Bath Time With Gale

As if the mouth play wasn’t enough. Now the poor little lizard has a bath with his draconic captor to look forward too.

A sequel to the previous vignette I wrote for my friend, Gale. you can find them here

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|| Old content, Originally posted August 18th, 2013 ||

Bath​​ time With Gale



Bathtime with Gale


He hadn't had more than a few minutes to recover from the earlier ordeal. Not just nearly being eaten, but actually being swallowed, then simply pulled right back up was not conducive to a relaxing morning for someone. Especially when they knew much, much more was in store, waiting for them.​​ 


The dragon had vanished back into the closet for the time being, leaving the shrunken, 6 inch reptile sprawled out atop the dragon's massive, sprawling desktop. His arms were still tied up in front of him by the dental floss from earlier. At first Gale had thought the floss was just convenient as a tiny rope like material to use to tie him up. But after having seen what it had really been used for, it was just a reminder of what he had already been through... and what was to come.​​ 


His reprieve didn't last long however, as the rumbling, floor shaking footsteps of the dragon vibrated across the desktop again, signifying his approach. He wasn't sure to be relieved, or worried when he saw what the dragon had been digging around in the closet for, as he was snatched up in the dragon's empty paw. Carelessly thick, powerful fingers were wrapped tightly around him, holding the 6 inch tall teal colored creature in a closed fist, while the other arm carried only two things with him. A thick, white cotton towel, and a fresh pair of dark blue boxer briefs. Yelps and struggles were ineffectively felt against the giant dragon's fingers, cries for him to be released, or at least told where they were going were met by deaf ears, save for the last question. The last question to which the dragon answered with a devious, playful grin on his muzzle. Where were they going?




That seemed to only unnerve the little reptile worse when he heard those words. His struggles lessened, and his tail curled its tip around his own ankle as if nervously. He barely paid attention to the hallway zooming past as each of the dragon's rumbling footsteps vibrated the floor on his way towards the bathroom, arm casually swinging in sync with each step.​​ 


The bathroom doorknob was turned by the dragon's dexterous tail, plump hip smacking against the middle of it to send it swinging open and a flick of his​​ closed fist sent the lights buzzing on as electricity coursed through the circuits. It was a pretty normal bathroom, save for its obvious increase in scale. Everything from the toilet, to the height of the sink, to the shower stall was roughly half again as big as a normal one would be, obviously to accommodate the over 8 foot tall dragon that occupied the house. And all of that only made Gale feel all the smaller.​​ 


The underwear along with gale were dropped down onto the edge of the sink, leaving the little lizard to tumble around in the thick cotton folds of the freshly laundered boxer briefs. The towel was draped over the towel rack hanging from the wall, and then. Flump. Dragonien dropped his pants. Bare, perky red ass-cheeks exposed to Gale as he struggled to drag himself out from the fabric of the briefs to get his bearings. He had no time to do such, however, as the moment he had pulled himself out from under the fabric, the end of the floss still tying his arms together was snatched up, and once more he was raised into the air by it.​​ 


The all too familiar view of Dragonien's broad, billboard sized muzzle quickly filled Gale's vision as he was raised by his bound arms to dangle there again.


“Heehee... you won't be needing these...” he rumbled deeply, powerful voice vibrating through the tiny shrunken captive. Those broad lips slowly leaned in with the rest of his muzzle, until they pressed back against his bared torso. Gentle, affectionate suckling pulled at the skin of his little captive, as those plump lips gently 'kissed' at him, as they slowly slid lower and lower on his body, before stopping around his middle. Gale knew all too well what was coming when he saw those lips part and expose the sharpened daggers of Dragonien's fangs exposed again. They gripped with surprising dexterity and skill at the waist of his shorts, gently tugging downwards... then abruptly jerked backwards. RIIIP. And were shredded off, much the same way his shirt had been earlier that morning. Now Gale was totally exposed


Totally Naked.​​ 


And despite all the tormenting, taunting, teasing and threats of being swallowed, being used, being a captive. He was incredibly aroused. And now it was blatantly obvious, no longer having anything to hide it with.​​ 


“Someone's enjoying themselves...” he teased in a low, husky tone, purposefully exhaling during his words to blow a breath of hot air across the exposed reptile. It was an accusation more than anything else. One that Gale could come up​​ with no coherent response too. Both due to lack of ideas on how to respond. And how he abruptly was falling when the floss around his wrists was cut. The dragon's other paw hovered beneath him to catch him before he fell too far, though the trip was far from gentle as he smacked down ass first into the waiting red palm.​​ 


Gale had been too distracted by his attempts to escape the underwear, and then being undressed by Dragonien to notice the shower had already been turned on, hot steam billowing out from it in thick puffs over the shower door. With the two now both disrobed, the dragon slowly pulled the door open with his free paw, fingers closing around Gale in the other, and stepped inside.


Immediately a sharp, blissful hiss escaped the dragon's muzzle as the hot water poured over his body, splashing against the smooth, exposed expanse of red flesh covered muscle covering his body. Thankfully for Gale, the water running down Dragonien's arm coursed over him in thin streams, soaking Gale as well and helping to wash away most of the saliva that had dried on him from earlier activities between the two. He had little time to enjoy the sensation of cleaning before he was abruptly lifted up with the arm holding him, stomach doing a flop in his gut from the sudden altitude change.​​ 


“I recommend keeping your eyes closed” Gale heard Dragonien's voice rumble from above, and he barely had time to close them before the dragon's fingers opened up, light flooding around Gale... shortly followed by a thick slathering of some gooey soap smelling liquid. Whatever it was, it smelled heavily of a mix of Dragonfruit and Citrus, the scent drilling powerfully into Gale's nostrils now that he was coated head to toe in its source. Soap. Liquid soap poured over his entire front. Was Dragonien going to clean him? Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.​​ 


And of course, he couldn't be more wrong.


Instead of fingers starting to rub and lather the soap into Gale's chest and legs, the arm holding him raised up, and suddenly Gale found himself sandwiched between the broad palm of Dragonien's paw, and the thick steak of muscle for his left pectoral. Dragonien slowly began rubbing Gale up and down along the broad expanse of his left pectoral, then soon pulled him over to the right instead as well. All the while it was dawning on Gale what is fate had truly been. He wasn't getting cleaned by Dragonien. He was getting used TO clean Dragonien! The red dragon's own personal, live, squirming lufa.​​ 


His yelping growls and groans of protest fell on deaf ears for the third time that day as he was dragged across the dragons cut, cobblestone abs. His whole body coated in a thick lather of soapy suds that were dragged along with the rest of him as that palm rubbed his face, arms and torso in against the curvature of his muscular body. He was slid upwards, pushed underneath the dragons armpits, where his masculine scent was strongest, though quickly overpowered by the body-wash, then slid down each of his arms in kind. Occasionally the broad hand-paws holding Gale would trade, tossing him from one to the other when one couldn't reach somewhere the other could.​​ 


Occasionally Gale's arms would reach out, trying to find purchase on anything in hopes of pulling himself free. Gripping at the cleft between Dragonien's pectorals, grasping at the edge of his wrist, or eventually at the worst possible spot. As Dragonien lowered his paws down to waist level. Gale had been too panicked about his predicament to even think that this was coming, so was quite surprised when a more potent, more sexually charged musk from the dragon filled his nostrils as he was pressed face first into a pillar of thick, spongy flesh. Out of reflex the lizard's arms reached out, trying to grab at it, fingers and arms digging into the thick, yet malleable flesh. It only took him a moment to realize what he had done, however, as he heard a low, rumbling grunt of enjoyment from the dragon above, and felt the flesh he was clinging too flex and push back against him as it plumped slightly.​​ 


“Mmrph... naughty little washcloth... that's for later. Behave yourself...” he growled out teasingly, though contradictory to that, he gave himself a brief, firm GROPE with Gale trapped against him. Dragonien didn't let it go beyond that however, as he had far too many other plans for Gale today to let this distract him, so after a bit of further scrubbing of his little captive against his hefty ball sac, he moved down to the thick pillars of meat for his thighs.​​ 


It felt like an eternity for Gale, though in reality had been less than 15 minutes, as Dragonien finished scrubbing the underside of his last footpaw. He was raised u p, suddenly put directly in the path of the hot water pouring from the shower, splashing against him and washing the remains of the soap suds off of his tired, sore body. Not to be totally negligent, the dragons thumb idly rubbed across Gale's form as he washed the little lizard off to help get him clean. (Not to mention make him squirm, when said thumb wandered south)



The shower was shut off, the door pushed open, and the towel snatched up off the rack on the wall. Gale was quickly rolled through the towel to dry himself off, then deposited onto the counter of the sink as the dragon busied himself with drying himself off next. By the time Gale had regained his foot and had pushed himself up to his feet Dragonien was dry enough to be content. Carelessly, he tossed the towel down into the corner and snatched up his fresh pair of underwear, slowly bending forward to slip one leg, then the other into the snug fitting fabric and peeled it upwards to tuck nicely around his plump tush, thick groin and curved, muscular hips and thighs.​​ 


And then his gaze turned back to Gale. The nervous, furiously blushing but finally clean reptile nervously taking a step back as one of Dragonien's hands started to reach out for him.


 “Now that we're cleaned up, lets go have some more fun...” he rumbled ominously, as his fist closed around Gale.

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