Organic Anomaly

Andy thought it was just a space rock, until it turned him into a monster. Then… a god.

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|| Old content, Originally posted January 9th, 2020 ||

Organic Anomaly

By Dragonien



"Lieutenant Renard? What are we looking at?"

The captain's voice was deep and resonant despite its clearly feminine tones. As usual the immense dragoness dominated any room that she was even just by being there; her words seeming to echo ever so slightly through the confines of the bridge.​​ 

Typing away at his terminal for several seconds before responding was Lieutenant Renard, the fox that had brought the anomaly to the captain's attention. unlike the towering 7'6" amazon of a blue dragoness that was Captain Sandra, Andy was far more modest in appearance. A fox's fox who didn't quite break the six-foot mark in height, with the standard orange fur with white underbelly and dark brown colored fur 'gloves' along his hands and feet. He'd only joined the crew of The​​ Adonis​​ a few months ago but already had made himself a valued member of the crew.

"It looks like a meteorite. And yes, I know there are a lot of those in space. This one seems to have some kind of indeterminate organic matter attached to it."

"Organic? Is it alive?" The captain asked.

"No. There's no movement or activity on the surface. Scans are just picking up organic protein structures in some of the residue on the exterior." Came Andy's reply after re-reading his readout for a few moments.​​ 

"How far is the nearest habitable planet from here, Ensign Kes?" Sandra questioned aloud to the rest of the room. Across the room a sleek, black and white-furred male bunny answered after a few moments of silence.

"The nearest star systems are all at least ten light years away, and none of those within twenty light years are documented to have any planets able to sustain life. If that thing's got organic matter on it, it must have either come a very long way or been here for a very long time as a remnant of some apocalyptic event in one of the nearby systems."

"If it's got life on it think we can convince it to drift through space doing nothing for us so we don't have to keep running these patrols?"​​ 

The last comment came, unprompted, from the slightly pudgy tiger sitting at the helm. The exaggerated roll of his head and strangled exacerbation in his voice had the whole room cracking up in snickers for a solid three or four seconds. Once the chuckles had died down, Andy spoke to the captain again.​​ 

"Either way it's strange that it still has viable organic matter of any kind. Might be worth taking a look at."

"it's worth a look." She agreed after a moment's consideration.

"Hey. If we discover some new micro-bacteria or something maybe we'll get a bonus from the science bureau." Andy added, pleased by her agreement with him. That brought a smirk to Sandra's muzzle.

"So, you can finally pay off the damage you did to the holodeck?"

Andy felt his ears flatten to the top of his head as heat rose in his cheeks. He found himself squirming uncomfortably in place in sudden embarrassment as the room broke out into a fresh chorus of snickers and giggles. 

"Look how was I supposed to know you're not supposed to bring your own baseballs and bats? And why are those damn holo-projectors so expensive they're just over-powered flashlights!" Andy exclaimed defensively.​​ 

Still chuckling, despite herself, Sandra called for them to move in closer to the meteorite so they could collect it. They'd worry about examining it later, though. The team on the bridge had been on duty for over ten hours now and they were all looking forward to letting the night shift take over. The space rock had floated around, unnoticed and undisturbed in space for who-knew how many dozens, if not hundreds, of years. It could wait until they'd had a few hours of rest and relaxation.​​ 

After dismissing the bridge crew, Sandra calmly waited in the middle of the bridge for their relief officers to take stations. Silently towering over them all with her arms crossed underneath her impressive bosom, her tail twitched back and forth almost imperceptibly as if with a suppressed emotion just barely peeking its way out of her otherwise collected appearance. Only when the rest of the crew had been relieved did she make her way to the lift leading down from the bridge, coincidentally reaching it when the only other person left to go down was Andy. Without a word the two of them stepped into the elevator, Sandra reflexively ducking herself down ever so slightly to ensure the tips of her horns didn't brush the top of the lift entrance.

The door hadn't even sealed itself with the customary hiss of pressurization before Andy found himself lifted clear up off the ground by hands that could palm melons pushing underneath his armpits and pinning him against the wall of the lift behind him. His feet dangled more than a foot up off the ground as his back thumped against the wall and he found himself face to face with the Sandra's serpentine muzzle a split second before her lips jammed themselves against his own.  Her powerful, prehensile tongue pushed its way into his muzzle, effortlessly overpowering his own as she made out with him. More than once he winced in her grasp as he heard her tail smack against the door of the lift as it swished and swung around excitedly behind her. From her eagerness and the way she panted into his face for those split seconds she'd pull back from the kiss to let them both catch their breath she'd apparently been looking forward to accosting him all day.

Despite his fear of being caught in the act and judged by the rest of the crew, Andy did little to fight against Sandra's affections ever since she had first propositioned him that night in the bar on Eridini Station. Granted, at the time, neither of them knew that he was being assigned to her ship so when he had walked on to the bridge to introduce himself and found himself staring up at the dragoness that had all but forcibly had her way with him last night it had been awkward. After that initial tension, though, she'd taken to their little dalliance with a renewed vigor. Hell, she seemed to actually get off on the secretive nature of it, thus leading to her jumping him in places like this and riding on the thrill of that perilous edge of being caught in the act.​​ 

"Uh... Captain. I've still got, uh, work to do. The Meteorite, remember?" Andy tentatively tried to protest when Sandra seemed to calm for a moment during a break to catch their breaths.

For a moment the two stared into each other's eyes, her hands clenching just a bit tighter around his upper body to better adjust her grip on him. It also served to help remind Andy how relatively helpless he was in her grasp with how easily she was manhandling him. Not that he really minded THAT much, he was just trying to be a good officer and put his work duties first. Sandra, however, was having none of it.

"I could assign you other responsibilities tonight." She growled throatily at the fox, licking hungrily over her lips.

Before she had a chance to say more, her long ear fins perked to a sound behind her. Instantly her hands retreated from the fox and he stumbled at the abrupt drop down onto his own two feet. Her arms crossed behind her back as she spun to face the door to the lift, tail flicking slightly behind her and bumping him in the side in the process. A split second later the door slid open to reveal a pair of crewmen with their noses buried in data pads. Were either of them curious enough to actually raise their eyes to look inside the lift their captain would have looked the proper, collected officer she always did while Andy would have looked frazzled and winded like he’d just finished a light jog. As she stepped her way from the lift the looming dragoness gave the frazzled fox a quick glance back over her shoulder.

“We can continue this conversation this evening. Come by my quarters when you’re done with your rock.”

With no more hint at their previous activities or acknowledgement of how close they had come to being caught she sauntered her way off. Though, as she walked way, Andy couldn’t help but notice that there was just a bit more of a swish to her hips than there usually was. She definitely got off on the thrill of nearly being caught, and he knew he’d be paying for it later tonight. Not that he’d be complaining. Sadly, as much as he wanted to chase her down and finish their ‘conversation’, he had work to do.​​ 

Half an hour later Andy was carefully scraping the exterior of the meteorite with a scalpel, gathering up a small glob of the residual organic matter to run tests on. It wasn’t anything recognizable; little more than a mostly-dry black goop. Just when he was about to pull the knife away, Andy noticed a small crack along the edge of the rock. Looking closer, he found that the crack actually extended all the way around the rock and had been simply hidden underneath the layer of black goop. Curiously, he nudged the edge of the knife into the crack and wiggled it lightly, surprised to find the whole top of the meteorite wiggled slightly in response. It was hollow!

More than hollow, it was clearly meant to be two separate pieces stuck together like some kind of container. Mind racing at the implications, possibly of the meteorite not being a natural occurrence at all but some kind of storage container, he began to push the knife deeper into the crack to try and pry it open. Suddenly, the blade slipped in a half inch deeper than it had before as if it had punctured some kind of inner wall. A thick black goop began to ooze out of where the knife had punctured, seemingly of the same makeup of what was spread across the exterior of the meteor. Unlike the material on the outside of the meteor, this new​​ goop wasn’t dried out or deteriorating; it was fresh! Just as Andy was getting excited at the prospect of a preserved specimen like this, he got yet another surprise.​​ 

The goo moved.

An unnatural ripple in the liquid was all the warning Andy got before the mass rose up of its own accord off of the lab table and launched itself towards him. Tendrils of black goop shot out and attached to his arms like strands of inky spider’s silk then contracted like rubber bands to pull the larger mass of goo off of the table to splat wetly onto his arm. Andy’s eyes went wide and he stumbled backwards, letting out a yelp of shock, fear, and pain as he fell back on his ass in his flailing. His free arm clawed desperately at the goop that was now traveling up his arm in an attempt to rip it off of him. Each time he tried to grab ahold of it, though, his fingers just passed right through it as if it were nothing more than free-standing water; unable to find purchase. The goop flowed up his arm without pause until it leapt from his bicep and splattered right on his face. The last thing Andy felt was his mouth opening to let out a shocked yelp, only to have the sound muffled by the wet sensation of the goop forcing its way down his throat. Then, his eyes rolled up in the back of his head, and he collapsed on the ground; unconscious.​​ 

Waking up with a start, Andy’s body jerked itself up right and his eyes shot open wide. His whole body pounded with a rush of desperate adrenaline as it dredged up the last panicked memory he could recall. His eyes darted wildly around the room, struggling to focus on any one thing for longer than split second while his ears twitched and swiveled around searching for any out of place sounds. It was that keyed up state unique to waking up from an awful nightmare where you’re ready to attack anything within reach at a moment’s notice out of sheer instinctual panic. As he searched around and found no immediate threats his body slowly began to relax. He realized he had been slumped over the research table in front of the meteorite; embarrassed to see there was a small puddle of drool right next to where his head had been laying. When his eyes fell on the meteorite his body tensed up again, memories of that goop attacking him sending him into another split-second panic. When nothing seemed to move along the rock's surface, he tentatively reached over to prod it with the scalpel laying nearby.​​ 


With a sigh of relief, Andy slowly pushed himself up to his feet. His fingers combed through his hair as he tried to order his thoughts and push away memories of what he was rapidly beginning to accept as just a nightmare. He wondered to himself if maybe he had been working too hard lately and should apply for some leave. Maybe if he was lucky he could convince the captain to take some at the same time and the two of them could go out on vacation somewhere that they wouldn’t have to pretend like they hardly knew each other. As increasingly pleasant thoughts swirled through his mind of just what kind of private vacation he’d like with the domineering dragoness Andy started to make his way towards the lab’s exit only to stumble and nearly fall flat on his face as a sudden wave of dizziness and vertigo overtook him.​​ 

“Damn it…” Andy grunted aloud, arm catching on the edge of the work table to steady himself. “The hell is wrong with me?”

His question to the empty room went unanswered, not that the lack of some disembodied voice explaining things to him surprised him. He did begin to rethink his situation though. If he was this out of it maybe he should go to the med bay and get checked out. For all he knew, maybe he hit his head or something and he was still trying to shake off the concussion. Would he even remember if he hit his head hard enough to knock himself out? Taking a moment to steady himself against the wall, Andy pushed himself upright and began slowly making his way down the hall towards the lift.

Ten minutes and only a couple of stumbles later he found himself in the clean, white-walled room of the ship’s med bay. Since it was late at night, ship’s time, the chief medical officer was off duty. In his place was a cute little white-furred bunny girl with wide hips, a rather impressive bosom, and a pair of eyes so shockingly bright green that they were actually able to pull most people’s gazes away from her alluring physique… at least for a few moments. Andy felt himself blushing a bit as she approached when she heard the door hiss open. The way her hips swished back and forth with each step she took, the way her chest jostled ever so slightly in her snug uniform with each light bounce of her footsteps all left Andy’s ears suddenly burning from a growing blush at how attractive he found her. It didn’t hurt that she was, for all of her impressive assets, downright tiny. She couldn’t have been more than five foot six inches tall which made even the average five-ten fox feel like he towered over her; something he found himself a bit surprised to realize how much he enjoyed. Trying to shake himself from what he felt like was an unprofessional level of attraction, Andy offered a hand towards the approaching lapine woman and introduced himself.

“I, Ah, Hi. I’m not sure if we’ve met, yet. Lieutenant Renard, science officer.”

Rather than responding, the girl moved right past his outstretched hand and began to walk a slow circle around the fox. Her head slowly scanned up and down as she examined him without comment. Andy felt his cheeks flush further at the thought of being eyed like a piece of meat rather than interacted with like a person. The heat of his blush swelled through the rest of his body, going far beyond any normal sense of embarrassment as that idea of his own objectification landed. His fur bristled and whole body was tensed and ready for action. It was only when she finally spoke to after completing her circle of him that the trance broke and he realized he had been a split second away from pouncing her.

“What’s wrong? I can see that you are off balance and overly tense but don’t look like you’re actually in any pain. Vertigo?”

Andy had to take a moment to focus his thoughts. Something about the way she had looked him over like that had set something off in his head. Some primal instinct that revolted against the idea of being examined like an object; of being treated like prey. In that split second before she had spoken that sensation had had nearly overwhelmed him and forced him to pin her against the wall, teeth barred, and assert his dominance as the predator amongst them. The aggression of the thoughts sent a shiver of concern down Andy’s spine. It wasn’t even the acts that he had been about to indulge in themselves that worried him so much, but rather that somewhere deep in thoughts he agreed with them. Just being around the girl had made him feel tall and powerful, something he wasn’t used to especially considering who his recent bed-mate had been. So to have her looking down on him like that, even metaphorically, had made him scream internally to put her in her place.​​ 

“Hello? Anyone home?”

The snapping of a small pair of fingers in front of his face snapped Andy’s attention back to the medical officer. Only then did he realize he had once more drifted off into his thoughts. That wasn’t normal either.

“Oh. Uh. Sorry about that. I think I might have hit my head earlier. Thoughts keep wandering and I’m feeling a bit unbalanced.”

He tried to apologize as best as he could. He gave her a nervous smile as he rubbed his fingers bashfully through the fur on the back of his neck hoping to appease the clear annoyance on her face at having been ignored. Finally, she responded with the same firm, commanding tone you could only expect from military officers or stern doctors; the kind of voice that had no inclination to put up with anyone’s nonsense.​​ 

“Sit up on the table over there, let’s take a look at you.”

Obeying, the fox hopped his way up to sit on the edge of the exam table. He couldn’t resist the small smirk that spread across his lips when he saw her approach and have to use a small stepstool next to the table to get up high enough to easily see the top of his head. The idea sent a pleasurable tingle down his spine, not unlike the response to a pleasant, tender touch along a sensitive area like the base of his ears. When she actually did start touching his ears, mostly to move them out of the way mind you, as she combed her fingers gently through his head fur in search of a bump or bruise his eyes lidded half closed and his tail began to swish ever so slightly behind him. For a brief moment he felt her fingers pause their movements only to start again when he made no reaction, too lost in his own enjoyment of the physical contact to notice her hesitation.​​ 

Her hands trailed down from the top of his head towards his cheeks and his eyes slid all the way closed in response. By now his tail was all but wagging behind him and his lips were spread slightly apart in a contented smile that showed off just a hint of his teeth within. As her fingers slid along his cheek, Andy felt them stroking along the edge of his jawline, her thumb brushing over his bottom lip and tugging on it just enough to pull it down and show a bit more of his teeth. He didn’t even think anything of the wandering hands. He was enjoying the touch too much to care and, besides, she was the medical professional, right? It was only when her fingers stopped moving from where they had eventually come to cup the front of his muzzle that he let his eyes drift back open. He found himself staring her straight in the face, eye to eye with the bunny girl that he found whose lips were barely an inch away from his own.​​ 

His whole body immediately went rigid as he realized the situation the two of them were in. His tail stuck out straight behind him and nearly doubled its perceived mass from how thickly it fluffed out in alarm. For a split second the two of them were frozen, locked eye to eye with one another with their faces so close they could feel each other’s breath. Something welled up inside of Andy and before he realized it his lips were pulled back in the slightest hints of a snarl, a low rumble of a growl just barely vibrating up from deep within his chest. The moment her ears picked up the sound she averted her eyes and the spell over them both seemed to break. Quickly she retreated away from him, turning her back as she made her way towards the computer terminal set into the wall. despite her retreat, Andy couldn't help but notice her nipples sticking out like two steel bullets against the form-fitting fabric of her uniform, nor that the air was now drenched in the scent of her arousal. For his own part, he hardly realized how painfully hard his own erection was until he saw her briefly glance over her shoulder then blatantly look down between his legs; his own eyes following hers to see the clear outline of his erection in his uniform.​​ 

The bunny struggled to get herself under control. She was better than this, more professional than this! She’d never even considered even looking at one of her patients in any kind of sexual context before. But now?​​ Now just the smell of the fox made it all she could to do keep from ripping his pants open and smashing her face right in between his thighs. Some rational part of her brain told her this wasn’t natural. Something was going on that shouldn’t be. But, unfortunately for her, the rest of her brain was already far too gone to listen. Andy’s scent, mutated by the alien goop that had infected him, was corrupting the pleasure centers of her brain. The simple smell of him caused anyone nearby to have not just their libido overcharge but their brain to begin pumping out endorphins at a prodigious rate. It made him both irresistible to anyone that caught a whiff of him, as well as fogged their brains with a drug cocktail of their own making to keep them from even considering resisting until it was far, far too late.​​ 

"I ah... No, there doesn't seem to be any noticeable bruising." She explained, struggling to keep her voice in the same firm disinterested tone she had used before. "You just need to- Ah!"

She cut off mid-sentence when a powerful, dark brown-furred hand wrapped around her left wrist from behind her. She dared not turn around as the shadow now cast across her sent her instinctual fight or flight response into full flight mode. Despite years of training and generations of evolution, something in the most primal part of her brain had woken up and was screaming danger, that she was prey being hunted. And thanks to those generations of evolution crossing all kinds of writers that never should cross, that danger excited her.​​ 

Andy hadn't even consciously decided to move. One second he was sitting on the table staring at her pert, heart-shaped ass and the next he was approaching her from behind. His mouth was awash in drool, salivating so hard a bit was actually leaking from the edge of his lips and dribbling down his chin. One of his hands held firm to her wrist, pushing it up against the wall and keeping her from easily turning to face him. The other hand reached down and took a firm hold on her curvy hip; fingers tracing their way along the outer ridge of her thigh and hind-quarters. At the touch her whole body shuddered and she sucked in a deep breath out of mixed fear and excitement only to shiver harder when she got a lungful of the intense musk the fox seemed to be projecting into the air all of the sudden. In that instant, some small part of her brain clicked together that something was wrong. The way her body reacted to that scent was not normal. Her loins were on fire and her whole body ached for him, a fox she had just met and only known for five minutes. Yet even as her conscious thoughts warned her something was wrong, yelled at her to pull away and quarantine the both of them till they could figure out what was going on, her body reacted of its own accord. Her body pushed back against his own eagerly. Her narrow back pressed into firm pectorals she hadn't even noticed when she had first examined him and her head bumped up underneath his chin while her ample backside ground its way shamelessly right into his nethers only. That's when she heard the ripping sound.

All the while, Andy had been struggling with himself. He fought against the predatory instincts screaming through him like an electric current; the voices and thoughts in his head yelling at him to take this bunny and claim her for his own. His libido screamed for satisfaction and his body responded with the hardest erection he could ever remember in his entire life. People say they've been so hard they thought they'd rip out of their pants as an exaggeration but at that moment Andy swore it really would happen to him. Then she ground back against him and what tenuous control had kept him unmoving for those long seconds snapped. His conscious desires washed away in a flood of lust, desire, and... vertigo? As the warring instincts and urges within him tainted his conscious thoughts, like a second voice in his head shouting down the main mental voice, he felt his body changing. His uniform had pulled skintight across his body, strained by newfound muscle mass he had never before had in his life and would have killed to have had. He'd never been out of shape but his body had always been predisposed to lean athleticism rather than bulkier muscle mass that he'd always secretly​​ admired. Now, though, as his hand on the bunny's hips slid its way down between her legs, he could see the tendons on his forearms tensing and his clearly-visible bicep bulging with muscle and sinew that had not been there even minutes beforehand. A brief glance down showed a clear outline of pectoral muscles pushing back against her head like a muscular pillow, an honest to god pectoral shelf. The shock of his increased mass alone would have almost been enough to snap him out of his lust-craze long enough to let him admire his new self if it hadn't been for her grinding hips pushing into him drawing attention to one other part of him that seemed to be growing. 

That was when his pants ripped open. 

The erection that tore free from his fly was like something out of a porn fantasy. Though Andy couldn't get a clear look at its size with the medical officer's ass pinning it between herself and his stomach he definitely felt that it was at least half again as large as it normally was. More, still, every time her hips gyrated and pushed back against him, he felt it throb like he were flexing it, only to never actually feel it relax from that pulsation. It was still growing. All of him was. Even as he realized this what little self-control remained wasted away. The tender touch of his fingers exploring her ample legs and teasing up between them became a clawed fist, grabbing a handful of the fabric of her pants and simply ripping them of off her. The bunny girl let out a gasping moan as she felt herself exposed so roughly, yet only ground back harder against him in response. were he able to see the front of her face Andy would have seen her eyes glazed over in a haze of lust bordering on unconsciousness. her higher brain functions had been all but wiped out, leaving her little more than a quivering, needy mass of hormones and desire. He wasn't in a much better state, his own self-awareness hanging on by a thread. The difference being that he was the predator. Where she was the quivering prey held in the grasp of a stalking predator, he was the beast that had caught her. She was his, his to do with as he pleased. His to devour. His to fuck. 

Andy hardly even noticed that her head no longer reached the top of his chest anymore, nor did he notice the spreading rips along his uniform. With each passing second of their sexual intimacy his height scraped upwards a centimeter at a time while muscle mass built across him like a fast-forward time lapse of a bodybuilder on a year-long nonstop workout. All he could focus on was that he was the bigger one, the stronger one. When he gathered both of her wrists up in one of his meaty fists, it took barely any effort at all to lift her up clear off the ground by her arms. dangling a good half-foot above the floor left her at the perfect height for him to pin against the wall. There was no teasing, no coy words or foreplay in their coupling. There was simply him pressing her into the bulkhead and spearing into her all at once. 

She let out a scream of mixed pain and bliss as nearly a foot of fox-cock spread her open further and deeper than anyone ever before in her life. Even if she hadn't already been all-but unconscious from whatever was in the air the abrupt over-stimulation of the growing fox pistoning in and out of her hard enough to shake the bulkhead would have put her in much the same state as she already was. Andy barely even noticed what was going on around him anymore; All he knew was pleasure. He didn't even notice that his free hand, resetting upon the bulkhead for support, was pressing down so hard it was leaving an actual hand-print in the reinforced metal. With every passing second he thrust harder into the poor, overwhelmed bunny girl. Each thrust pushed deeper inside as each thrust sent his dick swelling fractionally larger inside of her while his head stretched its way towards the ceiling. The further he downed in his own stimulation, the larger he became. As he neared the edge the pressure that the bunny's nethers were placing on his dick became more of an inconvenience than an enjoyment so, just as quickly as he had snatched her up, he simply dropped her. Already she wasn't good​​ enough. Unable to take enough of him to even give him a proper fuck and forcing him to take matters into his own hands. As he looked down at the hunched-over heap of bunny at his feet he wrapped one, then both, of his meaty paws around the girth of his newly-enlarged erection. feeling how the formerly one-handed piece of meat now spread both hands to the brim tickled at his ego in a way Andy had never even considered before. That, mixed with seeing just how tiny the little bunny looked down at his feet now made him feel so big, so powerful, that it only took seconds for him to finally peak. 

When he came, he didn't grunt, moan or snarl like a man; he roared like a beast. The sheer power-high he rode on burst forth from his muzzle in the shape of a booming resonance of sound that literally shook the walls of the med bay as he began to unload all over the wall, floor, and incoherent bunny girl at his feet. Rope after rope of cum, each one alone more than he normally would be able to produce during an entire session, splattered across the ground in front of him. Yet as he released, the ropes only seemed to grow. Sparked on by whatever unnatural force was changing his body that seemed to be fueled by his libido, his orgasm itself seemed to super-charge the effects. Whereas before he grew fractions of a centimeter at a time, now he surged larger in burgeoning spurts of size in time with each throb of his release. Inches piled on each time a splattering of cum burst from the meaty pillar of his dick, causing the remains of his clothes to shred off of him as each surge of growth sent him stretching out in all directions. Toes spread across the hardened metal floor, claws growing wickedly long and sharp to the point they tore visible gouges in the floor when his toes clenched for the next spurt. His body ballooned not just with size, but with mass as each spasm seemed to make his entire body flex all at once and then simply refuse to unflex afterwards. In his and the bunny's five-minute fuck-fest he had swollen from a modestly sized athletic fox into a nearly seven-foot-tall stud. But in the fifteen seconds of his orgasm he had ballooned from that seven-foot stud into a hulking nine-foot-tall beast that could have snapped his pre-orgasm self in half like a tooth pick. When his release finally slowed to a dribble so too did the changes for his body. Left momentarily free from the intense stimulation that had driven him all but feral minutes before, Andy finally was able to take stock of himself.

The used-up bunny was ignored where she lay in a puddle of his juices, half unconscious against the wall, as Andy stepped back towards the center of the room. The first step alone spread a feral grin across his face as he felt the dull THUMP of his weight literally shake the floor beneath him slightly. Experimentally, he lifted one of his arms and curled his bicep inwards to flex for himself and all but salivated at the pleasing bulge of muscle that surged up along his arm in response. He could actually feel the skin straining around the girth of his flexed muscle, as if he were too big for his own body and it were just screaming for more room to grow. Looking down at his waist had much the same effect, once he got past the additional glee at having to actually hunch his neck forward a bit to see past the shelf of his pectorals. His dick was still rock hard, throbbing as if already eager to go again. The thing was monstrous, even for his now nine-foot tall body. It was easily as long as his own forearm and about as thick with two small melon-sized nuts hanging underneath to match. He was a monster, and that thought alone was almost enough to send him back into a lust-frenzy.

Somewhere in his thoughts he recognized something wasn't right. He should be freaking out; terrified and confused as to what was happening to him. He should be concerned for what he'd done to the medical officer, or what might happen to him if this process continued. But, as he tried to focus on those things, they seemed to simply slip from his thoughts. It was like trying to hold water in your palms, the worries and concerns just flowed out from the cracks until there was nothing left. It was like his rational mind had been shoved into the backseat and let his instincts have control of the brain. The only thoughts that caught in his head were of power. The sheer strength of his new body, the desire to dominate others around him and show off his​​ new strength and, as he glanced briefly back at the unconscious bunny, a ravenous desire to mate. It was as if his ID had been given full sentience and was now in control rather than just an unconscious part of his mind influencing him. As his thoughts shifted away from that brief surge of introspection and back to his own strength and power, a hand drifted its way down towards his crotch and casually squeezed at the base of his dick. The thrill of stimulation surged through him along with a fractional spurt of newfound size and he felt that lustful haze beginning to build once more.

Before he let himself fall too deep into his own lusts once more a thought came to mind. A memory from before his infection of a promised meeting. At that thought, his dick throbbed as if voicing its own anticipation to the sudden flood of perverse thoughts about a particular dragoness he owed a visit too. He had thought at first to just wander the halls in search of other people to have fun with. But now?

He knew exactly where he was going next

The sound of the door to her quarters opening woke her from a light sleep. Years of being an on-call officer had left Sandra able to sleep on a hair trigger and wake up at the first sign of need. Her training kicked in before she’d even consciously roused and her hand was reaching for the pulse-pistol she kept underneath her bed. In her entire career as an officer she’d never once had to use such a weapon nor even really had any need of suspecting she might; but having a weapon at hand when she slept had always been somehow comforting to her. Now, she was thankful for the habit as the familiar weapon’s grip in her hand helped to alleviate the sudden building concern that the sound of heavy, floor shaking footsteps approaching welled up within her.​​ 

“Who’s there?!” She called out in a sharp, demanding tone towards the doorway leading from her sleeping chamber to the main living area of her quarters.

“It’s me…”

The voice sent an unfamiliar chill running down Sandra’s spine. It was a familiar voice that normally put her at ease and made her struggle to suppress a smile whenever she heard it, but different. Andy’s voice. The words were his, but the voice was warped; deepened. His tone rumbled out with a growl of pure animal ferocity she had never heard from anyone, much less her little fox before. It was the growl of a wild animal, of a predator. She wasn’t unfamiliar with it; she, herself, was of predatory lineage and had snarled her primal fury at many an enemy in her past. But coming from Andy’s voice it was disconcerting. Worse still, despite her consciously being absolutely confident in her status as an apex predator even amongst the other sentient predatory species, the tone in his voice sent something primal through her that she never expected to feel in the presence of anything other than a fellow dragon. Fear.

Sandra watched the doorframe as if expecting a hoard of monsters to burst through it at any moment, unable to suppress the alien sense of dread built up within her. As If in slow motion, she watched as a set of dark brown-furred fingers gripped the edge of the doorframe; each tipped with a sharpened claw that would have shamed her own. Slowly, almost tauntingly, Andy pulled himself into view as if using the grip on the doorframe for support. Well, mostly into view that was. Standing in front of her door she was unable to see past the middle of his chest, the monstrous hulk of a fox standing before her so tall even her expanded door wasn’t tall enough to allow him casual entry. He was forced to duck down, hunching shoulders as wide as the door​​ itself, to squeeze himself inside with her. It was Andy, her little Andy. Just… not quite so little anymore. Suddenly her spacious captains’ quarters felt very, very small.​​ 

“A-Andy?! What the hell happened to you?!” Sandra exclaimed as she took a reflexive step away from him.

“Who cares?” Andy growled with a lusty grin.

“I do! You’re… You’re…” She stammered.​​ 

Her struggle to speak only made the beast that was her formerly average-sized lieutenant grin wickedly. Andy took a step closer to her; that single step covering all of the distance her own retreat had covered and then some. It was then that his scent hit her. It was the familiar musk of the fox she had come to know so well after months of secretive intimacy with one another. Yet at the same time it was different. The scent was sharper, more intense and carried an undertone of sex that never had previously been inherent to his scent mixed with something she couldn’t quite place her finger on. When she smelled it, though, her whole body reacted. It was like her nerve endings lit up like a Christmas tree and her whole body shuddered involuntarily. Her legs immediately grew weak while her nipples went steel hard in an instant and an intense heat blossomed between her legs. In the span of that single breath she became more turned on than she ever had been in her entire life and it was a testament to her years of training and discipline that she didn’t pounce him that very instant.​​ 

For his part, Andy was almost as tempted to pounce the dragoness as she had been to pounce him. Not for the same reason, though. The strange, overwhelming effect of his new body's musk had no effect on him. The thought of looking down at Sandra, at being bigger than the dragoness that had been able to manhandle him with ease the entire time they had been together, though, was driving him absolutely wild. Already he was leaking pre onto the carpet, something that Sandra clearly noticed and struggled to draw her attention away from. The way she had stared down at his dick, watching a droplet that had to be at least an ounce or two of clear liquid drip from its tip, was like watching someone dying of thirst in the dessert watching water drip from a faucet. The need, the naked hunger for him that he could see on her face only further inflated his already rampaging ego and sent a fresh throb of arousal to his dick; sparking another half an inch or so of height to spread out across his still-growing frame.​​ 

"Say it." Andy repeated, his voice growling deeper in his throat. The command made Sandra shiver again as whatever was in Andy's scent cowed her normally confident, in-command personality into submission simply from his presence. Finally, after a moment of her mouth opening and closing silently like a fish out of water, she said it.​​ 

"You're huge...!"

That was all it took to break the tenuous self-control the transformed monster of a fox had. He bounded across the room in two long strides, each one shaking the floor in a way that only added to the feelings of power coursing through her. His hands wrapped around her arms and spun the dragoness to face away from him. Then, one hand sliding up to press down on the back of her head, he forcibly bent her over her own bed and reached down with his other hand to carelessly tear away the bottom of her uniform. She couldn't resist, couldn't fight back. Not because she didn't have the strength; she was confident even if he was stronger than her now, she still had the superior skill and escaping him wouldn't have taken too much effort. Rather, she didn't have the​​ willpower too. It took all of her self-control not to simply moan out and plead for him to breed her, to fuck her into oblivion and claim her for his own. It was a desperate struggle with each breath she took not to simply devolve into a cock-hungry slut for the beast her boyfriend had become. She knew this was wrong, knew something unnatural was happening and she couldn't let it happen to anyone else. with the last ounce of her mental strength she reached an arm across the bed and grabbed at her communicator badge where it rest on her bedside table. As she clicked the communicator on, she let out a gasping yelp of mixed lust and pain as Andy mercilessly speared into her; treating her like a sex toy, a way to get off rather than a partner to enjoy intimacy with. With everything she had left, she forced out a command through gritted teeth and barely-restrained grunts and moans of the monstrous, and still growing fox, fucking her ruthlessly from behind.

"Emergency... Emergency Quarantine. Deck Ahh! Deck... Deck Fourteen..."

Hoping that it was enough, all Sandra could do now was let go. The power of Andy's scent and thrusting overwhelmed her and she felt her mind melt away into little more than a haze of sex, desire, and fanatical devotion to the monster, to her Andy...

To her God…

“Status report?” The burly, aging bear that was Admiral Lenton asked.​​ 

It had been three days since the creature formerly known as Lieutenant Andrew Renard had been brought planet side for continued quarantine. The entire crew of the​​ Adonis​​ had been infected by the time a nearby cruiser had caught their distress signal and been able to tow the ship to a nearby spaceport. Unfortunately, by then, the creature’s growth had nearly exceeded the space available in the ship’s cargo hold. Fearing that even if they moved him to one of the larger holds of the space port or even one of the spacious docking ports he might soon outsize even that, they had chosen to bring him planet side while they still could. That thought still sent a shiver down the admiral’s spine. They had been lucky they’d made that call. As of now, he was certain Lieutenant Renard would no longer fit even in one of the dry docks meant for a heavy cruiser.​​ 

“Um. Sedatives still seem to be effective for the moment. We have to keep upping the dose as both his size continues to increase from his… ahem, nightly emissions, and his body seems to be adapting to their effects and learning to burn them off quicker. We’ve been able to slow the adaptation by mixing different cocktails of sedatives and switching them out every few hours but honestly, sir, at this point I doubt we’ll be able to keep him under for another week at most. It might even be less than that. Not all of the sedatives we mix can fully suppress his dreams and his growth seems to have an active mental component too it. The more intense his dreams, the more he grows even when unconscious. So, whenever we have to use the sedatives that don’t induce dreamless sleep, he grows more.”

The science officer nervously skimmed over his clipboard, doing his best not to look out of the viewing window that the admiral was currently staring out of. The wolf, normally rather confident and gung-ho found himself unnaturally subdued while inside the facility. Not that the admiral could blame him. Anyone would find their ego struggling to remain inflated when around /him/. After a moment’s pause to collect himself, the wolf continued.

“The other subjects show no biological signs of changes. They’re no longer chemically driven to the subject but the extreme sensory overload that exposure to his pheromones causes seems to leave lingering psychological effects. It’s like his scent is literally a drug to them, sir. They’re all still addicted. They’re conscious and aware, but obsessed bordering on fanaticism with the subject. They keep demanding the medical staff let them see him at once. A couple have become violent when refused and had to be sedated. Other than their fanatical desire to see the subject, they seem to retain all of their memories, skills, and training. We’ve had to take extra precautions to dissuade escape attempts from some of the more talented crew members under his influence.”

Before the admiral could ask anything else the two of them were interrupted by the sudden blaring of an alarm. The lights dimmed and were partially replaced by flashing red warning lights as an emergency klaxon screamed through the air. Both of their eyes went wide at the potential implications.

“What’s going on?!” snapped the admiral, rounding on the wolf as if he were the cause of the disturbance.

Quickly tapping across his tablet for several moments, the wolf scanned across the screen and whatever was being pulled up. The longer he read and watched the more his ears flattened to the top of his head. Were his face not covered in fur, Admiral Lenton would have been able to see the color drain from his cheeks. Turning the tablet around, the wolf loaded up a short security video for the admiral to watch. The video showed a cheetah woman in one of the science team’s hazmat suits fiddling with the controls of one of the machines in the subject’s containment hangar. After that, the wolf swiped to a second video that showed the same cheetah assaulting a group of security officers outside of the decontamination chamber they had to go through to leave the hangar. When the Admiral showed a look of confusion, the wolf zoomed in the camera and replayed the fight from the beginning, showing the admiral the large rip along the back-left leg of the cheetah’s suit. She had been exposed. God only knew how long she had been under the influence of Andy’s pheromones.​​ 

“Oh god. What did she do?” Lenton asked.

As if in response to his question the whole room shook. The chairs and desks fell over as the floor lurched with enough force beneath the two of them to send them both stumbling to the ground. Loud creaks and groans thundered through the facility like the settling of an ancient house on an exponential larger scale. With a growing sense of dread building in their chests the two of them slowly turned to look out of the observation window. Where only moments before had been an unmoving wall of orange and white fur now sat a single, titanic yellow eye the size of a large shuttle craft staring through the window right at the both of them.​​ 

He was awake.​​ 

Andy roused quickly from his stupor almost as if his body were eager to be free of the fetters of unconsciousness. When his eyes opened the light momentarily blinded him as they struggled to adjust after god-only-knew how many days of disuse. As he raised an arm to shield his eyes from the light, he felt something catch against his arm for a split second, followed by the sharp crashing of metal on metal. Confused, the fox looked down to his side. In the attempt to lift his arm, it had caught on a series of metal scaffolds that had been​​ set up along it and his shoulder, ripping them from the wall and sending them crashing to the floor as easily as one might move their arm through a spiderweb.​​ 

It took him several moments to realize what he was looking at, the scale so drastically different from when he had last been awake. He had been huge before he’d been asleep, sure, but only big enough that he could palm people like action figures. Now, though? He had to take a few moments to even parse out the people from the objects and machines in the space-ship hangar he was currently in. When he finally did recognize a few hazmat suit-wearing furs down below he realized they weren’t even the size of tic-tacs to him now.​​ 

A deep, thunderous growl of hungry desire welled up within the mutated fox’s throat. One of his hands reached up and casually gripped against the wall of the hangar, reveling in how his fingers sunk into the reinforced titanium as easily as one might leave finger indents in a lump of clay. His other hand shamelessly found its way down to his crotch, wrapping fingers around the monstrous cock that made even his shuttle craft-palming fist seem puny and inadequate. The feeling of being so massive, so powerful was like a drug all its own to the fox now. Any sense of propriety, shame, or hesitation that he may have one had long since had been washed away by the influence of whatever alien specimen had morphed him into this. Not that he could complain. Why would he? It had turned him into a god.

That thought and a few strokes of his monstrous cock were all it took to push him over the edge for the first real orgasm he’d had in a week. But it wasn’t the thrilling sexual high of orgasm that made the fox’s maw go slack and tongue hang limply from his muzzle like a panting dog getting scratched behind the ear. No, that was just a happy after-effect. What Andy was basking in was the sudden surge of growth he was experiencing.

His senses had sharpened with his mutation to the point he could make out all of the chaos around him even in the mind-numbing bliss of his orgasm. He could hear the screams and yells, the calls for evacuation and the emergency sirens screaming all around him. All of it only an undertone to the chorus of warping metal, crashing debris and shattering glass as his body grew. His hips overflowed the width of the hangar and smashed through the walls while his head and shoulders surged upwards to tear through the overhead hangar doors. Arms swung out and ripped through the sides of the walls only to hit solid earth. To him, though, the solid earth was more like the soft dirt of beach sand and it gave way with little effort into a cascade of dirt and rock caving in around him. He realized then that the hangar must have been a few hundred feet underground. Which made it all the more thrilling for him to push himself to his feet, still mid release, and find that the nearly thousand-foot-deep hole barely came up to his waist.​​ 

And yet still he grew.

The rest of the admiralty panicked and sent ships to attack the fox in a last, desperate attempt to save themselves. Unfortunately for them he had already grown far, far too powerful for their weapons to do much damage too. Concentrated energy beams and explosive projectiles smashed against the fox’s fur and hide with as much effectiveness as shooting squirt guns and NERF darts at him. Worse still, despite their ships being literally the size of gnats to the soon mile-tall fox, Andy could clearly spot them flying around thanks to his enhanced senses. The sight and sensation of weapons strong enough to blow state-of-the-art star ships out of the sky with ease not even leaving singes on his hide only fed Andy’s already out of control ego.​​ 

The monster of a fox began his stroll across the countryside, gleefully basking in his sense of overwhelming superiority. Entire neighborhoods were scooped out of the ground and dumped into his mouth to​​ be swallowed whole. A whole mountain found itself being ground into rubble when Andy decided to drape himself over it and grind down into the thing like a horny twenty year old grinding their morning wood into their mattress in the morning until he blew a load clean through the rock, only to crush the remains of the mountain beneath his once-more growing mass. As his sexual rampage grew in destructiveness so did not just his body, but his pheromones effect. As he approached a city his scent had become so powerful the entire town found itself lost in a lustful haze, falling to their knees and cumming on the spot just at the sight of their approaching vulpine god. An entire city of worshippers converted in an instant… only to then disappear beneath a single one of his footsteps and be snuffed out just as quickly.​​ 

What wasn’t destroyed by the fox instead found itself drowned in, or set near one of the growing lakes of his pre and cum until there reached a point the entire atmosphere was becoming sufficed in his scent. Andy no longer had to even approach an area to bring it under his control as the whole world was slowly converted into an entire planet full of devoted worshippers to their new titanic vulpine god.​​ 

High above in the atmosphere, the remains of the admiralty that had escaped before being infected called for an emergency quarantine of the planet. The entire system was black listed as a lethal biohazard, warning any and all that approached it that they would be met with deadly force if they ever tried to enter, or if anyone inside tried to leave. They surrendered their home planet to Andy, surrendered the seat of their power to the vulpine god happenstance and a little bit of black alien goo had created all in hopes that it would be enough to satiate him and they could move on and rebuild.

Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough. It would never be enough. It was only a matter of time before Andy outgrew his little playground and came searching for others. And when that happened? All they could do was run.​​ 

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