Sizable Sins

You should be careful taking a goat out to dinner who’s well known for absurd size-shifting shenanigans

A commission for Goattrain. He just asked for a story of him and some friends hanging out and then growth stuff happened until there was a giant goat.

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|| Originally posted August 10th, 2018 ||

Sizable Sins


By Dragonien





Al thought about his height a lot. He wasn’t short, per say, but he wasn’t really breaking any records with his disappointingly average height that didn’t even break the six foot mark. It wouldn’t even come up that much in his head if so many of the people that he knew were so far above average when it came to the height department. When you knew people ranging from an impressive six and a half foot height all the way to people tall enough they had to duck under door frames to fit inside of homes, it wasn’t so unreasonable that he might become a bit self-conscious about his own height. Which is why he strive to distinguish himself in other ways like his new amber pendant.


​​  The goat proudly kept his chest puffed out ever so slightly as he walked in to the restaurant to meet the rest of his friends to add emphasis to his new piece of jewelry. The bit of sculpted amber hung like a teardrop from a silver clasp that held on to the top of it and attached to a silver chain fine enough that it disappeared into even his short fur. It had been his favorite find in his latest round of the antique and thrift shops he usually visited at least once a week, finding it buried in the bottom of a box of miscellaneous one dollar trinkets.


As he quickly walked past the woman at the counter he made a gesture towards an occupied table that were waving him over to silently explain he was meeting someone. Her friendly smile gave him all the approval he needed to join his friends without having to verbally explain himself or be held up by the usual polite small talk and banter. The others had already placed orders for appetizers, thankfully knowing Al well enough to predict what he would have liked and having made sure to order enough for him as well. The others also knew him well enough to tease him without remorse.


“Sorry, bud. You’ll have to settle for the mozzarella sticks and potato wedges. We asked but they already recycled all their tin cans.” ​​ One of them teased.


“Um. Actually. Cans aren’t made with tin anymore. They haven’t been for years as tin is too rare these days. They’re made out of aluminum.” Another friend interjected, purposefully raising their voice to a higher, nasally pitch in clear parody of the ‘know-it-all nerd stereotype.


Al glowered at the two of them as they both burst out into quiet snickering, only suppressed from full on laughter by social pressure to be respectful of the other restaurant goers. After letting them have their laughs for a few moments he glared sharply at each one in turn.


“You know. Donkeys aren’t the only hoofed creature known for having a mean back-kick. Want a demonstration?” he threatened, staring hard at them both for a full second and a half before his facade broke and he started snickering as well.


The group continued their playful banter and playful ribbing for several more minutes as they waited for their appetizers to be brought over. When they finally arrived Al couldn’t help but stare for a moment at the waitress. It was a bit hard to tell with all of them sitting but she had to be at least 7 feet tall. At Al’s sitting height his head barely was much taller than the athletically built panther girl’s hip was! Suddenly feeling a bit self-conscious, Al quickly rose to his feet to help her unload the large tray laden with all of the food they had​​ ordered. As expected, when he stood up he found himself having to look up at her chin as she was just a bit over a full foot taller than he was.


“Here let me help you with that!” he stammered out quickly, feeling a flush quickly heating his cheeks.


“Oh you don’t have too!” She happily rebuffed, showing expert dexterity built from long practice at maneuvering the man hole cover sized tray full of smaller plates and dishes. “I’ve got it!”


The others at the table couldn’t help but snicker quietly under their breath or eye Al with either amusement or a slight twinge of envy as he stammered his way around the cute waitress. Despite her polite refusal he still helped her with the other side of the tray, carefully assisting her to lower it onto the mobile stand she had held against her hip so that they could both begin unloading it onto the table. With her delivery complete she tucked the tray under her arm and turned back to Al.


“Thanks, cutie. If you all need anything else just let me know!” She bubbled happily, before turning on her heels and heading back towards the kitchen.


Upon sitting back down at the table the others began digging in to the food as they pondered what they wanted for their main courses. One of them couldn’t help but playfully elbow Al in the side and murmur “Strike one” to him. The goat huffed in annoyance at him before taking a bite of a mozzarella stick. Her comment calling him cute had clearly held the ring of friend-zoning. He couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she would have seemed more interested if he had been a bit taller.


After a few more minutes of half heated conversation between them all she finally returned with a new tray laden full of food. He was happy, if a bit less eager, to help her unload everything again once she had set the tray down on its stand. When the full spread of everything was laid out on the table she gave them all a happy smile and turned to head back for the kitchen. Unfortunately for her, one of the guests behind them had left his chair pushed out too far when he had gone to the bathroom. Catching the Pantheress by surprise her foot caught on the edge of it and her, along with her tray of emptied plates and used utensils, went crashing to the ground!


Instantly the two closest people stood up to help her. Both Al and his rather large wolf friend immediately bending down to help her collect everything that had fallen across the floor. When they had everything back on her tray the three stood up, the wolf offering her a hand to help her to her feet as well. Al couldn’t help but notice the slightest hint of a blush on her cheeks as she looked between the two of them, and found a twinge of jealousy sneaking into him when he saw her gaze linger noticeably longer on his lupine companion than it did him. ​​ He easily had a full head of height over Al, making him almost as tall as she was, which from her expression was probably something that she both didn’t see that often and enjoyed the sight of.


Staring up at the wolf for a moment Al felt that tiny ember of admittedly petty jealousy swell just a bit more inside his chest. He wasn’t a petty person, but that only meant someone never let things such as this get to him or come out, it didn’t mean they never felt envy. But, unlike before when Al had felt envy like this, the feeling didn’t quickly die out. If anything it felt like it tightened its grip in his diaphragm. A light flush of heat not unlike a blush seemed to course through him. It wasn’t until the feeling faded that he realized something was off. Specifically the fact that his lupine friend had been saying something to the pantheress that he had completely missed, and that when he turned to say something to Al relevant to the conversation he was looking Al straight in the eyes.


Oddly he didn’t seem to notice the abnormality, at least not entirely. For a second his words halted in his throat and he blinked a bit as if he was about to realize something was wrong. But then, just as quickly as the confusion had overtaken him, it passed and he went right back on talking.


“Isn’t that right, Al?” he asked


The goat froze for a second at the realization he had no idea what they had been talking about. His friend frowned for a moment then seemed to catch on to what the problem was. Thankfully her attention was on Al so she missed the wolf’s expression when he signaled with his eyes towards her.


“Go ahead and ask her what you were thinking about.” he added, giving Al a wink that threatened to make the goat blush when he caught on. Seems like he had a volunteer wingman working for him.


“Well. I was just wondering. um.” he started to stammer nervously. He noticed he had to look up far less to lock eyes with her now, but was too preoccupied with what he had been suddenly thrust into for him to give that oddity much thought. “Are you...doing anything this weekend?”


She seemed a bit surprised at the forward question for a moment, but then smiled softly down at Al. She spoke slowly and took several short pauses in a clear sign that she was stalling for time to think it over without just saying silent and making him nervous.


“Well. I Know I do have at least one shift this weekend. You know how it is in these kind of jobs, no such thing as regular office hours so my schedule can always be so hectic especially if someone calls out and they need me to cover, Hon.” ​​ 


As she spoke Al noticed something about the way she was talking to him. The first was that she didn’t call him cutie in that same ‘person talking to their pet’ playful voice like before, as if she were taking him a bit more seriously or at least visibly more interested. He also noticed that her eyes were wandering a lot more than they had before. Clearly she was being subtle so as not to be caught blatantly checking him out but he had spent enough time around tall people to know when someone was measuring someone else up. She was definitely more interested and open to the idea of him asking her out now than she had been before. Which only reignited that tiny little ember of envy inside of him as it unconsciously picked up on the change he had compartmentalized. Of course she was more interested now that he was taller. She wouldn’t be so wishy washy about it if he were as tall as she was since she clearly put a premium on height when it came to guys.


As these thoughts rolled through his head while listening to her he felt that flush of heat through him again. This time he was paying enough attention he actually saw the change happening as he saw her chin lower down to eye level. Moments later he was looking ahead at her nose and then, finally, her eyes. He saw the expression on her face seem to strain to look shocked for a moment like it were resisting the expression. Just like with his friend the resistance only lasted a moment as if the reason to be shocked or confused just vanished and she continued on. Although now that he was the same height as the towering feline he noticed her words and tone of voice had subtly changed during his abrupt increase in height as if her opinion of him had been changing with it. By the end of it she was speaking a good deal more directly and receptively.


“Not that I couldn’t make time, you know. I mean if you’re asking me to dinner or something perhaps I could be convinced...”


When she trailed off though that idle coyness in her voice once more ignited that unnatural envy in his chest. It morphed into a strange sense of desire, of greed for her attentions and approval. Somehow the feeling had twisted her coyness into thoughts of her thinking he wasn’t good enough for her. Just like that his thoughts retaliated before he could get a handle on them and he felt the now familiar flood of warmth through his body as he watched her shrink before him.


Inch after inch seemed to pile onto the now unusually tall goat as he surpassed the pantheress in size. 7’1” swelling to 7’2” then 7’4”. It didn’t slow until he was nearly a full head taller than her at an even 8 foot height. Again as he had grown he saw her expression seem to battle with itself as her brain tried to resist whatever it was that was making her not process that he had just unnaturally grown in front of her before surrendering and simply letting her accept his new size as fact. When she spoke again Al felt that strange ember of envy glow with glee at her words of praise and approval like a dog being rewarded for doing a trick.


“Not that you need to convince me, big guy.” She practically purred up at Al. Her voice had shifted in tone from coy to outright sultry. If she were leaning any closer towards him than she suddenly found herself doing she’d be practically pressed up against his chest! “Hell, I’d be happy to meet up with you tonight, if you’d like.”


It was now abundantly obvious this woman was a size queen of some kind considering how her approval and attraction for Al had radically altered based simply on the change in his height. He should have been more surprised that neither her, nor any of his friends at the table who were either watching with bemused expressions or digging in to their dinner seemed to notice or care that he was suddenly over three feet taller than normal. If he were thinking more carefully or clearly he might have guessed whatever was messing with everyone else’s’ perception was probably messing with his as well. Instead, he was simply basking in the feeling of being so tall and the reinforcing attention he was getting from the pantheress for it!


His envy once more became greedy when he glanced upwards and saw the fancy looking light fixtures hanging overhead. It was probably one of the pettiest things he’d ever thought and something before today he’d never have expected to cross his mind. When he looked up at those light fixtures he found himself annoyed that, well, he had to look up at them.


Before he even realized what was happening he saw the whole room seeming to shrink around him once more. This time he actually felt his body stretching slightly in all directions. He could feel one of his hooves pushing his chair back a couple of inches as it swelled to take up more space and even saw his lupine friend take a step back to give his expanding body more room. Just like before that brief moment of concern on his face disappeared after he stepped back as if his thoughts had just readjusted to be OK with what was going on rather than afraid. When the effect finally stopped the top of his horn-nubs just barely brushing the ten foot tall ceiling.


He had to lean to the side slightly to see around the light fixture now right in front of his face to look down at his friends and the feline waitress. ​​ To his surprise and to the glee of that little voice growing inside of him, he could see naked desire on her expression. Al could just imagine that if she had been he expected her tail would be wagging a mile a minute behind her. Instead, he could see her whole body tensed as if she were ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. Normally seeing a seven foot tall pantheress tensed and ready to spring would have concerned him, but now that he was more than a third larger than he was he could see past the fear response in his brain to what it actually meant.


Al’s voice spoke before he meant for it too. The words were somehow his but at the same time not, as if his thoughts were being filtered through something that was straining a portion of his normal personality out of them and leaving them naked and direct. Like the parts of him that normally tempered his Id had decided been pushed to the side to let it run rampant.


“You like that I’m bigger than you don’t you?” he asked, momentarily surprised by the resonate rumble of his newly enlarged voice. “Like that I’m bigger than everyone else here. And even these lamps, don’t you?” when she nodded, visibly chewing on her lip, he continued. “So do I. But you know what I don’t like?” when he paused, she followed his gaze and her eyes went a little wide at what she saw in his expression. Al was staring up at the ceiling only an inch or so above his head. “I don’t like how constraining this place feels.”


Before he had even finished his last sentence he was already growing again. His head smacked against the ceiling then began to press into it hard enough that the drywall began bending upwards and cracking. Many of the smarter customers realized something was going on, even if somehow their perceptions were warping their ability to truly panic over it, and they started making mad dashes for the exits. Even his friends saw something was wrong and decided to book it before things got too nuts. By the time Al had fallen down onto his hands and knees, even then almost as tall as the Pantheress was, it was just them and a couple of stragglers too confused by or too interested in the spectacle to evacuate.


His legs stretched out across the restaurant floor behind him, hooves pinning tables to the wall then crushing them to splinters as his growth continued unabated. Light fixtures were shoved to the side by his expanding back as it pushed up against the ceiling. A few of them even fell out of their settings and smashed against the ground, causing the Pantheress to jump in surprise. Thankfully she was right at ground zero, standing between his elbows looking up at his expanding head where the mass of his head and shoulders shielded her from falling debris.


Not that Al noticed. At the moment he was far too absorbed in the flush of heat that had become almost a fevered burning in his body. He could feel every part of his body radiating heat like a muscle group that had just gone through an intense exercise set. He could feel tables, chairs, fixtures, and all other sorts of minor decorations and furnishings either pushed out of the way of his burgeoning bulk or simply crushed beneath it as he took up more and more space within the restaurant. As the room became ever more cramped, it only fueled on that gluttonous desire within him for more, and sparked a brief twinge of genuine irritation and wrath at something having the audacity to try to contain him. Those thoughts only fueled the chain reaction that was decimating the building he was in.


Outside, a crowd of people had gathered across the street to listen to the sounds of destruction coming from within the building. They caught glimpses of movement through some of the windows but without risking going closer none of them could make out details. Thankfully they had little need too when the building finally burst apart around a growing mass of tan furred goat.


As Al burst from the restaurant like a creature hatching from an egg he eagerly stretched his limbs out in the open space provided to them to relive the cramps that had been building in his joints. The ground rumbled and vibrated as the now 50 foot Al slowly pushed himself up to his feet, towering over his surroundings with a gleeful expression of pride spread across his face. His expression shifted to confusion for a moment, the fire burning in his chest and through his body sputtering out as his attention was drawn away from himself.


Down at his feet, peeking out from behind one of his legs was the Pantheress. Her uniform was ruffled and torn in a couple of places and both it and her fur were marred with bits of plaster dust and debris. Thankfully she had been shielded by all but the most minor of debris by Al’s growing bulk. Some might think she would be flustered or even terrified by what had just happened, but if anything she looked gleeful border-lining on frantic with how she was clinging to Al’s leg. He was the biggest guy she had ever seen, the biggest guy she had ever even imagined possible! She knew somewhere deep down she should be freaking out or running. Instead, all she could think about instead was just how MASSIVE he was, and just how small she felt next to him. Feeling small was not something she got to feel often, and right now she was basking in the sensation.


With the rest of the crowd still staring in shocked silence, Al started to crouch down towards her. His massive fingers scooped up the purring feline like she were nothing more than a Barbie doll. The moment she was pulled away from his leg instead she clung around his fingers, wrist and whatever else she could get ahold. Those watching might have thought she was grabbing on for fear of falling, but Al could feel her pushing against whatever part of him held her and knew she wasn’t holding on to keep safe, she was doing it out of desire.


When she found herself lifted up in front of his now huge face she faltered briefly in her affectionate purring. Her ears flattened firmly against her head in a sign of nervous submission. It was something Al had never expected to see an alpha predator like a panther do and especially not something he expected one of them to do because of HIM! He kind of liked it.


“Seeing as it looks like you’re off work early, how about I take you out on the town now?” Al rumbled, shivering slightly in glee at how deep and powerful his voice felt now.


When the pantheress seemed only able to nod in agreement, unable to summon her voice to answer, Al’s grin grew wider. He turned and took his first thunderous step as a giant out onto the street. He reveled in how it felt for the hard bone of his hoof to impact the concrete and actually feel the poured stone crumble and crunch under his immense weight. It felt even better with the second step. He was so awash in pleasurable new sensations and thoughts he didn’t even have time to question how all of this had come about. Nor did he have the time to think about the necklace around his neck, which had grown along with the rest of his clothes to match his new stature, was gleaming brightly in the afternoon sun as if giving off a bit of its own light. Right now he only had time for two thoughts in his head.


The first was that he had two more sins to indulge in, and sloth could wait until he was ready to go to sleep. Right now he’d much rather explore something a little lustier.


The second was that the skyscraper off in the distance downtown seemed to tower over him even from this far away. He didn’t like that. And as that thought fluttered through his head, he felt his date press tighter into the hand that held her as a familiar flush of warmth flooded through his body.


It wouldn’t tower over him for long.


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