Snack Time With Gale

Gale might’ve bitten off more than he could chew by letting slip he has a mouth fetish. Now he’s left at the mercy of a dragon willing to shamelessly abuse that fact.

A short little vignette I wrote for my friend, Gale. you can find them here

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|| Old content, Originally posted August 18th, 2013 ||

Snack time With Gale



Hot, moist breath washed over him as the little teal colored reptile dangled infront of the massive muzzle of the red dragon. His lips were pulled back, exposing rows of razor sharp, polished ivory fangs​​ gleaming with a thin coating of saliva. Each breath exhaled from that massive muzzle washed a wave of faintly minty scented air mixed with small particles of saliva that stuck to his skin and clothes, leaving them feeling damp and sticky. A massive carpet​​ of pink for the dragons tongue slid out, slowly sliding over those exposed fangs in an exaggerated, hungry gesture of licking his lips as he stared down at his little captive. He wasn't content just to eat his little captive and be done with it. No, he had​​ to play with his food first.​​ 


Poor gale was barely 6 inches tall, not even the size of most action figures. And with his arms tied together with the dental floss Dragonien was using to dangle him, there wasn't much he could do about his situation except​​ worry. He wasn't even sure how it had happened. He just woke up that morning, arms tied up with peppermint dental floss, staring at the massive, grinning muzzle of a dragon looming above him on his bed. And now, now it looked like he might just be breakfast.​​ 


Those broad, powerful jaws slowly parted, exposing the dark cavernous maw within to Gale. Thick, dripping globs of saliva fell from the roof of his muzzle or off the tips of some of his fangs down into the bottom of it. He was salivating, only further drilling home to Gale what Dragonien's ultimate plan with him would be. The thick, pink length of muscle for his prehensile tongue slowly slid from his cavernous maw, stretching out almost like a snake towards Gale. His eyes jammed shut, wincing in anticipation of finally being dropped into the massive maw of his captor and tormentor... and yet it never came. Instead, he felt that powerful, saliva coated expanse of oral muscle slowly press up underneath his bare paws, immediately coating them in a thick​​ slathering of the dragon's warm saliva. The powerful prehensile organ began to slide upwards along his exposed ankles up towards his knees. Immediately the legs of his shorts were plastered to his thighs as they were coated in a thick layer of the dragon's​​ slick saliva as the tongue slid further and further up his body in a long, drawn out slurp.​​ 


It wasn't enough that the dragon was going to eat him. Now he was tasting him first. That powerful, pink organ dragging across him from the bottom of his​​ feet up over the top of his brick-shaped muzzle and thick-furred head, leaving him coated from head to toe in the dragon's spittle. And it didn't end there. The dragon's muzzle abruptly pushed forward as the tongue retracted, the front of those thick, plush lips abruptly grinding against Gale's front. Powerful, supple flesh grinding and pushing against him, even going as far as to suckle slightly as if trying to kiss the much smaller fur left dangling there helplessly. The lips pulled back, exposing those fangs in a flash. Gale only had a split second to let out a gasp of surprise and fear, as those ivory knives flashed forward and clamped shut on the front of his shirt. RIIIIP. And shredded it off of him, leaving tattered strips of fabric falling uselessly​​ to the floor.


And now he was naked from the waist up.​​ 


The dragon's wicked grin only grew that much wider now that his captive had been half undressed. Slowly the arm holding him in the air began to raise higher, lifting him up arms first by his floss​​ bindings above the dragon's muzzle. Slowly that dark, cavernous maw opened wide again, saliva dripping from his fangs and tongue writhing as if in anticipation, as Gale was raised directly above it... and then dropped, the floss reeling through Dragonien's​​ fingers as Gale fell down towards the dragon's awaiting maw.​​ 


The moment Gale made contact with Dragonien's tongue the muzzle snapped shut around him, trapping him in the hot, moist darkness of his muzzle. The powerful pink organ writhed beneath him, abruptly arching up underneath his torso and raising him up to the dragon's palate. He was compressed there, ground between the harder flesh of the palate and the softer, but more powerful muscle of the tongue. Powerful suction pulled at him from all angles,​​ making his ears pop several times from the constant changing pressure as he was used as little more than a snack or appetizer to be savored. Worse still, his arms were still bound at the wrist, leaving him unable to grab onto anything and try to pull free.​​ 


Not that he had long to squirm, mind you.


Mere seconds after being dropped into the dragons maw and suckled on, the dragon's muzzle began to tip backwards again. Once more the pressure changed, and this time he felt himself being pulled backwards, barely able to get a yelp out before he was dumped towards the gaping dark hole at the back of his maw. The opening of his throat.​​ 


His feet went in first, arms still pulled backwards towards the opening of the dragon's mouth by the floss. Then the rest of his legs, then torso, and finally his head. His entire body was compressed on all sides by the tight, undulating tube of muscle that was the dragon's esophagus. Further and further down he was forced, as he heard the loud “GULP”ing sound of the dragon swallowing him.​​ 


Just when Gale was about to resign himself to his fate, suddenly he felt his arms tugged upwards. The thick, heaving slimy muscle of the throat surrounding him resisting and trying to tug him back down as something pulled him upwards. His​​ arms rapidly became sore from the conflicting pressures as he was pulled back up out of the dragon's throat, a minor grunting cough from the dragon as he suppressed his gag reflex. With one last loud, cough the dragon's throat closed back up as Gale was tugged out from it, light flooding all around him and briefly blinding him... as he found himself once more dangled in front of the widely grinning dragon's muzzle.


He had pulled Gale back up from being swallowed by the floss around his arms. Would his torment never end?


“Sorry little guy.” He rumbled deeply, words blowing hot air across his tormented captive. “I'm not done with you quite yet... we've still got so much more fun to have...” He chuckled ominously. His fingers curled around the floss, pulling Gale upwards back up into the dragon's waiting fist, as he casually turned to make his way out of the bedroom. There was still so much to do with his new little toy...


To be continued?...


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