started to run in every direction. Oddly enough, whereas before normally he might find the sounds irritating at best, infuriating at worst, something about them seemed more… amusing than anything else. They weren’t just screaming to be annoying. They were doing it because they were scared. Scared of HIM. The thought sent a particularly strong THROB of lust surging through his erection, as a thicker bead of pre leaked from its tip and dribbled over a table his cock had flopped onto. ​​ He was a monster now, and he think he liked it.


The feeling of being so massive, and of growing even larger was enough as it was to get him aroused. But adding on top of that the powerlust of the actual differentiating size he held over everyone else took it to a whole new level. One of the now 35' and growing feline’s arms swept out, snatching up one of the stragglers in his grip. The poor guy had been too terrified to even think to run, simply stuck there staring up at the massive feline in front of him, eyes wide and mouth agape. Pure instinct had taken over Elrabin at this point, and before he even realized what he was doing, the man’s scream was suddenly silenced. His body, head first, stuffed in the feline’s muzzle. Even though the feline was utterly enormous by anyone’s standards at 40 foot tall, the man was still more than a mouthful, so swallowing him whole wasn’t a simple task. But the sensation of feeling that body writhing and flailing around inside his maw only spurred him on to try, not to mention further aroused him. Better still, with each passing second he could feel himself still growing. Feeling his body shoving tables, chairs, and bits of the two story ceiling out of the way as he continued to expand. Feel the little man in his mouth seeming to shrink within his lips and become more and more manageable. His head leaned backwards, powerful neck and jaw muscles hefting the terrified man upwards so that gravity could help him along. The poor, trapped victim tried ineffectively go grab​​ hold of Elrabin’s tongue, only to be shoved face first into the dark opening of the feline’s throat as he GULPED loudly. The powerful rippling muscle of his throat, mixed with the sudden sharp change of pressure sucking his mouthful of person backwards into the beginning of a swallow. Two more loud gulps echoed through the food court, each a bit louder than the last, as the growing feline found each one pulled the man further and further down his throat. Were anyone still watching they’d be able to see the visible bulging outline of something pressing against the front of the feline’s neck as he struggled to swallow the nearly too large mouthful all at once.


One of the felines paws slid down to grip the massive pillar of cock jutting from his hips, slowly starting to slide his plump, furry fingers up and down the thick girth of it. Pre soaked his fingers and helped lubricate the immense pink spire as he started to jerk himself off. He wasn’t just eating someone. He was getting off on it! His other paw raising up to stroke fingers across the outline of the man along his throat, feeling the terrified human struggling as best as he could in the tight tunnel of muscle for Elrabin’s esophagus. With one final GULP, the pressure change mixed with the gyrating, downwards flexing muscle of the cougar’s throat, and the overall widening of it with his continued growth finally became enough to seal the deal, and Elrabin felt the man drop down the rest of the way into his digestive tract. He had just eaten a man. Swallowed him whole, alive and all. Hell, he could still feel the little runt squirming somewhat in his stomach! The feeling was more arousing than anything he had ever felt before. His animal instincts were going absolutely crazy, and seemed to only further spur on the near uncontrollable lust his enlarged package was flooding him with.


He had grown so big at this point that he barely even felt as the roof of the two story mall pressed down on his head, only lasting a few seconds before the now 60 foot and growing feline became too tall for the building, even while sitting down. The concrete and steel support beams cracked and crumbled around the broad expanse of his head and shoulders, showering around him in a rain of debris. Normally such things would be dangerous. Broad, car tire sized chunks of concrete slamming down to the ground big enough to crush the hold him. But now, they bounced harmlessly off his muscle-engorged form as if nothing more than ping pong balls. ​​ He was far too lost in his own lusts and power fantasy about eating someone whole and alive to notice the destruction the simple act of him growing was causing. His legs stretching out past the width of the food court, one paw smashing into the front of the Mcdonalds Express. His swelling ass grinding against the wall behind him, warping it inwards and sending cracks spiderwebbing across it.


Massive prick still in hand, the massive cougar began to stand up. The partially destroyed ceiling simply shredded apart around him as if nothing more than a sandcastle, sending debris flying in all directions around and away from him. His massive, herculean body tore through concrete, glass, and steel as if it weren’t even there, as the titan​​ rose above the mall like some gigantic, horny demi-god. The police had long since arrived, trying to calm the stampede of people running from the mall, seeming unable to believe the absurd stories they were telling about some kind of two legged growing feline, until said ‘monster’ revealed itself by destroying half of the mall.


With a wicked, lusty grin on the feline’s muzzle, his tongue slid from his lips and licked hungrily across his lips. He didn’t even glance down at the police below, or the hundred other cars in the parking lot before he began to take a step. His first step, as a god.


His paw slammed down into the parking lot with the force of an explosion, smashing down onto the hood of four different cars and crushing both the frame and engine blocks beneath his massive sole as if nothing more than tinfoil. A lusty snarl rumbled up from the feline’s muzzle as he felt normally powerful, immense marvels of durable technology crunching beneath his toes like little more than trash. The police had already opened fire on him but the 100 foot and still ever expanding cougar didn’t even seem to notice, skin long since too thick for their pitiful side arms to be able to pierce it. They weren’t even bugs to him. Pitiful, insignificant little specks that with each passing second seemed to get smaller and smaller to the growing titan. And the thought only aroused him further, as all could see by the continued masturbation of the bus-shaming piece of meat the cougar was sporting.


Thick, heavy globs of pre smashed down to the ground below, literal gallons of the gooey, musky liquid spreading across the parking lot as Elrabin continued making his way away from the mall. Each step impacted the ground with the force of a small earthquake, demolishing street signs, cars, and the road itself beneath his heavy weight. Each step took him a little bit farther, and hit a little bit harder, as his weight continued to exponentially increase with each foot of height his body gained. He was on a total power trip, loins throbbing with the desperate need to get off as he watched the world shrink below him. People that had once been his equal, were now smaller than even one of his toes. Cars that had once nearly killed him when they tried to run him off the road or ran a crosswalk were now nothing more than toys to be crushed without effort. Even the towering buildings of downtown, massive marvels of modern engineering and technology, designed to withstand all but the worst that Mother Nature could throw at them, were as fragile to him as a sand sculpture. He was literally a force of nature now.


And he fucking loved it.


That wicked grin spread wider across his lips, exposing the razor sharp ivory fangs lining his muzzle. His maw opened wide and his voice boomed across the city, as even then the 200 foot and still growing cougar addressed the city. His new domain.


His new plaything.


“Bow down to your new god, Elrabin has risen…”


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