Morning Mood

Waking up is so much more pleasant with a beautiful, huge, and possibly growing woman next to you.

Originally this was a short little thing I wrote to tease Wyldsyde but then later I got bored at work one day, cleaned it up, and in the process of using it to experiment with more intimate situations I added a whole lot too it. I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

Just a dragon and cat snuggled up together in bed, getting a little playful first thing in the morning

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|| Old content, Originally posted February 4th, 2017 ||

Morning Mood




The dragon grumbled softly in his sleep as his mind began to stir. Body slowly starting to reawaken from its slumbering state. His nostrils flared and a faint smile spread across his lips at the familiar scent of the feline who shared the bed with him​​ over the night. He pressed his muzzle in a bit tighter, gently nuzzling into the plush strands of thick blue head fur as his nostrils greedily, if lazily, sucked in that calming familiar yet foreign scent. His eyes remained hut despite the rest of him slowly coming back to life... well, save for one part of him that had been 'alive' for a good deal longer. A soft roll of his hips as parts of his body stretched gently ground the swollen steel pipe of his morning wood against the athletic feline's ample tush, causing a softly lustful growl to escape the dragon's throat. 


his tail gently squeezed around Wyld's waist as he squirmed in a bit closer, pressing himself tighter against the cat he was spooned up against. Chest pressing firmer into her back, legs squeezing tighter around her own. Waistline, and the throbbing remnant of whatever pleasant dream he was having pressing up tighter against the cleft of her tush, outlined in her own undergarments.  His arm draped around her middle slowly shifted slightly, fingers gently beginning to brush and comb through her belly fur as he started to get a bit more active. His muzzle slid slightly to the side, letting a breath of hot, moist air wash across one of her sensitive feline ears. That breath was quickly followed by a gentle kiss, then a lick along the nerve cluster around the base of her ear.


He could feel her body starting to stir in response to the stimulation. A soft purr beginning to well up deep within her throat despite her still mainly unconscious state. The dragon took this as encouragement and continued his lazy attentions and explorations against his bedding partner. The hand brushing along the outline of her abdominal muscles, gently tracing a sharp claw tip in small circles around her naval. The stimulation sent a faint shiver down her spine while a sleepy chuckle escaped her lips from the light tickling sensation. Slowly that hand began to trail higher, letting that sharp claw tip ever so gently slide along her sensitive belly flesh. Another tingle raced down her spine in response to the finger’s movement, and she squirmed slightly in his grasp in retaliation. The finger stopped its slow journey north just underneath the curvature of her ample bosom. It’s claw gently lifted from her flesh, and instead hooked ever so gently into the cloth of her sports bra. Gently the cloth was pulled back, just enough for his fingers​​ to slip their way underneath it and leave themselves trapped between the snug red fabric and the supple flesh of her bosom. Further and further up the hand wandered, until he heard a barely audible gasp from the feline when one of his fingers found the sensitive nub of her nipple. Slowly the finger stroked in a small circle around the outline of that pink nub of flesh, sending involuntary shivers through its owner’s body. The sensation only lasted a few moments before it was instead replaced by the feeling of the dragon’s broad, heated palm sliding into the fingers place.


Slowly the dragon let his fingers compress into the flesh of that ample feline mammary filling his paw, letting his fingers sink into the malleable flesh beneath them. Even in his hazy, half asleep state he could hear the soft sigh of bliss​​ from his victim.​​ Emboldened, the dragon renewed his efforts in his assault on her senses. His palm pressed more firmly against the nerve cluster that was her nipple, grinding into the sensitive flesh with each grasping squeeze of his thick fingers.​​ His claw tips pressed against her flesh, carefully wielded to leave the constant tingling feel of their sharp tips pressed against her vulnerable flesh, without ever actually breaking the surface and damaging it.​​ A gentle rhythm of squeezing then relaxing built up, occasionally letting his fingers relocate an inch to the left or right between each gentle groping. Every time they moved his palm ground against her nipple slightly as it slid to one side or the other​​ and further stimulate​​ the half asleep feline. Her body eagerly responded in kind as her​​ body temperature began to rise.​​ Her squirming and shifting movements becoming more pronounced and active. Her upper and lower body gently twisted​​ back and forth, alternating between pressing her upper body tighter into the wandering hand underneath her sports bra, while her lower body ground back against the dragon and that which lay​​ pressed up against the cleft of her hindquarters. 


She could feel his thick girth, straining​​ desperately against the fabric of his undergarments.​​ It throbbed almost desperately against her hind quarters when she ground back against it. She could even feel the smallest bit of wetness forming where it brushed the highest up near her tail base. Meanwhile he could feel her increasingly racing heartbeat thumping through the hard thimble of flesh for her nipple.​​ Said nub long since rivaling tempered steel in its hardness from his constant, teasing ministrations. He made no move to go any further than that, seeming simply content to let the lusty tension expand around the both of them, indulging in the lingering feelings that pleasant dreams brought to them both. Letting the blissful company of each other overtake them both in an intimate moment of physical​​ contact their​​ near-nakedness​​ enabled. His feet shifted a bit against her own, letting his toes gently brush against the underside of​​ hers​​ as if in a​​ playful, if subdued,​​ game of footsie beneath the covers.​​ His​​ tail tip​​ brushed affectionately against the outside of her thigh and hip.​​ 


When​​ felt her breath quicken​​ a bit, whether it be from her starting to wake to a more conscious level, or simply an increase in her response to the intimate contact, he leaned closer. His lips brushed ever so gently against the inner fold of her ear.​​ He let a​​ soft exhale blow moist breath in against the sensitive strands of fur lining her inner ear.​​ His lips pursed​​ and a gentle, brief,​​ wet suction was felt as he planted a soft kiss to the inside of that ear before whispering affectionately. 


"Good Morning..."


A soft smile spread over her lips in response. Her head pushed back against the dragon, twisting back and forth slightly to better nestle itself underneath his chin. A casual, wordless, portrayal of her approval and intent on staying right where she was.​​ Her toes clenched, grasping at the dragon’s toes beneath them. A gentle, but almost possessive grip momentarily stalling the game of footsie the two were playing. It was her small way of trying to return the affectionate embrace he had her in, without her having to free herself from his grasp.​​ 


Again emboldened by her response, the dragon continued with his steady escalation of the situation. His lips brushed along the edges of her ear as they slid closer to the tip of it. Another gentle breath of warm, moist air blew over the triangular appendage as he exhaled over it once more. His lips parted and a faint wetness was felt on the edge of her ear. As his maw opened slightly, a small droplet of drool dripped from one of his fangs as a prelude to what was coming. As a prelude to the entire ear feeling the same sensation, when his lips wrapped themselves around the entire ear down to its base.


An electric tingle of stimulation resonated through the feline as she felt the heated dampness of the dragon’s mouth engulf her ear. While not one of her more erogenous areas, the situation itself lent to the stimulation as the dragon began to gently suckle upon it.​​ A gentle, affectionate stimulation reminiscent of kissing. The difference being this act was meant as entirely one way attention, rather than a kiss’s mutual satisfaction. A caring, pampering act meant solely to make her feel good.​​ 


His hand’s ministrations redoubled their efforts with a synchronous rhythm with his suckles upon her ear. A firm squeeze of her sensitive breast flesh, followed immediately by a slow, tender drawing suction of his mouth along her​​ ear. The prehensile length of the dragon’s tongue casually slid its way along her ear eagerly. Every last inch of it found itself explored at some point by the squirming carpet of pink muscle. More still, the dragon’s tail continued its gentle stroking along the inner lining of the feline’s thigh. The tip of said tail brushing occasionally against one of the legs of the short shorts she had worn to bed. The stimulation was far less intense than what was going on above, but it was just enough to keep her mind struggling to focus on any one sensation for more than a moment.​​ 


Excitement continued to build within the dragon. Both figuratively, and literally from what Wyld could feel pressing all the more snugly and eagerly against her hind quarters and hips. But she had yet to realize the true source of his eagerness, so lost she was within the stimulation he flooded her with. All according to his plan.​​ The slowly building affection, rising up into a small wave of over stimulation. Nothing intense enough to get her entirely riled up, lest her eagerness overcome the early hour and her drowsiness. He didn’t want her joining in and helping, at least not yet. Otherwise she might notice the tightness in her sports bra wasn’t just from the hand visiting beneath it.​​ 


The feeling of his tail brushing dangerously close to her most sensitive area kept her distracted from the unusual tightness of her sports bra. The rhythmic suckling of her ear and stimulation of its based clouded her thoughts of his fingers not fully cupping the entirety of her breast. The casual grinding of his palm against her nipple masking the fact that it took up more space beneath his palm than before.​​ Her massive tits naturally rivaled the size of her own head with ease. But her lack of perception now didn’t change the fact that they were slowly burgeoning further outwards with each breath she took, with each moment that passed.​​ 


Even the dragon’s meaty hands were finding themselves struggling more with each passing moment to properly engulf the slowly expanding mounds of flesh jutting from her chest. Fractions of a cup size spreading out through them in a steady stream of expansion every second. Soon their engorging mass, mixed with the presence of the dragon’s hand underneath it, caused her sports bra to ride up over the top of her ample bosom. The fabric bunching up rather uselessly atop the shelf of her hefty tits, more like a large scarf now rather than something meant to keep her top half decent. Yet still they grew, almost seeming to increase in their growth rate to eagerly fill up more space now that they were no longer contained. Already they have to have swollen at least a cup size and a half larger, and only seemed to be growing more with each passing second.​​ 


It wasn’t until each of her enormous girls had swollen nearly to the size of her entire torso until the dragon’s ministrations were no longer able to fully hide the added weight to her chest. It started to dawn on her that the dragon’s hand now struggled to cover even half of the surface area of her massive breast. She started to try and pull away from his attentions, hoping to get a moment of calm to gather her thoughts and question what was happening. Not that she was complaining, mind you. She was in utter bliss. But, if for no other reason than she might want more, her curiosity forced her to resist his affections. However, Dragonien felt her starting to pull away and pre-empted her escape. His lips released her ear, and instead brushed against its inner fold as she tried to speak.


“Wha-“ she started to murmur, only to trail off into a soft huff of arousal as the dragon gave a particularly firm squeeze to her massive, yet more sensitive than ever, bosom.


“Shhh..” He hissed soothingly into her ear. His ministrations slowing to a more relaxed, calm speed. Fingers gently rubbing along her expanded bosom rather than squeezing into it. “Don’t question it” he would whisper quietly. Speaking in a subtle, coy tone. An affectionate tone, which carried within it a reassuring sentiment urging her to simply accept her fate. “Just relax… and enjoy…”​​ 


His last words trailed off into a tender murmur and an affectionate kiss planted against the base of her ear again. His fingers slid back down along the curvature of her now enormous breast, nearly twice its normal size at this point. His finger’s replaced the palm along her nipple, as he gently traced along its edges with a fingertip, before sliding off of her breast entirely. Her hand found itself framed by his own, as he gently guided her own fingers upwards to press against her newly inflated mammary flesh. Letting the feline’s own palm take the place of his own. His fingers ghosted behind hers, gently clenching and causing her fingers to clench as well. The ‘guided’ grope of her own massive breast elicited another soft huff of pleasure from the feline, followed soon by more. The dragon slowly began to guide her into a gentle rhythm of fondling her own massive bosom. Letting her explore every inch of its newly expanded mass one inch at a time. Were she to stand the monstrous endowments would probably hang as low as her waist, and each one was nearly as wide as her torso was. Thankfully,​​ laying down,​​ all of that weight was displaced onto the bed instead, leaving her with nothing to worry about except exploring​​ her newly enhanced appendages.​​ 


 Well, nothing to worry about except the light rumble of hunger that welled up from her taunt stomach. But before she could bring herself to break this intimate setting to deal with that, the both of them had different appetites to sate…

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