Just Killing Time

It’s not uncommon to walk around aimlessly when waiting for a friend to show up. The problem is when you’re a few dozen stories tall, that walk can be a bit… destructive

A short little vignette I wrote partially to indulge in some rampage description, and partially as a gift to my friend, Mat. you can find them here

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Killing Time




The heavy scent of Axe cologne seemed to wash down the streets like some kind of invisible tidal wave, filling the nostrils of people for blocks with that potent artificial scent. Normally, while being a tad unusual it was so strong everywhere, the scent would mean nothing to people and they would simply continue on the rest of their days... but today it meant Run.​​ 


A massive foot slammed down into the middle of a nearby four-way intersection, filling half of it with its immense size, and the back of a pickup flattened beneath its weight as if it were nothing more than a soda can. It was huge, unnaturally so, that much was obvious. Covered in smooth, flawless and hairless bright red leathery flesh. The foot itself shaped humanlike, a somewhat rectangular shape that narrowed a bit as it got closer to the heel, and the undersole arching upward sin the middle, but unlike a human foot it sported only three toes, each the same size as the others, instead of the 5 toes of descending size a human normally held, and each toe was armed with a massive, rather wickedly curved Ivory colored claw that gleamed with rather obvious signs of recent attention too it, having been polished or even painted to put it at its pristine shine that it now sported.​​ 


That foot connected to an enormous, rather nicely muscled leg that stretched up dozens of feet into the air like some massive pillar of red meat sculpted into the shape of a leg, disappearing around the knee into the thick folds of an absurdly massive pair of blue jean shorts. They were loose enough around the plumply muscled thigh to give it a bit of 'flexing' room without it filling the leghole, but the rest of the denim hugged rather tightly to its wearer's plump hips and rather thickly bloated tush, that stuck out behind him, as the massive bulge clearly visible even through the thick denim screamed 'man', like some kind of immense masculine 'ghetto booty'.​​ 


An equally huge handpaw, sporting only three fingers and a thumb rather than a humans four and a thumb, reached out and smashed into the top of a nearby skyscraper, palm resting atop it while the fingers tore into the corner of it, shattering glass and brick as if it were little more than dried mud, as if using that grip as an 'anchor' to more easily pull the paw's owner into view, as the behemothian creature stepped fully into view in the intersection.​​ 


Judging from how he towered over all but the tallest of skyscrapers around him, his height had to be nearing the 200 foot mark, bigger than any naturally occurring animal in the world, and certainly far far larger than any normal person should be. His​​ broad, rather nicely sculpted chest filled out the deep blue collared Polo shirt that he wore, not really 'beefy' in the sense of thick, rippling and bloated muscles, but more in the sense that his entire body had a firm hardness too it. Two plump pectorals, just thick enough that you could see them tense and swell with deep breaths, or large movements from his arms, causing them to push out against the fabric covering them (And expose a bit more of the pectoral 'cleavage' that his unbuttoned polo shirt exposed), settling atop a cobblestone definition of a 6 pack that when he leaned back slightly caused his shirt to pull taunt over, and expose the 6 plump bulges of muscle along his stomach.


All of this seemed to simply accentuate the 'handsome' tone of his face. Sharp, cut edges of his chin leading up to a mostly rectangular muzzle, with only minor curvature around the front that kept it from looking unnatural. A rather alluring tint of a smirk pulling the edges of those massive lips upwards, giving just the tiniest hint of ivory colored bone within his lips that were his fangs, shown at the edge of his lips where they opened ever so slightly in a mild smirk. Thick locks of Flowing jet black hair, that looked almost dark enough around the top of his head to suck the light out of the air around him if they were any darker, while as they got closer to the edge of his hair the coloration seemed to brighten slightly, very subtle, turning into dark purple highlights. All of which that held two large almost entirely uncurved horns jutting from the back of the dragons head, that stood out just enough from his hairs coloration to be easily noticeable, a more dusty ebony color rather than the dark jet black color his hair around the top of his head was. And then of course there were his eyes. Seeming to practically glow with the brilliant shade of blue they gleamed, like two massive sapphires set inside of his skull, each one holding a sliver of obsidian inside of it that was the reptilian-slitted pupil he sported, seeming to practically stare into the soul itself of anyone that they locked their gaze on... not that the giant dragon was looking at anyone, head firmly set at looking around his own eye level at the tops of nearby buildings.​​ 


Whatever this giant's plan was, he seemed to hold no intent to share it with those around him. Infact, he seemed to all but ignore the hundreds of people down at the level of his massive paws, starting to panic and run away, as one of those massive footpaws, each one easily rivaling the size of a school bus, rose into the air, small bits of concrete and debris that had stuck to his undersole where the impact had broken apart the road raining down from under his foot, before it SLAMMED back down further down the road, crushing an abandoned SUV beneath its immense weight without any noticeable reaction from the foot's owner. The behemoth simply seeming to begin a casual stroll down the wide multi-lane street, which was barely wide enough for his massive width, where even a minor shift to the left or right by his hips, would send them crashing into a building to either side of him... crashing into buildings as such many many times... as each step held a noticeable swish of his tush and tail, almost purposefully slamming it into the fronts of buildings, though his reactions and facial expression showed nothing but the casual look of someone simply taking a walk.


Under normal circumstances, the dragon would probably grab more than a few people's attention, hand and footpaw's claws shined so pristine, that alluring cologne scent of axe wafting off him, and of course that well sculpted body with such natural, entrancing movements all of which was packed in those snug and rather dressy clothes that he wore, somewhere above 'casual relaxation' clothes, without being truly into 'formal' wear... almost like he had a hot date, or was out to pick up some company... but with him towering dozens of times the size of anyone else in the city... all His presence did was create mass panic. Screams of terror filled the air as people ran down the sides of streets to try to get out of the giant's path, cars crashed into each other and then were abandoned when they were blocked in by the crashes. More injuries were caused by people's attempts to escape than the giant dragon's actions were causing, in just the few minutes since he had entered town...


At least... At first.


But as he continued his stroll down the street, his paws slammed down onto the top of those piled up cars, crushing and compacting them down into the street, a couple of terrified yelps of horror and pain escaping from inside, as several people had still been trapped in those cars... and were suddenly silenced, crushed into little more than puddles of red beneath the smashed metal pancakes that had once been their vehicles. The dragon still seeming to not take notice as his paws landed on not just cars, but now people... One person was observant enough to see one of those massive footpaws falling straight towards him (at the dragon's size, His stride alone was enough to keep up with normal people even at a dead run) and he valiantly jumped to the side to avoid it... and only got half as far as he needed too. Letting out a gasping scream of pain as his body from the waist down disappeared beneath one of the massive dragon's toes, crushed as easily as someone might crush half of a bug beneath their foot. Either not noticing, or not caring, of the man's fate, the paw simply lifted up, momentarily dragging the half crushed man with it, before the movement caused him to pull free ,and lay there with just a few moments left till he passed out.


Noone knew who the dragon was, or why he was here... why he was so huge. Perhaps even worse than his actual presence, and the destruction he was causing, was the not knowing. People can deal with terrible situations surprisingly well if they know about them. But it's when something completely unexpected, surprising, and totally unknown happens that truly brings out chaos in civilization. The police set up a barricade at the end of the next street, four of their cars pushed together as if in some absurd thought that it might block the dragons movements... despite the cars not even being as tall as his toes. Yelling up demands for him to surrender under threat of them opening fire, that the dragon acted as if he either didn't hear them, or simply did not care, as his pace didn't falter in the least bit. The few cops that hadn't ran for their lives raised​​ their weapons and let loose a barrage of pistol and shotgun fire, that just like everything else seemed totally lost on the giant dragon, the bullets bouncing as harmlessly off his immensely thick flesh as flecks of dust might bounce off of their own.


Their weapons ineffective, most of the police officers gave in to their panic and made a run for it, only the chief remaining, seeming frozen in place as he saw as if in slow motion, as a gigantic red-fleshed footpaw rose up above him... a quiet prayer escaping his lips, before the footpaw slammed down... around him. The man, as if by some final grace from whatever god he had prayed too, ending up between two of the giants toes rather than under them. Able to smell the oil and gasoline from the crushed cars, mixed with that more coppery scent of fresh blood from those the dragon had stepped on, all of which was filtered through the far stronger natural foot musk of the dragon, strongest between his toes where it wasn't overpowered by the giants cologne. He had little time to give thanks for this mercy of survival, before the dragons foot started to raise again... toes naturally clenching together as it did, and trapping the burly Bear of a police officer between those immense digits, only just long enough for the foot to reach the apex of its step... before the toes relaxed as it began to lower down, and the man fell what had to be at least 40 feet, and slammed down to the ground, both legs and several ribs broken... as the dragon continued his destructive stroll, oblivious to the failure of the police's blockade.​​ 


Debris rained down into the streets behind him from where his hips and tail smashed into buildings to either side of him and sent chunks of them falling to the ground below, foot shaped craters in the road filled with the remains of people that had been unlucky enough to be caught underfoot along with several crushed vehicles scattered around them, people cowered in the corners of buildings or ran screaming through the streets trying to escape the giant's destructive path... and then suddenly he stopped. A booming sound vibrating through most of the city that seemed to catch the attention of even those in a state of panic with the absurdity of the sound, as if simple disbelief of what it was causing their panic to slow... heads peaking out windows, people running would slow to a stop and turn around...


The opening music to Star Trek: Voyager was now rumbling through the city as if being broadcast by a massive set of amplifiers... and this, the dragon reacted too. An arm reaching down, paw disappearing into his pocket... and pulling out a cell phone the size of an SUV. The source of the sound. The loud Click sound of the flip phone flipping open echoing through the air, cutting off the music of what could only be a somewhat comically nerdy ringtone from someone of the dragons shape (much less his size!) as he raised the phone up to the side of his head, and his voice boomed out with the raw, deep bass of someone dozens of times the size of anyone else around him




With such a massive phone, even without it on speakerphone, the person on the other end's voice boomed through the nearby city blocks

 “Hey Draggy!”came a slightly less 'rumbling' voice from the phone, though from it being the caller not having as deep a voice as the dragon, or it simply being the phone itself altering it, it was impossible to say.​​ 


“Heeeey fuzzzy~!” The dragon exclaimed, a wide grin spreading over his lips, and his words laced with sugary infatuation. “you almost ready to go?”


 “Yeah, I just got out of the shower... you're gonna come pick me up right?”​​ The voice replied, tone of voice clearly portraying his excitement of the prospect of seeing the dragon who he was talking two... ​​ with the overly amount of sugary 'love' in the two's voices as they talked to each other, mixed with what obviously were pet names, it was clear that 'something' was going on between the two... ​​ And if it wasn't for the fact that the dragon had caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, and dozens of deaths not a minute ago, it would be almost adorable seeing someone like him acting so lovey dovey to someone else over the phone.


“You Know it Sweety, I was just taking a stroll while I waited for you to get ready... Be right there Love” He replied, and as if to further add to the absurdity, made a kissy face and started making kissing noises into the phone, causing the person on the other end to giggle a bit before saying goodbye, and then hanging up. The phone was closed, and slipped back into the dragon's pocket, before he abruptly turned down a side street, and began, at a noticeably faster pace, to start walking down the road again, as with his walk over, Dragonien had to go pick up his date...


And his House with it.​​ 



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