Realm First

They thought the gnome would be easy pickings. After all, what is one gnome to the might of the horde? When they see the effects of her quirky invention, though, they’re in for a big surprise.

A commissioned story for Meister Li of a bit of World of Warcraft Fanfiction where a group of hordies find themselves raiding a dungeon led by a gnome that’s got some interesting mechanics…

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|| Old content, Originally posted September 24th, 2013 ||

Realm First


The soft clinking of armor and rattling of weapons in their scabbards filled the otherwise empty hallway. For such a big house, there had only been a few rooms, and all of the rooms had been totally empty. Not a single person had been seen, and not a single sound had been heard. It put the whole party on edge.


“Maybe noone's home,” The priest muttered, idly rubbing at one of the tusks jutting from his jawline. It was an unconscious tick of his.


“Maybe they got scared and ran off,” The Blood Elf said cockily, beating his unsheathed sword against his shield.


“Maybe its bugged,” The Goblin muttered under her breath.


“Shh!” came the Orc rogue's sudden hiss for silence. “Listen.”


Further down the hall, they could hear something, just barely loud enough to echo through the walls... humming? Mixed with a faint, rhythmic clink of metal on metal as if someone hammering on something else.


They all pulled their weapons from their scabbards and straps, readying themselves for combat as they began to stalk down the hallway towards the source of the sound. It grew louder the further they went, until soon, they found themselves entering what looked like a large ballroom. Instead of polished floors, a crystal chandelier and decorations lining the railings, the room seemed to have been converted into some kind of massive laboratory. ​​ They saw metallic constructs hanging from the ceiling like satellite dishes, three massive tesla coils spread out in the three corners opposite the door, and dozens of thick black electrical cords lining the floor to connect everything together.​​ 


Against the far wall, half hidden inside an open panel of one of the Tesla coils was… a Gnome. A rather… small Gnome, even by gnomish standards. The group brandished their weapons, hesitantly stepping closer towards the center of the room. The broad hooves of the group’s shaman were the least built for stealth, and inevitably smacked against something. A small crescent wrench left carelessly laying in the middle of the floor went clattering across the room, catching the attention of the little Gnome.​​ 


She hopped her way out of the open panel, reaching up on her tiptoes to pull the top of it down, latching it in place. Patting the dust off her knees, the fiery orange haired Gnome turned to face the ‘intruders’. She was small, very much so, even by Gnome​​ standards. Gnomish women averaged at least three feet tall, whereas this little Gnome would be lucky to be two and a half if she wore high heels.​​ 


“Oh, you all are just in time!” She would exclaim cheerily, her girlish voice made to sound that much higher pitched thanks to her diminutive size. “I've just put the finishing touches on my latest and greatest invention! I call it The Great Equalizer!” She giggled softly.


​​ As she spoke, she slowly began walking towards the center of the room, standing beneath the massive crystal chandelier that hung above everyone. As she walked, her fingers gently brushed across a polished silver belt wrapped around her waist, small clicks heard as tiny buttons were pressed along it. In response, the humming began to rise, power beginning to flow through the crisscrossing tangle of cords covering the floor, and the three large tesla coils gaining a faint, but growing, glow to them.


“Everyone used to make fun of me for my height. Even among the other Gnomes I was tiny. They used to say if I had been born any smaller I probably would just get stepped on without anyone noticing!” She continued to monologue, leaving the intruders standing there with a confused look on their faces. “But now that my greatest invention is finally complete, soon the tables will be reversed! No more will I be the ‘littlest Gnome’! No more will people look down on me both academically and physically! By the end of the day today, it will be ME looking down on all of them! Finally, I will be-“​​ 


“Can we just skip the dialog and get right to phase one? I’ve got plans tonight,” the Orc interrupted, rapidly vanishing from sight as the rest of the party surrounded the diminutive Gnome.​​ 


The paladin quickly followed the Orc’s lead, initiating the fight with the little Gnome. He raised his arm and, with a strained yell, conjured a glowing golden hammer in his grasp, hurling at the Gnome. A clap of thunder boomed through the room, shaking the windows and rattling tools off of the nearby work bench. The Gnome, however, simply grinned at the paladin, as the impact seemed to stop just short of her, as if having hit some invisible barrier, leaving her untouched. The Blood Elf charged forward, letting loose a battle cry as he swung his curved sword straight down towards her, only for it to seemingly stop in midair about half an inch away from her head. What surprised the paladin more than anything was how it seemed like there wasn’t even some kind of invisible barrier. No magical shield or unseen force pushing his sword away. It was simply as if, just before his sword hit, it lost all momentum.​​ 


The Orc had no time to ponder what had happened with the paladin’s attack as he was already midway through his own. Wisps of smoke poured off of him, fading​​ back into view above and behind the Gnome, both daggers raised to use both the strength of his arms and momentum of his leap to stab directly into her from behind! Yet, just as the paladin’s blade seemed to stop just short of her, the rogue’s did the same. The points of the daggers stopped less than half an inch away from her hair, as if simply lacking the forward force to move any further. Both of them were thoroughly confused, as the only sign anything abnormal was at work was a faint crackle of energy coming from the Gnome’s belt, and the Tesla coils surrounding them.​​ 


“Physical immune!” the paladin called out, assuming that somehow the Gnome had made herself unable to be harmed by traditional weapon attacks. The mage and shaman quickly stepped up, one to either side of the Gnome, and unleashed their own assault, despite her continued gleeful, disconcerting grin.​​ 


The Goblin mage’s staff crackled with the sound of raw energy coursing through it as he fired a trio of magical bolts at the party’s target. The towering bull of a Tauren raised his massive mace in one hand, slamming it down to the ground in front of him and sending a glowing green shock-wave of earthen energy ripping through the floor and straight at the Gnome.​​ 


Yet once again, both attacks failed miserably


The energy from both seemed to hit a solid wall just short of the Gnome. However, this time, the magical energy visibly spiralled inwards, sucked into a momentarily illuminated aura surrounding the diminutive humanoid. This only seemed to make the Gnome giggle to herself as she watched the Horde party members struggle to comprehend what they were seeing, trying to figure out a way to counteract whatever immunity she seemed to have.​​ 


“Heehee… sorry big boys, look like your little toys aren’t quite enough for a lil' girl like me…” She teased with a playful giggle, a devious glint in her eye. The troll in the back of the room glanced back and forth across the scene, staying as far back as he could as usual, lest anything keep him from being able to heal the party. With the rest of them focusing on her, however, he was the only one that noticed the crackling energy that had built up around the tesla coils.​​ 


“Those weren’t doing that earlier...” he muttered aloud to himself. Inspiration suddenly hit him, and he banged his staff on the ground to get the other’s attention. “Guys! Go for the coils! They must be protecting her somehow and absorbing your attacks!”​​ 


The four quickly glanced at the three massive tree sized tesla coils, and then split off into different directions. The mage and shaman each went to one on either side of the room, while the paladin and rogue both ran for the one against the far wall. The little​​ Gnome, however, didn’t seem content this time to just let them have their way. Instead, she reached into her pocket, and pulled on a small, fingerless glove that had been kept inside.


“Now now, don’t go messing up my machine, that’s cheating.” She teased, as her devious grin widened. Her arm raised up, palm extended and pointing towards the Orc. A soft hum rapidly built up from the small device on her palm, growing quickly in intensity until the air around her and the Orc began to visibly vibrate. A gasp of surprise escaped his mouth as he was suddenly ripped backwards, clean off his feet, unable to stop himself as he flew straight towards the Gnome!


Just when it seemed the Orc was about to slam back first into the Gnome who was only half his size, he too hit that same invisible wall around her. Her palm pressing against his back, with barely half of an inch of empty space separating them. A strange, crackling blue lightning began to arc across the Orc’s body, causing him to yell in surprise and try to pull himself free. Unfortunately for him, he had nothing to gain a foothold on, and was simply free-floating in the air, as if weightless. The others looked on, shocked into place as they watched what was happening to the Orc.​​ 


He was shrinking.


It was slow at first, almost unnoticeable. But with each passing second, the rather large, burly, green skinned humanoid began to dwindle and diminish in size. Body, clothes and all, seeming to suck inwards from all directions as the crackling blue aura of ‘lightning’ seemed to be compressing inwards on him. What was perhaps even more intimidating was the fact that his size wasn’t just vanishing. No, what made the rest of the party so worried was that, for every inch the rogue lost…


The Gnome grew.


A joyous giggle emanated from her as she rapidly began to rise in height, swelling past three feet, then four, with no signs of stopping. Each foot stolen from the rogue made him flail more frantically, his weightlessness rendering him unable to escape. By the time the crackling energy dissipated, the Orc felt himself tumbling down what had to be a hundred feet to the ground! Thankfully, Safe Fall let him land without injury… but it was the dark shadow surrounding where he stood that was the thing that he had to worry about; or rather, what was making it. Slowly the Orc turned his head around and raisee it upwards, eyes slowly going wide and jaw going slack in panic and horror…


A boot.


A massive, brown leather boot easily the size of a large boat was hovering above him, hanging in midair as if defying gravity. Unable to take his eyes off the massive piece of footwear, the Orc found himself rooted in place. He was simply too scared to think straight, his brain struggling to process what he was seeing.


Unfortunately for the rogue, he was unable to get himself to snap out of it in time, as that massive ceiling of brown leather started to descend from above. He let out a terrified scream as he turned to run, that to anyone else in the room was barely a high pitched squeak. But it was far too little, too late, as that massive shoe landed atop him with the force of a landslide. All that could be heard was a faint poof and barely audible death groan as the Orc was crushed beneath the now 8 foot tall Gnome’s foot. Of course, moments later he found himself standing outside next to the floating, ethereal spirit healer, but that didn’t negate the terror of seeing a building sized boot descending upon him.​​ 


“Heehee... Looks like his Vanish wasn’t on cooldown after all…” the Gnome giggled playfully. Her foot twisted back and forth atop where the Orc had been crushed, as if emphasizing the fact that she had just crushed him underfoot.​​ 


With her sudden, drastic increase in size, the once miniature Gnome now towered over the rest of the party. Even the burly, nearly 8 foot tall Tauren shaman in the group was a few inches shorter than the now massive Gnome.​​ 


“Stop staring and attack!” the Goblin yelled to the others as he began casting another spell, blasting at the nearby pylon with a flurry of arcane bolts. Each one smacked against the metallic housing and sent crackles of the same blue lightning that had shrunken the Orc flying off of its surface. The paladin’s sword slammed against the side of his own target, leaving deep dent and cut marks in the metal frame of the machine, and the Tauren’s mace had a similar effect on his own. Unfortunately for the three of them, each time they attacked one of the pylons, those little arcs of blue energy followed the path of their weapons or the energy of their magic, and surged through them.


It was slow at first, but quickly they began to catch on with what was happening, much to the Gnome’s amusement. With each attack they made against the pylons, a bit of their size was stolen away, and given to her. The pylons were what was powering the machine above them, as well as whatever the Orc had been shrunken by, and that same mass-transferring energy was leaking out of them with each attack done.


“With that stacking debuff giving them the short end of the stick…” The Gnome murmured, pausing to giggle at her own bad joke, she turned her attention to the priest standing on the far side of the room. “They shouldn’t be needing their healer…”


Just as with the Orc, she raised her (now far larger) arm towards the troll, and that powerful suction began to pull him forwards. Digging both his staff and his feet into the ground had almost no effect on slowing his approach, as the troll found himself flying through the air, to smack against the Gnome’s waiting palm. The crackling blue energy rapidly engulfed him from head to toe, and even more quickly than with the Orc he found himself rapidly dwindling in size. And as he did, the already towering Gnome began to rapidly expand in size. Nine feet ballooned up past ten… then 12… stopping when she was nearly 16 feet tall!


The troll only realized what was falling from the sky a split second before the massive wall of fabric covered flesh slammed down atop him. Much like the Orc, he suddenly found himself standing next to the spirit healer outside of the mansion. The Orc glanced over in his direction, sitting with his arms crossed and obviously not looking very pleased with the situation.


“Well, how did she get you?” he murmured to the troll.


For a moment, the priest simply stared, then shook his head. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he replied. Back inside, the Gnome was giggling loudly, clearly amused with herself as her massive buttocks ground down where the troll had been just a moment ago.​​ 



“Heehee… poor little guy. Didn’t even feel him down there” She teased. By now the others had become a bit worried, and were trying to focus on one pylon in hopes that destroying them would weaken her. Already each of them had lost about a fifth of their size, and were still diminishing with each burst of magic or impact of steel on steel. But their persistence paid off, and with a final burst of arcane magic from the Goblin, the first pylon exploded in a shower of sparks! Thick gouts of black smoke swirled up from the damaged shell of electronics, small sparks shooting out of the sides of it. Unfortunately, their victory was short lived.


The energy stored within the pylon crackled through the air, shooting back and forth along the wires on the ground like bolts of lightning, one searing clean through the Goblin’s staff and melting it as if it were nothing more than butter. The other two pylons hummed louder, machinery inside redoubling their efforts and absorbing the rampant energy, leaving both of them charged with the energy of the first pylon as well as their own.​​ 


“Naughty naughty. Breaking my little toys isn’t very nice” the Gnome murmured, grinning ominously as, to the remaining party’s horror, she raised her hand up towards them. This time the attraction field grabbed the Goblin, sending the little green​​ mage flying backwards, until he was simply engulfed in her massive hand as it closed around him in a fist. “Barely anything here for me to take, little Goblin, but every little bit adds up… let’s see what you think of gnomish engineering now, hmm?” she teased, licking softly over her plump, pink lips as the blue aura surrounded the Goblin. Within seconds he had vanished between her thick fingers, only to have them spread and expose him as he dwindled yet smaller still. Held between two of her plump fingers, he shrank past the foot tall mark, down to only a couple of inches tall before it stopped. He was barely a little green dot between the now almost 20 foot Gnome’s index finger and thumb. Her voice thundered around him, some threat that, while seeming to terrify the paladin and shaman, was far too loud for his tiny ears to be able to comprehend.​​ 


Slowly her massive arm swung backwards, curling around her to press her pinky against the back of her overalls. The thick straps of brown fabric were pulled backwards as her fingers wormed inside, and simply dropped the barely visible Goblin down into the dark depths of her underwear… trapped in the massive canyon of her butt crack.


“Hee… we can call that long term Crowd Control?...” she giggled playfully as she turned her attention to the last two members of the group.​​ 


The paladin and shaman redoubled their efforts, slamming their weapons against the dented, sparking piece of machinery. They could feel the ground vibrating and shaking slightly as the Gnome began to push herself to her feet. Even the small impacts of her palms, knees or feet on the floor were enough to create noticeable vibrations for the Tauren and Blood Elf. And those vibrations, signaling to them that she was getting up and most likely coming after them, only further increased their desperation.​​ 


“Fe fi fo fun, hurry up guys, or turn and run” She taunted playfully. Despite the high pitched, cheery tone of her voice, both the more sadistic undertone hidden within it, and the sheer deep bass of it made it far more intimidating than it otherwise would have been, the sounds, and the words themselves, sending shivers up and down the remaining party’s spine. But as the desire to flee in hopes of escaping to fight another day began to take root, a glimmer of hope showed itself! As the paladin swung his sword against the side of the pylon, a thick shower of sparks exploded from the side, and a dull THOOM resonated through the room. He had hit something vital! A small victory, for sure seeing as there was still another pylon, and a rapidly approaching 20 foot Gnome, but enough to bolster their spirits.


For a few moments at least.


But as if fate itself was destined to rob them of their small victories, that shower of sparks was rapidly replaced by a glow of that now all too familiar crackling blue energy. Rapidly streaks of the glowing arcs of cerulean lightning spread along the length of the paladin’s sword and followed it up to the rest of him. The shaman took a step backwards as he watched the glowing aura engulf his ally, gleaming a nearly blinding intensity that forced him to look away. Something was different this time.


In the span of a few seconds, the paladin was already a quarter his previous size, and still rapidly shrinking. Far faster than either of the other victims had been effected, the paladin shot down to two feet in height, then a single foot… 6 inches… 2… 1… but it didn’t stop there. Whereas before the other three had all stopped at roughly an inch tall, the paladin kept right on going. Even the massive Gnome towering above the two of them watched with a look of mild curiosity and surprise. The little dot that had once been an intimidating, well-muscled 6 foot paladin warrior, soon simply vanished from sight.​​ 


The poor paladin didn’t re-spawn at the spirit healer. He hadn’t even died. He was simply… trapped. Lost in a world so incomprehensibly big, that he couldn’t even determine where he was anymore. The normally unperceivable spaces between the floor tiles were now enormous canyons around him that seemed to stretch upwards for miles. He was too small to be heard, seen, or noticed at all… shrunken right out of the normal world, and into the near microscopic one. And worse still… he was still getting smaller.​​ 

With his size rapidly dwindling at an inconceivable rate, the paladin was far beyond the notice of anyone normal sized at this point. And with his disappearance, the only people left were the Tauren shaman, and the towering mini-giantess Gnome.​​ 


“What do you say little guy?... give up, and maybe we can have some fun before I take those precious inches and feet of height from you,” the giantess teased, giggling deeply under her breath.


“I think not,” he growled out, trying to put on a brave face in front of the towering aggressor. He abruptly raised his mace, then slammed it down into the ground with an explosion of crackling nature magic. From the earth two translucent wolf spirits burst forth from the earth, snarling and growling as their heads swept back and forth looking for a target. With a quick gesture from the shaman, the two feral spirits leapt forward, smashing headfirst into the final pylon and began tearing into it with mystical tooth and claw.​​ 


The Gnome simply sighed, shaking her head with a soft smirk on her face. She had given him a chance, and though she had not expected him to surrender, it still​​ amused her that he thought he had a chance. After all, she was already more than 3 times his size, and he had no idea what was in store for him.​​ 


“Take THAT!” The Tauren yelled, snapping her out of her momentary internal monologue, as a thunderous boom resonated through the room. ​​ The final pylon had been snapped clean in half from a powerful impact of the Tauren’s mace, charged with elemental energy. But as he raised his head with a triumphant grin at his towering opponent, his grin quickly faded when he saw the look of glee on her face. Her expression told him all he needed to know, even before the situation began to fall apart around him. He had played right into her hands. They all had.


“Yes… YES!” She yelled gleefully, as the mass of raw, surging energy exploding from the final, damaged pylon coursed through the circuits in the floor. Some of the thick tables melted, while others visibly writhed across the floor as energy raced through them. All of it was quickly compiling in the massive machine hanging above the ballroom where the chandelier had once been, leaving the various exposed circuits hanging out of the sides of it glowing with that eerie blue light. All of that energy that had been gathered from their attacks, all of their sword swings and mace hits and magic spells, was now coalescing, all in one place, directly above her.​​ 


The Tauren watched in horror as she took a single massive step backwards, ending up right below the hanging apparatus in the ceiling. She had wanted them to attack with all they had, feeding more and more energy into that machine. Now that they had… she was ready to take all of it. And take all of it she did, as she reached down and pressed the large center button on her belt. The dull hum built up in the room again, rapidly growing in intensity until the Tauren had to cover his ears. The windows along the far wall began to rattle violently in their settings. The glowing blue energy crackled and hissed loudly as it poured through the machines internal circuits, starting to build up in the large satellite dish that pointed down at her. Just as it began to feel as if that vibration alone would rattle him apart, it ceased… and abruptly a massive explosion sent him flying backwards, as every last jolt of energy that the machines had collected, slammed into the Gnome all at once.​​ 


Sparks showered through the room, smoke poured from the broken pylons, and the cables lining the floor popped and crackled as they overloaded and melted. The machine above the Gnome creaked and groaned as the overload of energy snapped vital parts of it apart inside, and it began to fall from the ceiling. But all of that was secondary to the most prominent event going on in the room. All of that blue energy had slammed down into the Gnome, who was covered with a visible glowing blue aura. Each second the aura stretched out wider and longer, and as it did it seemed to pull her with it. She was growing, and quickly.​​ 


Within seconds she had passed the 25 foot mark, and only moments after that, her head was smacking against the device hanging from the 30 foot ceiling. Bigger and bigger the already massive Gnome was growing, as her head began to tear through the ceiling as if it were nothing more than cardboard. Bits and pieces of debris rained down in the room around the Tauren as her head, then shoulders, then torso tore through the ever expanding hole in the roof and ripped the ceiling apart in the process. As it had been before her clothes were still growing with her and helping to knock the debris harmlessly off of her, but even then they began to strain and rip around her expanding form. They grew in proportion with her, but the Gnome’s proportions were not following the same direction!​​ 


She let out a soft gasp of joy, almost lustful in tone, as she felt her clothes pulling tight across her expanding form. She felt her hips starting to plump and thicken, gaining new-found mass and curvature. Her ass ballooned outwards (Further engulfing its poor captive in its already mountainous expanse) and began to mushroom out of the edges of her overalls. Her undershirt began to rip and tear, as her chest gained the biggest boost of all, ballooning cup size after cup size until the shirt was shredded apart beneath the leather of her overalls. Thick, malleable mounds of flesh squished almost uncomfortably tight against the straps of her overalls, barely more than ‘belts’ that held them back and hid her nipples from view. Small tears formed along the sides of her overalls, as the sheer girth of her newly massive thighs overpowered the seams and split them apart, while the pressure her bosom exerted on the straps frayed them and caused small rips and tears to form. Thankfully they were able to hold on, if barely.​​ 


Thicker, broader, more voluptuous and proportionally taller the Gnome grew as she ascended upwards. The ceiling of the ballroom was smashed effortlessly out of the way as one of her enormous arms wept through it, sending a spray of brick, wood and glass flying out into the landscaping outside. Her feet smashed through the floor of the ballroom and into the cellar below, but her growth had become so fast that the drop barely even registered to her. Soon, those massive boot clad feet filled the entire cellar and then some, stretching through part of the underground wall and into the earth past it. The blue glow had begun to fade, and her growth was slowing to a stop. So far down below, amidst the rubble of building debris and electronics, sat the little Tauren shaman, staring up at the enormous, now 100 foot monster of a Gnome that had once not even been as tall as his knee.​​ 


A booming giggle rumbled through the air like a crackle of thunder as the Gnome lowered her gaze down towards him. Her thick ghetto booty jostled, and her massive chest jiggled as she started to bend downwards (further straining the struggling back of her overalls) towards the bull man. Massive, pudgy pink fingers wrapped around the Tauren, simply too terrified to react, as she grasped him between her thumb and index finger, raising him up dozens of feet into the air to be dangled in front of her massive, grinning face. Her eyes were like gigantic mirrors to him now, her fingers each thicker than tree trunks and far too strong for even his powerful frame to break free from. But most intimidating at all, had to be those full, plump pink fleshed lips of hers, slickened with saliva as the massive muscle of her tongue licked almost ‘hungrily’ over them… lips attached to a mouth big enough that they could probably swallow him whole.​​ 


“Heehee… look here… the big guy of the group is the only one left…” She teased. Each word the gigantic Gnome thundered through the air and seemed to rattle through the Tauren’s bones. If he could have, he would’ve covered his ears to protect them from the booming volume of her voice, but with his arms trapped at his side he was unable too. “Though you don’t look so big to me now, do you little guy?” She giggled playfully. Clearly she was enjoying the sight of a Tauren, the biggest of the Horde, barely the size of a toy to her now. Even amongst the Gnomes she had been one of the smallest. And now she was bigger than anyone.​​ 


“Now then... why don’t we put you somewhere safe, hm?” She cooed, slowly starting to raise her fingers closer to her face. Immediately the trapped shaman began struggling and squirming in her grasp, but even his powerful frame couldn’t do much as budge those massive fingers. A momentary relief washed over him when her fingers started going lower, freeing him from the terror of being eaten… though arguably what came next was even worse. Those thick fingers instead moving downwards, pushing him deep in between two heavy, malleable walls of pink flesh… as the massive Gnome stuffed her little captive deep into the middle of her cleavage. The walls of jostling, jiggling flesh squished around him from all sides, soft enough that they didn’t cause any real damage to him, but still so massive and tightly pressed together that he had no way to crawl his way free. Any time he tried to push against one wall or the other, it would simply squish inwards, and elicit a giggle from the giantess who held him captive.​​ 


“Hee hee! Don’t squirm down there too much! I’m a bit ticklish!” She giggled as she gave her chest a light pat. And now that the last of the party who had made her dream come true had been dealt with, she only had one thing left to do.​​ 


A devious grin spread across her lips, as she raised one of her newly enlarged feet from the wreckage of the mansion, the massive leather boot slamming down to the ground with the force of a catapult strike. A deep, boot shaped crater immediately sunk down into the ground as her weight alone displaced literal tons of rock and earth just from the pressure of her footstep. Then came the second footstep, then the third. The countryside soon was filled with rumbling, earth shaking footsteps followed by gleeful, booming giggles. ​​ She was the biggest now. Biggest living thing in all of Azeroth. And​​ now, as she headed off in the distance towards Orgrimmar, she happily murmured under her breath.


“Time for my own raid.”​​ 


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