Hooking Up

Imagine if you experience a new world, even alter your memories to make you think you’d always been there.

A short one off story about a guy and girl and how recreational Vr might be used, briefly exploring an interesting twist I’ve rarely seen used with virtual reality: Altering memories.

|| Old content, Originally posted March 5th, 2014 ||

Hooking Up


           ​​ It had been such a long day for her. Someone lost paperwork for a major account at work. Traffic caused chaos on the roads and left her late for her personal trainer appointment. Finally ending with it pouring down rain just when she was getting ready to head out for her afternoon jog. Stressful days like these are the days when she, like most people, were in the greatest need of ways to unwind and alleviate the stress built up throughout the day. Normally, for her, that was her afternoon jog, but with the rain making it hard to even see across the street that no longer seemed like a viable option. Luckily, she had other ways to unwind.

            A soft grin spread over her lips, tail swishing softly behind her in anticipation. Slowly her arm reached out, finger gently hooking upwards… and slowly flicking the switch on.​​ 



            Light abruptly blared down across the landscape, blinding Chris momentarily from the sudden transition of darkness to light.  His arm reflexively raised up to shield his eyes from the blinding flood of illumination until they could adjust. He had little time to do so however, before he felt the first tremor vibrate through the ground. Watching as cars jostled in the street, windows rattled in their frames, and faint impacts resonated off in the distance with dull, rhythmic ‘thooms’.​​ 

            Oh god. It was her.​​ 

            His head raised with wide eyes as he stared up at the top of the large department store he stood across the street from. The same direction those impacts had been coming from. It was like the big monster reveal scene from some old B movie. A massive, fur covered hand swept over the top of the building, palm slamming down on the edge of it, and fingers curling around the front to grip at it. Those thick, powerful claw tipped fingers dug in and cracked concrete and brick as if it were nothing more than dried mud. Just the casual act of the gray fur covered fingers gripping at the building, was enough to cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars of damage. That huge paw, easily big enough carry an SUV around like a​​ hot wheels toy was attached to an equally massive arm covered in the same gray fur. The arm followed up to a well-muscled, if lean curvature of a bicep, up to the attached shoulder, as a massive, grinning wolf head slowly rose up above the roofline of the building.


            Her face was admittedly beautiful. A soft, thin width to her muzzle with a small (proportionally) moist, black nose sitting at the end of it. Her cheek and face fur was trimmed short enough to give it a thin, well-kept look rather than a thicker, scruffy and feral look too it instead. Her eyes seemed to draw your gaze in as if hypnotizing you with the brilliant almost glowing green emeralds that were her eyes. If that muzzle wasn’t as big as a billboard, and covered with a rather sadistic, eager looking grin it would be the kind of face that would make guys squirm in their seats and want to buy her a drink. But with it at such an immense scale, and with it showing off fangs bigger than his legs, the only desire that seemed to spring to Chris’s mind was wanting her to not eat him.​​ 


            She didn’t seem to have noticed him, at least not yet. But that massive face was slowly swinging back and forth, scanning across the otherwise barren and abandoned streets, searching for her prey. The broad, faintly moisture glistening nub of her nose twitched and flared as she sniffed at the air, trying to catch the scent of her target. Chris didn’t want to give her time to catch on his scent before he sprang into action. Quickly he ducked around the corner and out of sight, diving his way into an alleyway the fox hoped was too narrow for her to get or see into. He had to get away. He knew that she was looking for him, and with her this close it was only a matter of time before she caught his scent. He had no idea that she had seen a glint of red furred tail pulling into an alleyway out of the corner of her eye…


            He had no time to think about why he was the only person other than her in the otherwise abandoned city. He only knew that he had to get away. The suburbs would be a good place to hide. She’d obviously expect him to try to stay inside the city, where the larger buildings would hamper her movement, and give him opportunities to escape, but he reasoned she’d never expect him to hide in the far more open and easily accessible outskirts of town. Even as he put more and more city blocks of distance between himself and the giantess, he could still feel the​​ wolfess’ massive paws slamming down onto the street and shaking the ground in the surrounding area. The very earth itself shuddered at her every step, and he shuddered right along with it.​​ 

            Soon the towering industrial and executive buildings were giving away to smaller office suites, strip malls, and houses. Whereas before the buildings towered at least a dozen stories above Chris, now the tallest barely went above three. He could still hear her rumbling footsteps even this far off in the distance, though the shaking had lessened to barely noticeable levels. But even from so far away her presence was so easily noticeable.​​ 

            A sigh of relief escaped his muzzle as he leaned against the side of a house to catch his breath. He had been running off and on as much as his legs would allow for almost 10 minutes. He felt some sense of safety and comfort in the more familiar surroundings of a rural cul-de-sac than he did in the maze of metropolitan buildings. More so still knowing that he was hidden from the giantess chasing him. Or at least he had thought so, until a dark shadow slowly stretched across the house he was leaning against.​​ 

            “I CAN SMELL YOU…” Her voice rumbled deeply through the air. While still definitely feminine, the sheer size of her vocal cords made it boom with a deep bass that shook windows nearby.​​ 

            With a fresh terror gripping him, Chris made a mad dash towards the back of the house. He nearly fell down twice as he slipped on the grass, before finally planting his back flush against the corner of the backside of the house. He didn’t know if she had seen him, and he was too terrified to peek around the corner too look. If his heart beat any faster in his chest it felt like it might simply burst out of his chest! How had she snuck up on him like that? How could something so big move so quietly and quickly?! The single brief glance he had gotten before hiding had seen her down on all fours, prowling down the street. She must have been taking painstaking care to slow her footsteps enough that they didn’t slam down to the ground, like walking on thin ice.​​ 

            He didn’t have much time to mull it over any longer, before he felt the house behind him shake violently. A loud CRASH of shingles cracking, and brick breaking as the chimney was demolished. Slowly his head raised to look above him, where the sound of creaking and splintering wood was coming from. A hand. A massive, gray furred hand gripped at the top of the two story house. Her palm had effortlessly demolished the chimney as if it had been made of nothing more​​ than dried mud, and the sheer pressure of her casual grip was enough that her fingers were splintering and tearing apart the back of the house.​​ 

            He could feel the ground vibrating as the giantess shifted, the light coming from between the houses darkened as something got in its way. He had to grab at his muzzle to hold in a yelp of fear, as a massive nose and muzzle poked between the two houses. The space between them was too narrow for her whole head, so only the front end of her muzzle made it through and thankfully she wasn’t able to see him like that. However, her massive nose flared again, sucking in deep gouts of air and obviously working to sniff him out. Worse still, was the grin that slowly spread across those furred lips, telling him she could most definitely smell him…

            Desperation overtook him, and suddenly he leapt forward from his hiding spot! Black leather boot clad feet thumping against the soft grass beneath him as he dashed frantically towards the end of the backyard in hopes of reaching the next street over. Of course, the moment he had taken off she had seen him. Her head slowly raised up from where her chin lay on the ground, grin still ever present, as her free hand began to reach out towards him. All it took was a single glance behind him to cause the crimson furred Fox to yelp in surprise and trip, tumbling head over heels next to the large oak tree in the yard.​​ 

            Her massive hand reached across the yard, wrist bumping against the thick wooden trunk of the tree. As massive fingers each nearly as thick around as his body gripped at one of his legs, Chris could hear the low groan of the tree’s trunk, as cracks spread across it from the force of her wrist pressing against it. Without even meaning too she was shoving the tree at an angle to the side, threatening to tear it from the ground! And with that much power in that single hand, there was no way he was going to get away now that she had ahold of one of his legs. Not that he was going down without a fight.

            Desperately he gripped and clawed at the ground. His free leg planting against the ground with the toes of his boot and shoving forward, while his hands clawed at the dirt, tearing small gouges of grass from the ground as he tried to crawl and claw his way to freedom. Yet no matter how much he tried to pull himself free, those powerful gray furred fingers held like a steel vice grip around his leg. It was worse when they started pulling backwards, dragging him with them and further proving his efforts to escape futile. Worse still, was the sound he heard coming from behind him, the sound the giantess was making. A loud, playful, and almost taunting giggle. Here he was, desperately struggling for his life, and she​​ was laughing! Clearly enjoying not just his capture, but the act of him so futilely trying to escape.​​ 

            She obviously was toying with him with how slowly she dragged him across the yard. During that time with his desperate struggles he dared a glance back at the giantess who now had him captive, gulping loudly at the sight of her devious grin. Though despite the sight of her enormous muzzle, sword like teeth, and foreboding expression… he couldn’t help but feel a momentary flush of arousal. It shamed and confused him more than anything else that he could feel any kind of arousal in such a situation, when his life was clearly in danger, but the view wasn’t exactly hard on the eyes once past the intimidating size.

            As he had noticed before, were it not for her monstrous size, she was quite beautiful. Curvatious, with cute well rounded facial features and attractive green eyes. Not to mention the fact that, with her practically laying on her front, her rather ample bosom was squished down against the street, bunching up in the front of her massive sports bra and giving quite the view of her cleavage. Cleavage big and deep enough that something as comparatively small as him could easily be stuffed into and hidden from sight. His thoughts of that massive bosom didn’t last more than few seconds before she finally lifted him clear up off the ground, dangling uncomfortably by a single leg, upside down, in front of her billboard sized muzzle.​​ 

            His struggles quickly ceased once he was above the ground, when he felt the strain on his leg growing increasingly uncomfortable and felt the blood rushing to his head. He tried to smile nervously, doing his best to keep his voice from cracking in nervousness as he spoke.

            “H-h-hi there…” he would mutter, staring into those massive green eyes staring back at him. The look of amusement on the massive wolfess’ face seemed to only further his own fear. Here he was, while maybe a bit on the short side at 5’8”, still a full grown man, being manhandled like a toy.​​ 

            “Why hello, Cutie…” the giantess cooed softly. Her voice came out in a soft, almost purring tone laced with playful coyness. The sheer volume of her voice though, thanks to her size, also add a powerful, intimidating rumble to her words.​​ 

            Before he had a chance to try saying anything else, he was abruptly jerked forward as the fingers holding him moved closer. He felt his torso bump against something large, damp and slightly chilled, and it took him a few moments to recognize his surroundings. It was her nose. Immediately his body tensed up as he​​ realized he was being held right in front of the massive wolfess’ muzzle, the same one that could easily swallow him whole. Her nostrils flared as she sucked in a deep breath, hard enough that it actually pulled him closer to her muzzle. A soft almost wistful sigh escaped her lips in response to his scent. She seemed to like what she smelled. Whether that was from simple enjoyment of his scent, or from more devious thoughts of what she was going to do to her captive, there was no way to tell.​​ 

            Slowly her mouth began to open, lips spreading to expose the long, ivory sword-like fangs lining her gum line. Thick droplets of saliva dripped down from the top ones into the bottom of her mouth, as the pink carpet of oral muscle for her tongue slowly slid from her lips. Terror gripped at the fox’s heart as he began flailing and writhing once more when she began to raise him up above her muzzle. Higher and higher into the air he went, as she began to sit herself back up onto her knees, leaving the poor, captive fox dangling some 50 feet up off the ground, directly above her open muzzle.​​ 

            “Nonono Don’t eat me!” He yelled, sheer terror in his voice as he tried ineffectively to kick with his free leg at the huge furry fingers that held his other leg. He was simply too scared to think about the consequences of squirming free now, how it would bring him to the same fate as her just dropping him. All he could think about was trying to get away from his captor.​​ 

            Her fingers relaxed slightly and Chris’s leg slid down a bit, until it was just the hook of his foot caught between her fingers still keeping him aloft. His flailing only intensified, much to her amusement, as her jaw opened wide to better expose the dark hole of her throat down below. Just as she was about to fully part her fingers, and finally let him fall down into her hungry, waiting maw something caught both of their attention. A booming musical chiming sound reverberated through the air like thunder, loud enough that it would have drowned out even the giantess’ rumbling voice. As if in response, Chris’s flailing suddenly stopped, as a look of realization washed over his face. His expression of fear and terror melting away almost instantly as he glanced down at the giantess still holding him above her head.

            “Ooh, Pizza’s here!” rumbled the wolfess…


            “That was so mean!” Chris growled out in annoyance, despite being unable to keep the grin off of his face as he pulled the blue metallic helmet off of his head.​​ 


            “You loved it, don’t lie” came Samantha’s reply as she removed her own helmet. Soft, gray furred fingers pressed down onto his belly, then slid further downwards until they quickly slipped into the waistband of Chris’s underwear, shamelessly groping momentarily at the raging erection hidden within. “ See, can’t hide it from me… it got you all squirmy, didn’t it?” she cooed coyly, as the gray furred wolfess rolled onto her side, grinning down at the fox laid out beside her on the bed.​​ 

            Chris’s protest was quickly silenced with a barely muffled groan of pleasure when she started groping him, chewing on his lower lip to deny her the satisfaction of hearing him audibly moan. Thankfully he was able to huff out a reminder as to why they had to stop in the first place, accentuated by a second ringing of the doorbell. That seemed to be enough, for with a reluctant sigh she retracted her hand and began to push her similarly half naked form up out of their bed. Of course Chris lingered momentarily, staring at that pert, heart shaped rump of hers and how it tautly stretched out the tight blue panties that she wore.​​ 

            “Stop staring and come on. If I have to get dressed, so do you.” She huffed playfully at him, then quickly turned and barked loudly towards the hallway and front door “YEA YEA WE’RE COMING HOLD ON!” in response to a third ring of the doorbell from the pizza man. It was a Friday night, and both of them had the whole weekend off, so there was no way she was going to get fully dressed for anything short of a full scale evacuation. To keep Chris from getting jealous (And for decency’s sake when talking to strangers only as an afterthought) She at least slipped a snug black sports bra over her ample D cups, and tugged on a pair of loose fitting black flannel pajama bottoms. Chris didn’t even bother with a shirt, simply tugging on a pair of snug blue gym shorts and leaving his leanly muscled upper body exposed.​​ 

            The front door creaked open to reveal the two lazily dressed furs, leaving them staring at the young equine standing at the door and him staring up at Samantha then glancing over at Chris as an afterthought. Chris was used to it by now though, so he didn’t let it phase him. Instead he simply handed a $20 to the horse, muttered to keep the change, and took the pizza inside. All the while of course, Samantha was simply standing there, holding the door open and grinning​​ softly. She knew it bugged him a bit, and she loved teasing him about it. It’s not easy having a girlfriend who’s over a foot taller than you.​​ 

            “Say it.” Samantha coyly murmured, a playful grin on her muzzle

            “No.” Chris replied flatly.

            “Say it”


            “Say it~!”

            “FINE!” He finally caved, like he always did. “Stop looming over me when people are around!” He growled out. Again, despite his angry tone, he couldn’t keep a grin off of his face, even as he tried to emphasize his pouting with arms crossed over his chest. Sure, it had legitimately bugged him at first, but he had quickly gotten over it. Hell, even if he hadn’t, Sam was one of those girls you couldn’t stay mad at. After all, she had tried to eat him not 10 minutes ago and he had already let it slip his mind.  “You know it’s still not fair that you modified my memories for that” He muttered quietly, setting the pizza down on the coffee table and sitting himself on the couch.

            “You didn’t seem to be complain too much when we unhooked” Samantha cooed in playful retort, letting herself flop much more heavily next to Chris. One of her arms reflexively wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him in close and letting his head rest against her shoulder and the side of one of her breasts. Her other arm reached out to push the pizza box open and snatch a piece from inside. “Besides. I know you love surprises… you should’ve seen the look on your face when you saw me dragging you across the yard! You were so adorable, trying to get away from me” She giggled softly, giving him an affectionate squeeze with her arm.​​ 

            “I was under the influence of mind-manipulating technology. Totally doesn’t count. Next time I’m gonna be the big one” Chris retorted. He started to reach out for his own slice of pizza, but was stopped by Samantha’s elbow. A playful grin spread on the wolfess’ muzzle as she raised her slice up in front of his face.  With a sign, Chris took her ‘peace offering’ and snatched a quick bite up out of it, eyes closing and head turning to the side a bit. His ears pinned flat down against his head and his tail draped across his lap out of reflex. All of which being​​ reflexive gestures to try to hide the blush growing on his face… and something else down below. “S-stop that. I can feed myself” he protested half-heartedly.​​ 

            “Course you can… doesn’t mean I can’t help” Sam giggled quietly. Playfully she nudged the tip of the pizza slice against his lips again, dabbing a small droplet of grease along his upper lip.  “Oh nooo” She murmured in a blatantly insincere tone of worry. The slice of pizza was set back down on top of the box, and before Chris had a chance to wipe his lips off they were wiped off for him. With her lips.​​ 

            Her lips gently pressed against his own, the saliva slickened rolls of flesh squishing along the front of his muzzle. A gentle suction was felt as she gently tugged on his upper lip, suckling on it for a few moments under the guise of ensuring she cleaned up the mess she had obviously and intentionally made on him. The gesture had the effect on him she had anticipated as she felt his hips squirming slightly back and forth, and saw his tail wrap tighter around his middle to hide what was going on down below. Sometimes he could be so cute when he was trying to be a prude.​​ 

            “S-stop it…” Chris muttered, halfheartedly trying to push her away from him. Of course he made no progress doing so, and if anything his weak willed attempt to resist her only made her redouble her efforts.​​ 

            “You know sweetie… We could always go back and Hook up again…” Samantha cooed quietly, grinning wolfishly at Chris. She could feel his body tense slightly at the double meaning of what she said. Hook up was a common slang for utilizing the full dive Virtual Reality helmets, and one that she maliciously used against him for its alternative, sexual meaning. “Cold pizza’s just as good as warm pizza…”

            Abruptly Samantha pulled away from Chris, quickly pushing herself up onto her feet and once more looming above her vulpine boyfriend. She reached down, gently grasping his wrists with her own hands and started tugging on them. Chris huffed at her in protest, resisting momentarily before finally letting her pull him up into a standing position. Once upright, as usual Chris found himself staring straight ahead into the partially exposed cleavage of his well-endowed, towering wolf of a girlfriend. A gentle tug and forward leaning motion was all it took for Samantha to guide Chris to where his chin was brushing along the top of her bosom, nose right up against the entrance to her cleavage. Chris’s ears wilted flat against his head again, and he tried to turn his head to the side to hide his blush.​​ 

            “C’mon sweetie…” Samantha cooed softly. Her hands slowly slid up his arms, fingers brushing through the soft black and orange fur of his pelt along the way. Eventually they ended up brushing along the underside of his chin, then combing back through his head fur and the fur on the back of his neck. Slowly she started to crouch down in front of the fox. Her bosom gently sliding across his neck, then chest as she lowered herself down into a kneeling position. As she did, her muzzle brushed along the top of his head, then slid down to plant a kiss right between his eyes... then one on his lips, before continuing down onto her knees.​​ 

Even on her knees she was still quite tall, but finally shorter than her much smaller boyfriend. Her back was kept arched forward slightly to lower her a bit further, so that her nose brushed against the middle of his belly fur. Her head raised up, resting the underside of her chin against his belly as she stared up at him and let her arms wrap around his middle. Chris knew damn well what she was doing, and Sam knew good and well that it was working. She could already feel the rapidly swelling erection pressing against her stomach as she pressed flush against him.​​ 

“We’ll just go back to the bedroom, slip those helmets back on, and we’ll get you nice and huge… How’s that sound big guy?” Samantha cooed coyly. She knew that stuff like this always got Chris riled up. He was the one with the big macrophilia fetish, she had only gotten into it thanks to him. “Let my big, strong giant fox stomp around a city, shoving buildings out of his way and stepping on cars…” She would murmur quietly as she stared up at him, trying to make herself look as short as possible compared to him. “All the while his itty bitty little pet Fox is watching her giant master have his way with the city, riding on…” She grinned lewdly as she trailed off.

Chris blinked curiously as he was abruptly pulled from the little fantasy she had been building in his head, staring down at her in slightly confused, anxious expectation. Slowly the wolfess grasped at his shoulders and pulled herself back up to her feet, letting her muzzle stop briefly right next to one of his ears. As she whispered the rest of the sentence to him, her other paw slid down his front, and shamelessly wrapped itself around the blatant outline of his raging erection to give it a single, firm squeeze. As a groan escaped Chris’s lips from the sudden stimulation she quickly pulled herself away from him and twirled her way towards the hallway. A coy, come hither look was shot over her shoulder at him as she made her way back towards the bedroom, and as she rounded the corner out of sight, he could see her starting to pull her pants down, exposing that pert, heart shaped rear of hers in an obvious plot to further entice him.

Needless to say, Chris wasted no time in getting back to his girlfriend, both of their dinner’s left forgotten on the living room table…​​ 

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