Playing With Magic

Akane’s always enjoyed being taller than people. Now she’s gonna have herself a BIG night on the town

Patreon reward story for Akane of her character using a bit of sorcery to make herself big and have some fun with the local town.

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|| Originally posted January 25th, 2020 ||

Playing With Magic

By Dragonien


Akane bustled through the motel room in a frenzy ensuring that everything was properly in place. She triple-checked the placement of the candles, adjusted the book's placement in the middle of them with just a bit more OCD than was probably necessary to ensure it was at exactly the right angle. She even spent a few minutes double checking her own clothes and hair to ensure her looks were as pristine as the ritual she were setting up as if her physical appearance might somehow disrupt her plan. Part of her knew that it was smart to be so careful, but another voice in the back of her head made jokes at her own expense that she was using the book to cast a spell not going out on a dinner date with it. But Akane wanted everything to be perfect. If even one thing went wrong the whole spell might fail, or worse, backfire and then she'd never be bigger.

Bigger is always better. At least, that's what Akane always thought.  For most people a casual glance would just see her as yet another wolf; white fur shading down from tan to light brown as it extended out from her underbelly and the front of her face across the rest of her pelt. That is, until they caught on to the few unusual features of her. The leathery wings that lay folded up against her back were a dead give-away that there was a bit more to this wolfess than you might catch at first glance. The deep crimson eyes set into her head were another indicator that she was more than she appeared. Other than that though, the only real sign that anything was different was her height.  She was damned big for a wolf, well over seven feet tall even before she tried on any heels or thick-soled boots. Her unusual size was thanks to a small bit of draconic ancestry in her bloodline. She'd lucked out and gotten the lion's share of it as well; most of her family not even showing physical signs save for a minor enhancement like longer fangs or sharper senses. Akane, though, had greedily gorged herself at the genetics buffet of her family and not only sprouted both wings and unnaturally colored eyes, but utterly towered over the rest of her family. 

And now, if the spell from the book she'd found in her great-grandparent’s attic worked as advertised, she'd soon be towering over everyone else as well. 

Once she was absolutely certain everything was in place she centered herself in front of the lectern she had set up on the motel room's small desk. slowly closing her eyes, she felt around inside for the tiny flicker of power that she had spent weeks practicing with the book's guidance to find. Once she felt that tiny flame of heat within her she grabbed onto it with a savage ferocity that refused to let it slip through her fingers like it had done many times in the past. Then, unaware of how her crimson eyes had begun to glow ever so slightly when she held on to that inner power, she turned her attention to the book and began to read. The words flowed from her lips almost of their own accord. It was like the power she held within herself and the will to cast the spell in the book melded together to force her mouth and vocal cords to act independently from her conscious thought. Otherwise she wasn't sure if she even could have properly produced the sounds that flowed from her lips. For a good ten seconds she spoke in an incoherent, long-lost dialect that sounded more like someone had used editing software to sentence-mix her speaking into incoherence rather than her actually using a real language. Then, just as suddenly as the words had begun to flow they cut off and a flash of light emanated from her eyes. For a split second, nothing seemed to happen. Akane looked around in confusion that quickly grew into frustration at the​​ seeming lack of effect. Before long, though, she realized she was having to look further down at the book than she had previously and it dawned on her.

She was growing.

Her giddiness quickly melted into concern when her head bumped against the ceiling of the motel room. She had spent meticulous hours reviewing everything that she was supposed to do and how it would work but in all of her preparation one obvious issue had completely escaped her. She probably should have cast this spell outside. 

Within moments she was forced down onto her hands and knees, shoulders and back pushing up against the ceiling of the motel room. Her expanding arm knocked over the desk her ritual had been set up on and the candles spilled down onto the ground around her. Frantically, Akane beat her growing hands against the carpet to put out the small fire they had started, only to let out a yelp when her frantic movements and banging caused the floor to groan then collapse underneath her; sending her crashing down into the first-floor motel room beneath her. Her arms reached out and pressed against either wall while her upper body leaned back up into her own motel room she had fallen from only to smack her head on the ceiling again. Well, at least she had been smart enough to do this in a motel room in another city instead of her own home.

Minutes later the motel, already long since evacuated when the destruction and shaking had sent its other inhabitants running outside, began to collapse around the growing form of the wolfess. Her back rose up from the crumbling remains of the roof; chunks of debris big enough to crush cars sliding off of her back like someone sitting up from being buried in the sand. A contented sigh escaped her muzzle as her arms stretched over her head, wings spreading wide at the same time to stretch all of her upper limbs into the open space now available to them. Shifting her weight about momentarily Akane folded her legs underneath herself in a kneeling position, completely uncaring of the way her moving legs smashed through yet more walls of the motel like they were little more than brittle sandcastle walls. Only once she was nice and comfortable did she open her eyes and sweep her gaze around her new surroundings. The grin came to her lips unbidden as she looked across the minuscule landscape around her, seeing the rooftops of buildings two and three stories tall spread out beneath her despite her still down on her knees. Only then, after thoroughly examining her new playground, did she finally notice the people.

"Oh my god, you're all so tiny!" she giggled, her voice booming from her sheer size despite it raising a couple of octaves like when you're talking about a cute puppy.

Those that had evacuated the motel had either long since ran away or stood staring in shock up at the giantess that had appeared in their midst. When she started to reach down for them, though, even the remaining people either too stunned or too stupid to run finally caught on and turned tail. Unfortunately for a couple of them she was too fast; the burly bear receptionist for the motel and a petite little mouse girl each finding themselves wrapped up in the log-sized fingers of one of Akane's fists. Within moments, after a dizzying bout of vertigo at being effortlessly raised a half dozen stories into the air, the two found themselves staring face to face with the widely grinning muzzle of the enlarged draconic wolfess. 

For their part, the two were utterly petrified despite Akane showing no outward signs of hostility or malicious intent. It was simply the sheer scale of her that made her very existence intimidating.  When she had fangs longer than their forearms and a mouth big enough it could have swallowed either of them whole with​​ ease it was a bit difficult for even her happy, bubbly personality to put the two at ease. The fact that she was effortlessly holding both of them up in the air in fists that could crush them like empty soda cans if she squeezed too hard didn't help either. As they raised up in front of her face her nostrils flared and a thick gust of ever-so-faintly mint-scented breath washed over the two of them with the same force as brief exposure to an industrial fan. When she spoke, her voice rumbled through the air like a roll of thunder and she quickly had to lower her voice when she saw her two captives wince in pain from the volume.

"Hello there! Oh. Sorry... hello there little guys. How's the weather down there?" she asked with a playful gleam in her eye. When neither of them responded, however, her giddy grin turned into a pout. "Oh, come on. I'm not that scary, am I? I mean, I'm not even trying to be! If you wanted scary..."

She trailed off and let silence hang in the air. Her grin growing wider, she began to raise the two higher above her head. Her fists relaxed their grips and quickly shifted to instead wrap only her index finger and thumb around either of their torsos, leaving the two terrified furs dangling in midair above her face. Her jaw parted wide, exposing the dark cavern of her maw lined with the razor-sharp predator's teeth her mixed bloodline blessed her with, and she exhaled a harsh puff of faintly minty-scented humid air over the two tiny furs. With nothing more than a casual relaxing of her fingers either of them would tumble down into her waiting maw, surely to be swallowed whole with the same effort as someone swallowing a large gummy bear. Her large eyes darted back and forth between the two for the long, drawn out second she dangled them as if gauging which one she'd rather devour. Then with no warning she relaxed her grip on the bear and let him tumble his way down into her maw. Her jaw instantly snapped shut around him with a CLACK of teeth on teeth that made the mouse girl wince. The powerful oral muscle in her mouth effortlessly pinned the poor ursine receptionist against the roof of her maw for several seconds as she tasted him. Once he was good and thoroughly soaked in her saliva, though, she didn't waste any more time in simply swallowing him down.

The loud 'Ulp' of his swallowing seemed to echo through the now deserted parking lot, accompanied by a visible bulge traveling down her throat and along the narrow swell of muscle that was her Adam's Apple. The moment the bear had vanished down her throat her muzzle spread wide again and once more bathed her remaining captive in a hot gust of exhaled breath; a happy sigh of contentment and relief like after you abruptly swallow something that had been hotter than you expected it to be. With just the mouse remaining, Akane's grin focused solely on her. The mouse trembled in obvious fear, expecting her to be dropped in at any given moment just like the bear had. As if not wanting to disappoint the little rodent, Akane promptly did just that and dropped her.

This time, when the sharp clack of the giantess' teeth snapping together filled the air it was once more dulled by the shielding of her closed mouth to the mouse. Akane had snapped her jaw shut just before the little mouse girl had fallen inside, leaving her instead to sprawl out spread eagle across the tip of Akane's muzzle. Immediately she began scrabbling at the fur and flesh of Akane's nose and muzzle, doing her best to grip fistfuls of fur while her feet clawed ineffectively against Akane's chin trying to find purchase and keep from sliding off. Unfortunately for her she was a bit too slow and her grip slipped before she'd steadied herself. tumbling her way down Akane's throat, the little mouse girl bounced off of Akane's collar bone and landed right atop the ample shelf of flesh that was her bosom. The poor, frightened mouse girl didn't even have time to scramble to her feet before a rumbling giggle welled up from within Akane's chest, her torso jostling enough that the malleable flesh beneath the mouse jiggled and nearly sent her tumbling off of the edge of her perch.

"Naughty little thing! If you wanted a VIP ride you just had to ask!" Akane's voice rumbled through the air.

Massive fingers moved in from the side and shoved against the mouse, pushing her across the partially cloth-covered shelf of Akane's bosom. Then, abruptly, the flesh beneath her gave way to a dark chasm of furry flesh and she found herself tumbling down a sharp incline right into the middle of Akane's cleavage. Hands big enough to palm cars raised to either side of Akane's chest, carefully cradling the sides of her bosom. Her fingers dug in slightly, just enough to get a grip, so she could pull them apart enough to let the mouse girl tumble deeper into the darkness between her breasts before pushing inwards instead and smothering the little mouse girl between them. Once Akane was fairly confident the mouse was firmly wedged within her chest, and once she had spent a moment recovering from the rather enjoyable tickles of the mouse girl's squirming, she finally turned her attention to the rest of the city.

When Akane finally stood for the first time up to her full height she stumbled a half step from the abrupt disorientation. Her boot-clad foot smashed down on top of the far wing of the motel and crashed through it like someone accidentally stepping on a cardboard box; collapsing that entire section of the building with ease. Once she had regained her footing she experimented with doing the same thing on purpose with her other foot and the remaining section of the motel. A girlish giggle magnified into an intimidating roll of thunder boomed out from her throat as she admired how easily hundreds of pounds of wood, plaster, metal, brick, and who-knew what else the building was made out of caved underneath her tank-sized boot. To her it felt little different than walking on dried mud, able to feel the little chunks that refused to immediately crumble sticking into the tread of her boot and keeping her foot from resting flat on the ground. When the last remaining section of the block-long motel caught her attention a wicked grin spread across her face that showed off her slightly too-sharp teeth all too well. She took two resounding steps forward, each one causing a small tremor to resonate through the ground, before cocking her leg back and swinging it forward with all of her might. The front of her boot smashed through the office building of the motel like it wasn't even there, the sheer kinetic force turning most of the building's material to dust before the boot even had a chance to make it all the way through the building. What little bits of debris did survive were sent rocketing through the air for dozens, then hundreds of feet out in front of her before smashing into the sides of the nearby larger buildings on the outskirts of town like a meteor shower; peppering the nearby buildings with pockmarks of destruction. 

As much as she enjoyed the feeling of being so large, the now-deserted and destroyed building quickly bored her. Her gaze swept out across the skyline of the buildings towards the heart of town and her grin grew wider in anticipation.

Meanwhile the center of town was already a chaotic disaster of attempted and failed evacuation. Akane had been distracted with her initial growth spurt and motel plaything for a good fifteen minutes now and the rest of the population had almost that entire time to try to escape. Yet due to the sheer panic of such an absurd situation mixed with the general idiocy of a population in panic, few people had been able to actually escape the city. every street was jam packed with cars either moving so slow they may as well have been sitting still, or cars trapped between a half dozen wrecks that prevented them from moving in either direction. All of which left a perfect trail for Akane to follow towards the heart of the city.

Her pace was slow and casual. A lazy stroll through the city as her head swung back and forth looking for particularly interesting sights. yet for those down below her stroll was anything but casual. Boots big enough they could have fit a school bus inside of them slammed down atop multiple cars with each step, pancaking the​​ multi-ton hunks of steel and glass into boot prints as easily as one might leave footprints walking through wet mud. For those that were lucky enough to avoid her direct footfalls the impact of each step sent shock-waves through the ground that flipped nearby cars over and sent people too close sprawling. Worse still was the swish of her hips. Her curvy hips and ass swinging happily back and forth with each step in sync with her happily-wagging tail and, despite the width of the main road being wide enough to accommodate even someone of her prodigious size,  the sway of her hips was still wide enough of an arc to cause the wall of fur and flesh that were her hips to smash into the sides of buildings tall enough to rival or surpass her waistline. Each impact sent a wave of debris raining down where her cloth-covered waistline gouged a chunk out of a building; sending stone, brick, and glass smashing down onto any cars or sidewalks that survived her footsteps as she passed. Were the situation not so terrifying for those down below, it would be almost comical how devastating just her happy prance through town was. 

Once or twice Akane made the destruction worse by reaching out her hand and grazing her fingers across the front of a building like you might do to a passing fence. Unlike fences for a normal size person, though, her fingers had as much destructive effect on the face of the buildings as her hips did and the act only sent that much more debris crashing down below as her fingers left deep torn-out trenches in the sides of buildings. At one point before she reached the city center a news copter actually had the courage to try to fly around her and get a close up. When it got close enough her satellite dish-sized ears perked up at the noise and she turned her head to the news crew that found themselves suddenly terrified to have the giantess' direct attention. Almost without realizing it, Akane self-consciously reached up to brush a few strands of her hair out from in front of her face before she remembered that she was over a hundred feet tall and people were too busy dodging her footsteps to care about a few stray hairs. 

"Oh, hello there!" she exclaimed happily up to the news helicopter. "Don't judge me if I'm a bit camera shy. What's the saying? The camera always adds fifty feet or something like that?" She teased, her tone making clear she had no qualms about being the center of attention.

Casually she reached her hand up towards the helicopter but before she could get her hand around it the pilot swung the chopper backwards, surprisingly skilled enough to keep it out of her casual reach. For a moment she frowned, her cheeks even puffing out slightly in an almost childlike pout of consternation at being denied. She was sure that if she actually tried it would be no effort whatsoever to grab the helicopter if she leapt towards it. Instead, a wicked idea came to her and Akane leaned back onto her heels and clasped her hands behind her back. She gave the camera as innocent an expression as she could until it seemed to tentatively inch closer. Rather than suddenly jerk towards it Akane just smiled before pursing her lips, and blowing at the helicopter. At her size it was like a gale force gust of wind smashing into the side of the helicopter, sending it rocking unsteadily back and forth as the pilot struggled to fight against the sudden turbulence. The reporter and camera man inside tumbled about until the reporter actually fell out of the open helicopter door! Thankfully the cameraman was able to grab her just in the nick of time before she felt down to the ground below, but the ordeal seemed to be more than the pilot was willing to deal with. The moment that Akane stopped blowing at them and they recovered their balance, the helicopter quickly rocketed away from her towards safety. 

With that distraction gone, Akane turned her attention back towards the city at large. She continued her happy stroll, with a bit more bounce in her step than before, towards the center of town. Her excitement grew once more when she found herself exiting the narrow walkway of the main thoroughfare and stepping into the large open area of the park set in the center of town. Her casual stroll became a quick jogging-hop as she all-but​​ leapt the last few steps from the street into the park itself. Hundreds of pounds of dirt mixed with grass blasted in all directions as she landed and skidded a few feet forward before coming to a stop. She used to love coming to this park and just sprawling out on the grass beneath the trees. Granted, now the tallest of the trees didn't even reach up to her knee anymore so that wasn't in the cards anymore but that didn't stop her from flopping down onto her back. Half a dozen trees snapped like twigs beneath her immense weight as she either lay directly atop them or swept limbs a dozen times thicker than their trunks through them to sweep them aside. a fountain and several benches joined the trees in collapsing beneath the weight of the giant dragon-wolf as her arms and legs splayed out spread-eagle across the grassy landscape. 

A happy sigh escaped her lips as she stretched herself out, several gunshot-loud pops booming through the park as her joints popped in response. Her heels dug deep gouges in the ground where her legs stretched out and her wings flapped out to either side of her to cover a significantly larger portion of the park than she otherwise might have. As she stared up at the sky overhead, the lights starting to dim as afternoon turned to evening, Akane turned her head to either side and looked at all of the still-standing buildings towering over her prone form. Again, that almost girlish pout spread across her face as she counted how many buildings were probably still taller than her and how many were close enough that it still irked her. Maybe it was that bit of dragon in her egging on her greed but she found that she liked being the tallest and the idea of anything, even inanimate structures, being taller than her bothered her. Thankfully, she had a fix for that.

Closing her eyes and calming her breathing for a moment, Akane reached out towards that flicker of fire within herself once more. When her eyes opened those still stupid or daring enough to be close enough to see her would see her eyes again beginning to glow with an eerie, ethereal light.  For a moment she was concerned that she wouldn't remember the spell without the book. When she set her mind to what she wanted to do and held firm to her inner-strength, though, the spell seemed to come forth of its own accord. Incoherent words spilled from her mouth as if it were on autopilot. Like before, the energy welled up within her and spread throughout her entire body and Akane began to grow again.

This time the growth felt much faster to those around her, though to her it felt relatively the same. Her body began flowing in every direction and bulldozing everything out of its path as it greedily devoured all of the spare space around it and then some. her legs stretched out past the boundary of the park and crashed into an office building across the street while her arms did the same to either side of her. One of them swept through a parking lot and shoved a growing number of cars off to the side, crushing many of them beneath the weight of that single appendage as it expanded outwards. The other crashed right through the front of a strip mall, simply sweeping the entire thing away like a gigantic bulldozer demolishing the entire structure in one go. The whole area of the park began to sag and sink underneath her as her weight increased exponentially with her size, leaving an increasingly deep 'dirt angle' in the shape of her body in the ground where she lay. quickly 200 feet came and gone, followed moments later by 300, then 400 feet. Yet as she grew the speed at which she did only seemed to increase. While she didn't realize it, the growth had a static multiplier to it. The first growth spurt had sent her seven-plus-foot self well towards a height of a hundred and fifty feet. But at this size...

When the growth began to slow, Akane planted hands wide enough to smash entire city blocks beneath her palms into the ground. Dozens of buildings were crushed without her even noticing the fractional resistance they gave before they all-but disintegrated beneath the enormous weight of just her arms. As she slowly rose to her feet she, again, stumbled like she had before from the dizzying vertigo of her new height. Unlike last time, her stumbling step didn't destroy part of a building; it destroyed thirty entire buildings. Her boot slammed down​​ to the ground with the force of a meteoric impact, not only crushing the buildings directly beneath it but collapsing a dozen nearby structures and creating a literal crater beneath where it fell. She hardly even noticed at first, too distracted by the wisps of white fluttering around her face. Her eyes went wide when she finally recognized them for what they were: clouds!

"Holy crap, I'm huge!"

her voice broke through the air like a sonic boom, blasting away the clouds closest to her face from the sheer force of her words. When she looked down she saw the entire city spread out before her like a carpet. Not a single building in the entire city could even reach the top of her ankle. Judging by that and the low-hanging clouds near her head she guessed she had to be at least half a mile tall, if not a bit more. That deviously gleeful grin spread across her face as she realized just how enormous she had become. Before she could do anything though, a small tickle in her chest distracted her. Curiously, she stuffed her fingers into her cleavage. To her surprise, when they pulled free she had a familiar looking, if frazzled, mouse girl clutched between her fingers. To Akane, the girl was still little more than a toy. If she were to set the mouse down, however, the 'little' girl would have been as gigantic to the people down below as Akane was to her! Realizing that, stuffed in her clothes which had grown with her, the mouse must have grown with her as well. This only made her grin that much wider and more predatory as she lifted the tiny 'giant' up to her face. Her hot breath blew over the mouse once more, the rodent seeming to not have yet realized the strange situation she found herself in as she stared up at her giant wolf-dragon captor.

"Oh. This opens so many possibilities, doesn't it, cutie?" She cooed teasingly. "I wonder if it'll work again..." Akane asked aloud to the still-confused mouse girl.

Curiosity swelled within her as she wondered just how else she could use this ability. Would it work if she was just holding the mouse? What if she was just touching someone? Could she grow them without growing herself? 

As she pondered these questions, she figured there was only one way to find out for sure. With that thought in mind, a familiar warm welled up within her chest and, much to the concern of the hundred and fifty-foot-tall mouse girl trapped in her hand, Akane's eyes began to glow...

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