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What else do you expect when you try to Dynamax a belligerent, uncooperative Buizel?

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Super Effective

By Dragonien


 "Corviknight, Wind Rage!"

The stadium swirled and howled with the gale force winds of the titanic, ebony-feathered flying Pokémon’s attack. Dust and dirt pulled from the ground to create a massive funnel that lifted up into the air; even smaller chunks of the ground being ripped up and sent spiraling around the tornado it created. It was a good thing there was a reinforced glass screen along the first few rows in the stadium or some some of the audience might have been in danger of being hit with the flying debris. Worse off than them, though, was the challenger's Pikachu. 

The poor electric mouse had been ripped up from the ground with little more effort than a plastic bag caught in the wind. Sent spiraling through the air, the Pikachu was unconscious from the sheer violent turbulence long before they actually hit the ground as the artificial hurricane faded. Clenching his teeth in frustration, the challenger recalled his Pikachu then reached for the final poke ball at his waist. hesitating a moment, he found himself staring up at the monstrous Corviknight, its normally large body magnified a dozen fold by the terrifying gigantamax ability his opponent had employed. He'd hoped that Pikachu’s electrical attacks would have been enough to overcome the sheer difference in scale and power but he had been wrong. His last Pokémon was unlikely to fare any better, even without taking into account how... 'free-spirited' it could be on the best of days, but it was his last chance. Besides, the challenger still had one last trick up his sleeve that might turn the tides. 

"Alright, Buizel. let’s do this!"

With a flick of his wrist, the challenger's last poke ball bounced across the ground before releasing a small, orange and yellow otter in a flash of light. The Buizel immediately turned and glared at its trainer before noticing the shadow being cast not just across it, but the surrounding area as well. Its eyes slowly went wide as it turned back, then began to crane its head backwards to look up at the monstrous form of the Gigantamax Corviknight. So surprised and intimidated by the titanic avian was the Buizel that he fell back on his ass in sheer shock, then turned his head back to his trainer as if asking 'are you serious?'. The challenger didn't seem phased at all, though.

"Don't worry, Bui. He won't be so intimidating after this...!"

With that declaration, the challenger thrust his left arm up into the air, revealing his own dynamax band gleaming in the light of the stadium. Before he could activate the band, though, the challenger was nearly bowled over by the abrupt weight of his Buizel all-but tackling him and crawling up his body to snatch the band away! Almost like a dog having just snatched away a prize treat or toy, Bui scampered a few yards away across the field, curling up around the​​ dynamax band protectively and glaring back at his trainer. Curiously, he began pawing at the band in an attempt to reveal its secrets. All the while, in the background, the challenger was yelling at Bui to bring the band back and fight properly. The poor guy was doing his best not to let either the sudden chorus of laughter from the stadium nor the impatient glare from his opponent get to him but he was still furiously blushing in embarrassment. Just as he started to run his way across the field to take the band back by force, a flash of purple-pink light emitted from the band currently held between two of Buizel's fingers.

The lingering charge of dynamax energy that the challenger had already pulled into the band suddenly detonated all at once, unexpectedly flooding Bui with the transformative power and knocking him onto his backside. The challenger's run towards the Buizel suddenly became a scrambling backpedal on all fours as the Buizel’s body rapidly began to surge outwards. The familiar neon purple-pink glow of dynamax energy began to eminate from Bui as his body surged larger; rapidly doubling in size, then doubling again. Still sitting down, Bui's hindquarters rapidly bulldozed towards the challenger as he swelled past five feet tall, then ten, then twenty, before surging up even higher until he easily rivaled the Corviknight in size. Rivaling him in size, at least, until Bui stood back up. Suddenly the massive bird didn't seem so massive as it craned its beaked head backwards to stare up at the looming sea-otter. It took a single, massive step backwards; its massive taloned foot nearly stepping on its trainer in the process. The Corviknight seemed to recognize something was off that no one else had caught on to yet. 

Bui for his part had quickly gotten over his confusion at the sudden shift in perspective. Instead, he gleefully swung his head back and forth around, admiring how tiny everyone and everything looked around him! His trainer even had to leap out of the way as his massive double-tail slammed down to the ground in a thump of happiness where the trainer had been standing only moments before.  When he caught sight of the Corviknight, though, his glee turned into smug satisfaction. Bui started to take a step towards the giant, but still comparatively small, bird Pokémon only to pause and look down at his hand. The dynamax band was still held between two of his now-giant fingers. For a moment, Bui looked around as if trying to find a good spot to put it down where he wouldn't lose it. Not spotting anything that seemed to satisfy him, he did the only thing that came to mind to the Pokémon.

He swallowed it. 

With his prize safely stowed away, Bui turned his attention back towards the nervous-looking giant bird Pokémon in front of him. Before he could resume his step towards the Corviknight, though, something strange began to happen. The faint glow of pinkish-purple light surrounding the Buizel’s dynamaxed self began to pulsate and brighten unnaturally. If one were to look closely enough, they would actually see tiny wisps of the colorful energy pulling into the Buizel’s sides not-unlike how a dynamax band did to prepare for dynamaxing a trainer's Pokémon. Unfortunately everyone around was too distracted to notice that by the sight of Buizel growing even larger. His original dynamax size had easily put him well over 75 feet tall,​​ half again as big as the Corviknight. With each passing second, however, the buizilla began to stretch and swell upwards foot after foot in height. Bui didn't notice at first as he took his first step closer towards the bird Pokémon. But with the second step, already clearing the entire distance between the two of them, he found that the bird that previously had come up to his chest now barely met Bui's waistline. More importantly, though, as Bui watched the wide-eyed Corviknight he saw it seeming to be getting further and further away. Already surpassing a gigantamaxed Charizard in size, Buizel was rapidly taking up most of the space in the stadium. His trainer had been yelling at him to stop whatever he was doing for quite a while now but the Buizel either didn't seem to hear him or simply was ignoring him. He should have known better than to try to dynamax a Pokémon that often disobeyed him but in his arrogance he had thought that he could handle it. In his defense, no one could have expected for the Buizel to eat his dynamax band and start growing even larger. 

In a desperate last-ditch effort to contain the growing Pokémon, his trainer tried to recall him back to his poke ball. as the beam of compression energy burst from the device and slapped against the back of one the Buizel’s legs it began to spread across him like it would any other Pokémon. Unfortunately for his trainer, the Buizel was already well over a hundred and fifty-foot-tall, more than three times the Corviknight's size. The poke ball’s beam struggled to surround the Buizel’s bottom half before flickering into failure; the light dimming and winking out along with the crackling sound of frying electronics coming from inside the poke ball. Buizel was too big to be contained by a poke ball, now.

That was the last straw for both trainers and the majority of people in the stands. The stadium erupted in a chaotic evacuation that left dozens of people screaming and yelling as they all-but trampled one another to try to escape. The challenger simply turned tail and fled while his opponent tried to recall his Corviknight. Buizel, for all his amusement at his increasing size, still had his sights set on the bird that had been lording itself over him moments ago. The now two-hundred-foot-tall otter Pokémon raised a single foot over the puny giant bird and brought it down with enough force to actually crater the ground beneath it like a meteor strike. A flash of blue light mercifully burst just beneath the Buizel’s foot, signaling that Corviknight's trainer had recalled him a split second before he had been crushed. The Buizel’s look of smug satisfaction turned into a frown of frustration when he realized he didn't feel the bird underneath his foot. Looking around, he saw the Corviknight's trainer pocketing a poke ball before turning to run for the stadium exit. A growl of irritation welled up within the monstrous and still growing Pokémon’s throat, and the entire stadium began to shake as Bui took two lumbering steps towards the edge of the arena then laid himself down right in front of the arena's exit hallway. 

The sound of crumbling rock and creaking metal filled the air around the now-terrified trainer as they ran their way down the concrete hallway towards the competitor's exit. Behind them an enormous set of orange-furred fingers, still visibly thickening and growing with each passing second, reached towards them as the Buizel tried to reach into the hallway to grab at them. Thankfully for the trainer, the Buizel had grown so large by now their arm didn't fit past the elbow and with its continued growth even its forearm was soon wedged firmly inside the​​ structure. This only further frustrated the titanic Pokémon, however, which seemed to agitate whatever effect was causing them to grow. To their shock, the felt their stomach bottom out from a sudden wave of vertigo as their entire body surged larger much the same way it did during the initial dynamaxing process. Their lower body bulldozed out behind them, legs and tail smashing through the opposite end of the stadium as they rapidly grew to be taller than the entire arena was wide! Their arm, still wedged in the hallway reaching for the Corviknight’s trainer, ballooned larger until the concrete crumbled like tried mud and the entire front half of the stadium collapse around the retreating mass of his arm!

By the time the effect had dimmed back to its previous, slower growth, the Buizel had swollen to easily over five hundred feet tall! nearly the entire stadium was now crushed beneath his immense bulk, legs and hindquarters sticking out of the back side and into the parking lot while his arm and head rested atop the crushed remains of the far side of the stadium. Bui glanced around nervously for a moment as if confused of his own surroundings. It took him a few seconds just to realize he was still in the same place; just looking at it from far, far higher up than he had ever expected too. When he did finally recognize the smallish boxes around him as buildings and the little metal things zipping around as cars he forgot all about the annoying little bird from earlier. Twin tails starting to wag slightly, the Godzilla-sized Buizel slowly rose back up onto his haunches, plopping his prodigious backside down onto the remains of the parking lot and burying the entire thing into a butt-shaped crater. A look of smug self-confidence spread across his muzzle as he thought about how frustrated his trainer had been trying to get him to do things he didn't want too and imagining what it'd be like if they tried to make him do something now. A happy gurgling purr escaped the massive otter Pokémon at the mental image of his trainer yelling at him to do some attack only to be buried under a sky full of his butt. That pleasant thought was interrupted by the annoying sound of police sirens rapidly approaching.

Bui turned his ire towards the source of the high-pitched whines of sirens and rose to his feet just as a half dozen police cars skidded to a stop on the far side of the stadium from him. a chorus of electrical pops that signaled Pokémon being released from their poke balls filled the air and soon Buizel was staring down nearly twenty Pokémon ranging from Arcanites and Charizards, to Raichus, Blastoise, and Pigeottos. One of the police officers was yelling something at him but he couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Even through the megaphone they were using their voices were squeaky and high pitched, doing more to irritate the Buizel than order him around. Bui was about to simply turn and walk away until something else caught his eye next to the police officer yelling up at him: his trainer. 

A devious grin spread across the Buizel’s face as he saw his trainer. Former trainer, now that he thought about it. He'd been forced to play along when they had him trapped in that poke ball but he was sure he was now far, far too big to fit inside one now; not even realizing that his trainer had already tried that and failed a few hundred feet ago. Not one to pass up an opportunity to rub his superiority in the face of someone that had tried to use him as a fighting dog, Bui gleefully began to thunder his way towards them all. Even as he did, he still continued​​ to grow, much to the intimidation of the police officers and his former trainer down below. At first, they all seemed, if scared, relieved as they thought the Buizel was listening to orders and coming over to them as they instructed. Their relief turned to concern, then fear when the Buizel didn't show any signs of stopping until he was directly in front of them all. Eyes went wide as they watched one of his enormous, webbed paws slowly raising up over them and filling the sky above their entire fleet of vehicles, ready to step on all of them. The call to attack was ignored by Buizel, but heard loud and clear by the police officer's other Pokémon. 

A chorus of fireballs, blasts of water and electricity and wind all blasted against the Buizel from various directions. To any normal Pokémon it would have devastated them and even a dynamaxed Pokémon shouldn't have been able to withstand such an assault lightly. But Bui had grown far, far beyond even the biggest gigantamax Pokémon anyone had seen, well over six hundred feet tall now and the attacks did little to stop him. What did affect him, however, was the Onyx that had valiantly body slammed the back of the Buizel’s knee. The attack hadn't really hurt him, but with his other foot in the air and the ponderous amount of weight the giant Pokémon had now, it unbalanced the otter and sent him toppling backwards rather than stepping down onto the collected police below. This was good for the officers and his former trainer as it saved them from all being squashed into a Buizel’s footprint. Unfortunately for most of their Pokémon, the last thing they saw was a wall of orange fuzz as Buizel’s butt once more slammed down into the ground hard enough to set off car alarms across the city with the violent earthquake that followed. It took Bui a few moments to shake the disorientation from falling backwards off but when he did, he glared down at his former trainer as if this were all his fault. Worse still for everyone down below, before Bui even began to rise back up to his feet the now familiar glow of purple-pink light brightened around him once more.

six hundred feet rapidly ballooned up to seven hundred, then eight hundred as once more the dynamax energy compounded inside the Buizel. His plump backside flowed over the remaining space in the parking lot and soon was overflowing onto the already half-crushed remains of the stadium, bulldozing hundreds of tons of vehicles, steel and concrete out of its path. More concerning for his former trainer and the police officers though was the sight of his legs and enormous feet stretching towards them and beginning to shove their police cruisers out of their path. By the time Bui had pushed himself back up to his feet more than half of the stadium had been shoved backwards into a pile of rubble by the growth of his backside and most of the police cars were simply flattened beneath a single one of the now well-over thousand-foot-tall Buizel’s feet.​​ 

The sight of the impossibly massive Buizel towering over the majority of the city was the last straw for the population, police included. Everyone began to run. Cars filled the streets as people panicked and tried to flee the city, only creating endless road blocks of stopped cars as they ran into one another and blocked escape routes. The police gave up their attempts to stop the Buizel and instead tried to direct an evacuation as best as they could with the population panicking. None of it really helped them escape Bui.​​ 

His frustration had turned into glee when he saw himself growing again; the Pokémon giddy at the sight of watching everything around him seeming to shrink as he stretched higher and higher into the sky. This time his growth spurt showed no signs of stopping as whatever compounding effect of his original dynamaxing and the devouring of the dynamax band was causing chain-reacted and fed on itself. He didn't even have to move to cause devastation across the city, the act of him growing all by itself enough to cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage around him. His feet flowed across the surrounding blocks like tidal waves of flesh, toes bulldozing over cars and through the front of strip malls and Pokémon centers as his height passed a quarter of a mile in height. His twin tails whipped about behind him with enough force that the air displacement alone was like a shockwave, slamming into several buildings behind them and shattering their windows with the impact as he surged past half a mile in height.

As the growth continued it only seemed to get faster, his height increasing exponentially with each passing second. As he neared the mile-high mark, Bui lowered himself down onto his hands and knees. A sense of giddy power filled him as he felt the buildings where his hands came to rest crumble beneath his palms with little more resistance than if he had been pressing down on a mound of sand. Untold tons of reinforced concrete and steel crumbling beneath his touch as if nothing more than brittle dried mud. One mile swelled into two as his head lowered down to stare a gigantic eye into the windows of the tallest skyscraper in town; now so tiny relative to the monstrous Pokémon that it wouldn't have even come up to his calf were he to stand up fully. And yet as he continued to grow even that comparison became laughable as he abruptly surged from two miles to three, then four in the span of just a few seconds! That tiny skyscraper becoming so tiny that even with his chin on the ground his eye level was still above the roof of the building. Curiously, Bui reached a single titanic finger to tap on the top of the building, only to watch it crumble into rubble with the slightest touch from him.  He'd remembered when his trainer had forced him to practice and train till his water gun could leave a crack in a boulder just a few weeks ago, and now here he was collapsing entire buildings with a single poke.

A happy chur welled up in the soon ten-mile tall Buizel that shook the very air and ground around him, literal earthquakes created from the simple verbal expression of his amusement. He didn't even need to stand up anymore to tower over the entire landscape, Bui happily stretching himself out across the growing crater beneath him that had once been a bustling city and feeling the untold millions of tons of displaced building materials, dirt, and rock compressing and shoving aside from his casual stretching. Clouds began to swirl around his eye line even while laying down; little wisps of white wetness he found great amusement in blowing away with a casual exhalation of breath. He didn't even see the few planes that had been flying nearby that his breath had knocked out of the sky with the sheer force of wind it created.​​ 

Miles upon miles of size packed onto the already titanic Buizel, his body literally flowing across the landscape like a tidal wave of flesh and orange fur. Cities vanished beneath walls of orange fur, mountains were swept aside by horizon's-spanning arms or tails. Even the weather​​ itself began to shift and warp around Bui's titanic form as he grew so large his body blocked air currents and forced them to redirect around him. His churring of contentment at his size became a continent-rattling earthquake that threatened to shake new fault lines open in the tectonic plates below, his casual breaths became hurricane-force winds blasting across anything in front of him he had yet to grow over. Even the temperatures around the planet began to rise as Bui's body heat overwhelmed colder climates as his titanic mass spanned across the entire continent. 

Soon even the entire land mass beneath him wasn't enough to support him. His legs stretched off the far end and into the oceans, little more than a puddle to the multi-thousand-mile-tall Pokémon, and caused the sea levels across the planet to rise by dozens of feet simply from the displacement of water that his toes and legs created. His other side did much the same as his head, arms and chest swelled past the opposite coast, leaving Bui feeling much like he was laying atop a crumbling sand bar in the middle of the ocean. As he lay there, contentedly basking in the feeling of his body spreading out across more and more of the planet's surface, Bui caught sight of something in the corner of his vision: the moon.

A grin spread across the Buizel’s face as he reached continent-spanning arms up beyond the limits of the planet's atmosphere. Fingers big enough to scoop entire mountains out of the ground pressed into the gray-colored dust and rock of the moon's surface and pulled the entire celestial body down with the same casual ease as someone reaching up and pulling a helium-filled balloon down to their chest. The moon was still pretty big to even the titanic Buizel, requiring him to use most of his weight to pull it out of orbit and down onto the planet's surface below. Bui didn't even notice the catastrophe that went on down below, the tides going completely mad with the sudden proximity of the moon, too busy wrapping himself around the moon like little more than an otter trying to wrap itself around a beach ball.

Of course, it didn't stay beachball sized for long.

As if taking the moon's still-impressive size as a challenge, Bui's growth spiked and surged him larger even faster than before. Within moments the 'beach ball' of a moon had been reduced to a basketball in size, the casual weight of the Buizel laying atop it becoming increasingly more of a strain to the structure. Seconds later it became even smaller relative to the Buizel, cracks spider-webbing across its surface as the now melon sized moon disappeared from view; sandwiched between the planet itself and his own prodigious mass. When Bui lifted himself up from where his body had suddenly outsized the moon, all he saw was a pile of craggy rock shards and dust driven into the Buizel-shaped crater in the planet he had created; the entire moon reduced to rubble just like everything else. 

Grumping at the loss of his new toy, Bui turned his attention back to the last one within easy reach: The earth itself. With a single shove that cratered the ground at each impact point like an asteroid strike, Bui pushed himself off of the planet and finally freed himself from both its atmosphere and the gravitational pull of it. For those left on the planet down below the sky began to darken. The horizon filled with a pinkish-purple aurora of colors as the Buizel’s​​ growth spiked yet again. Through the obscuring haze of the atmosphere they could see his titanic form rising up higher and higher into the sky, looming over the very planet itself that he had only moments ago been sprawled out upon. Eyes rapidly growing as big as the moon itself had been just moments before stared down at the now-comparatively tiny planet down below; the entire planet hovering just in front of Bui's face as the Pokémon’s own personal gravity overpowered the planets. Something about the idea of the planet revolving around him instead of the other way around sent a shiver of excitement through the Buizel. He had grown beyond anything he could have ever imagined; the most powerful Pokémon to ever exist as far as he knew. Yet despite that, his thoughts briefly flickered back to the Corviknight that had lorded itself over him so smugly just a short time ago. 

He'd never been able to find the bird nor its trainer before he had gotten too large to even notice them anymore, not that he had tried very hard. But the thought of leaving that slight unanswered bothered him somewhat. After all, even if he'd never liked his trainer or what they'd wanted him to do, his new stature was all thanks to his own trainer. He figured he owed it to his trainer to at least finish that battle definitively. 

With a grin, Bui slowly spread his lips wide. The sky above the planet went pitch black as the view of the Buizel’s face was replaced with a view inside the endless black void not of space, but of the inside of his mouth instead. Teeth bigger than continents closed around the planet and literal oceans of saliva drooled across its surface as Bui let his mouth wrap around the planet that had once been his home. Then, with a single, casual flex of his tongue and throat muscles the entire planet, or what remained of it after his growth, disappeared into the Buizel’s gullet.​​ 

Confident that if the Corviknight and their trainer had survived his rise they were now thoroughly 'beaten', Bui sighed contentedly and laid back. His body floated through space, weightless, even as it continued to slowly pulsate and grow larger. With no nearby celestial body to compare too, he had little gauge of how big he was getting though. Eventually he began to drift off into a light doze, sleeping away his contentment before bothering to think what would come next. it wasn't until some flicker of light kept shining through his eyelids that he finally stirred and opened them again. His annoyance quickly faded into glee as he realized what he was looking at. Right in front of his face was a small fleck of gleaming yellow light, roughly the size of a plum to the monstrous Buizel.

The Sun.

With a devious gleam in his eye and a hungry rumble from his belly, Bui began to spread his jaws wide again as he leaned towards the tiny little star. After all, who was he to turn down another meal? Buizel used devour.

It was super effective.

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