Zev’s Day At The Pool

When a couple of over-sized, cocky pool-goers lord their superior mass and stature over Zev they soon regret it when they find themselves suddenly looking up at the fox.

Another short little vignette I wrote as my first official commissioned story ever for my friend, Zev. you can find them here

Zev’s Furaffinity

|| Old content, Originally posted February 18th, 2012 ||

Zev’s Day At The Pool



“Hey guys” Zev muttered softly, smiling as best he could up to the two large, rather imposing males leaned up against the pool's juice bar. The two towering hunks both easily overshadowed the thin, lanky fox​​ standing before them. The one on the left was a rather thickly built Wolf, fur a soft, obviously dyed snow white coloration, cut short enough to fully accentuate his thick, ripped build. Biceps almost the size of his own head, pectorals with a cleft deep enough that you could hold a pencil in it with no hands, and thighs almost as thick around as Zev's waist. The other, a slightly thinner, but noticeably taller brown furred bear, sporting a plump musclegut and towering a good foot over the wolf beside him who, himself, was over a foot taller than Zev. The two of them were both dressed in rather snug, skimpy matching bright red speedos, showing off their moderately impressive packages shamelessly, which only further made the sight of the lanky 'swimmers' build, at best, cross fox standing before them in his black flame-emblazoned swim trunks look that much more out of place.​​ 


“Beat it, squirt. No room for lil guys over here” The wolf growled out, grinning and glancing back at the bear beside him “Am I right?” he chuckled, the bear quickly joining him in a thick, rolling belly laugh as the two laughed at the rather lanky orange and black furred Cross fox before them.​​ 


Zev's ears unconsciously pushed down flat onto the top of his head, tail seeming to tuck in​​ slightly as he turned his back on the two musclebound hunks and walked over to the juice bar. It wasn't his fault that he wasn't that big, he couldn't really control his height and no matter how much he worked out he never seemed to put on any weight. Hell he couldn't even put on any fat, at least if the random binges of pizza and cake hed sporadically indulge in were any indication.​​ 


 “What'll it be, sport?” the bartender asked, idly shaking two drinks together in a polished silver mixer, grinning all the while. When he didn't get a response, the bartender seemed to get an idea, and crouched down to start sorting through various things beneath the counter, eventually pulling out a small unmarked bottle, and poured some of it into a small glass of chilled​​ Chocolate Milk. “here ya go, one​​ Virgin​​ Chocolate milk” The bartender​​ murmured, grinning playfully at his own joke, sliding the glass of dark colored liquid over to the fox, who seemed to simply pick it up out of reflex and drain it. “if that doesn't cheer someone up, nothing will...” The bartender muttered aloud, just barely enough to be heard, as he turned to the other side of the bar, red tail flicking softly behind him.


The fox had to admit... he did feel a bit better after drinking that. Maybe it was just having someone offer him something, or maybe it was the drink itself, but whatever it was he felt energized and eager to try to salvage some fun from his afternoon... and there was one way to do that for sure...




The​​ resulting splash, despite Zev's small overall bodymass, was enough to send a wave of water across most of those that were swimming in the deep end, as well as a couple of furs that had been lounging in chairs along the edge of the pool. He didn't seem to care, however, simply happy to be having some fun after being blown off by the two meatheads from earlier. He felt all warm and tingly inside from the joy of floating through the water, letting the chemical-cleaned liquid soak his fur and cause it to cling​​ to his lanky form... well, at least he assumed that's why he felt all warm and tingly...​​ 


The fox's swim trunks started to cling tighter around Zev's thighs, the water weighing them down and causing them to cling to his flesh and fur. At least, at first​​ that' s what it was. He found himself swimming through the water with surprising ease, practically darting along the surface of it with no signs of tiring. He had no idea that his thighs were a good half inch or so thicker than they had been before he dove​​ down into the water. Filled with new cords of muscle and meat, that were starting to stretch out the legs of his swim trunks. He had no idea that his biceps had swollen to visible peaks even when relaxed now, or that his normally flat and definition-less​​ stomach now had four small bumps for abdominal, or that his pectorals had a faint, but visible line going down the middle of them.​​ 


By the time that the fox had swam his way back over to the ladder leading out of the pool and started to climb up it, his​​ trunks were squeezing rather snugly around his plump buttocks, straining visibly in the front, and were pulled skintight around his thighs. His whole body had ballooned up to amateur athlete sized by now. Visible meaty pectorals, swollen biceps and shoulders, and thighs that visibly flexed and swelled with each step that he took. And despite 'wet trunks cling' being an easy dismissing point, Zev was starting to notice something odd. Though of course, oblivious thing that he was, rather than look down and realize 'oh god, I'm buff!” he started making his way to the bathroom as if that somehow was some sanctuary from discomfort. What he also didn't notice was as he made his way back towards the bathroom, he was stumbling every couple of steps from a faint dizziness... and that his fur was starting to dry unnaturally fast. ​​ 


When Zev finally got to the bathroom, his first reaction was to excuse himself “Oh, pardon m-” but quickly cut himself off. He had seen a pair of rather thick, white​​ furred pectorals filling the view of the long-ways rectangular mirror hanging over the sinks, and had thought he was in someones way... it was only when he realized that there was nothing above those pectorals in his vision, nor below them for that matter, and it dawned on him​​ that it was a reflection, not a person.


His reflection.


His jaw went limp, hanging open with a look of disbelieving suprise as he stared in the mirror... only able to see a small 'wall' of white fur. What was worse, was as he stood there staring in disbelief... he saw them seeming to flex without him tensing himself... slowly spreading outwards and rising upwards... soon unable to see all of his pectorals in the mirror, and it dawned on him what was happening... he was growing. Reflexively his arm jerked upwards to feel at his pectorals, and he had to pause mid movement when he felt a foreign resistance to the movement... new, thick muscle mass along his forearm and over his bicep restricting his arms movement slightly as his bicep and shoulder pushed against each other for space.​​ 


When his head looked down to watch the new muscle along his arm fighting for space just from the act of moving it, he caught sight of the more 'subtle' effect that was happening... the water that was causing his fur to mat down and cling to his arm was slowly starting to disappear. It wasn't drying ,or dripping off him, if anything it felt like it was soaking into his skin... and as it did, he could see the tendons in his forearm tightening and hardening slightly, feeling his​​ bicep slowly plumping thicker.


Then he heard the ripping.


He looked down only to have his chin shove down into the top of a pectoral cleft that hadn't been there 20 minutes ago, causing him to grunt in surprise before he adapted and leaned forward to look past them instead. He saw where his now tree trunk thick thighs had blown the legs of his swim trunks open, tearing them apart and leaving tiny strips of fabric clinging to the front and back of his thighs... but that was only a secondary observation.​​ What mainly caught his eyes was the blatant, obscene bulge straining the front of his swim trunks to the point that they could barely be called a speedo anymore. It looked like he had two baseballs and a can of soda stuffed down into the front of his swim​​ trunks, and considering they had originally been sized for a lean 'modest' 5 foot tall fox, they were now stretched out so far that the waistband, and the leg holes were stretching open visibly simply from the sheer girth of his now enormous package. He knew this was absurd, he knew this situation didn't make any sense. But he couldn't help himself.


He grinned.​​ 


He was massive now! He couldn't even see his pecs in the mirror anymore! More than just his sheer muscle mass, he had obviously grown in height​​ too. He could see over the top of the bathroom stalls, and had to actually duck down a bit to get underneath the archway that separated the bathrooms from the pool.​​ 


He should have been freaked out. 20 minutes ago he had been a tiny, scrawny little 'runt' of a fox, and now he had biceps bigger than his own head, pectorals thick and broad enough that they jutted out farther than his chin did, thighs thicker around than his entire body had been before, and a package that could probably (If he let himself get aroused) Shame the thickness his legs had formerly had. Noone suddenly grew three feet in height and quadrupled their weight in muscle in a matter of minutes, but Zev had something far more important to think about first. Something much more pressing than figuring out why he had suddenly just turned into a vulpine version of the incredible hulk. Something that could not wait.​​ 


A dark shadow cast over the muscular wolf and the burly bear. The two musclebound 'studs' growling in annoyance and starting to​​ turn around, growling out out of reflex in annoyance “Hey squirt, your in our light” as their heads reflexively looked downwards... right into the sight of a pair of baseballs and a soda can stuffed into a black pair of torn swim trunks... following the white fur above it along a ripped cobblestone 8 pack, over two immense pectorals each almost as wide as their entire torsos, and up to a widely grinning, rather familiar white and black furred Vulpine muzzle. The fox grinning cockily down at them as he raised up his meaty arms and cracked his knuckles infront of him. And repeated


 “Hey Guys...”

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