Draco’s Transformation

Draco turning into a dragon. Just a good ol-fashioned human to dragon transformation.

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|| Old content, Originally posted August 24nd, 2013 ||

Draco's Transformation



Soft, ragged breaths huffed from his mouth, struggling to get the oxygen that his body needed. A thick sheen of sweat poured from his face, thick enough that drops of the musky liquid dribbled down his cheeks and dripped off of his chin. His chest was on fire, his body felt like it was overheating, and his skin was crawling like he had a million ants covering him head to toe.​​ 


A soft groan escaped his lips as he collapsed out of his computer chair. A loud THUMP echoed through the room when one of his arms caught on the edge of his desk to help hold him up, knocking it against the wall behind it. His fingers twitched and spasmed as if trying to move of their own accord, cramping and twitching about as he struggled to control them. His eyes went wide as he saw the blunted, recently clipped nails of his fingers starting to warp and push outwards. They seemed to dig deeper down into his fingers, roots spreading down closer to the bone beneath, as they stretched outwards into a narrowing Arrow point at the end. To make it worse, while he couldn't see them, he could feel the same happening to his toes, causing them to tighten as his growing 'claws' took up more and more space in the front of his sneakers.​​ 


With a low groan he started to push himself back up to his feet. It took a great effort, as his entire body was throbbing with a dull, resonating soreness. It felt reminiscent of some infuriating combination of the burn that comes after an intense workout, and the soreness of a pulled muscle. No sooner had he gotten back up to his feet, however, than did he stumble forward again, once more catching himself on the edge of the desk to support his weight.​​ 




He heard the loud sound of rubber and fabric ripping apart as a sharp jab of pain shot through both of his feet. Glancing down his eyes would go wide with a mix of confusion, worry, and amazement at what he saw sticking out of the front of his shoes. That intense prickle of momentary agony seemed to have been the flesh and bone of his toes suddenly cramming together, fusing with one another and reshaping into something entirely different. Instead of the five multi-sized toes he had before, now his digits had extended into three individual, much larger toes. Ontop of that, instead of a toenail, they each seemed to have sprouted thick, razor sharp ivory claws from their tips. Tentatively his toes clenched, feeling the new​​ power of the much thicker digits pressing those sharp claws into the carpet. Barely any effort at all, and he could feel those powerful talons (Now clearly rooted in the bone of his foot, rather than sitting atop the toe) slice clean through the pad of the carpet below. Those things were SHARP!


He had little time to further mull over the situation before he felt a now somewhat similar sensation shoot through his fingers. He felt them elongate noticeably, as his pinky and ring finger seemed to clench and merge together into one thicker digit. This time, however, he got to watch as the already half formed claws stretched and lengthened outwards, easily a full inch of razor sharp bone jutting from the tips of his fingers now.​​ 


The skin-crawling tingle across his body began to intensify significantly. It felt like his flesh was actually shifting, moving of its own accord and beginning to thicken. More noticeably, he saw it beginning to change color. Or rather, parts of it beginning to. Small pinpricks of flesh began to jut up in a sequence across his body, stretching longer and broader with each passing second. Each one was a polished almost shined golden color, and each felt as flexible as his flesh had been before, but significantly denser and harder to the touch.​​ 


Little more than a few seconds had passed in the 'reprieve' he had been given after his fingers had changed, before he felt a new pain shoot down the length of his spine. A loud groan of discomfort escaped his lips as he felt the back of his jeans beginning to stretch outwards. It felt like someone had gripped the small of his back and were pulling on it with all their might! Tighter and tighter his pants became, until the sudden sound of a tearing seam resonated through he room, and a thick mass of muscle and gold scaled flesh burst from the back of his pants.​​ 


A tail.​​ 


He had a Tail!


He could feel new nerve endings springing to life within it, like a thousand tiny needle pricks across its growing length. His conscious mind struggled with trying to control new muscle mass he could feel attaching itself to the rest of his nervous system, worse still that it was still growing. The heavy mass of muscle and sinew smacked hard against his computer chair, sending it flying across the room and smashing a visible dent in the wall. That thing was STRONG. It stretched down from the end of his tailbone until it was over a foot long, then two. Stopping when the new, thickly muscled appendage was over half as long as he was tall!


By now, those scales, as they had rather obviously revealed themselves as, covered him almost entirely from the neck down. His shirt and pants had become noticeably tighter both from his tail pulling his pants further backwards, and his new coating of scales increasing the overall thickness of his body. Strangely they seemed to have stopped their spreading at the base of his collarbone, and let the tingling die down into a mild itch as his skin adjusted to the new appendages covering it.


Then came the nausea.​​ 


He felt like he was about to fall over, as the room began to spin around him. One of his new three fingered 'paws' slammed against the wall, claws digging deep gouges into the drywall as he supported his weight against it. He could feel the tingling flooding up through his head and face now, at a much stronger intensity this time.




He let out a sharp cry of pain as a powerful jolt of agony shot through his head. Then another, and another. It felt like his jaw was dislocating, his eye sockets had been smashed apart, and his skull had been fractured along the sides. He lost partial motor control of his mouth as his jaw snapped closed once, twice, a third time. Each time it seemed to jut outwards, stretching his face forward as if made of play-dough. His teeth throbbed in their settings, stretching outwards and downwards, as well as new ones beginning to pop up along his extending gumline. His tongue writhed inside of his mouth as it seemed to stretch longer and thinner, while new nerves and muscle groups formed within it. Though he was far too distracted with the pain of his jaw reshaping itself to think much on it, he could feel his tongue's new flexibility and range of motion as it writhed against the newly shaped and grown fangs lining his jawline.​​ 


His nose had molded to the front of his new boxy-shaped face, forming two small flares at the end of it rather than its own shaped appendage. His jaw had stretched outwards three times as far from his throat, as his new 'muzzle' finished forming itself.​​ 


The sensations seemed intent to give him just enough time between stages to realize what had happened to him before a new one would start. Sharp pressures began to form along the sides of his head just above and below his temples. Two​​ large, boney protrusions began to tear from the flesh of his head, stretching inch after inch longer into thick ivory horns. Beneath those, three smaller 'nubs' for horns began to grow, lining the back edge of his jawline beneath the two primary horns.​​ 


By now the scales had spread across his entire head now, and his hair seemed to have grown to hang down to his shoulder blades. Understandably, the other changes had easily distracted him from such smaller details. His entire body, head to toe, was now covered in those gleaming golden colored scales. His face had reshaped itself into an animalistic muzzle. He had horns, and a TAIL For gods sake! All that was left for him to think he was really becoming a dragon were wings.


And as if hearing his thoughts, he felt a powerful THROB of the muscles in his shoulder blades. His other arm smashed against the wall, both of them used to prop his body up as his back muscles cramped and tensed uncomfortably. It felt like his back was splitting in half, and trying to cram twice as much inside it at the same time. Beneath the surface of his flesh new cords and tendons of powerful, densely packed muscle was forming around the small of his back, shoulder blades and shoulders.


A powerful spike of agony exploded through his back, as the sound of his shirt shredding apart mixed with a truly draconic ROAR boomed through the house. Massive, gold colored appendages ripped from his back, sprouting from beneath his flesh and stretched out behind him. Slowly the broad arm-reminiscent appendages began to unfurl, exposing the thick, leathery 'webbed' fingers of his new wings.​​ 


Finally the sensations overloading his body began to die down and grant him true reprieve. The intense flush of heat lessened, though he could feel his natural body temperature seemed visibly higher than before. That dull throbbing was, for the most part, gone save for a few sore muscles that had been freshly grown. He could focus now.


The first thing he noticed were the smells. So many different scents littered the room. His new nostrils seemed to have had their power intensified a few dozen settings above that of a normal human's. He could smell his own scent, or at least the old him. His new body seemed to have a much more intense, and distinct smell from his old self. He could smell the dirty laundry hamper in the closet, the remnants of soda in a cup sitting on his desk, and even his roommates shoes which​​ for some reason had been left in the hallway. If he closed his eyes, he could almost see with his sense of smell alone.​​ 


As for seeing, his sense of sight had been similarly enhanced. Everything looked sharper, more pronounced. Colors were more intense and smaller details were easy to pick up on. He also noticed that with the new shape of his head, his eyes were spread a bit wider apart, and his peripheral vision was widened significantly as well.​​ 


Slowly a grin began to spread on the newly formed dragon's muzzle. He felt strong. Really strong. His body's overall build was the same shape and size, but he felt heavy, powerful.




He pushed himself off of the wall, almost falling backwards when his tail instinctively shifted back as well to help balance him. He could feel his new, razor sharp talons digging into the carpet when his toes clenched. He could feel his expanded lungs pressing out against the flesh of his rib cage and chest with each breath he took. He could smell /everything/ in the house every time he took a breath. Maybe it was just the after effects of whatever strange transformation had occurred, or maybe it was some new animal instinct flooding through his head, but he felt like he could do anything.​​ 


Slowly he began to walk his way down the hall towards his bathroom. Each step seemed to resonate a soft thump through the floor, a sound he had never made before he had changed. His build hadn't changed, but SOMETHING had. He was much, much heavier than he had been before. Thankfully his newly grown tail seemed rather adept at acting on its own to help balance him, as he probably would've fallen over once or twice trying to get used to his new weight and the shape of his newly changed feet.​​ 


The light to the bathroom buzzed faintly as it was flicked on, and a broad, golden muzzle filled the view of the mirror as he leaned forward to examine himself. His lips pulled back, shifting up and down as he tested the new muscles in his cheeks. His teeth looked wickedly sharp now, and even just a normal smile seemed to make him look aggressive and dangerous. He could get used to that.​​ 


“Oh yea. I'm liking this” he growled out, immediately blinking in surprise. One of his new paws raised up to grab at his throat, surprised at the new deeper,​​ growling tone of his voice. Even his VOICE sounded animalistic now. Still grinning like a kid in a candy store, he started to turn around so he could get a look at his new wings when. CRASH. His tail smashed against the side of the toilet. The Porcelain shattered at the bottom, and the upper half of the toilet smashed against the side of the counter-top, while water began to flood out from the broken pipe underneath. ​​ 


“That, however. Could take some getting used too...”


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