Turnabout Is Fair Play

The big, smug cougar Elrabin might have bitten off more than he can chew when he finds himself not looking down on his friend Crux as much as he’s used too. And soon, He’ll be looking up at them instead.

A short little tease of size-turnabout for my buddies Elrabin and Crux

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|| Old content, Originally posted September 23rd, 2013 ||

Turnabout Is Fair Play

Crux barely had time to push the door closed behind him before the cougar was on him. The towering, 8 foot muscular stud of a feline grasping at the much smaller six foot blue furred canine's wrists, pushing her down to his hips. Elrabin advanced immediately afterwards, towering over Crux and trapping the comparatively short canine between the door and himself.


"Welcome home... “The towering feline would purr, a playful smirk on his muzzle as he slowly bent down to eye level with Crux." Fancy meeting you here... “He cooed, smirk widening a bit further. The canine began to open his muzzle to respond, but any words he tried to speak were cut off when Elrabin’s lips pressed against his own. Their muzzles turned slightly to the side, Crux’s mostly out of reflex while Elrabin’s lead the charge, better interlocking their two muzzles together. The feline’s tongue wasted no time slipping into Crux’s muzzle, pushing and nudging against the canine’s own tongue in a growingly heated ‘wrestling’ match.


Elrabin’s paw slid down against Crux’s chest, fingers stroking over the firm, lean muscle of the blue furred canine’s chest through his work shirt. Those plump, caramel furred fingers nudged their way between two of the buttons of Crux’s button up shirt, slowly pulling downwards at it to pop a button open. Then another, and another, until his thumb was brushing the waist of Crux’s jeans, having undone the blue pup’s shirt entirely. The firm, well defined muscle of Crux’s pectorals and abs shown through the thin, well-kept layer of cerulean fur atop it, peeking out from the open folds of his shirt as Elrabin’s fingers stroked across it.


“Puppy’s been working out…” Elrabin would purr softly during the momentary breaks for air between their kisses, his fingers slipping teasingly into the waist of Crux’s pants, tugging slightly at the button of his fly. It was about this time, however, that Elrabin noticed something odd, which caused him to pause in his efforts. His eyes opened a bit wider, kissing slowing to a stop and muzzle pulling back a bit, as he found himself eye to eye with Crux…


But he was no longer bending over to do so.


Elrabin’s back was straight, and yet he found Crux’s nose brushing against his own. Had Crux grown? No, his clothes still fit him just fine, and his head still wasn’t as tall as the frame of the door he was pinned against. No, Elrabin had rather obviously been shrunk. And now that he realized it, Crux’s muzzle slowly twisted into a soft grin, as blue fingers gripped at the feline’s shoulders… which Elrabin felt swell slightly, at least from his perspective, as he lost a couple more inches.

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 

​​ “Have you lost weight, Elrabin?” Crux teased with a playful grin, knowing full well what was going on. His grin said as much, which only seemed to make a shiver of nervousness, and excitement, shudder down the cougar’s spine. This was new. Crux turning the tables on Elrabin. Usually it was the cougar that had the little blue pup squirming and shying away bashfully… but with each passing second, he felt his body dwindling smaller, watching that ‘bashful puppy’ growing larger in front of him… and the canine’s grin growing wider.


​​ “W-wha?” Elrabin stuttered softly, suddenly feeling a lump in his throat hindering his ability to speak. He was unable to get beyond that partial word, however, when Crux leaned in, pressing a finger to the cougar’s lips and gently shushed him. Elrabin was now only as tall as the canine’s throat, and still felt himself dwindling down even smaller. His own pants and underwear had long since fallen down to the floor around his ankles, leaving the dwindling feline naked in front of Crux. And, despite Elrabin’s sudden nervousness, the throbbing pink spire of manhood jutting obscenely from between his legs betrayed his true enjoyment of seeing the formerly cute little puppy, suddenly towering above him. That plush goatee tuft of fur hanging off of his chin, the firm curvature of muscle that had grown across his form over the last couple of years, and that confident grin spread across the Pup’s face.


Crux wasted no time, those now much larger blue fingers gripped tighter at Elrabin's shoulders and suddenly spun him around. The cougar’s back bumped against the door, where only moments ago it had been Crux trapped against it. He felt his paws lift up off the floor, as Crux’s hand paws slipped under his armpits, and slowly began to lift him up off the ground. Elrabin couldn't have been anymore than 4 feet tall, and he could feel his shrinking speeding up. Feeling those broad, firm blue furred fingers and palms sliding across his sides as they seemed to grow around him. Watching the growing giant of a canine swelling larger in front of him as he dwindled. And, a moment later, felt those plush lips press back against his own, and felt them expanding to engulf more and more of his muzzle with each passing second, as Crux resumed the kiss that Elrabin had started.​​ 


 ​​ ​​ ​​​​ Four feet quickly dwindled to three, then rapidly approached two, as Crux’s lips pressed and squished against Elrabin’s. ​​ The ever ‘growing’ canine’s muzzle spreading out until it practically covered Elrabin’s, as the thick, powerful canine tongue pressing into his mouth all but dominated the inside of it. his own tongue, formerly able to easily do the same to Crux’s, was now no match for the Canine’s powerful oral muscle, as it effortlessly shoved his own out of the way to probe and explore the depths of the cougar’s mouth.​​ 


When Elrabin neared the single foot mark the kiss finally ended. At that point it had been little more than Crux sucking on the front of the now little cougar’s head. That soft grin was still spread across Crux’s muzzle, as he slowly looked up and down the cougar, who dangled helplessly in his paws like a large action figure. that normally towering, hulking physique diminished to a little plaything, for the puppy who was normally one for everyone else. And despite the sudden size shift between them, the throbbing arousal between Elrabin’s legs again told Crux that the feline was eating this up, whether he'd admit it or not.​​ 


Elrabin felt his back sliding against the wall, for more than just feeling it stretch across his dwindling back. Slowly Crux bent downwards, lowering the now less than 8 inch tall cougar down to the floor, then stood back up straight. His arms crossed over his leanly muscled chest, as he leaned forward a bit to grin down at Elrabin. Were he bigger, the gulp of fear that came from Elrabin’s mouth might have been heard by the looming blue giant towering above him. His faint pants went unnoticed as well, Crux’s voice rumbling softly from above.​​ 


​​ “5 Second Head start…” he would rumble. A playful phrase oh so familiar to the formerly giant cougar. A phrase he used so often on Crux, when the little puppy would find himself at Elrabin’s feet, and given his short head start to run before the cougar began to stomp after him. The message was clearly received, and in a sudden jerk of motion, Elrabin dashed between Crux’s still seemingly growing legs and paws trying to make his way away from the ever ‘growing’ giant Crux.​​ 

Dull thuds vibrated through the floor as the massive canine began to turn around. Broad, blue furred foot paws thumping against the floor, toes clenching with each step and digging into the carpet below. By the time the towering Crux's count has reached zero, Elrabin's shrinking had finally slowed to a stop, leaving the formerly towering cougar barely six inches tall.


Desperately, the diminished cougar scrambled his way across the room. He had no idea where he was running to, his flight instincts having taken control entirely. Normally Crux was shy and reserved at worst, but whatever had gotten into him now made it impossible to predict what he would do with the feline if he was caught.


A sudden impact right behind Elrabin sent him sprawling forward head over heels, ending up bumping against the baseboard of the wall. As he rose his head to recover, groaning softly and running his head, he raised his face up to the painted white baseboard in front of him. Uh oh. He could see the dark shadow cast around him, and slowly began to roll over so he could look up at what it was that was trapping him between the wall and itself.


A humanoid paw. A massive blue furred, foot towering above him and blocking his view of anything above it. It was easily longer than he was tall. Hell it was probably wider than he was tall too! Any second now those broad digits were going to lower down, smothering him beneath the malleable flesh of that massive sole. Any second...


But that second never came. The broad foot filling the air above him simply hovered there for a few more seconds then, shifting to the side slightly, thumped down right next to him instead. There was little time for relief for Elrabin, however, as instead the massive canine began to bend down. A broad, thick fingered hand paw lowered and engulfed him in those powerful digits. Crux's fist covered Elrabin almost entirely, leaving just the cougar's feet sticking out of the bottom of the blue canine's fist, and his head poking or from the top of Crux's clenched hand.


Slowly Elrabin was raised up what could have been dozens upon dozens of feet into the air to be held in front of the towering canines broad, furry pectorals. The thick log of muscle and fur that was Crux's thumb playfully pushed against the side of Elrabin's head, as if teasing the cougar with how easily the giant canine could overpower him.


"Don't worry little kitty..." Crux's voice rumbled down at him, a soft and playful grin spread over the canine’s muzzle. "I won't hurt you... There's far too much fun to be had with you to risk breaking you..." Crux added, which only sent another worried (and somewhat excited) shiver down the cougar's spine.


"Now let's go back to my bedroom and start the real fun..." Crux rumbled and, with his captive in hand and a playful swish of his hips and plump tush, started his walk down the hall towards his room to continue the evening’s fun...


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