A Big Problem

Whats worse than a pair of giants rampaging through town? When one gets greedy…

Short story I spontaneously wrote for Scavengerfox just because.

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|| Old content, Originally posted August 24th, 2014 ||

A Big Problem

    A chorus of sirens blared through the air, an intermingling of police sirens, fire trucks, ambulances and even the emergency tornado alarm screeching through the air to drown out all but the loudest of unrelated sounds. People ran through the streets in an utter panic, screaming in terror as they shoved and trampled one another trying to dash towards one side of the city. What were they running from you might ask? None would have to wait long to find the answer, as an enormous grey fur clad foot paw slammed down into an intersection near the police station.​​ 


    “Fee fi fo fum, little bugs! Here comes Tayls” the giant rumbled ominously, a gleeful giggle escaping his muzzle as he loomed above the nearby buildings. Still being a decent distance away from the middle of town, the tallest buildings were only three to four stories tall, leaving the roughly 50 foot fox easily head and shoulders taller than any of the nearby structures. His body cast a dark shadow as the evening sun slowly lowered against his back, basking those in the street trying to escape the giant in pseudo darkness. The giant fox’s taunts fell on deaf ears for the most part as despite the sheer volume of his voice thanks to his size being enough to drown out the sirens, everyone was simply too terrified to be paying attention.​​ 


    A slow, rhythmic vibration began to rumble through the street, causing a few of the people in the crowd with any rational thought left to pause for a moment when they noticed it wasn’t coming from the fox. The mob rapidly skidded to a stop when another foot paw slammed down into an intersection just a couple of blocks down from Tayls, this one hairless and instead clad in a deep crimson flesh. An equally massive dragon slowly rose up from behind the department store he had been crouched behind, grinning wickedly at those below. The mob skidded to a stop and seemed to lose any form of cohesion when their path to escape the first giant was cut off by a second one. Were anyone still in their right state of mind they’d see it was pretty obvious the dragon had been hiding to intentionally terrify and torment those trying to escape the fox, the two giants seeming to take significant enjoyment in terrorizing the tiny folk below. The impossibility of the situation wasn’t enough for the fox and dragon. The sight of two anthros, both still fully clothed and seeming in full normal proportion with their own bodies, simply enlarged in proportion up some 8 times their normal size wasn’t enough for the two. They wanted people in a complete and uncontrolled panic.


    “Fum fo fi fee, look at all the toys that I see!” The dragon boomed, playfully joining in on the mocking taunt Tayls had used on the populace below. A wicked, toothy grin was spread across the dragon’s muzzle as he started to stomp his way down the street, mirroring Tayls in his approach. The people left trapped between them that hadn’t taken the opportunity to try to run past the dragon’s feet found themselves trapped. On one side of the street a pair of massive four toed vulpine paws slammed down into the street, sending cracks spider-webbing out from the impacts and carelessly knocking away parking signs and street lights. The other side of the street fared no better as two broad three toed feet similarly impacted the concrete, each footstep leaving the dragon’s toes to momentarily clench as if gripping the ground and letting his dagger-like toe claws stab into the pavement below. The poor inhabitants had nowhere to go, save for either trying to hide in one of the surrounding buildings, or risk running between the legs (And under the feet) of the two giants.


    When Dragonien and Tayls were only a block apart they stopped their advance and instead crouched down. Dragonien bent his knees and spread his legs as he raised up on the balls of his feet, crouching down with his hands on his knees to stare down at the little’s left trapped in a small crowd in the middle of the street. On their opposite side Tayls had lowered down onto one knee to lean in closer to those they had corralled in.​​ 


    “What should we do with them, D?” The fox murmured, tail starting to softly wag behind him out of reflex.​​ 


    “Well, what do you do with your playthings?” the dragon replied, licking hungrily over his lips


    “Dunno if this really applies. I’ve never had living people small enough to be playthings before” Tayls murmured, smirking at the dragon.​​ 


    “First time I’ve been a giant too, man. Why don’t we just wing it?” Dragonien murmured, voice lowering to a huskier, ominous tone near the end of his sentence.


    All the while the people below were holding to one another or trying to look around for some way to escape. Again just the terror of being chased by giants wasn’t enough for them it seemed, but the added psychological attack of the two giants discussing their fate as if they weren’t even there only further helped drive them all into a state of hopelessness. A few of the people had started trying to beg​​ the giants for mercy, and one person was even crazed enough to start yelling at them in rage for treating them this way. Unfortunately the combined noise of the crowed of 20 or so people, mixed with the sirens and the, at least to the giants, softer tones of their tiny voices made it hard to distinguish their words. Their pleas, and yells, all fell on deaf ears, though who knew if they’d have listened anyway.


    “Eat one”


    Tayls blinked a bit at the dragon’s sudden suggestion, it seeming to have ripped him from a moment of deep thought. The dragon grinned wickedly at Tayls in response to the questioning look the fox gave him. Dragonien simply gestured to the crowd and repeated his statement again, much to the increased panic of those below.


    “Eat one” he repeated. “I dare you”


    That got the fox’s attention. He was never really one to follow orders or commands. While not really having a dominant personality, he didn’t like being told what to do. More often than not he’d challenge or refuse such orders simply on the grounds that he didn’t want to be told to do it even if he might have otherwise done so. This situation, however, was unique. Something he had never gotten to do before was staring him right in the face. Something that he admittedly had thought about once or twice surfing the macrophilia websites on the internet as a teen. Tayls didn’t even seem to notice as he started to lick his lips as if hungrily as he sat there pondering the challenge. Dragonien knew he was going to do it, though. He could read Tayls like a book. The expression on his face, that unconscious show of expectation from licking his lips… and of course, the dragon noticing a slight swelling in the nether regions of the fox’s pants.  Just the thought of it was riling Tayls up.


    Just as the dragon had expected, the enlarged vulpine started to reach out towards the crowd of people down below. A fresh wave of panic washed over them as they started pushing and shoving away from the fox. Those that were closest to the dragon dug their heels in, trying to keep from being pushed towards the red beast who, while not the one reaching for them, seemed more obviously the more devious and sinister of the two giants. Those in the middle of the crowd were practically crushed as the two opposing forces crammed together, only to be released from the sudden compression as one of the people near the front of the crowd was snatched up.​​ 


Massive, dark gray fingers engulfed the poor wolfess in their grasp and lifted her into the air. The fox’s fist easily covered her from her shoulders down to her knees, leaving just her head and legs poking out from his grasp. The crowd seemed to go quiet as they watched with rapt morbid attention to what the fox was doing to his captive. The wolfess, rather well fit and athletic struggled against the fox’s grip to no avail. Despite her impressive physical strength the sheer size of his hand made it an easy matter for his fingers to overpower her and leave her trapped in his grasp. Though he wasn’t really thinking about intentionally taunting her on her helplessness, he couldn’t deny a renewed stirring in his pants from a sudden psychological rush of power coursing through him. He wasn’t really the strongest of guys. Not like Dragonien who was cut, muscular, and could probably use Tayls as a free weight. But now at his new size, this female wolf who normally would’ve been able to twist him into a pretzel without any effort at all was now totally at his mercy. He wasn’t even trying to hold her that tight and she could hardly even budge his fingers an inch or two. It was a power, a superiority he had never really felt before.


And he kind of liked it.


Only now did he notice that his mouth was awash with a wave of saliva in anticipation of what his subconscious had been desiring. A small dribble of drool just barely peaked over the edges of his lips when he opened them briefly to wet the front of them. The front of his pants strained as an unconscious flex of his genitals pushed his arousal against the fabric of his jeans in anticipation. Tayls was too lost in the moment to hear the wolfess in whatever protest she had, whether it be pleading for mercy, angry yelling at his arrogance. Whatever it was, it fell on deaf ears as the fox raised her up in front of his muzzle and started to open wide…


A puff of hot, moist air blew across her like a strong breeze, leaving a lingering scent of mint from his toothpaste from earlier that morning washing across his captive. Thick droplets of spittle dripped from the roof of his muzzle down into the forming pool of it below his tongue, as the thick carpet of pink flesh slowly started to extend outwards towards her. His grip loosened on his captive, as she found herself abruptly dropped a couple of feet down to land on the fox’s powerful oral muscle, and only a split second later SNAP. Her body from the waist up was engulfed in darkness as Tayls’ lips abruptly clenched closed around her torso, leaving her legs dangling outside of his mouth while her upper body was left in the humid heat of his maw, soaked in his saliva.​​ 



    His tongue started to push up underneath the athletic wolfess, slowly forcing her deeper and deeper into his mouth as his muzzle started to tip backwards to let gravity help with the task. She struggled valiantly, but for all of her physical prowess, the giant’s strength was simply overwhelming, even in such a vulnerable area of his body. His tongue alone easily pinned her arms to the roof of his muzzle when he pressed her against his palate, and her grip against his teeth was easily ripped away by the sucking pressure of his lips when he started to suck her further inside like nothing more than an oversized noodle of spaghetti. Abruptly the pressure changed, causing her ears to pop as she found herself sucked backwards. Her legs disappeared into the fox’s mouth with a wet SCHLURP, leaving one of her shoes torn off from the sudden movement and left to tumble down to the ground below. Her head and shoulders pushed up against the entrance to the fox’s throat, only to be forced past it by that powerful pressure of him swallowing. His tongue arched upwards to press against her legs and feet to help shove her backwards into his throat as the giant fox began to swallow his prey.


    Even at 50 foot tall, a 6 foot person was still quite a large meal to try to swallow whole. Tayls was giving it a valiant effort, however, as his head tipped further backwards until it was pointing almost straight upwards. Those watching could see his throat and Adams apple tensing and shifting from the fox’s repeated gulping trying to swallow the wolfess. Slowly they saw a visible bulge starting to force its way from his jawline, down along the length of his exposed throat. Deeper and deeper the wolfess went, arms and legs struggling and shoving futilely against the walls of slickened muscle for his throat, until with a final audible GULP, she was gone. Everyone could see the lump suddenly shoved downwards to disappear past Tayls’ collarbone. A loud gasp of relief escaped the massive fox as he panted briefly for a breath of fresh air after having spent so long simply forcing his meal down. A wide, dopey grin was forming across his face (Not to mention a rather visible wet spot on the front of his pants from his now raging erection) as he basked in the aftermath of what he had just done.​​ 


    A person. An entire, living person had just been swallowed whole. By him. Predatory instincts were raging like wildfire in him along with latent desires for power and vengeance against those bigger than him. Not vengeance in the sense that he wanted to make people that had taunted him suffer, but in the sense that he wanted to revel and bask in being the big one now. Few things could scream raw, dominant power like swallowing someone whole against their will.​​ 


    “Oh man… that was amazing” The fox murmured in a soft, almost lustful voice. His libido was going crazy right now, screaming for more as he basked in the​​ afterglow of his actions. Although when he opened his eyes to look back at Dragonien, he came back to his senses a bit out of a sense of surprise… and ever so mild worry. “Um… Hey D, what are you doing?” Tayls asked, eyeing the dragon with an audible twinge of nervousness in his voice.


    Dragonien was holding the size ray. The amazing device they had stolen from the research center to make themselves into real life giants, which had somehow been able to grow along with them the same as their clothes had. It wasn’t that he still had the size ray that worried Tayls. What worried him was that Dragonien was pointing it at himself.​​ 


    “What does it look like I’m doing?” Dragonien rumbled ominously, licking his lips hungrily.​​ 


    “Y-you’re not gonna grow yourself again, right? We don’t even know if we can shrink back down, the guys at the lab said the ray can only grow things.” Tayls argued with an increasingly nervous tone. “I thought we agreed we would only grow this big, in case we couldn’t ever shrink back down…!”


    “Oh don’t worry, buddy… you can stay that size…” The dragon growled softly, as the hum of the ray charging up filled the air. This was what the fox had been afraid of. Dragonien ultimately was a nice guy, but he could have a mean streak at times. Worse still, Dragonien was a very live in the moment type of guy, who often wouldn’t think of the consequences… and could be very greedy in certain circumstances. Now with such an insanely powerful machine in Dragonien’s hands, it looked like that greed was about to cause a lot of problems for Tayls… and the rest of the city.​​ 


    A bright flash of light momentarily blinded the fox and the crowd below as the gun went off, sending a sparking explosion of green light crashing against Dragonien’s chest. Rapidly the green light spread across the dragon like some sort of membrane. Him, his clothes, and even the ray were soon enveloped in a faint green glow, that then began to expand… and as it expanded, so did the dragon. It was as if the light were spreading outwards in all directions and pulling the dragon with it. A car parked near one of the dragons feet soon had the side of his heel pushing against it, shoving it back onto the sidewalk as the paw grew larger and larger. Within moments the car was being pushed into the front of the pet shop it was parked in front of as the dragon’s foot kept growing. The ground began to vibrate slightly from Dragonien’s increasing weight, as both Tayls and the terrified people below watched the pavement cracking and crumbling under his​​ exponentially increasing weight. They watched as part of it crumbled inwards, leaving an indentation of the dragon’s growing foot in the pavement that grew both deeper and wider as the dragon swelled.​​ 


    His tail whipped out behind him like a wrecking ball, smashing into the side of a post office and sending a wave of dust and debris flying into the street behind him, leaving the building to collapse on top of the dragon’s growing tail. Brick, mortar and wood being displaced by the expanding appendage and left sliding off of the red flesh as his tail stretched further and further into the ruined building with its growth. A dark shadow was cast across the street, which slowly stretched further and further outwards to eclipse both the normal sized people below, and the ‘giant’ Tayls, as a rumbling boom of ever deepening laughter rang from the growing dragon’s throat. As the dragon continued to grow, Tayls’ worry grew with Dragonien. If he was a giant… Dragonien was becoming a titan…


    All of the sudden, Tayls felt small again.

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