Have A Drink, Tauros

Another transformation piece, this time turning my friend Tauros from a human into a beefy (hah) Minotaur

Another little transformation piece, this time turning my friend Tauros from a human into a beefy (hah) Minotaur

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|| Old content, Originally posted September 15th, 2013 ||

Have A Drink, Tauros



“Drink this, wait 30 minutes, then come over and see me?” he said aloud, blinking a bit at the weird instructions on the note he held. It had come in the brown box that UPS had delivered too him, along with a small vial of purple liquid. It looked almost like grape juice, but had a thicker consistency too it, and he swore it glowed if he stared at it hard enough. Of course anything sent in the mail by that crazy guy would be something weird like this. why else would he mail something when he only lives 10 miles away. Then again, he'd never do anything intentionally harmful, and it was usually best just to humor him. “Oh well. Bottoms up” he shrugged and said aloud. The cork on the vial was popped off, carelessly dropped onto the floor, as he lifted the bottle up and downed the contents of it


And of course it was just grape juice. That's what it tasted like, at least. Maybe a bit slimier. With a sigh he carelessly dropped the vial down into the box and reached down to pick it up. Of course it had just been some prank. What else would it have been? He didn’t get far trying to pick up the box, however, when he suddenly found himself doubled over on the couch. One arm reached out, blunt fingernails digging into the back of it as his glasses slid down the triangular tip of his nose. A groan escaped his lips as his other hand reached down to rub at his slightly paunchy belly, where he felt a sudden painful pressure building within. Good god what had been in that vial?!


He felt the sensation spread out from his stomach, becoming more of a tingle than a painful gastric spasm as it spread further away from his stomach. He pushed himself back up to his feet, running a hand through his short brown hair and across his rounded human ears as he tried to mentally suppress the sensation. “I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine”. He repeated like some sort of mantra. Of course, his train of thought started to waver when he felt his shoes starting to pinch at his feet.​​ 


He winced lightly as he felt the ends of his shoes constricting against his toes. The tough, tightly sewn leather and rubber of his footwear squeezing against the sides of his feet as if he suddenly were wearing a shoe two sizes too small. What was worse, was the strange feeling atop the tightness. He was losing feeling in each of his individual toes, and even the rest of his foot was starting to go numb. His eyes widened a bit as he saw the sides of his shoes beginning to bloat outwards, as if whatever was inside were stretching and expanding in all the wrong directions. The seams holding the leather of the shoe to the bottom of it and the insole split open, as a black mass of dense bone burst forth in the place of his foot. He could feel as the flesh and sinew in his toes and arch​​ were being pulled inwards, converting into more and more raw bone mass as it condensed and expanded far denser than normal bone. He had to grip the back of the couch to not fall over as his ankles snapped with a sudden, brief stab of pain. He felt them slide upwards, raising up closer to where his calf was. The entire shape of his leg began to change as his stance reformed to leave him balancing on the ends of what had once been his feet, and now were unmistakably hooves.


He was left totally speechless as he stared down at his new appendages, struggling to grasp the insanity of what he was looking at. Was he drunk off his ass? Had there been some kind of hallucinogen in that vial? He didn’t have long to think about it before the tingle surged with a renewed vigor in his backside. He could feel his tailbone suddenly throb with a painful soreness, and feel something pressing against the small of his back, as well as the back of his pants and underwear. He barely had time to pull them down a bit, exposing the top of his butt before a thick length of pink flesh suddenly burst from the end of his spine. It stretched down past his new inhuman ‘ankle’ and flicked back and forth as if having spasms of its own. What was the most disconcerting was that he could FEEL it. Tiny pinpricks of pain surging through it as new nerve endings were connected and the tingle in the rest of his body spread there as well.​​ 


Nearly falling on his ass, he tried to turn his head to look over his shoulder at his new appendage. The new feet did not make it very easy, as he still did not have the hang of walking with hooves instead of feet. Whether it was just total disbelief, denial, or just accepting the situation was so insane it had to be true, he was oddly calm about the whole thing. Even when he saw his arm hair starting to thicken, growing from thin scraggly strands of hair, into thick, lush dark brown tufts of hair only a shade lighter than the hair on his head. It spread as if one of those fast-forwarded plant growth movies, springing up from his wrists, spreading across his hands and down the other direction towards his elbows and shoulders as well. Though he couldn’t see it beneath his pants and shirt, he could feel that same tingle spreading along his legs and belly, and see it spread down the sides of his exposed legs.​​ 


He had to admit. His hooves looked a lot better when they had fur around the end of them instead of pink human skin.​​ 


The more painful sensations returned with a vengeance, as he felt the back of his skull stretching out beneath his skin. He fell down onto all fours as his skin tore apart along the back of his head, and two massive, ivory horns burst from the back of his head. They stretched outwards and curled into broad, lengthy hook shapes, as the flesh around their bursting point quickly knit back together. At the same time, his jaw was creaking and cracking as it jerked forward and cramped up. He could feel the hinge of his jaw simply snap, shattering along with half the bones holding it up, as it stretched outwards in front of him. His glasses fell down to the floor as his nose molded into the​​ reshaped portion of his face, it taking a more box shaped look. Rather than the flat face of a human, now he had a full blown bovine muzzle. The fur covering the rest of his body spread up along his head, soon engulfing him from head to toe in the thin, but soft coating of fur that now covered him.


The major changed seemed to have finally finished, leaving him panting ragged, desperate breaths in the aftermath of such intense transformations. He could still feel smaller, more subtle changes adding extra detail too him. His eyebrows thickening, and along with a tuft of hair on his chin and the hair on his head all turning a bright orange. His rounded human ears expanding and covering in a more milky color of fur on their inside, as they stretched outwards into bovine bull ears. And the length of pink muscle and flesh that had burst from his back ending with an almost lion-like tuft of bright orange fur on the end of it as the brown fur covered it up to that point. And, only now that he had a chance to recover, did he notice he no longer needed his glasses. His vision was picture perfect, sharp in both the near and far ranges. The forgotten optical crutch lay on the floor beside him, having been crushed by his knee when he fell over. Oh well, no use for them now, right?​​ 


Slowly the newly transformed man rose back up to his feet. Was he still a man? He felt like one… a reach down below to check his nethers confirmed he was still very clearly a man. Though a HUMAN man, might be another story entirely. He stumbled once, twice, a third time before he started figuring out how to walk properly with his new legs, slowly making his way over to the small mirror that hung by his front door, and got a look at his new face for the first time. Again, that strange sense of acceptance and calm overtook him. Like when you’re faced with something so scary, or so infuriating that you just go full circle and accept it without reaction. His jaw rolled back and forth, exposing his polished, newly thickened teeth filling his muzzle. His ears flicked and twitched, and after a few seconds of practice, somewhat responded to him trying to willingly move them. He had prehensile ears! He just had to say it out loud.


“I’m… a Minotaur?” he muttered quietly to his own reflection.​​ 


He didn’t have long to admire his new self, however, before a new sensation welled up within him. He gasped audibly and stumbled back a step as he felt his arm spasm, nearly knocking a lamp off a nearby table with its sudden jerking motion. He took a half step backwards, nearly tripping from being unaccustomed to walking backwards like this. His whole body was filling with a sore burning sensation, different from the tingle he had felt before. It was a familiar sensation, reminiscent of a pump from a workout. The difference being this one was all over his body, and felt 10 times more intense.​​ 


The first thing he noticed was that his shirt was starting to pull tight across his chest, and not around the middle where it usually did. He had never been a fat guy, but he did have a little bit of a beer gut. But as his new, thicker bovine fingers reached down out of reflex to pull his shirt back down, he found that there was ‘less’ of him than he remembered. His belly was slowly sinking back into his stomach, losing inch after inch of its girth, until it was practically gone. He could feel the lean, taunt muscle of his stomach that had always been buried beneath the fat, and felt his pants sag a bit after having lost a bit of girth to his waist as well. He felt light, agile, and energized. He had just lost at least 50 pounds in a matter of seconds, and without that extra padding, his lean body felt so eager to move around.


Moving did not seem to be in the cards though, for when he started to pull up his shirt, he began to notice why it had been getting so tight. He felt definition. Lean, but hard to the touch definition to his chest. His fingers pressed in against it, and could barely budge the tightly knit cords of muscle buried underneath his fur and skin now. And what was more amazing, was that as his fingers pressed down against it, he could actually feel it pushing back! Good god, he didn’t just lose weight, his muscles were growing!


He could feel the expanse of his stomach starting to bubble up. Small, rounded lumps of muscle beginning to push out around his belly button, thickening with each passing second as he went from a flat stomach to a 6 pack in a matter of seconds. His pectorals pulled the front of his shirt out further with each passing second, as they grew to have a small cleft between them that thickened and deepened with each passing second. The outline of them ballooned forward, as the overall width of his torso expanded with them. A small ripping sound was heard as the sleeves of his shirt began filling to the brim with the growing girth of his biceps. The plump, rounded balls of brown fur covered muscle expanding inch after inch thicker and meatier, until the seam of his sleeves simply burst apart around their growing girth. His thighs were eager to not be left behind, as they simply exploded in size. Ballooning into thick tree trunks of liquid steel for muscle that stretched his pants to the brim with their immense girth.


Of course, all these changes were more than just interesting to him. He was growing his dream body, and even without the Minotaur form it was something that had been in more than one fantasy. He could feel his pants tightening for more reasons than just the growing mass of muscle in his thighs and ass, as the front of them began to fill out as well. What was more amazing to him, as he looked down past the expanding shelf of his pectorals, was how he could feel the front of his pants filling more and more with each passing second… and he was already rock hard. He could see the thick tube shaped outline of his arousal slowly stretching down the taunt fabric of his jeans, as the basket of his underwear struggled to hold up the increasing weight of his scrotum. He had never been a slouch in that department, by any means, but with each passing second he could​​ feel himself growing longer, thicker, heavier down south. He wasn’t just hung. He was a stud. Despite all the changes overloading him with sensory information, both lustful and otherwise, he couldn’t help but chuckle softly at his own mental joke.


“Heh… Stud.” he muttered under his breath.


Soon the seams of his pants began to give away as the girth of his new monstrously ripped thighs became too much for them. They split down the sides and exposed tufts of plush brown fur covering the steely hard muscle of his new hips and thighs. His shirt wasn’t fairing much better, with the sleeves already blown out and the collar of it beginning to rip open from the ever increasing width of his now massive torso. He was a beast now. Easily well into professional bodybuilder sizes and still seemed to be growing. His arms were thick enough that his biceps nearly rivaled his own head in size. His abs were plump and hard enough you could use them as a washboard. His pecs were thick enough that he could flex them and trap a pen or pencil in the cleft between them.​​ 


Just as he was starting to give in to the carnal enjoyment of his new body, it began to give him one final curve ball. As one of his meaty new ‘paws’ lowered to grip the swollen slab of meat straining the front of his half torn jeans, he felt his head spin slightly. His stomach churned a bit as faint sense of dizziness overtook him. His shirt finally split open down the front, hanging off of him like a tattered half-vest, and the zipper of his pants burst apart along with his belt. The massive pillar of Minotaur meat hanging between his legs easily overflowed even one of his massive paws, stretching out in front of him nearly a full foot long from base to tip. But it wasn’t his equipment’s sudden revealing of its new immense size that left the Minotaur confused, it was the fact that his new horns were pushing at the ceiling.​​ 


With his belt having burst off of his expanding waist, his shoes long since destroyed, and his shirt now nothing more than tatters clinging to his upper body, he was finally able to fully take in the look of his new, massive body. But doing so would prove hard, as within seconds of being freed from his clothes, he had to crouch down onto one knee, lest his horns stab holes in the ceiling. He watched as the room seemed to dip lower and lower in front of him, watching as the couch, the chairs, his TV, and everything else in the room seemed to dwindle in front of him.​​ 


Good god, he was growing. By now he was already well past the 10 foot mark, as even kneeling down his head was nearing the ceiling again. And despite a brief pang of worry for what was going to happen to his house and everything in it, he found his carnal desires arising anew. He was GROWING. The thought alone, if he hadn’t already been rock hard, certainly would have made him so. Already he was more than twice his normal size and still growing larger and larger. That mixed with his new Minotaur body,​​ and all the meaty, swollen beef that came with it, was a recipe for desire that his loins were eager to cook up for him.​​ 


Soon he was down on all fours and even then his back was grinding against the ceiling. His armchair had been crushed beneath one of his palms, sending a shiver of lust through him as he felt the wood and steel frame snap and warp under the weight of just one arm, when it had survived hears of his full bodyweight flopping down into it. His hooves and legs had already smashed clean through a wall and into the kitchen as if it had been made of nothing more than gram crackers. And the house was only getting smaller, more fragile, with each passing second.​​ 


The growing Bovine started to sit himself up, his head and shoulders smashing through the ceiling like tissue paper. A wave of dust and debris exploded across the street and surrounding homes as the 40 foot and growing Minotaur exploded from the house. Chunks of the roof slid off the immense road map of muscle and sinew that was his back, as he pushed himself up from his kneeling position onto his feet. He towered over the landscape like some mythical greek behemoth of lore. His massive, muscular body flexing and flaring with even the tiniest movement he made. His unnaturally handsome looks, even for an inhuman creature captivating anyone that might look. And of course, the behemoth phallus jutting proudly from his hips as if screaming of his virility and power as it dripped droplets of precum big enough to fill entire buckets onto the yard below. The most important feature, however, being the fact, that this towering titan of mythology… was still growing.


His frame lurched from 40 foot to 50 as one of those massive hoof clad slabs of meat for his legs burst through the front of his house. The thick boney appendage that had replaced his foot slammed down into his front yard, sinking several feet down into the earth below in the shape of that hoof. In the span of him taking just one more step, to let his other hoofed leg slam down into the street, he had swollen another 15 feet in height. His growth was accelerating. The bigger he got, the faster he grew. And the faster he grew, the hornier he got… the world was rapidly becoming a world of dollhouses and toys to him, and at the rate he was going soon it wouldn’t even be big enough for that.​​ 


And then, a thought struck the growing titan as he stood in the street, hooves slowly taking up more and more space as they grew with the rest of him. The note that had come with the vial that started all of this. A simple set of instructions that brought a grin to the Minotaur’s muzzle.​​ 

“Drink this, wait 30 minutes, then come and see me?” he rumbled aloud, his voice booming across the suburb like a crackle of thunder. It had only been 20 minutes since he had drank the vial, and already he was nearing the 100 foot tall range. At the rate he was growing, who knew how big he would be in 10 minutes.​​ 


“Alright then, Dragonien… better get ready, because Tauros is making a house call…”​​ 


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