Size Poker

What’s better than a game of poker between friends? One where the bets are made with each other’s size instead of cash.

A stream-story that I wrote with the help of a few friends, Thunder, Gnarl, and Sabrewing.

|| Old content, Originally posted August 27th, 2013 ||

Size Poker



“How about a game of Size Poker?”


Everyone looked at Dragonien with a raised brow.  The leathery red dragon had invited a few friends over for the weekend, seeing as how his cousins were out and about with their own plans. Seeing as how the red dragon didn’t feel like being alone, three guys came to mind that he could possibly hang out with and tease to no end for 72 hours.  Thunder lay back on the couch, channel surfing and twirling one of his whiskers, one of his toes idly poking at Gnarl’s side as the gryphon took up the only free corner on the couch. Sabre made himself comfy on the carpeted floor, resting his head on Thunder’s torso.​​ 


The Friday had started off rather well and seemed to die off in the night. Dragonien wouldn’t stand for this. The idea had come to him rather loudly in the bathroom (he knocked his head on the shower rung) and quickly made himself decent.​​ 


All three of them stared at the red dragon, each nodding.​​ 


After setting up the table, everyone seemed to look at Dragonien uneasily. He had a wide spread grin as he looked for the seemingly enchanted deck of cards and even sung to himself. Granted, it wasn’t different from how he normally acted, but a game involving what seemed like size theft, it was wise to not trust him.


And they were right.


“Alright, gentleman, the name of the game is five card draw. We have a two inch ante, and winner takes all.” The red dragon said as he shuffled the oversized deck of cards.


“Oh, and sizes are locked for the weekend while you guys are staying.” Dragonien finished with a grin.


“Woah, hoooold on.” Sabre blinked, leaning forward on the table. “We didn’t agree t-“


“Too late! Game starts now!”


With a snap of Drago’s fingers, a loud slam was heard. Thunder and Gnarl looked around to see the windows slam down and any of the open doors in the house slam closed.


“How the..?” Thunder blinked, staring at Dragonien before slumping back into his seat as their new captor dealt the cards.


Gnarl kept his beak shut the entire time, trying to focus at the cards in his hands instead of the three veritable giants surrounding him. By default, he was the smallest male in the room clocking in at five feet, three feet shorter than anyone else. It also didn’t help that the three dragons had long changed out of their personal clothing and were prompted to use some of Dragonien’s spare clothing so they didn’t rip whatever they already had on them.


Sadly for the gryphon, all the red dragon had in extras were gym shorts and t-shirts.  Shorts and t-shirts that clung tightly to their muscled bodies, each of the three looking like they could flex out of them with a simple deep breath. Dragonien grinned behind his cards while Gnarl suck into his in some attempt to hide his blush. He took a deep sigh and chanted to himself. “I will win, I will win, I will win…”


It was all he could to stop himself from drooling.


Well after the cards were dealt out, everyone was given a minute or so to look at their hands. It took Gnarl only a few seconds to look due to distracting himself by staring over at Sabre’s biceps straining the short sleeves of his t-shirt. He was snapped back into reality at the sound of Dragonien’s voice.

“Alright, time to ante up. I’ll go first.”


Dragonien fished out two blue chips and put them at the center of the table. “Two inches.”


Thunder and Sabre shrugged and added two inches to the pot. They had little to lose. Gnarl on the other hand, had much more to lose considering the massive disadvantage he was at. He gave a reluctant sigh, adding two inches as well before his beak twisted into an aggressive snarl.


“Seven inches!”


Everyone stared at him for a moment.


“You sure?” Thunder piped up, glancing at the gryphon.


“Yes, I’m sure.” The avian nodded firmly. The eastern dragon stared at him for a few moments, the look in his face not wavering. Thunder scowled, twirling a whisker and decided to call. He simply figured he was bluffing and was attempting to play big due to the fact he was the shortest.​​ 


Once Dragonien added 8 inches, the furred dragon seemed to crumple. He grumbled, shaking his head.

“Eh, I’ll fold. No reason to start off that fast. Got the night ahead of us.”


“Then I’ll call.” Sabre said reluctantly. Gnarl glared at the efreet for a few moments before throwing in another chip for 8 inches.​​ 


Sabre grinned and laid his cards out with a triumphant growl.


“Three of a kind!”


Everyone grumbled, some more loud than others as the efreet dragged the pile of chips to him. They weren’t off to a good start, and they’d feel it as well.


A warm tingle flooded their bodies as the three losers felt their bodies beginning to shrink. Dragonien’s taut shirt began to loosen as his body lost it’s bulk and size, his thighs no longer stretching his shorts. As he shrunk, his musculature left as well. Thunder seemed to fair better, his tank top simply clinging less to the green dragon's frame and hanging over his waist, the legs of the shorts flopping around a bit.​​ 

Gnarl seemed to get the worst of it. Being the shortest of everyone and not having much to give, his already ill fitting clothes draped around his shrinking form even more. His arm couldn't even fit in one for the short sleeves and his shorts had to be held up by a hand or they'd fall.​​ 


Sabre clearly had it the best out anyone at the table. A lust filled pant came from the dragon as the tingles filled his body. His hands clenched into fists, strength filling his arms as he flexed them. His biceps swelled and became thicker and broader along with his forearms, the masses of muscle ripping the already stretched sleeves. His barrel chest swelled up in size as well, those green scaly pecs beginning to show even more as a tear began to form right through the middle. As the size packed on, tearing t-shirt rode up and exposed the lower row of his chiseled abdomen, even showing signs of an eight pack. Sabre's shorts expanded even more, riding up as well. It was clear that size wasn't the only thing taken. With the valley between those scaly slabs revealed with a tuft of red fluff and his clothing beginning to rip, it seemed the theft included muscle mass. Thunder and Dragonien had mass to spare, but Gnarl didn't. More than several pounds worth had been added to the now ten foot efreet in front of them.​​ 


"Mmph..." Sabre purred deeply, chest rumbling as a dopey grin was plastered on his face. Judging from the look on his face and the slowly tenting bulge in his half torn gym shorts, it seemed the process was just as enjoyable as it was annoying for the losers.


"Let's go again." the efreet rumbled, licking his lips hungrily, tail swishing.​​ 


Thunder mumbled, blinking back to reality, having been staring at the dragon's bulging chest. He grabbed the deck of cards and began dealing again, stealing glances at Sabre's chest. Everyone else seemed to be doing the same as well, to which the dragon gave a grin and a low purr.​​ 


Once the cards were dealt, Sabre put forward two inches to start. "Ante up."  he said in the mix of a purr and a growl.​​ 


"Five inches." Thunder offered.​​ 


"One foot!" Gnarl cried out.  Thunder stared at the gryphon with a twitch in his eye. Was he being serious about this?! The dragon was planning on going small, but it seemed he was desperate to win. Thunder looked at his hand, then Dragonien who seemed share the same feeling. Either way, the three dragons shared a grin.


"I'm in. If the shorty wants to win, may as well make it worth his while." Thunder chuckled.​​ 


"Same. Besides, can't wait to make Gnarl even shorter." Dragonien smirked.​​ 


"Eh, I'm feeling smug, not like I have much to lose." Sabre chimed in.​​ 


Once everyone put their chips forward, everyone revealed their hands. It seemed Dragonien was the winner, but a green hand stopped him from collecting his prize.​​ 


"Pair of Kings. Unless you can beat that, come to papa." Thunder laughed. Dragonien slumped, the eastern dragon dragging the chips along his way with a hum.​​ 


The warm tingle spread through the group, Sabre huffing sadly as he began to lose the gained mass, his stretched clothes slightly draping once more as he shrunk. Dragonien seemed to be content with pouting and grumbling childishly as his shoulder was now exposed from the collar of his shirt. Having lost two feet of height and some of his musculature, he was the size of the average male. Gnarl got the worst of it again, his shirt turning into something like a dress after losing a foot in size, pants pooling around his legs.​​ 


Meanwhile, Thunder growled happily, head reared back. His tongue lolled out from his muzzle, low pants coming from the slowly expanding dragon. His tank top began to shred in multiple areas as inch after inch of muscle mass and size were added to his body. His now tree trunk thighs split the seams of his shorts. The eastern dragon's chest expanded and swelled with new bulk, splitting the white muscle shirt right down the middle, the dragon panting, those massive pectorals heaving and leaving the tatters like a vest.​​ 


With pound after pound of muscle added, his shorts and underwear didn't seem to be able to take the straining and flexing of those enormous thighs before they ripped apart, leaving the green dragon mostly naked, that massive and slowly erecting black dick throbbing against his thigh.​​ 


Having gotten short enough to look under the table while sitting, Gnarl's eyes went wide as he stared at the pillar of meat throbbing heavily against that now massive thigh. The eastern had grown into a veritable hulk of power and strength. His pectorals had gotten so thick and full that his emerald necklace was nearly being devoured by the thick cleft between them, and the underside of his massive biceps ground against the sides of his chest even hanging relaxed at his sides. Were they all to stand upright, Sabre would be barely eye level with Thunder's nipples, Dragonien would be lucky to see over the his waist. Gnarl would barely raise his chin above one of the eastern's knees.


Thunder grinned and looked at himself, then at the ogling gryphon and decided to snap his fingers so he looked up at the dragon to see him giving a slow grope and squeeze to those slabs of muscle.​​ 

Gnarl squirmed in his seat and clothing, muttering under his breath, unable to tear his eyes away from Thunder before Dragonien coughed loudly.​​ 


"Okay, let's ante up before Thunder starts jerking off during the game. As much as Gnarl would like that, we have a round three to get to."


The gryphon grumbled loudly, but he didn't protest that thought. Being at his size, it was hard to not stare at the massive black dick across from him.​​ 


The cards were quickly dealt out onto the table, and Gnarl snatched them up greedily, eager to take his size back. He glanced back and forth across the table as he watched Sabre push 9 tiny chips into the middle of the table. Thunder followed suit, as did Dragonien... and  Gnarl had to stand up, and use both arms to lift all 9 chips, leaning over the edge of the table to drop them. The three towering dragons couldn't help but snicker under their breath.​​ 


"Straight." Sabre grunted.​​ 


"Damn it!" Gnarl slammed his hands onto the table, almost losing his balance.​​ 


Dragonien pouted once more and Thunder sighed in mild disappointment. He didn't lose much, but he was hoping to build a winning streak. He also wanted to tease the gryphon a bit more.​​ 


The now familiar sensation of dwindling overcame the three of them, as Sabre once more began to swell and expand outwards. Soft snaps, cracks and tears of fabric filled the room as his shirt finally tore apart, and his own hefty, half hard black cock flopped down in between his legs. As a test, the efreet lifted up one of his arms and slowly curled his fingers inwards to flex his newly enlarged biceps, which had bulked up to easily rival the size of his own head, veins lining the muscle.​​ 


Mmm...Nice. “he purred, licking his muzzle softly as he checked out his own flexed arm. Maybe this game wasn't so bad after all.


“Yeah yeah, put up or shut up!” Dragonien retorted, quickly snatching the cards up from the furiously blushing, embarrassed Gnarl. Due to losing again, his fingers were much to small to deal the cards which easily fit in Thunder and Sabre's hands.​​ 


"Methinks the losing is getting to you~." Thunder hummed as he leaned on the table, inadvertently showing off his bulging arms and chest.


"Yeah, I say enjoy the view, I know the bird is."  Sabre chuckled.​​ 


Gnarl's eyes were transfixed, unable to focus between the two looming dragons, mumbling lowly to himself, a small line drool forming on the side of his beak.​​ 


The cards were dealt, another fierce round of staring each other down until Dragonien pushed twelve chips forward. Grinning smugly, he snickered over at Sabre who simply shrugged, folded and announced he was going to get something to eat.​​ 


"Bring me back something!" Thunder boomed as the twelve foot or taller efreet lumbered off. Looking at his hand, Thunder scowled and decided to take his chances. He didn't trust Dragonien and Gnarl didn't seem to have much left to give, so he nodded, twirling a whisker.​​ 


"20 inches."


"Sure you wanna do that, Thundie? I mean, Gnarl doesn't have much left and I could take everything right under your nose. " Dragonien grinned. The two dragons​​ stared at each other for a few moments before the red dragon nodded and followed suit with 20, Gnarl reluctantly doing so as well.​​ 


Gnarl grumbled as Dragonien laid out his hand. He had a full house, he couldn't beat that. Thunder seemed to share the same look before he laid down his hand.​​ 


"Aw come on! Four of a kind?! Do you have a four leaf clover up your ass or something?" Dragonien protested, to which Thunder just grinned and collected his chips, letting the tingling feeling of his growth flood him.​​ 


As Sabre scrimmaged around the fridge for food, he'd feel himself losing some of his bulk. At least by losing a foot in size, he wouldn't have to completely crouch to search around anymore.​​ 


Gnarl and Dragonien suffered the worst of it. The gryphon poked out from the pile of clothes, bounding up to the table. He could barely lift any of his cards at the rate he was going. Dragonien had gotten off a tad bit easier, but being three feet meant he had to stand to even be seen on the table.​​ 


Meanwhile, Thunder had his head reared back, tongue out in pure, lustful bliss. Even the reinforced chair he was sitting on creaked and groaned, curving slightly as pound after pound of muscle added on to his already thick frame. His chest swelled up a few inches more, all signs of his necklace gone into the cleft of his pecs. His biceps ground against the sides of his chest, forearms as well, effectively forcing the dragon to put them outside of the arms of his chair so he could actually fit. Titanic thighs taking up more space between his legs forced him to move forward and adjust to let that throbbing semi and heavy green orbs dangle freely over the chair.​​ 


At sixteen feet, Thunder was towering over the table and the other players, being at least double or triple their size. Gnarl would barely be the size of one of his toes, Dragonien barely coming up to a knee, and Sabre would come incredibly close to being eye level with his chest if he could get past the brick wall that were his abs.​​ 


The eastern dragon smirked, deciding to indulge a bit and bounce the giant slabs of muscle that were his pecs, undulating each one slowly, groping and squeezing the underside of those meaty globes. He rumbled lowly in his moment of narcissism before Sabre returned to the table, looking up at the eastern, then back to the gryphon and other dragon.​​ 


"Not bad, not bad at all. " he whistled,  ogling Thunder as he chomped through an extra large bag of chips and passing another over to the towering dragon.​​ 


"Tell me about it. How about one last round? I don't think these two have much to give."  Thunder snickered as he pointed at the shortest of the group.​​ 


Dragonien crossed his arms and grumbled.  "Yeah, yeah, yuk it up. You'll be a string bean if I have anything to say about it."​​ 


Gnarl couldn't help mimic the action, but his face told another story as he stared intently the two looming green dragons, drinking up their forms like a glass of water.​​ 


"Sounds good to me. Though how about we up the winnings? Tallest ones left standing get the shortest as their toys for the weekend while this lasts?" Sabre offered.​​ 


Thunder and Sabre shared a high five in their agreement, Dragonien stood up on the table with a hungry grin. Gnarl's face blushed at the conditions set, but he sighed and nodded in agreement.


Thunder leaned forward, collecting the cards and dealing them out again.


“Last chance, you two. 30 inches.”


Sabre soon followed suit, as did Dragonien. Gnarl simply called a fold with not enough left to give. He seemed to accept his fate, he was screwed either way, and he didn’t have a good enough hand.


The three dragons stared at each other for a few moments.



Thunder grumbled, putting his cards down as Sabre grinned, fingers priming to take the pot…


“Full House, baby!”


Dragonien did a little dance on the table, going forward to collect the chips with a grin on his face. The eastern dragon and efreet shared a grumble, leaning back on their chairs, the newly gained bulk and size leaving them with the familiar tingle. While they didn’t lose much, it wasn’t a good feeling to have nonetheless.


“Yes…yes!” Dragonien growled as he sat back in his chair. The leathery dragon expanded in size, muscle packing onto his slowly swelling body. He reared his head back, panting slowly as his thin arms, legs and torso seemingly exploded with size. Dragonien went from a three foot runt to his original eight foot with some to spare. The dragon gave his body a look. He seemed to have some extra bulk added, noticing that he​​ didn’t possess his normal athletic body, but that almost of a bodybuilder attempting to bulk up.​​ 


Thunder crossed his arms, putting the cards down and standing up, stretching his limbs. “Damn, I was hoping to have him under my foot for the weekend.”


Drago simply chuckled, shaking his head, and then turning his glance over to the eight inch gryphon. “Not a chance, greenie. However…” he kept the smile as he plucked Gnarl from his spot from the scruff of his neck, dangling him in the air. “Mind if I keep him for the weekend, you two get each other? I have a few…ideas I wanna try out.”​​ 


The eastern dragon and efreet stared at each other for a moment. Neither of the two didn’t seem to care too much over a bending of the rules and nodded.​​ 


“But we swap on the last day, I wanna have some fun with him too.” Thunder grinned at the tiny gryphon.


“Deal.” Dragonien nodded, his grin and stare at Gnarl never wavering as he slipped on his shorts and wandered off to his room, leaving the eastern and efreet alone. Sharing a shrug and a grin, Thunder gave the smaller dragon’s rear a nice squeeze before directing him back to the living room for naked cuddling and groping while watching T.V as they were beyond any extra clothing, and there seemed to be little point in putting on clothes as it was getting late. One thing was for sure. They would be doing this every other weekend during for sure.​​ 



Final Count:

Dragonien: 8’7 (105 inches)

Thunder: ​​ 14’3 (172 inches)

Gnarl: 8 inches

Sabre: ​​ 10’ (121 inches)


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