The Dangers of Retail

No one likes working retail. Especially when some of your clients can shrink you.

A little short about an old friend and myself shrinking a couple of people at the mall and… well. lets just say they don’t survive.

|| Old content, Originally posted August 10th, 2014 ||

The Dangers of Retail


The feline and bear huddled tightly together, arms wrapped around each other as if for protection. Any sense of personal space and dignity lost with the desire for some kind of safety, no matter how immaterial and imaginative it was. They felt the floor shake, over and over in a drawn out rhythmic pattern. Shadows passed back and forth around the front of their hiding spot, the two tensing up in response. Terror filled the two of them, fear of being captured and what might happen to them if they were caught. They were too scared to even try to rationalize their situation. It was just too absurd for them to wrap their minds around. All they could do was huddle together, hidden, and hope they’d wake up from the nightmare soon

Unfortunately, they weren’t so lucky.​​ 

A sudden THOOM knocked the two of them backwards as a powerful impact​​ slammed down onto the ground just outside of their hiding place. A loud screech of metal grinding on metal momentarily deafened the male and female pair, as a sudden flood of light poured in around the two. Towering above them was the cause of their absurdly unrealistic situation, and the sight of them made the blood drain from both of their faces.​​ 

His wicked grin showed off the gleaming, polished ivory fangs lining his lips, glistening with a sheen of fresh saliva that reflected the store’s light off of them. His eyes practically glowed with the brilliant sapphire blue coloration of them, almost reminiscent of a gemstone in color rather than an iris. The smooth, scaleless flesh of his body was hidden from the neck down by the snug blue T shirt he wore across his leanly muscled frame, though his legs from the knee down were exposed from the legs of his dark blue jeanshorts. His feet were clad in just a pair of black rubber foam sandals, two small ‘thong’ straps wrapping around the sides of each of his feet and pressing up between his toe-crotches to help secure them in place when his broad, three toed, humanoid shaped feet moved. With the clean, angular cut of his jaw, his polished teeth and pristine eyes, and impressively defined build most people would see the dragon as quite attractive. But​​ to the feline and ursine’s view, he looked to be some 500-600 foot tall. The pair wouldn’t even be as tall as the top of his toes if they stood on each other’s shoulders. While​​ both the feline and ursine were normally quite tall, by some miracle of absurd origin the two found themselves the size of bugs, each of them barely an inch tall.

Immediately the two shoved themselves to their feet and turned to run, now that their hiding spot in the clothes rack had been exposed. With the clothes spread open to let the dragon see inside of the circular rack, they hoped that it’d take him too long to crouch down and reach inside to grab them without hitting his head, and give them time to escape. What they hadn’t counted on is another dull THOOM shaking the ground and knocking them both onto their asses, as their other tormentor got down on his hands and knees, a damp black nose and brown furred muzzle peering underneath the rack at them both in the path of their escape.

The wolf was built much like the dragon, a bit thinner and significantly shorter. However, even though the wolf was over 2 foot shorter than the massive dragon, he was still a living titan compared to the two bug sized store clerks that were now trapped between his grinning face and the dragon’s towering form.​​ The dragon’s voice rumbled through the air like a booming thunder, simply too deep for the two bug sized anthros to properly understand. The wolf replied in kind, his voice deafening the two with his face being so much closer to them.

Abruptly a massive, dark brown furred hand reached out towards the two, eliciting a scream of terror from the female ursine. The male panther turned to take his chances trying to run past the dragon, while she was left behind frozen in place out of fear. Two fingers each bigger than a car wrapped around her, forcing the air from her lungs and leaving her body creaking and groaning in protest to the pressure. She could tell that he was trying to be gentle, at least to a degree, but the sheer size difference was so intense even gentle by the massive wolf was nearly enough to crush her.​​ With his prize in hand the wolf pushed himself back up to his feet, standing up over the clothes rack with a triumphant grin. Another exchange of words boomed through the air, leaving the bear’s ears ringing painfully before she let out a strained gasp of terror at what she saw.​​ 

She was being raised up over the wolf’s muzzle, which was tilting backwards and starting to spread open. Strings of glistening wet saliva clung to and connected several of the wolf’s teeth until his jaw spread far enough for them to snap. The powerful carpet of muscle for his pink canine tongue shifted and twitched a bit as if in anticipation as she was raised over his open muzzle, and the dark endless chasm of his throat below. She would plead and beg for mercy, desperately trying to appeal to the wolf’s humanity… unfortunately all that seemed​​ to do is make the wolf chuckle. As much as his voice was too thunderously loud for her to understand, hers was such a high pitched squeak even his sensitive canine ears could barely hear more than incoherent squeaking. Not that it was hard to guess what she was saying. ​​ Not that he cared, either.

With no more ceremony than one might use for a piece of popcorn he simply dropped her, letting the tiny stocky and well-dressed ursine tumble down what to her had to be dozens upon dozens of feet down below. She smacked against the slimy, wet wall of muscle of the wolf’s tongue, only to have it curl under her and buck her backwards. She careened across his gums, briefly bouncing off one of the insides of his cheeks, before slipping backwards towards his throat. Darkness abruptly engulfed her, as did a dramatic rise in humidity and heat now that outside air wasn’t mixing with the inside of Kodi’s maw once it snapped shut around her. She couldn’t see anything anymore now that his muzzle was closed, and only had moments to try to find something to grab onto before her ears popped from a sudden change of pressure…


That same change of pressure sent her flying backwards amidst a small torrent of saliva, a final scream of terror escaping her mouth before it was drowned out by a face full of his spittle. The poor shrunken ursine was gone, swallowed whole and almost too small to even be felt going down his throat.​​ Just like that she was gone, no evidence of where she went, or sign of what happened to her.​​ 

The panther had no idea what had become of his counterpart, having made a B-line for the space between the towering dragon’s feet. Surprisingly, the dragon made no move to try to block his escape, though it quickly became clear why. The panther was running at full speed, already struggling to breath and panting raggedly, and he had barely made it between the dragon’s feet. At such a drastically reduced size, the distance he could travel at a dead run was laughable at best, at least to the scale of anyone of a normal stature. The dragon had no need to block his escape, the panther simply couldn’t run fast enough to get away from him.​​ 

The dragon’s voice boomed overhead, some incoherent rumbling explosion of sound too deep for the panther to hear. Probably some taunt or tease about how tiny he was and how slow he was running, if he had to guess from the dragon’s facial expression. Though the panther quickly would wish he hadn’t taken that​​ momentary glance upwards at his tormentor… for when he did, the view of the dragon’s face was soon replaced by something far far more terrifying.

The bottom of his shoe.​​ 

Panic hastened the panther’s attempt to escape as a fresh wave of adrenaline surged through his system. His lungs burned for air, his muscles screamed in agony at being overtaxed so much. But it wasn’t enough. The panther had enough time for a final, terrified squeak before his whole world went dark. THUD. As the dragons massive sandal slammed down atop him with the force of a building collapsing. The enormous slab of hardened plastic slowly twisted back and forth atop what were now the crushed remains of the tiny cat. Slowly he was ground down into the thin, industrial grade carpet below as if nothing more than a discarded cigarette, leaving little more than a miniscule stain of blood barely larger than a quarter. All that was left of a former ‘equal’ of the dragon and wolf was that little stain.​​ 

The dragon licked hungrily over his lips as if taking some cruel satisfaction in the thought of what had befallen the store clerk, only to have himself ripped from his thought abruptly by Kodi’s voice.

“You should’ve eaten him. Or at least taken your shoe off. That way you could’ve felt it.” The wolf murmured with a playful smirk.

“You grabbed the girl, they usually taste better. And if I’d taken my shoe off id have a stain on my foot, without Ceno or Noxxy to clean it off” Came the dragon’s retort, followed by a playful shove to the shorter wolf.​​ 

“Whine Whine. He didn’t taste as good, I didn’t wanna get my foot dirty, and I’m out of tampons boo hoo” The wolf would taunt, grin growing wider.​​ 

The dragon simply snorted in response, a tiny wisp of barely noticeable smoke escaping his nostrils before he turned to head back towards the exit of the store. The wolf, however, quickly zipped past him while only briefly pausing to snatch something out of the back of Dragonien’s pants pocket. His tail lazily wagging behind him in constrained excitement, the wolf twirled the size ray around one finger, other hand resting on his hip as if posing expectantly for the dragon.

“This time, I’ll choose the targets” Kodi exclaimed matter-of-factly.


“Just be careful, you almost got us caught last time” Dragonien snorted again, seeming still pouting ever so slightly about the earlier comments. Although the faint grin on his muzzle told that he was more amused​​ at the​​ challenged than annoyed

“Right, cause two shop clerks at the mall suddenly vanishing is so discreet”

“Do you see any evidence?”

“Well there’s that stain…the cops could run a blood trace and find who it is, maybe even track us down” Kodi cautioned, though his caution sounded more playful than sincere

 “Well then let them find us at home.” The dragon murmured, following Kodi out of the store. ​​ “I’ve always wanted to see what a cop tastes like”

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