Were-Dragons At Play

Changing can be so erotic. The feeling of strength, of size building even as your body changes into something inhuman. which is why it’s always best to indulge in your changes with a friend.

A Collaborative work of me and my friend Draco’s characters slowly transforming into big, beastly were-dragons while getting ‘intimate’ with one another. What’s not to love, right?

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|| Old content, Originally posted September 24th, 2013 ||

Were-Dragons At Play


“Do it” he panted breathily, lips sliding along his companion's neck. Fevered, quick suckles and nips to the sensitive tan flesh just above his shoulder sending shivers down Draco's spine as Drago continued nibbling on it. “I want to feel you do it.” He practically begged in Draco's ear. His hands brushed across Draco's chest, fingers digging into the fabric of his shirt, tugging at it as if trying to tear it off. “C’mon. Just do it. Right here. Right now,” he all but demanded.


“But last time... mrph” Draco started to protest, momentarily cut off mid-sentence by another lip locking kiss from Dragonien. “B-but last time... we totaled half of my apartment...” he protested. His voice was strained, almost desperate itself. His tone of voice easily told he was barely resisting Dragonien's request.


“Fuck the apartment. I'll pay for it, I don't care. Let’s just do it. Right now,” Dragonien retorted, pushing Draco harder down onto the couch beneath them. His legs straddled Draco's waist, one hand on his chest while the other combed his fingers through Draco's hair. His words weren't coherent anymore, but Draco's head kept shaking back and forth as if continuing to protest. However, Dragonien could already see that he had won.


Soft, pliable golden scales were already spreading across Draco's arms and legs, as well as out of the collar of his shirt and up his neck. His fingers and toes already had started fusing together and reshaping, and the hints of nubs for horns were beginning to poke out of Draco's hairline.


The process was still painful, but Draco had experienced it so many times now that the discomfort was barely an inconvenience, easily overlapped by the thrilling rush of feeling his body changing and expanding. He let out a soft groan of mixed discomfort and lust as he felt the front of his face beginning to crack apart, skull reforming into the beginnings of his draconic muzzle. His shirt was beginning to pull taut as his body expanded beneath Dragonien, the bottom hem riding up and exposing his belly while his shorts were pulling taut around his thickening thighs. His finger and toenails stretched and shaped outwards into the razor sharp, predatory talons that better suited his draconic form. His teeth molded into the pointed daggers that were his draconic fangs.


The sound of ripping fabric seemed to only further spur Dragonien on, as he pushed his head up harder underneath Draco's growing muzzle, his lips, tongue and blunted human teeth grinding against the sensitive, malleable neck scales of the expanding were-dragon beneath him. A loud FLUMP signified the forming of Draco's tail, after having torn open the back of his pants then pouring over the edge of the couch to plop onto the floor below.


“Y-You always make me ruin clothes when you come over,” he huffed, but a small grin showed that he really didn’t mind. Already his voice had deepened half an octave and was beginning to gain a rumbling undertone. His chest had gained considerable mass, and at least four inches had been added to his height, leaving his vocal cords proportionally bigger and with a deeper chamber in his chest to resonate through.


“Stop acting like you don't want it,” Dragonien retorted with a grin. The hand on Draco's expanding chest slid down, pushing up underneath his ever 'shrinking' shirt, to rub across the bare golden scales beneath. He let his fingers brush along Draco's abs as they formed and hardened, and stroke along the curvature of thickening pectoral muscles. “You're worse than I am. If you could you'd stay like this forever. Stop pretending you have self-control!” he taunted the growing golden dragon. ​​ Most people would be terrified and run away if they saw a normal human guy suddenly turning into a golden dragon-man. But not Dragonien; all it seemed to do was turn him on even further.


Dragonien's head lowered down, practically stuffing his nose and mouth in against Draco's chest. He could feel the fabric tearing apart and exposing the expanding golden muscle beneath, making him shudder and let out a lustful moan. He could feel the heat radiating off of the dragon’s pecs, the powerful slabs of meat swelling with each massive lungful of air the dragon took in. With each passing second, Dragonien realized how much raw sinew continued to weave its way underneath the straining golden scales.


By now the couch was struggling to contain what had become over 7 feet of muscular golden dragon, and Draco’s clothes were faring even worse. His shirt had torn open along the front, and his tree trunk thighs had burst the seams of his shorts apart. His growing arousal did nothing to help the zipper of his shorts, as with one sudden FLEX of Draco’s erect member Dragonien felt a button smack against his belly and the zipper simply burst open. Draco's underwear held on for the time being, if just barely, but already a good ten inches of growing draconic maleness were threatening to shred them as well!


One of the golden dragon’s newly shaped hands gripped the back of Dragonien's head and pushed harder down onto it. Those thick, powerful fingers ground the back of the now much smaller human’s head in against his engorging pectorals, which only seemed to further excite Dragonien. Draco could feel Dragonien’s tongue sweeping up the deep crevice between his pecs, tasting the powerful, overwhelming musk of the golden dragon.


Usually it was Dragonien that was the one changing in front of Draco in an effort to tease him. But tonight, for whatever reason, Dragonien seemed to be in a more 'submissive' mood. So it came as no surprise when Draco could feel the beginnings of Dragonien's own horns forming underneath his hair even though for the most part it seemed like his friend was doing his best to suppress the impending change. An impressive feat considering Dragonien's enjoyment of their inhuman forms easily rivaled – and sometimes surpassed! – His own.


“Mmph... fuck,” Dragonien panted, words muffled by the now 7'6” dragon's still-growing pectorals. “So fuckin’ big...” he groaned out lustily. While Dragonien could feel Draco's erection rising up between his thighs, his own was blatantly grinding down along Draco's abs as Dragonien's hips rolled forward in almost desperate, thrusting motions. “You're getting fucking huge!”


It was true. With a deep, resonating groan from the colossus beneath Dragonien and the sound of more fabric rending apart, Draco's underwear finally gave up. The elastic in the waistband snapped apart, the fabric of his undergarments shredding around the girth of his massively muscled hips.​​ 


All at once, over a foot of ebon dragon-shaft burst from the ruined shorts and swatted Dragonien in the chest, eliciting a groan of pleasure from its owner. Draco suddenly sat up on the couch as he felt his wings grow out behind him in order to give them plenty of room to expand. Each new movement shifting the dragon’s massive new weight caused the couch to creak and groan loudly in protest. This was not the first couch he had purchased after moving into this apartment; nor were the carpet or drapes original. The leather couch was easier to clean than the last one, but it didn’t seem like it was going to survive this encounter either.


With one last burst of height, Draco's transformation finally slowed to a stop. In place of the average-looking, brown-haired human male was now a grand titan of golden draconic power! Were he standing, he would measure in just a tad under the eight-foot mark, his body rippling with dense, bulky muscle large​​ enough to make even the biggest bodybuilders seethe in envy. His biceps rivaled his massive draconic head in size; pectorals plump enough that you could lose pencils in the canyon-esque cleft between them; and thighs with enough girth that each one could rival a telephone pole in thickness. He was a veritable behemoth amongst men. A god amongst mortals. And right now...


He belonged to Dragonien.


The now rather small, at least comparatively, black-haired human slowly raised his head up from the shelf of pectoral muscle that was Draco's chest. His eyes were lit up with a wild, almost desperate lust. Draco could see from the budding horns on his head, slitted pupils in his eyes, and sharpened beginnings of claws on his fingers that Dragonien was barely keeping himself from changing as well. His arms were visibly shaking with how tightly his hands were gripping Draco's sides as the human struggled to control his own transformation. If Draco were still in his human form, the grip would probably be strong enough that Dragonien would be breaking the skin. But in this current form, he was simply so large and his muscle mass both so thick and so dense he barely felt it.


“Flex for me.” Dragonien panted softly. Even his teeth had begun to change. “I want you to show off those massive arms for me,” he growled out. It was somewhere between a demand and a plea. Of course, Draco was only too eager to comply, more than happy to show off the herculean strength of his massive 'true' form.


Draco's left arm slowly began to raise up the couch giving a disgruntled creak under his shifting weight. His meaty, golden fingers curled into a tight fist as his arm began to curl inwards. His forearm tightened into a steel girder of tightly knit tendon and sinew, and the thick mound of muscle for his bicep slowly began to stretch and flare outwards. If Dragonien looked close enough he could actually see the golden dragon's scales spreading apart as that massive mound of bulk and meat flared outwards, simply too girthy for his scales to be able to properly cover it.


Dragonien let out a low moan of lust as his hips rolled forward again, grinding the raging erection straining the front of his pants down against Draco's abs. A loud RIIP echoed through the room as Dragonien lost a bit more of his self-control, and the back of his pants practically exploded with the sudden growth of his tail. The thick, powerful length of prehensile meat immediately snapped to life​​ and busied itself by wrapping around the fully-engorged, massive twenty-inch spire of ebon flesh that was Draco's cock that jutted up from between his thighs.


That got a reaction.


Draco let out a thunderous snarling groan of lust as his massive hips ground upwards and thrust into the prehensile length of tail gripping at his shaft. When his hips descended again, a final resounding CRACK echoed through the room and the couch finally broke out from beneath them, the sudden fall eliciting yelps from both of them!​​ 


Just as anticipated, he was breaking things again. Though, with Draco's own growing lust, he was starting to struggle to make himself care at this point.


“You broke my couch,” growled the dragon, grinning wide as he reached up and grabbed the back of his friend’s head and tugged it within an inch of his muzzle, his huge arm flexing for Dragonien’s enjoyment. “You’re going to have to pay for that,” he rumbled, his voice making Dragonien shudder, the human’s frame throbbing as if something inside were screaming to get out. Suddenly, Dragonien’s mouth was full of long, prehensile dragon-tongue, Draco planting a deep, lustful kiss on his friend before shoving him off his changed body to the ground in front of the couch.


Dragonien’s body hitting the carpeted floor sent a shiver up his spine, which elongated on impact, stretching another three inches. He curled up onto his hands and knees, his growing claws tearing at the carpet as he fought for control, but every lungful of the dragon’s pheromones he inhaled pushed him closer and closer to the brink.


Draco grinned as he sat up on the ruined couch without any help from his arms, his eight-pack abdomen crunching and flexing with the effort. He hauled himself to his feet and growled as he slowly strolled around the shaking Dragonien, each footfall sending a tremor through the floor. “What was it you said earlier?” he teased, the tone of his voice mocking and playful. “Stop acting like you don’t want it?” He gripped his erect shaft, groaning with the lustful sensation it brought bubbling in his brain. “Fuck yes, I want it!” he snarled, flexing his enormous body as he stared down at the back of his friend’s head. “So quit holding back! If we’re gonna do this, then let’s do it!”


Draco’s urging was all the trembling human on the floor needed to hear. With a loud groan and cry of exultation, Dragonien suddenly lurched back and flung his arms out to his side as his body began to wildly explode in muscle, his chest and abdomen hulking outward forcefully, splitting his t-shirt down the middle and exposing the brilliant red, leathery skin quickly growing in all over his frame. A deep, reverberating growl formed in Dragonien’s throat as his arms throbbed, bulged, and then surged in mass, liquid steel being pumped into them and forcing them away from his sides.


The power surging through his limbs then made its way into his back, thick cables of brawn slithering under his skin, forming a veritable roadmap of muscular power and perfection that rivaled his chest. Dragonien’s leathery skin was now reddish in shade on more than three-fourths of his body, the changing human’s rump flexing and growing taut, two globular mounds of muscle growing pert around the thick tail that swung to and fro excitedly even as his legs kicked out forcefully behind him, their masses getting in on the act as well.


Dragonien grunted as he felt his once-spindly human legs engorging on raw power, filling out and exploding through his shorts, ridding him of the useless clothing as it fell to the ground beneath him. By now, most of Dragonien’s body matched Draco’s, pound for pound and the violent spasms of growth had begun to ebb. But then Dragonien began to laugh, his voice much deeper than before. “Oh, that’s so much better,” he growled, craning his neck to look at the golden dragon standing before him. His jaws suddenly jerked and cracked, the dragon’s eyes clenching shut against the pain as his skull shattered itself and reshaped into that of his more bestial form. He flexed as he slowly stood to his feet, reaching up to tear off the remnants of his shirt from around his bullish neck. It was clear to anyone in the room that despite the pain and shock of his body being twisted and contorted during the transformation, the red dragon reveled in the power inherent with his true form. Jutting proudly from his hips was an ebon shaft of his own, only an inch shorter than the gold’s, a pair of softball-sized orbs hanging between his legs.


“That’s more like it,” growled Draco, sizing up the red dragon before him as he had so many times before. Dragonien smirked, his arms crossed over his broad chest.


“Shut up and get over here,” he sneered, the pair of them gravitating to one another and colliding in the middle of the living room, thick muscular hands roving over one another’s body, groping muscle, gripping ass, fondling and caressing the other as they ground their hot, chiseled, needy bodies against one another.


Suddenly, Dragonien used his new strength to surprise the golden dragon and pinned him against a wall, grinding against him. Draco reciprocated in kind, both of his hands reaching down to grip the red dragon’s butt, kneading the muscle there as their sloppy make-out session continued unabated. Draco parted the kiss to elicit a groan, his head raising as his eyes rolled back some in his head. Dragonien took the opportunity and lunged for the gold’s broad right shoulder, clamping his jaws around it as their twin ebon lengths ground against one another, frotting and spewing thick ribbons of pre between them.


The temperature was rising quickly in the living room, the two were-dragons panting and moaning as they used one another’s thick musculature for purchase against the other, strong hands crushing and squeezing even-stronger muscle as they fought for dominance. Finally, Dragonien managed to spin Draco around and slam him against the wall once again, the gold’s thick shaft now smearing its essence against the wall.


“Gettin’ sloppy,” snarled Dragonien, his ebon length pushing insistently beneath the gold’s tail, Draco moaning at the forcefulness his friend was exerting over him.


“Maybe that’s what I wanted you to think,” retorted Draco, grinding back against Dragonien’s hips, his thick muscular tail raising and wrapping around the red dragon’s waist, drawing him closer. Dragonien growled deeply at that, his body suddenly shuddering and thickening a touch larger, his eight-foot frame gaining another few inches of height as allowed himself to thicken and broaden in other ways.


“Oh yeah?” he queried huskily, his larger fingers suddenly wrapping around Draco’s wrists and holding them up against the wall. Obediently, the gold dragon spread his legs, looking over his shoulder at the now taller, bigger red beast. “So this was in your plans all along?” he continued, shivering as four more inches swelled onto his frame. “Get me all excited, make me lose control, and then take it out on your sweet ass?”


“Maybe,” admitted the gold, his azure eyes clouded over as he pressed back against Dragonien even as his friend’s already arm-thick length grew even larger between them. The red dragon maneuvered Draco’s wrists together, his hands now large enough that one was sufficient to hold them above Draco’s head along the wall. His other hand now free, Dragonien reached down to grab at the​​ thick base of Draco’s tail and force it out of the way. The gold dragon shivered in anticipation as the pre-slicked tip of his friend’s ebon length descended along his spine and rump, spitting more glistening goo along the way, painting his gold scales in streaks as Dragonien lined his swollen, pulsating erection up with the cleft of Draco’s rump. Slowly he rolled his hips back and forth, grinding the underside of his shaft in between those thick slabs of gold colored ass meat, hot dogging his fellow Were-dragon.


“RrrRRRRrr…” The red snarled into Draco’s ear as he pressed in harder against the gold dragon, grinding him up against the wall with his constant thrusting and shoving forward. “Gonna make you roar for me, Goldie…” he rumbled teasingly in the gold’s ear, which caused Draco to shiver slightly, though a grin spread over his lips.


“You gonna talk all night, or you gonna fuck me…?” He growled challengingly. The red simply smirking in response. Dragonien slowly took a step backwards, pulling himself away from the gold he had previously pinned against the wall. A sudden, sharp FWAP of his palm swatting at Draco’s ass caused him to yelp in surprise and glare back at the red, though unable to wipe the lusty smirk off his face.


“C’mon Draco, let’s go see if we can do to your bed what we did to your couch…” Dragonien rumbled, giving a shove to the meatier gold dragon, guiding him away from the wall and down the hall.​​ 


“Fine… but you’re paying for it this time” he retorted, tail thumping heavily against the wall as he rounded the corner into his room. Dragonien simply snickered quietly under his breath as he slowly pushed the door closed behind them… giving the two some privacy for what was soon to come. What would soon be the cause of the destruction of half of Draco’s bedroom furniture, as well as the source of a half dozen noise complaints. And of course, the difficulty both of them would have walking for the following day. Not that either of them would care.​​ 


Were-dragons like it rough.​​ 


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