Hooking Up 2

A return to Samantha and Chris to see Sam indulge in one of her guilty pleasure VR programs

A sequel to Hooking Up exploring the use of VR by a couple to indulge in macrophilic fantasies.

|| Old content, Originally posted December 13th, 2015 ||

Hooking Up 2



No matter how many times she went through it she never seem to be able to get used to the initial sensations of​​ a​​ VR connection. From what she had read​​ it wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Some people senses were just attuned differently to different​​ stimuli, so it was no different than some people that had a tendency to get car sick.​​ However, that knowledge never helped lessen the stomach churning sensation​​ the initial login always brought. In older versions of​​ VR​​ software she​​ used to have​​ enough time to get over the sensation​​ while the world was building. She would just close her eyes and let her senses settle and acclimate as wireframes drew themselves and textures populated the program. New hardware and software updates, however, had​​ sped up the​​ processing​​ time significantly and robbed​​ her of this​​ acclimation​​ period​​ that​​ had​​ helped keep that embarrassing fact a secret.


There was one particular event her boyfriend never​​ quite​​ let her live down,​​ often proclaiming it​​ one of the funniest moments of​​ their relationship. The two of them had been eager to indulge in some custom made VR programs​​ shortly after they started dating​​ when they found they both shared an interest in macrophilia. It had been right after one of the bigger updates to some of the​​ physics​​ software, and they had been​​ eager to try​​ out some new force and momentum physics​​ for​​ larger objects​​ in movement, like collapsing buildings or moving cars. Unfortunately for her the default settings​​ had not been fine tuned​​ to react to the movements of an avatar. When they both loaded into a cityscape, proportionately around one hundred foot tall, their​​ sense of balance was​​ significantly​​ off. That on top of the wave of dizziness​​ she felt from the​​ login,​​ no longer with her grace period as the world loaded to steady herself, left her stumbling backwards​​ immediately after the​​ cityscape generated.​​ She backpedaled​​ in a desperate attempt​​ to keep her balance,​​ only to have her heel catch​​ on the edge of a strip mall.​​ Her already unsteady balance needed far less to finally escape her, and with a yelp she​​ fell backwards, ass first, on to the shopping complex. It had taken her weeks to get him to stop calling her​​ Klutz-zilla and jokingly lecturing her that if she was going to destroy something she needed to do it on purpose.


It didn't help matters at all this time that the moment the world finished generating and her site realigned properly, that she found herself staring down what looked to be a several hundred foot drop directly off the edge of a cliff. Stomach still churning and head still spinning, she desperately backpedaled and​​ fell onto her backside as she scrambled a few feet away from the edge of the cliff. This was the first time she had tried this particular program at this new scale, so it looks like she got the spawn positioning off a little bit. Usually the program is pretty good about telling you when your avatar was going to spawn in midair but it did nothing to stop you from spawning on the edge of a very long fall.  When she was sure she was far enough away from the edge that she wouldn't fall off from a stumble, she slowly​​ pushed herself​​ back up to her feet. A few moments were spent pulling up her jean shorts where her backpedaling had cause them to slide down a bit and expose a bit of her sky blue underwear beneath. Only once the dizziness had passed and she was certain her heart wasn't going to burst out of her chest with its rapid heartbeat did she finally turn around to survey the landscape behind her. The sight left her jaw agape.​​ 


She could still see bits of green wire frame far off in the distant corners where the texture was still filling in, and a few other places near those where the texture had a lower quality that was taking its sweet time to render properly. Again, being the first time she had ran this program at this new scale​​ so​​ the computer had to take some extra time re-rendering most of the textures at a higher resolution and refilling the cache. The site of the computers exposed work in progress, however,​​ was not what left her agape.​​ It was what was in front of her, already fully rendered to excruciating and amazing detail. A foot. A foot she was confident she was familiar with by now, but had been blown up to such a drastically larger proportion that minuscule details she never had noticed before left it alien and new.


The monstrous appendage lay propped up on its heel, towering above her at least ten times her current height. The entire thing, save for the pink colored hills further above for the paw-pads was covered in a thin coating of fine white fur. At least, it was thin on a normal scale. To her current size, those strands of fur each were probably at least half as long as she was tall! Even from what, to her, was dozens of feet below, she could make out such precise detail on the paw pads above. Individual ripples and wrinkles in skin so minute and diminutive that she would never have noticed them at normal scale without a magnifying glass. But now those tiny wrinkles were deep enough to be water trenches, deep enough she could trip on them were the foot laying down for her to walk upon.​​ Blunted, but well-kept and polished ivory claws tipped each of the three toes high above her. She chewed on her lip a bit as she mulled over the scale difference between her and them. Each one had to be nearly the size of her body. If the foot had been flat on the ground, she probably could crawl underneath the arch of the claw with room to spare.


Sam’s heart hammered within her chest as she started to walk her way towards the side of the foot. The thrill of the situation was only magnified by the danger she was very well aware of. If the foot was this immense, the rest of the body it was attached too would be equally massive. One shift, one slight adjustment of pose or position would be all it would take for the titan before her to smother and crush her. It both scared and further excited her when she thought to herself that the giant probably wouldn’t even notice if it did.​​ Finally she was able to calm herself enough to start her task, and carefully approached the giant’s ankle.​​ 


She had climbed up only a couple of feet before a dull rumble boomed through the air, startling her enough that she lost her grip.​​ Thankfully the ground below was plush and forgiving when she hit it. Frantically she jerked to her feet, looking back and forth as if expecting the giant wall of white fur to shift and bowl her over at any moment. The sound boomed through the air again, more bass than any real coherent sound to her size. Another minute or so passed before it dawned on her what it was: Snoring. With the computer struggling to process such a larger area that it had never done before, not to mention all of the behind the scenes adjustments to the physics engine, it had taken a lot longer for the visuals to generate. It only made sense that the sound would have had the same thing happen. It seemed that only now, several minutes into the program, the computer had finally finished most of its work and generated the ambient sound in the room. In this case, the giant’s snoring. Deep rumbling whooshes of air from the giant’s lungs vibrated both vocal cords and lips of the giant to let that thunderous sound boom across the landscape. She couldn’t help but giggle quietly to herself, another thrill running down her spine at the thought. Just the sound of this titan snoring had almost scared her to death. It was the same kind of thrill one might feel when chasing after a tornado, intentionally putting yourself headlong into danger against an unstoppable force of nature knowing that at any moment its slightest whim could end you. Most people got their thrills in VR from combat simulators, bungie jumping, and sky diving or any other number of extreme ‘sports’. She, on the other hand, had more unique tastes.​​ 


She took a few more moments to observe the giant to build her confidence that he wasn’t going to roll over onto her. Only once she was confident of her safety, as much as could be had in such a situation, did she return to his ankle and once more begin her climb.​​ Even the act of climbing the side of the giant’s leg was an ordeal to Sam, despite her physical prowess. Each of the giant’s strands of snow white fur was about as thick as a piece of coaxial cable like you would use to hook up your cable tv, but it was a good deal more malleable. She had to grab whole​​ handfuls of them to give herself a good grip, and more than once had to dig her toes and the tip of her claws into the roots of a few strands to help push herself upwards. She was lucky she was so small, were she any larger the sensation might have been more of a noticeable itch and she might have been crushed in an attempt to scratch said sensation. She had done more than her fair share of rock climbing before, but the climb still left her panting despite it only being a couple dozen feet, her scale. The situation as a whole and the half dozen startling surprises had stolen away a portion of her breath and stamina that she had yet to recover.


While she caught her breath, she finally had a chance to take a better look at her surroundings from her new perch. She could see more of the landscape surrounding the giant and it became more apparent that they were in a bedroom. What had to be miles away, it seemed to her, she could see a monstrous set of glowing red numbers on an alarm clock, sized to rival the Hollywood sign’s proportions as they blinked the time: 2:00AM. A dresser supported the clock which looked to be a mountain all its own, sitting next to the landscape around her specifically that was the bed. The ground had been so plush thanks to the blankets and pillow top of the mattress that, to her, would be like a football field and then some of fabric. Then there was the giant himself.


Most of him was exposed, as it seemed he had shifted earlier in his sleep, and the blankets were either thrown off of him or tangled around his leg opposite the one she perched on. She couldn’t see all of him from her perch, as his knee and some of the blanket near his left thigh hid his features further off. The sheer fact alone that he was so massive that his own body blocked portions of the rest of it from her sight sent another shiver down her spine. The added sight of the giant being nearly naked, with just a pair of snug forest green boxer briefs being his only clothing, certainly did little to calm her excitement.​​ It took her several moments to realize she was staring at the clearly visible outline of the giant’s groin and what lay within, and she had to reach up to wipe a tiny bit of wetness from the corner of her mouth. She didn’t want to waste time ogling the eye candy now, at least not without a better view first.​​ 


Invigorated by the sights of the living landscape surrounding her, she pushed forward to the next stage of her exploration. Thankfully there was enough light coming through the window that she could still see reasonably well, if not in full detail. She had to pick her path carefully, both to ensure she always had solid footing, and to try to avoid sensitive areas that might make the giant react to her presence. The last thing she wanted after coming so far was to be tossed off by a roll, or swatted when he scratched an itch in his sleep. As she trekked across the​​ top of his leg, carefully climbing over his kneecap and onto his thigh, she marveled at the thickness of his fur. She was well enough versed in its owner to know how short he normally kept it, so it only further drove home her diminutive stature that she was wading through said fur like it were almost knee-high grass. Some of the strands of fur would be nearly as long as she was if she were to stretch it out from where it lay combed down near his skin beneath.​​ 


She paused briefly when she reached his mid-thigh, where the fur disappeared beneath the thick coating of cotton and artificial fabrics of his boxer briefs. There was a strong temptation to crawl underneath the fabric and explore within the undergarments themselves​​ but she eventually resisted it. She told herself she risked getting trapped in there, not knowing how tight the elastic could hold to someone of her size and diminished relative strength.​​ 


“Wouldn’t want to get trapped” She said out loud​​ despite her effective solitude.


It’s not like the giant could have heard her well even if she had been right by his ear, much less so far down his body. More of a self-asserting comment to convince herself to move on, though a silent promise of ‘next time’ quickly fluttered through her thoughts as she continued on up his thigh. Though she had steeled herself against any risky exploration of sensitive areas on the giant for her first trip, that didn’t prohibit her from admiring the view and ambient experience as she passed. She found herself chewing on her lip again and her pace slowing as she looked to her side to admire the giant’s endowment. From such a diminished scale it seemed so much more intense. The giant was no porn star to be sure, but he was no slouch in the man department either. At this scale it looked more​​ noticeable​​ that the fabric was struggling to contain the giant’s ponderous male hood. It was as if she could visibly see the fabric stretched out in an attempt to hold back what had to be at least a partial erection brought on by whatever dreams his subconscious had been conjuring. Of course, most likely it was her imagination, but who’s to say such unreasonable assertions were uncalled for in such an unreasonable situation.​​ 


Worst of all for her was the smell. That powerful musk that filled the air, magnified dozens of times by the difference in scale between the two. As the physically superior of a family of 3 boys and another girl from a predatory species, she had always had strong alpha tendencies. She was confident in everything she did and rarely met a challenge she couldn’t overcome, or a person she couldn’t take command of interactions with. But that smell alone, filled with such raw unbridled masculine power befit of one that was a good 70 times her size, left her​​ weak in the knees. She found her tail reflexively tucking between her legs​​ and had to fight back a brief sense of inferiority in her mind. Not inferiority born of jealous insignificance, but of animalistic desire to​​ submit to​​ someone greater. Desire to submit to the superior alpha and do whatever she could to obey and please one so much greater than herself. It was not a feeling she had much experience with. In fact, most of it had come entirely from her VR interactions with her boyfriend, as she rarely met anyone in real life that was blatantly superior to her physically. And even those few she had met, would find themselves similarly cowed by the raw mass of primal power that this giant would have been to them, as he was to her.​​ 


When she did finally tear herself from such thoughts, she began her trek again with renewed vigor. As she crossed his stomach she couldn’t help but admire the tight knit muscle of his abdominals beneath her. At a normal scale he didn’t really have any particularly visible abdominals, but with her so much smaller she could see faint crevices and curvature of defined muscle just barely distorting the otherwise flat surface of his belly. A brief pause was taken to admire his belly button, chuckling softly to herself at the thought that it was almost deep enough to use as a bath tub to her at this scale, were someone to fill it with a tiny amount of water. The scale of everything around her was just so new and exotic. It was such a thrill to be able to see such minute detail that never would have been noticed at any less of an extreme size difference.​​ 


When she reached his chest she finally seemed content with her adventure. She dared not approach his head yet at this scale. Again, there were many things that had not been properly calibrated for this scale difference so she dared not press her luck. The, were he normal sized, soft sounds of his snoring boomed around her from all directions. The raw bass of it shook her down to the joints, and she feared it might be painfully deafening if she approached any further. Instead, she contented herself to lay down atop the faint definition of one of his pectorals, right next to his left nipple. The small nub of pink flesh parting through his fur, hardened by the faint chill of being unprotected by a blanket.​​ 


She looked up at that massive face still a few dozen feet away, a happy smile on her muzzle, her tail wagged softly behind her of its own accord as she admired the shape and contours of her boyfriend’s handsome, monstrously magnified facial features. She let out a very girlish giggle, one she would almost never utter in the company of others for instinctual desire to not weaken others views of her alpha status. Her arms and legs spread out, gathering clumps of snow white fox fur as she did so, muzzle burying into a mound of the gathered cords to take in a deep breath of the familiar and pleasing scent.​​ She was content to simply bask in his​​ overwhelming presence and lose track of time until something abruptly tore her attention back to reality, body going rigid as if ready to pounce or flee.


“Cheating on me, I see” came a familiar, male voice from behind her.​​ 


She rolled over onto her back, abruptly sitting up with arms and legs planted to shove herself upright at a moment’s notice. Her eyes quickly scanned behind her until they found the source of the voice, Chris staring at her with arms crossed and a smirk spread on his face. Or rather, another Chris, this one on the same scale as her, separate from the giant slumbering one they both stood upon. She felt her cheeks flush with blood, feeling as if they were ready to burst into flames from the heat of her blushing.​​ 


“What are you doing here?!” she exclaimed in a very defensive, flustered tone.


“Well I got off work early so I thought I’d come home and surprise you. I get home to find my girl plugged into some new VR program she had been hiding from me. Now I see why, you’ve been cheating on me.” He explained softly. Though his words were damning and accusing, his tone and expression were all grins and amusement. Then they turned overly-dramatic and laughable “Oh woe is me. My girlfriend has found a new man, one which I could have no hopes of competing with!” Sam started to retort but was cut off by his continuation, which only made her blush harder “How could one such as myself compete with a man who is equipped as such!” he proclaimed with a flourish of an arm, gesturing back to the massive mound of the sleeping giant’s underwear-clad male hood off in the distance. He swore her cheeks had actually turned pink from the bright red of her face and the light gray fur of her face. It was only after a few moments of silence, filled with only the unspoken, grinning judging of Chris’s smirk that she could respond.​​ 


“Sorry, sweetheart. You just weren’t enough man for me. I needed more.” She teased, her muzzle twisting into a confident grin. It was not lost on Chris, however, that she was still very flustered as her confident demeanor was forced and her tail was still tucked tightly between her legs. “But why bother trying to break in a new man, when I’ve got you trained just how I like you. So I figured it’d be easier to just blow you up and have another you on the side. Plus, if I got caught, you can’t really accuse me of cheating… it is you after all.” Her words slowly gained confidence as she spoke, until she hauled herself to her feet to loom over her smaller boyfriend as usual.​​ 


Though she had regained most of her confident mask, she still felt incredibly embarrassed. Even though it wasn’t too different from some of the stuff she and Chris had done together in the past, something about being caught in one of her own private fantasies, when she thought she was all alone made her feel vulnerable and bashful, neither of which were normal moods she was well experienced with. It was one thing to share programs together, where they varied in proportion to one another, whether it be actively chasing/rampaging around the other, or even simply sharing a romp through a tiny town. But this program had been something different to her altogether. Even in the programs where he was the larger one, on some level both of them still knew that she was the one letting it happen, as ‘being on top’, as Chris liked to call it, came so naturally to her, while he was the opposite. So to be in such a vulnerable position, where she was not only totally out of any hope of power, but reveled in it and basked in the superiority of another unabashed was​​ disarming to her.


Finally having regained her composure, she brought up the command prompt and punched in the log-out command. After a few moments spent waiting for the system to disconnect, she reached up to pull off the Interface helmet. Chris followed shortly afterwards, Sam already rolling to get off the bed. A hand on her arm stopped her. More surprise robbing her of resistance than actually being physically overpowered, she was pulled down onto her back again. Chris scooted closer, letting one of his legs hook around Sam’s own as he slid both of his arms around her middle​​ possessively as if trapping her. His muzzle leaned in, nose brushing along the crook of her neck where it connected to her shoulder. Bastard, he knew that was her weak spot. Her body stiffened, then went limp and she chewed on her lip again, a habit she seemed to be making grand use of today, to stifle any sound​​ to encourage Chris. No response seemed to be needed, however, as his next action​​ received​​ exactly the response he​​ seemed to have​​ wanted. His muzzle leaned up, lips brushing the sensitive, short fur inside one of her ears as he whispered to her. Words that sent a flush through her cheeks again and the faintest of whines of interest escaping her throat before she stifled it. The forceful, demanding tone of his words left her disarmed… and excited.​​ 


“After dinner, you’re going to load that up again, but this time… I’ll be awake…”


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