Party Favors

A small collection of vignettes all themed around macro/micro scenarios.

shameless self indulgence of someone larger enjoying themselves at the expense of several smaller people. Really nothing else to be said. if you like the idea of big people having fun at the expense of tiny people then this is right up your alley

|| Old content, Originally posted January 25th, 2017 ||

Party Favors




Seven Minutes of Terror


The dragon grinned smugly as he casually ground his thumb down on top of the miniscule, captive bat. His claw tipped digit grinding the bat’s face and chest down into the hard wood of the desktop below. The shrunken rodent could hear the scraping of the dragon’s claw tip just past his head as it scratched along the desktop with each movement the thumb made. The poor bat had never felt as abused and powerless as he did right then. Though as bad as he had it, he knew his boyfriend had it worse.​​ 

The poor wolf was trapped within the dragon's mouth, mercilessly tossed back and forth within the expansive spittle filled prison. The powerful muscle that was the dragon’s tongue effortlessly shoved the canine back and forth within his maw, roughly pinning the lupine to the inside of his cheeks at random. More than once the bat was able to turn his head enough to see up at the looming dragon's face, and was actually able to see the outline of his fellow victim being mercilessly shoved against the inside of the dragons cheek as he was suckled on like no more than a piece of candy.​​ 

The worst part was when the dragon spoke. To the bat the dragon’s voice rumbled like a jet turbine, a dull bass-filled rumble that seemed to vibrate the very air around him. ​​ He could only speculate how much worse it must be for the wolf, with him actually inside the mouth that emitted those deafening words. Even if his voice wasn’t deafening the poor wolf, the simple physical movements of talking only made the lupine’s captivity that much more turbulent and torturous. Every word spoken made the dragon’s lips and tongues move unpredictably and sent his mouth’s captive into a whole new series of disorienting and battering tumbles as his prison conformed to shape the dragons words.​​ 

"Man, having bugs that come in pairs is so much more fun than just catching a group of individual ones. So much more fun to watch you squirm for both of your sakes. So many situations I can put you in... Maybe I'll make you both choose which one of you I swallow whole... see how quickly you turn on each other" their tormentor would rumble, wicked grin spread over his lips. “So glad I have that vent that leads from the make out closet to my room.”

Mercifully the bat finally felt the oppressive thumb of his captor lift off of him, allowing him to shakily stand his battered and bruised body upright once more. ​​ Unfortunately the dragon didn’t seem ready to let the bat stay standing upright just yet. Slowly the dragon leaned forward, lips pursing and...


A thick glob of warm saliva burst forth from the dragon’s lips, smacking against the winged rodent with the momentary force of a firehose and sent him tumbling backwards off his feet once more.​​ Now the poor bat was battered, bruised, and soaked head to toe in the dragon's spit. Worse still was the distinct scent of it. Past the faintly minty scent of the dragon's breath that still permeated the liquid, a far more familiar scent was there as well. His boyfriend's scent and taste was mixed in with the saliva after the wolf had been mercilessly left soaking in a pool of it for so long. And now that scent, mixed with that of the dragon’s breath permeated his fur and clothes and only further reminded him of the wolf's predicament.​​ 

Defiantly, the bat started to stand up, brushing some of the saliva from his face in the process. He raised an arm to gesture challenging to his captor, prepared to demand him and his boyfriend be set fee and returned to normal. He didn't get more than a word or two in before another, much stronger impact, knocked him back onto his ass and forced the air from his lungs. ​​ The dragon had flicked him. The impact had felt like he had been hit by a small car, and now it hurt to breath in too deeply. He was afraid one of his ribs might be cracked. Though even now, in his cruelest moments to the two, the Dragon simply kept on grinning, clearly enjoying and even getting off on the helplessness of his two captives.

"Were you wanting to tell me something? Hold on, it's not nice to talk with my mouth full..." the Dragon rumbled. A faint, glimmering flutter of hope welled up in the bat's stomach. He was going to let the wolf out of his mouth!

His hopes were immediately dashed when instead, the Dragons head tipped backwards, and a loud gulp seemed resonated through the room. The bat watching as if in slow motion as a visible, struggling bulge traveled down the dragon’s throat and past his Adams apple, as the dragon swallowed the bat’s boyfriend whole in front of him.

"Mmm... Now then. You were saying?"









They were all scared out of their minds. The male and female fox were hugging tightly to each other, the girl with her face buried in the male's chest​​ fur​​ as if trying to hide herself from whatever was happening. The​​ swollen, muscular​​ black furred wolf and the more athletically built lion both were staring up in awe,​​ simply at a loss for words.​​ Despite their impossible situation however,​​ the thick bear of a... well, Bear, was glaring upwards as if ready to rocket off into a rage-fueled rant at any moment.


They all​​ had thought it was just a normal party. Dozens of furs of all shapes and sizes bumping and grinding together as thumping​​ dance music resonated through the house. Beer was passed (and​​ spilled)​​ around​​ freely,​​ while​​ more than a few disappeared into bedrooms or outside once they had paired off. Slowly the party had died down​​ and, surprisingly early,​​ most people seemed to have gone home. With each passing minute less and less people crowded the rooms, leaving those left more able to converse rather than simply be lost in the chaos that was a house-wide dance party.


When it seemed like they were the only six left, those remaining six​​ had started to make their way towards the exit,​​ only to have a​​ strange tingling​​ sensation​​ overtake their senses. The room seemed to spin, as their stomachs​​ turned from a sudden intense bout of sensory aphasia.​​ Dizziness​​ left​​ them stumbling and vertigo​​ nearly had them voiding their stomachs until finally the sensory overload became too much for them. Each of them falling over in a series of thumps on the rough carpeted floor as they passed out one by one.​​ 


Thankfully their unconsciousness didn’t last very long, at least as far as they could tell. There was still that​​ disoriented and confused feeling lingering amongst them,​​ though the majority of it​​ seemed to be​​ from their strange and unknown surroundings. In the brief moments after their awakening, before their brains had fully acclimated to their consciousness and situation, they struggled to understand why everything around them looked so familiar​​ and yet so different.​​ It was only a matter of time before​​ their predicament dawned on them.​​ With a desperate surge of disbelief they​​ realized they were standing on stop of the living room table. All of them atop a single table.​​ 


Each one only about​​ 6 inches tall.


It was easy to measure, with all of the beer bottles laying across the table for them to compare too. Being a bit shorter than the​​ 8​​ inch tall bottles didn't leave them much room for confusion of their size.​​ Their belief however was still in question, as was how they got that small​​ in the first place.​​ They wouldn’t have to wait long for their answer though, when they all looked up at the form casting a shadow across all of them.​​ 


Looked up to​​ the host of the house party, Dragonien.


The widely grinning dragon​​ chuckled ominously​​ as he stared down at the five​​ shrunken victims​​ standing​​ atop​​ his living room​​ table. Slowly the dragon's broad, pink tongue slid across his exposed fangs and lips as if hungrily, as he examined his​​ newest captives.



“Before you start your irritating, squeaky little screaming, listen up”​​ Dragonien​​ rumbled, the​​ drastic​​ size difference giving his voice a thunderous baritone to it. “Yes, you’ve​​ been shrunk. No, you're not gonna get back to normal. Yes, I shrunk the rest of the party. No,​​ no one​​ is going to come save you. And if you start screaming, you're not gonna last 5 minutes” He growled out dismissively, as if he'd been doing it all night and barely cared at this point.​​ His words​​ seemed​​ be enough for the vixen to finally lose it. Her mouth started to open in preparation to scream only to have​​ the​​ male fox with her quickly grab​​ her muzzle and​​ hold it shut, muffling her cry.


“Good. Now that​​ orientation is ov-” Dragonien started to growl,​​ but stopped mid-sentence when one of those below began yelling.


“What the hell are you talking about?! Who the hell do you think you are?!”​​ the burly black bear snarled​​ out loudly... well. Loudly for him. If he were his normal, rather impressive 7 foot size he'd probably​​ be​​ pretty damned intimidating.​​ However,​​ with the bear​​ currently being​​ only 6 inches tall his​​ voice​​ wasn’t​​ much more than a high pitched squeaking.​​ With his diminutive size and almost laughably quiet and high pitched voice, Dragonien found him less intimidating and more irritating. Of​​ course, Dragonien was going to have none of that.


A massive thumb descended down above the bear,​​ whose​​ look of rage rapidly​​ transformed​​ to one of​​ concern, then​​ outright fear​​ in the span of a second.​​ Said thumb lowered down and, with enough force to knock the air from the bear’s lungs, smacked the bear’s torso and knocked him flat on his back.​​ The broad,​​ red fleshed​​ digit easily covered the bear from his knees up to the thick ball of muscle and fat that was his stomach as it pressed down atop the diminutive ursine. The rather forceful pressure compressing his muscle-gut and legs wasn’t the bear’s primary concern, however. Instead, it was the razor sharp point of Dragonien’s ivory thumb claw, which pressed​​ down dangerously​​ underneath the bear’s chin.


All of the bravado and ego seemed to drain out of the bear in an instant​​ when that​​ razor sharp​​ point pressed down onto his​​ Adam’s​​ apple. The claw alone was thicker around than one of his legs​​ at its base,​​ yet​​ the point​​ still​​ felt sharp enough​​ to easily skewer his throat with the slightest addition of pressure. Mercifully​​ the​​ claw-tip​​ did not press down as the bear feared it would.​​ That’s where the mercy ended, though, as​​ the rest of the thumb began to​​ press down harder atop him. Slowly​​ the thumb​​ pushed​​ down on his gut and legs,​​ the other four victims watching in silent terror as they saw the bear’s body compressing underneath the pressure of a single one of their captor’s fingers.


“I warned you, bug.​​ Since you can’t behave, I’m gonna make an example of you.” Their giant captor​​ rumbled​​ ominously. One last shove was given by his thumb, just enough to force the air from the bear's lungs​​ again, before the thumb pulled away and freed the bear.​​ Unfortunately, that turned out to not be much​​ consolation​​ for the poor ursine,​​ as the​​ dragon reached his other hand behind him to grasp something in his back pocket. Dragonien pulled a strange shaped chrome pistol from behind him, casually raising it to aim straight down at the offending bear atop the living room table. The poor guy​​ didn't even have time to scream​​ before the gun buzzed, and a flash of green light​​ exploded from the barrel and engulfed the bear​​ in its glow.​​ 


He recognized the sensation immediately, and his eyes went wide in shock as he watched the room rapidly swelling and expanding in all directions around him. He could feel his back pulling inwards atop the table, see the already massive dragon rising higher and higher into the sky. Soon the table alone was like a massive field of brown as far as he could see, and the red dragon above so enormous he looked more like a mountain off in the distance than a living person. Even the other shrunken captives off in the distance looked like behemothian monoliths, like​​ gods towering in the distance.


He was miniscule. So infinitesimally tiny that the dragon couldn't even see him anymore. Hell. The foxes, wolf and lion could barely even make out the tiny speck of dark brown on top of the​​ lighter​​ coloration of the desk. The formerly burly, meaty bear that had towered over all of them, was now only a single millimeter tall. The smallest of the shrunken captives was the vixen, at about 5 inches. He wouldn't even be ¼ as tall as one of her toes. A literal ant sized bear, compared to a bunch of doll sized victims.


The bear stood, and began to ran across the tabletop. He didn't even know where he was running too. His mind was simply overwhelmed by his flight instinct, too terrified to think rationally. The others heard Dragonien's voice rumbling some taunting comment of how he couldn't even see the pathetic speck of a bear. Said speck was so miniscule that he couldn't even hear Dragonien's voice anymore. The size difference made it so immensely deep and booming that all it seemed to do is vibrate the air​​ around the bear and send shivers down his spine.


A dark shadow began to descend onto the bear. As he kept running, he slowly turned his head to look upwards, and his eyes went wide in utter horror. A wall, an entire wall of red with miniscule wrinkles normally too small to perceive crisscrossing it, was slowly descending from the sky and filling it in every direction. It was the dragon's thumb. The same thumb that had pinned the bear down before, now hundreds of times larger than it had been. It didn't matter how fast he ran or in what direction he ran, there was no way he could get far enough. The others could see that tiny miniscule speck of brown simply disappear beneath the dragon's thumb.


A toothy, almost sadistic grin spread across the dragon's muzzle as he slowly pressed down with his thumb. His wrist raised up, as if balancing its balance on the thumb, as it slowly began to twist back and forth. He wasn't content just to crush the bear beneath his thumb, he was grinding the tiny ant that had once been a bodybuilder down into the top of the table as if he were nothing. The bear, who had been the biggest of all 5 of them by an entire magnitude of height and weight, had been crushed like a fleck of dust.


“Anyone else want to run their mouths?” the dragon growled, his paw idly raising back up and absentmindedly wiping his thumb on his pants. “Didn't think so.” He added when the other four simply stared up at him in terrified disbelief.


It wasn't just the situation that had the four of them so scared. It wasn't just that they were barely the size of dolls. It wasn't that one of them had just been made even smaller and killed without a second thought. It wasn't even the thought that they might all be next. It was what was hovering just above them all, straining the front of the dragon's jeans. The dragon had clearly been enjoying himself.


They could all see the blatant outline of the dragon's obvious semi arousal, stretching down one of the legs of his jeans like a thick tube of sausage. If they had been normal sized they might either be amused that he was getting so riled up at a party. They might find themselves aroused to see such an obviously endowed dragon. But with them so tiny, and having been front row to what had aroused the dragon so much, all they could do was think about what he might do to them to continue that arousal.


They didn't have to wait long for their answer, as the dragons free hand paw swept down across the top of the table, scooping three of them up in his tight grip. The last one left on the table was the lion, who stared up at the towering dragon, visibly shivering in fear.


The size ray was stuffed into the dragon's back pocket, leaving that hand free while the other kept a firm grip on the two foxes and the wolf. The poor lion was too scared to even run, simply staring up with wide eyes as the dragons now freed paw reached down to slowly scoop him up as well.


“I know just what to do with you, hot stuff...” Dragonien growled teasingly, licking hungrily over his lips again. The paw raised the lion up in front of his muzzle, where blasts of hot breath washed from the dragon's nostrils and ruffled the lion's mane. He was a pretty sexy little feline. At his normal size he had been quite the​​ ladies’​​ man. Not particularly ripped, but beefy in all the right places that, when mixed with his polished smile girls came running. A handsome, winning smile that seemed to gleam each time he used it as if the lighting were just waiting for his polished fangs to be exposed. And that silky smooth mane of brilliant golden fur that seemed almost hypnotic in how people would almost fight over getting to run and comb their fingers through the lion's luscious locks. ​​ He was a real catch alright, and now Dragonien was the one that had caught him, literally.


The Dragon's paw raised up just a bit higher, until the lion was so close to those massive red lips that if his arms were free, he'd be able to reach out and touch them. At first the lion was terrified that the dragon was just going to eat him. Held so close to that enormous​​ mouth, which​​ could easily fit his entire body with room to spare. His eyes clenched shut as he saw those lips starting to move, letting out a tiny whimper of terror...




A thick, powerful wall of pink muscle ground down against the lions head, pushing it down uncomfortably hard back against the top of the dragon's fist. A thick, gooey coating of saliva covered his head and mane, matting it down and leaving him damp in the gooey liquid. His eyes cracked open a bit, staring up at the grinning dragon's muzzle as that powerful pink appendage slowly retracted back into his lips. The other three were staring up in a mix of curiosity and nervousness. They had been just as sure the lion was going to be a snack for the dragon as well, yet instead all the dragon had done was lick him.


“Not bad...” The dragon rumbled. Which immediately returned the fear of being eaten full on to them at the implication of him enjoying the lion's taste. He started to squirm and writhe ineffectively in the grip of those powerful fingers again, futilely trying to escape before he became a snack for their tormentor. Abruptly, however, the fingers holding him relaxed, and spread out as they turned sideways, leaving the lion abruptly sprawled out atop the dragon's open palm rather than held uncomfortably tight in a closed fist. It wasn't enough that the dragon had shrunken them and was toying with them, but now he was being unpredictable too. It was one thing for someone to be face to face with their demise, or a bad situation. Infinitely worse when your perception of what is about to happen keeps changing. Is he going to be eaten? Will he end up like the bear? Is there some entirely separate fate waiting for him? The terror of not knowing was almost worse than the terror of being shrunk and at the​​ dragon’s​​ mercy!


The lion had little time to ponder it, however, as shortly after the dragon's fist had opened, that powerful tongue swept in once more. The lengthy, forked prehensile length of saliva coated muscle ground down on him and shoved him HARD down into the dragon's palm. It started at the very bottom of his footpaws, and slowly began to drag its way upwards. The legs of his jeans were shoved upwards, denim soaking in a good portion of the tongue's saliva, leaving them damp feeling and heavy. Further up along his waistline, where despite the intense pressure forcing him down into the dragon's palm, he couldn't help but elicit a soft huff of enjoyment as the heavy appendage ground across his middle. Further up still, the tongue dragged over his belly, pushing his shirt up ro bunch up around his torso and neck, as his fur was matted in more of that gooey saliva. Then finally it spread out across his head once more, further slicking back his hair and mane with his saliva acting almost like hair gel. The poor feline was now coated head to toe in the dragon's saliva, body a bit sore from the intense force of that powerful organ. Even the dragon's tongue was able to easily overpower him, which only further emasculated him and the others, and further drove home their helplessness.


The lion panted heavily, struggling to pull in some much needed oxygen, the pressure on his chest had forced the air from his lungs and left him out of breath. He had little time to get more than that, however, before the dragon's paw shifted again. He let out a squeaked yowl of terror as the paw simply turned sideways, leaving his damp body sliding off of the dragon's palm, imminently ready to fall to the floor. The fall never came, however, as instead two of the dragons fingers gripped at the back of the lion's shirt, leaving his weight supported by it and causing the fabric to bunch up and squeeze against his torso and neck. He flailed and kicked about ineffectively in the air, as if trying to swing​​ himself towards something he could grab ahold of, instead of freely hanging what, to him, looked like a terrifying fall of at least a hundred feet to the ground below.


“Keep kicking, kittybug, I might lose my grip...” The dragon's rumbling voice taunted from above, which quickly caused the lion to stop his flailing. “you're a bit too savory to just waist right now, so I think i'll just have to store you somewhere safe for later...” he chuckled ominously, which sent a new wave of fear through the four of the shrunken captives, most notably of course the lion. His other paw started to lower down, leaving the two foxes and wolf yelping at the sudden, stomach wrenching movement. To their horror, they found themselves soon in front of a massive wall of thick denim, the dragon's jeans. The front of them to be specific. All three of them were held in the dragon's closed fist still, as his thumb stretched out and hooked into the waistband of his jeans. Even through the thick denim they could smell whiffs and hints of the powerful masculine scent coming from above, leaving them squirming in both terror and involuntary arousal. They were right in front of the dragon's crotch.


The dragon's thumb hooked into the waistband of his jeans, all of the captives unable to draw their eyes away. Slowly Dragonien's paw began to pull backwards, pulling the taunt waistband of his jeans away from the smooth, red flesh of his hips and bottom of his stomach. The lion was the one in the worst situation. He squeaked and yowled in terror and protest, arms and legs flailing again despite the dragon's earlier threat. For the poor little lion was being dangled directly above the dragon's waist, right above the button of his fly. As the denim was slowly pulled backwards, along with the cotton of the Dragon's underwear, a powerful wave of heat and musky air burst forth from the dark confines below. It engulfed the lion in the heat and intense scent, sending an involuntary shudder through his body in response.


He wouldn't... would he?


The dragon's lips spread into that now familiar, wicked grin of his, as his fingers simply let go. With those thick red digits no longer holding the back of the lion's shirt, nothing held him aloft and he was left tumbling through the air, towards the dark opening of the dragon's pants. The other three could year the lion's yelp as he tumbled past them, disappearing into the cavern of cloth in front of them where the thick cotton and even thicker denim muffled any further sounds he made.


Immediately after passing the button of those jeans, the lion flopped down onto something heavy and radiating heat. He barely had time to see what it was, before the thumb holding the dragon's jeans open let go, and they snapped shut around him. Now the shrunken lion was trapped in the dark. He could feel the thick, obviously fleshy mass beneath him, hard enough that it somewhat supported his weight, but still malleable enough that his fingers could dig in a bit and gain purchase. The problem was it only took moments for him to realize where he was. He immediately began scrambling​​ backwards,​​ trying to climb up the thick mass of flesh beneath him, but his struggles only seemed to worsen the situation. The already intense, mind numbingly potent musk surrounding him increased in intensity. The heat spiked several degrees further, and he could feel powerful pulsations of the dragon's heartbeat rumbling through the 'ground' beneath him with every second that passed.


His struggles were making only making his situation worse, as the fabric tightened around him and the 'ground' beneath him plumped and hardened. The tight cotton fabric slowly stretched outwards as the mass of male flesh within it thickened and took up more and more space. The poor lion was trapped, pinned against the top of the immensely thick dick of his captor, and the cotton wall that was the front of his underwear. The poor feline was now trapped in the most emasculating position possible. Not even killed by being crushed, stepped on, eaten or whatever other horrible death that could befall​​ him at 6 inches tall. No, he was forced to live. Trapped, pinned in place, by a dick more than twice his size.


With the lion firmly trapped in place, the dragon slowly pulled his zipper back up, fingers squirming a bit to pull his button back together. This, unfortunately for the feline, only made his cloth prison that much tighter, further grinding him against the dragon's aroused member and increasing the stimulation against it. With that done, the dragon raised the three remaining captives up in front of his widely grinning muzzle, licking hungrily over his lips again as he stared down at the three.


“That's two down... three two go...” He rumbled ominously, that devious grin sending another shudder of fear through the three 'survivors'.


The three remaining furs were carried with him towards the couch in the middle of the living room. It was only three long steps for the massive dragon, but the three in his hands couldn't help but imagine how long it'd take them at their current size to try to run that far. It only helped to drill in how helpless they'd be to escape him, even if they did get free. Only helped to instill that sense of helplessness in them.


Even the dragon's custom made couch groaned loudly under his weight as he suddenly flopped down onto it. His broad hips and ass dug a deep trench into the cushions beneath him, and they swore they could see the shape of the couch actually bending downwards slightly from his weight. The two fox's had little time to admire the new perch the dragon had taken, before they were casually dropped down onto the armrest of the couch. The two shrunken vulpines looked around momentarily, then turned to stare up at their giant captor in worried confusion. Why had they been let go? Was he really letting them go at all? What could they even do at this size even if they got away? They didn't have to wait long for their answer, when a dark shadow cast across them both.


They could hear the couch groaning under the dragon's weight as he moved again, and saw the towering red colossus pivoting on his tailbone and ass. He turned to the side, letting himself lay down on his back across the couch. It wasn't his upper body they were watching out for, however. Instead, it was what was now looming above them. What gave them only a second to respond, before the dragons two massive​​ foot paws​​ slammed down onto both of​​ them.​​ Broad, powerful red-fleshed feet ground down atop the two of them, shoving them down back first onto the armrest. Each of the two little foxes was trapped beneath their own paw. A massive, claw tipped toe grinding in against their chest and under their face, as the claw arched above their head. The powerful, boney balls of his feet shoved down against their chests, forcing the air from their lungs and leaving them struggling to pull in any air at all. Worse still, what little breath they could pull in was laced with the potent, musky scent of the dragon's​​ foot paws. It wasn't quite pungent or over-whelming yet, as he had been barefoot most of the day. But even then, with their relative size, even a mild musk was enough to leave their heads swimming.


Slowly those two, broad feet rubbed and ground the two foxes in the sandwich the armrest of the couch and his feet made. Thick, red toes rolling across their faces and squishing their cheeks in against their teeth. Their bodies slid up and down the armrest with the movements of his feet, only their ​​ clothes, thankfully shrunken with them, protected them from getting carpet burn after being so roughly dragged against the, at their size, rough fabric of the microfiber couch's armrest. With those two firmly wedged in place with nowhere to go, now the dragon was able to turn his attention to the last of his captives...


The wolf


The athletic,​​ well-built​​ black furred wolf sitting sprawled out across the grinning dragon's stomach, staring up at him with his ears flat against the top of his head. The normally somewhat cocky, egotistical wolf, that loved showing off his physique and making a spectacle of himself when he played basketball or football. The once alpha male of his circle of friends, now reduced to a little plaything for the grinning dragon.


“I already know exactly what I'm going to do with you...” The dragon rumbled softly, licking hungrily over his lips as he stared down at the wolf. Of course this only further unnerved the wolf, who began to scoot a bit further backwards on the dragon's stomach, as if trying to create more distance between them. The irony, of course being he was already on top of the dragon, there wasn't much place he could go. And, when the little wolf saw what the dragon was doing next, he immediately froze in place and let out a quiet, fearful whimper.


The dragon had the size ray out again.


A low, rumbling chuckle welled up in the dragon's throat as he raised the chrome colored gun up, aiming it right at the terrified wolf. He was going to end up the same as the bear, he just knew it. The wolf's mind raced with regrets, thoughts of how he should have acted less conceited, been more polite to people, not picked on kids smaller than him in school. A lifetime of regrets flashed before his eyes as he clenched them shut, just as the dull hum of the size ray filled the air, and a blast of green light engulfed the wolf's tiny body.


The wolf could feel the shifting churn of his stomach as vertigo overtook him. Feel the ground beneath him shifting under his rump and legs... he was surprised to find the effect wasn't as intense as he had expected. It hadn't even been as bad as the initial shrinking. Had he gotten used​​ to​​ it? Slowly the wolf opened his eyes, then blinked a bit in​​ surprise​​ at what he saw. The grinning muzzle of the dragon staring down at him... about half the size it had been a few moments ago. He had grown!


“W...wha?..” the wolf murmured. His voice was still quite high pitched to the much larger dragon, but with him now about a foot tall, it was far easier for Dragonien to understand him.


“That's much better... needed something a bit less bite sized...” Dragonien rumbled softly. Immediately overwhelming the wolf's newfound sense of relief with another wave of terror. He tried to stand up on the unsteady ground of the dragon's abs, but by the time he was on his feet one of the dragon's fists was closing around his large action figure sized body. It could no longer encompass his entire body. His shoulders and head stuck out of the top of the fist, and his legs dangled from beneath it. Though, even then, the grip was still a powerful steel-like vice that he couldn't seem to so much as budge.


Slowly the dragon's tongue slid from his mouth, gliding along the plush curls of his lips. They were left in a shiny, glistening sheen of saliva after the tongue's pass. Slowly those broad lips began to​​ pry​​ open, exposing the rows of razor sharp ivory fangs filling the dragon's maw. A hot, moist breath blew across the wolf's head as the dragon exhaled, leaving tiny droplets of the dragon's spittle clinging to the wolf's fur.


The poor wolf was terrified out of his mind. Desperately his legs kicked, his upper body shifting and writhing, and his arms uselessly trying to pry the powerful digits surrounding him apart. He was​​ trapped, but still did everything he could to escape the dragon’s grasp. Not that his captor would allow such a thing. But it certainly seemed to amuse Dragonien to watch the wolf struggling so valiantly against overwhelming power that he should know full well he couldn’t escape from. The dragon seemed so amused by it that he simply paused in the middle of his action to watch the wolf, maw hanging halfway open and blowing slow, heated breaths across the canine’s head as he flailed.​​ After a few more moments of this, however, the amusement for the dragon seemed to pass. With his struggles no longer a source of entertainment for Dragonien, the wolf found himself being lifted up towards that open muzzle once again.


The breath became hotter the closer he got to the broad expanse of Dragonien’s mouth, and though his struggles became no more effective, his desperation increased. At one point he even tried biting at one of the fingers was using to hold him. However, this seemed to have quite the opposite effect the wolf had hoped for, as he suddenly found his breathing constricted. Those thick, powerful digits clenched tighter around the trapped canine’s body. He could feel his arms straining, his ribs creaking, as the pressure threatened to snap parts of his body were the dragon to apply any more pressure. The two foxes pinned under the dragon’s footpaws did not escape his annoyance unscathed either, as more out of reflex than anything else his feet pressed down harder onto the armrest of the couch, bracing tighter against it. They released their own high pitched groans of pain and discomfort as those powerful paws ground down atop them, making each breath a pained struggle.​​ 


“You bite me again, and I’ll bite back…” Dragonien snarled in annoyance to the pained, injured wolf. The dragon’s lips pulled back to expose the massive fangs filling his maw in an obviously intimidating gesture, showing the wolf just what it would be that would be biting back. The wolf, fearing for​​ making his already assured demise​​ becoming that much​​ more painful, lowered his ears flat to his head and drooped his head downwards in​​ submission, accepting his fate.​​ 


Content that the wolf would put up no further resistance, the dragon once more opened his jaw wide, and began to raise the wolf towards it. The thick, powerful length of pink muscle for the dragon’s tongue reached the wolf first. The saliva slickened oral organ slathering across the doll sized wolf’s head, slowly stroking up from underneath his chin around to the back of his head. Deeper and deeper into the dragon’s maw he was pushed, until he was inside up to his waist, where he felt the thick girth of Dragonien’s lips enclose around him. The moment they closed he was bathed in darkness, unable to see anything inside of Dragonien’s​​ mouth.​​ 








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