What if the full moon changed you in other ways than just into a wolf-monster?

A little short about my friend Gnarl and what happens to the lil shrimp when the full moon rises… prepare your anus little men, for on the full moon hes not your bitch… you’re his.

Gnarl’s Furaffinity

|| Old content, Originally posted July 23rd 2014 ||

The Were Jock


    Gnarl is just your average, short twinkish Cheshire cat.​​ He​​ has long legs, plump hips, lean body, and a tongue several feet long. You know, nothing too special. He’s a very obedient cat, most of the time. He wears a collar like a good pet, even though the collar is too big for him and hangs loosely off of his neck. He does what the bigger guys tell him to do, in the proper submissive role of someone of his size and stature. But what people don’t know, is that there’s one night of the month that this is different. One evening where the rules change, and everyone is fair game.​​ 


    As the full moon rises and the shining lunar light pours in through Gnarl’s bedroom, he’s already standing in front of his​​ full-length​​ mirror in preparation. He can feel the fur on the back of his neck stand on end, and feel the tingling sensation that surges down his spine and seems to light all of his nerves to a new level of sensitivity. His lips curl and jaw clenches, teeth grinding together as they feel his body start to tense and cramp up. Lean, hardly noticeable muscle flexing and tightening as his body begins to change from the inside out.​​ 


It starts with small, barely noticeable changes. His fur lengthens ever so slightly, only a quarter of an inch or so but enough to give him a shaggier, puffed up look and making him seem a bit thicker than he really is. His claws and fangs lengthen and sharpen slightly, while the features of his face and jawline become sharper and more clean-cut, more pronounced. He barely even notices as his toe-claws tear through the front of his socks like small daggers, then clenching and gripping the carpet beneath them.​​ 


The more dramatic changes soon follow, as if his body is ramping up its ability to alter itself. his pants, already snug around his plump hips and thick ass tighten further as his thighs abruptly balloon with newfound girth. Thick cords of rippling muscle expanding exponentially larger with each passing second until the legs of his jean shorts start to split open along the seams, exposing more of the now shaggy black and green striped fur underneath. his legs increase noticeably in overall length to make room for more of the meaty muscle mass being added to them, adding at least a couple of inches to his overall height. his normally somewhat petite and almost feminine foot paws suddenly surge thicker and broader, spreading out across the floor and stretching his socks to the limit until they simply burst apart under the strain. within a matter of seconds his diminutive size 8 feet expand to easily shame a size 12 shoe size, more if accounting for the extra space he would need for his longer and sharper claws.​​ 


His upper body is eager to not be left behind as he sucks in a sharp breath in response to a sudden pulsating cramp along his chest and stomach. Formerly near nonexistent walls of miniscule muscle suddenly surging thicker, bloating into girthy pectorals atop a rapidly hardening washboard of a 6 pack. his abs tense hard and cause him to nearly double over for a moment from the force of their sudden, uncontrolled flex as they finish bulging out of his belly, while his pectorals suddenly find themselves meeting his chin when he tries to look down to watch the view. the shelf of his pectorals in the span of only a few seconds surged so much broader and wider that he can barely see over the top of his two muscular man mountains now to see the rest of him.​​ 


    His arms eagerly enter the fray as he feels the already now skintight fabric of his shirt, splitting in a V shape down the collar and pulled up to expose his midriff from the sheer girth of his pectorals, now starting to tear apart along the sleeves as well. his forearms tense as liquid steel for muscular tendons swell and harden beneath the surface, while the thick and rapidly growing cannonballs for his biceps bulge larger and larger until they’re too much for his sleeves to be able to contain. The growing Cheshire can’t help but salivate a bit at hearing the delicious sound of his sleeves blowing out over the girth of his massive guns as they grow along with the rest of him. His shoulders bulge upwards and further engulf his neck, which already has thickened itself to the point where his collar isn’t hanging so loosely around his neck anymore.​​ 


    As if in response to the feeling of his neck taking up some of the extra space his collar has, his whole body suddenly lurches. A momentary wave of nausea and vertigo overtakes the feline as his whole body expands outwards briefly but abruptly. within a matter of seconds his formerly diminutive barely 5’6” body (Well now 5’8” thanks to the new heft of his legs) Balloons upwards past 6 foot, only slowing once he’s near the 6’6” range.  With the rest of his body expanding proportionately to his increase in height his overall weight swells exponentially as well, mixed with the increase of his muscle mass it leaves the floor creaking under even the slightest shifting of the newly grown muscle beast’s weight. With his new height added onto the overall increase in his body’s proportions, his collar was now pulled tight around his neck. Not enough that it cut off his ability to breath, but was definitely tight enough he could feel the powerful muscles of his throat and neck fighting against it when he moved his head or swallowed, as if the two were constantly fighting against one another. A fight that he’d probably be losing if his neck wasn’t so beefy now, so ultimately all it did was help reminding him how ripped and powerful his new body was.​​ 


    The final change was the one he anticipated the most. With fangs barred in gleeful expectation he stood in front of the mirror as he felt that tingling sensation center around his nethers. a sudden surging of mass ballooning forth from the basket of his underwear and shorts, as his formerly rather diminutive endowment began to bulk up and expand to match the rest of him. The cotton of his boxer briefs strained and pulled downwards from the growing heft of his testicles as the not even grape sized nuts bulged out to shame lemons with their new size. His shaft, while hard would have barely have shamed a Vienna sausage in size, now bloated outwards as if a balloon filling with meat rather than air, until it was clearly outlined in the front of his horribly overtaxed, looking like he had stuffed an overly plumped bratwurst in the front of them, and he was still soft! The added girth of his genitalia mixed with the increase of his waistline was too much for his shorts to handle it anymore, and with a loud PING the button burst off, rebounding off the mirror and bounced ineffectively off the now hulking feline’s pectorals.​​ 


    With the transformation complete, the formerly diminutive runt of a 5’6” feline had exploded into a towering 6’6” hulking beast of a man, rivaling competitive bodybuilders in mass, and towering over most of them in height. Not to mention having enough down south that no one would ever be able to accuse him of using steroids (and probably instead accuse him of having equine ancestry).​​ 


    A​​ hungry gleam​​ twinkled in his eyes as he turned to head back towards his closet to change, legs grinding against each other with their new girth and the flaring of his newly grown thighs further tearing open his jeans. Tonight, he was the Alpha. He was big man on campus. Tonight, everyone else would be his bitch...


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