Poor Seph

When Dragonien drags Seph along to show him a new matter compressor, Seph suddenly finds himself with a bug’s-eye view of his friend… and of the inside of a sock.

A short little vignette I wrote for my friend, Sephyote. you can find them here

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Poor Seph



“C'mon, this way!” Dragonien muttered under his breath to his companion, tail twitching lightly behind him as he darted around the corner. The leanly muscled, 8'4” foot dragon waved behind him to gesture Seph to follow. As the dragon's head peeked around the corner, he reached up to brush a few strands of black head-fur from his face, peeking around for any sign of guards or Cameras.​​ 


The coyote behind him started to open his muzzle in protest, only to have a red paw clamp down on it, fingers brushing through the smooth Tan colored fur of Seph's muzzle, that contrasted the darker brown of the rest of him, or the nearly neon blue of his hair.​​ 


“Shh” Dragonien hushed before the yote could say anything, then moved his paw from the Coyote's head to​​ his arm, and tugged him forward. The two trespassers slipping their way quietly into one of the collage laboratory’s offices, and letting the door lock click behind them. ​​ Seph was about to again try to voice his protests to them sneaking into the place,​​ when Dragonien cut him off with a quiet, triumphant “Aha!”


The dragon held up a small chrome looking device, shaped almost like a futuristic designed squirt gun, with a dial on one side that had 10 settings, and each setting was simply marked with dots that increased in size and changed in color from green to red as the settings went up.​​ 


“Here it is, just like I told you!” Dragonien exclaimed in a hushed voice, grinning widely at the wary looking coyote. Seph raised a paw to gesture at it, but only grunted as the towering dragon gave him a firm, friendly slap on the back, leaning in so the device was right in front of the yote. “A real. Working shrink ray. I read all about it on the university's science journals. Apparently it compresses your mass together, so it doesn't just make you smaller, it makes you denser too! You could be like, a millimeter tall and have all the mass and density of your normal self! Isn't that cool?” The dragon practically gushed, grinning all the while.​​ 


The dragon pushed away from the yote, turning the device over in his hands as he inspects it, idly playing with the dial a bit. Each time he turns it up the device makes a faint whirring sound as if powering up. A sly smirk spread across the dragons muzzle, and the coyote didn't​​ even have time to cry out in surprise, before Dragonien raised the device up to aim straight at Seph, and pulled the trigger.​​ 


A split second after the trigger was pulled a bright burst of green light exploded from the barrel of the gun, and smacked Seph​​ right in the chest. The light seemed to 'ooze' across him like some kind of thick, non-corporeal liquid until it had covered him entirely. Then it began to pulse, and with each pulsation, it sucked in on itself... and pulled Seph with it, so each pulse would shrink the aura, and the coyote with it, a couple of inches smaller. Soon he was only 5'6”... then 5'4”... 5'... 4'6”... even before the shrinking the dragon, being over 8 foot tall, had towered over Seph, but as his body compacted in on itself more and​​ more, he watched Dragonien's naval pass over his head, then his belt.. His groin. Even his knee. The shrinking didn't stop until Seph was barely half a foot tall, just barely a head taller than Dragonien's ankle.​​ 


When the glow finally faded, the energy​​ that had kept Sephs body from moving faded with it, and slowly his eyes started to raise upwards, trailing from the front of the massive black rubber sneakers that the dragon wore, up to the sight of the ankle high socks sticking up from the mouth of​​ them.​​ Along the curves of powerful muscle along the dragons calf, to where it disappeared beneath the hem of his jeanshorts... the prominent and, from his new perspective, very noticeable bulge of the dragons groin... up his abs, then chest, and finally to his​​ grinning muzzle so high above.​​ 


Hello down there...”​​ Dragonien's voice rumbled, sound and bass magnified a dozen times over with the size difference. The device was set down on the tabletop that, now to seph, was like the top of a large department store​​ in size, no way he could possibly reach it without help. ​​ A sudden THUD shakes Seph from his thoughts as Dragonien's sneaker clad foot raises and then slams down beside him, the impact enough to knock the coyote onto his ass. “Oh yea... this is gonna be fun..” he rumbled, licking hungrily over his lips.​​ 


Seph turned to try to run away, but was quickly cut off by another THUD knocking him backwards again when Dragonien slammed his foot down in Seph's path. A dark shadow cast across him as massive red fingers engulfed the yote in a closed fist, lifting him up into the air to be held infront of the grinning dragon's muzzle.​​ 


​​ ​​ Ah Ah Ah... where are you going?...” he rumbled aloud as he set himself down onto the counter top beside the device. One paw kept a firm grip on Seph while the other reached down, thumb hooking into the back of his right shoe, and began to pull it off. A faint waft of musky air blew off of it as it pulled open, filling Seph's nose with a faint tasting of Dragonien's musky foot-scent. It​​ wasn't harsh or pungent, like he hadn't washed in a while, but still held a strong, masculine scent to it just from being trapped inside the rubber and fabric shoes all day. The smell became stronger when the shoe was dropped down onto the counter next to​​ Dragonien's thigh, the mouth of it pointing in Seph's direction. The shoe was quickly followed by the sock inside it as Dragonien undressed his foot entirely, grinning down at the coyote in his paw.


Now then, in you go...” he cooed teasingly, raising the sock up with one paw, and seph with the other... and simply drops the coyote inside the musky scented cotton fabric tube. Immediately he let out a bark of surprise and protest as he tumbled down into the bottom of the sock, half tangled in a bit of lint​​ near the toes of the sock, and only a moment to try to catch his bearings before the sock began to move again... and red started to enter behind him. Dragonien began to pull the sock back on his foot with Seph stuck inside! Leaving him trapped as that enormous 20 inch long footpaw pushed in, toes grinding down against Seph's face as his body was pressed tightly to the bottom of the sock, crammed down beneath the balls of Dragonien's feet and the top portion of his arch.​​ 


He struggled to push away from the​​ massive foot above him, the musk much much stronger with him shoved up against it. It still wasn't harsh or pungent, but it was /powerful/ and laced every breath the coyote took, leaving his head slightly spinning... and a particular tightness down around​​ his waistline. He had little time to get in a better position however as his new 'prison' began to move again... as Dragonien began to push his foot back don into the shoe.​​ 


Seph could feel the gel insole of the shoe conforming to the shape of his body even through the sock as his back was ground down into it, the dragons weight pushing him tightly down into it and forcing Seph's muzzle right up between two of Dragonien's toes, where the scent was strongest. He was totally trapped, with barely any room to​​ move at all. Hell, he could barrely breath. And each breath was more musk than air at this point. Leaving him stuck in the body-heated musky 'sauna' that was Dragonien's sock and shoe.​​ 


The weight increased dramatically on him as dragonien stood up, and were it not for the Device's mass compacting effect, Seph probably would have been crushed right then and there. Instead, he seemed perfectly fine... if trapped, and soaking in Dragonien's musky scent. Thump. Thump. Thump. The world around him shaking rhythmically as Dragonien begins to walk towards the door, device in hand... and sneaks his way out of the door, to make his way home, where he could have some more fun with his new toy... and the size changing device as well.​​ 

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