Beasts Unleashed

Werewolves are bad enough, but when those werewolves start mutating it might be time to run.

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Beasts Unleashed

By Dragonien


The factory had been abandoned for nearly a decade now. Once a prime source of various machined parts for everything from vehicles and tanks to appliances and tools, now it lay as little more than another slowly rusting monument to the abandonment of local industry. While no new products had been made in the sprawling, dilapidated compound in years it did still serve at least one purpose. It made an excellent hideout for anyone that wanted to avoid being noticed. 

"Shh, you're making too much noise." the brunette-haired girl hissed under her breath.

"You try pushing opening a giant rusty door that weighs more than you do without it creaking to high heavens, puta. I don't see any WD-40 on you." the black-haired Latina responded with a scowl.

"Call me a puta again and I'll puta my boot up your backside."

Despite the harsh words the two grinned at each other to show their banter had no real heat too it, even giggling under their breath at one another afterwards as they ducked their way into the abandoned factory building. The inside of the warehouse was a massive open landscape of old machinery and abandoned parts. While it easily could have fit an entire airplane hangar inside of the empty space, the multiple strings of conveyer belts and heavy machines crisscrossing the floor space somehow made the cavernous space still feel cramped. There was still more than enough open space for a couple of people to spread out some blankets for a comfortable place to lounge; which is exactly what the two did. The two moved around the space with a familiarity born of repeated visits to the abandoned warehouse. They even had a few things they left stashed here such as couple of bottles of tequila they left hidden in an exhaust vent near the entrance or the pair of battery-powered lights they left attached to a couple of the nearby support beams for the roof.  Their unique conditions required them both to have a place of solitude and safety they could go to once a month. No one said they couldn't make it a bit homier. 

They'd barely gotten their little nest situated before they both started to feel the familiar tingle of what was to come building up inside of them. a quick glance up towards the large hole in the east side of the roof showed the moon just starting to peak up over the horizon and into​​ view. They both knew the routine by now and began to undress themselves one piece of clothing at a time.  Kris showed no hesitation in shucking off her clothes, finding herself down to nothing but her black panties and sports bra in moments. Kaitlin on the other hand, for all of her practice in such things, still felt shy and self-conscious enough that it took her twice as long to get down to her own purple bra and panties.​​ 

"Oh Please, it’s nothing I haven't seen before" Krissy said, leering exaggeratedly enough that Kaitlin reflexively crossed her arms across her front to cover what she could of herself.​​ 

"H-Hush. Nothing wrong with a girl having a little modesty." Kaitlin defended.

"Kind of a moot point when you're gonna be bursting out of them in a minute anyway." Krissy shrugged, still making a point not to take her eyes off of Kaitlin. "No judgement here, though. I know you like feeling them snap apart."

The last accusation sent a fresh flush through Kaitlin's face. She stammered a moment, trying to work up a defense for herself through her embarrassment which only further proved what Krissy had said was true. For all of her shyness and reservation, Kaitlin enjoyed the feeling of power that came with their changes just as much as her... maybe even more.​​ 

Before they had a chance for more banter the moon finally fully rose up over the horizon and out from behind the cloud cover. The two women stared up at the glowing ball of space-rock hovering in the sky above them, blinking a bit in confusion at the red coloration of it. Neither of them realized tonight was the rare event of a total lunar eclipse or, more commonly known, a Blood Moon. Neither thought much of it, however, and both reached for the bottles of tequila they had grabbed; each taking a big enough draft from the bottle to have been concerning for any normal person. The alcohol, despite burning off in both of their systems far too fast to really let either enjoy actually getting drunk, typically lasted long enough to at least take off the edge of what was to come next. At least it usually did. The two probably should have been more concerned with the odd activity of the moon.

They both felt the change beginning to overtake them the same as it did every time. A roiling beneath their skin like thousands of tiny ants just under the surface signaled the most noticeable change. Thick tufts of fur began to sprout from their bodies starting in various places like their wrists and stomach then spreading across the rest of them like a wave. For Krissy, the fur came out as a gunpowder gray that faded to a lighter, almost white-gray along her stomach and chest that eventually darkened to black as it neared her head where her hair was. Kaitlin fur, on the other hand matched her hair fully. the same oaken-brown coloration from atop her head​​ spreading down the rest of her until she was covered head to toe. That was the easy part, though. From there, it got less 'comfortable'.​​ 

Suddenly the sound of cracking bone filled the air. Both women let out gasps of mixed pain and pleasure as their ankle and calf bones all-but shattered then reshaped themselves in the span of just a couple of seconds. The effect normally would have been agonizing but with the combination of the pain-dulling alcohol and the flood of endorphins their bodies produced to counteract the pain it came off to either of them as little more than a sudden bout of muscle soreness like after an intense workout. The changes traveled up their legs as new muscle and sinew built underneath their skin; thickening their calves and thighs disproportionate to the rest of their body. A sharp protrusion of bone pushed against the base of their spines for a split second before another sharp pang of pain sent both of them crashing to their hands and feet as long, soon fur-covered tails burst forth from their tailbones. The discomfort already had both gnashing their teeth only to clench their jaws harder when the bones along their jaw and the front of their face shattered much like their legs had. Their faces distended and elongated in front of them until they could look down cross-eyed and see the front of their own face pushing outwards as their muzzles formed.​​ 

As if only catching up as an afterthought the rest of their bodies began to thicken and swell with newfound muscle mass. Powerful, predatory sinew crisscrossed across their frames, stretching out their skin to its limit to contain the newfound steely cords of muscle. Their arms thickened with biceps big enough to make athletes jealous while their stomachs flattened and hardened into rippling 6 packs that any bodybuilder would have killed for. their shoulders and backs widened considerably as their shoulder blades became a tactile road-map of crisscrossing muscle and sinew visible even beneath the obscuring pelt of fur covering them. Even their breasts surged outwards with newfound size, bringing a blush to even Krissy's face as they both felt their bras strain and sag under the increasing mass before, combined with the widening of their upper bodies, the fabric simply split apart. Finally the smaller details reshaped themselves, like an artist adding the last-minute coloring touches to a work of art. Their visions swam briefly as their eyes readjusted and widened their peripheral vision, their ears shifted up towards the top of their heads and swelled into broad, triangular canine ears that acted like satellite dishes to pick up sounds no normal man or woman would ever catch. Their fingers and toes clenched into the ground beneath them with enough force that, when sharp ivory fangs burst from their tips, they tore near inch-deep gouges into the concrete beneath them.​​ 

When the changes were all said and done and the two began to push themselves back up to their feet, the two would have absolutely towered over their former selves. even if their now-8-foot-plus bodies wouldn't have dwarfed their human selves in sheer height, the mass of their​​ bodybuilder-shaming bodies each sporting prodigious breasts that could have rivaled basketballs in size would have made either of the women blanche in envy. The problem was, they realized after standing up and starting to stretch like they always did once their transformations finished, that they weren't done changing.

A confused snarl escaped Krissy's throat as she felt her left leg abruptly surge larger, growing disproportionately half again its previous size and sending her stumbling a half step backwards before the other leg caught up as well. Kaitlin, for her part, was staring down at her arms as she watched her hands bulge outwards almost cartoonishly in size. The change then flowed down her forearm, then into her upper arm as if she were some kind of balloon being inflated one part at a time. Then, all at once her whole body lurched upwards as it ballooned nearly half again its previous size! Krissy's eyes went a bit wide as she stared up at Kaitlin, the towering brown-furred werewolf making even her massive self feel small... at least until, a few seconds later, her own body followed suite and she was rising up to overlook the second story catwalk as well.​​ 

"Wh-whats happening?" Kaitlin growled, the words forced and clearly inhuman as she struggled to make a lupine muzzle form human words.​​ 

"I don't... I don't know" Krissy responded, grunting halfway through her words as she felt her whole body pulsate and surge a few inches larger.​​ 

More than just size and mass, however, their changes continued well beyond what their normal werewolf-forms looked like. Kaitlin felt herself trying to reach around her back to scratch at an increasingly insistent itch that was spreading down her spine. Eventually she felt several pinpricks of pain, somewhat similar to when her tail grew in, as a line of spikes began to burst forth from her spine. Similar pains built up along her elbows until a larger spike burst from the back of her arm like a weaponized elbow-pad. All the while her hair began to thicken and grow, spreading down her shoulders and back in a thick, feral mane of fur that began to lighten in coloration. Soon the brown was beginning to turn brighter, shifting hues until it became an eerie, neon green that darkened to a slightly more natural forest green along the top of her hair and front of her torso.  The spikes spread further up her spine until she had several smaller spines jutting from the back of her head almost like a reptile's horns, giving her a decidedly monstrous appearance beyond what the simple visage of a hulking wolf-monster normally would have.

Krissy, for her part, fared little better in retaining what little normality she could claim to her werewolf form. She too sprouted horns; but rather than a series of small spikes she gained​​ two massive, slightly curving ebony horns to contrast the bone-colored ivory of Kaitlin's. Her teeth thickened inside her muzzle to the point that her two front fangs pushed past her lips even when they were closed and became almost like saber-tooth fangs, jutting a solid two inches down past the edges of her lips. Her whole pelt didn't change color like Kaitlin's did, but several areas did gain an unnatural coloration just like her now incredible hulk-colored girlfriend. The final third or so of her tail, along with the fur along the back of her wrists and a thick tuft around her chest just above her cleavage all joined a streak of highlight in front of her face in shifting into a rich, vibrant purple color. The most dramatic change, though, came a few moments later. Her back roiled and writhed like she were having a localized seizure around her shoulder blades. Then, with a resounding crack of bone and tear of flesh, her whole back seemed to explode outwards as a massive, bat-like set of wings burst from her back. They spread almost to their full twenty-five-foot wingspan for a split second before another surge of growth swelled through both of them and the new appendages were forced to fold in against her back once more.​​ 

Though the more drastic mutations seemed to be at an end their bodies still seemed perfectly content continuing to grow. Kaitlin's body seemed to get the lions share as layer after layer of newfound muscle mass piled across her beastly form. Krissy was no slouch in the bulk department and easily would have made any bodybuilder jealous if she had that much muscle as a human, but Kaitlin took it to the next level. her biceps easily out-sized her own head and her pectorals alone, not counting the massive beach-balls for breasts bouncing against her chest, jutted out almost as far as her muzzle's chin did. She even gained a few inches on Krissy, at least from their perspective. Considering the two of them were now big enough that their heads were getting dangerously close to the roof of the four-story factory those few inches were probably more like a few feet.​​ 

Then, abruptly, it all stopped. As if someone had flipped a power switch the two monstrous werewolf-mutants transformation simply ceased abruptly. The factory was abruptly dead silent, save for the deep breathing of the two beasts within. Of course, at their new size with lungs the size of bellows, that breathing alone was enough to echo through the abandoned building and rattle tiny bits of dust from the ceiling from the faint growl that accompanied each exhalation. The two took a moment to gain their bearings, then look down at themselves before finally fully turning their attention to one another. Krissy spoke first.

"No fai-whoa. No Fair. you're bigger than me."

She paused after her first couple of words when she realized just how deep and loud her voice had become now. Just speaking had vibrated the walls in the room enough that more dust​​ and dirt was shaken free and rained down like trickles of sand around them. She could actually feel the floor seeming to vibrate ever so slightly as all of the metal in the building resonated with the bass of her voice. Kaitlin did much the same in marveling at her own voice; though rather than speak words she simply let a low, thunderous growl well up from deep within her chest and watched the walls visibly shake from the volume of it. Kaitlin's lips twisted into a wicked grin, showing off fangs as big as swords and even making Krissy nervous for a split second. Krissy knew Kaitlin would never hurt her, even if she could, but she also knew Kaitlin didn't have quite as much control as she did in their wolf forms and god only knew how this new change would affect that. Even she felt like the beast inside her was ready to burst free and simply take over; urging her to smash and destroy anything she could get her hands on to bask in the power of her new self. When Kaitlin raised one of her huge arms up to press a massive paw against Krissy's shoulder, fingers curling inwards just enough that she could feel the slightly larger wolf-monster's claws pressing against her skin, she felt her anxiety increase slightly. The surge of primal indignation at what her inner-beast felt as a challenge didn't help matters at all.

"Uh... Kaitlin?" she growled questioningly

Kaitlin just stared at her for several seconds, Krissy noticing her normally yellow eyes had turned an emerald green that matched the rest of her new coloration. They were wild; the feral eyes of an animal with only the faintest gleam of intelligence still hiding within them. Just when Krissy thought that she was in trouble, Kaitlin blinked several times and shook her head. When she looked into Krissy's face again her eyes refocused with much more of her normal expression.​​ 

"Sorry... its... rrf... its kind of a lot." Kaitlin apologized. Krissy couldn't help but grin wolfishly at that.

"Fuck yea it is. Look at us. what the hell happened?" she exclaimed.

"I don't... I don't know..." Kaitlin replied. Then she paused, before her muzzle split into its own wolfish grin and Krissy saw a bit of that bestial madness slip back into her expression. "But I feel god damned amazing."

As if to prove her words, Kaitlin reached out an arm towards one of the pieces of machinery attached to the wall. She didn't even notice the second story catwalk until her forearm had smashed into the metal walkway and broken it off of its settings in the wall. To Krissy's surprise though, rather than wincing at the unintended damage, she heard Kaitlin growl​​ approvingly at the wanton destruction. When she finally did get ahold of the conveyor belt hovering just below their eye level, set upon a massive steel girder that ran the length of the warehouse, she casually wrapped her fingers around it like she were gripping a can of soda. Then, her fingers jerked and clenched closed and the reinforced steel and conveyer mechanism crumpled inwards as easily as if it had been made of tin-foil; leaving massive finger-shaped dents in the now ruined machinery.​​ 

Krissy felt a shiver roll up her spine at the casual display of power, her own inner-beast all but screaming at her to indulge in the same. Normally in her wolf form she was strong enough to punch a hole in a brick wall. Now, she felt strong enough she could have just walked through one like it wasn't even there. But they didn't have a brick wall that big. What they did have was an abandoned factory full of old machines and equipment that no one would miss if they got a little... damaged.​​ 

her first, tentative test of her new size and strength was similar to Kaitlin's. She tore one of the support beams out of the wall where it connected to the roof then casually bent it into a circle like it were a particularly large paperclip. Dropping the couch-sized chunk of metal down to the floor, Krissy turned her gaze back to her fellow wolf-monster. They didn't need to speak to see what the other one was thinking; that they were both feeling the same thing. This is why they both came out to this deserted place, so that there was no one around to get hurt when they went a bit... wild. It was a good thing they both did so.

Within moments the relative calm had devolved into a whirlwind of destruction between the two of them. Claws raked through the sheet-metal walls of the warehouse and left massive gouges in it like a bear clawing the side of a car. Entire sections of the catwalk were ripped apart and thrown to the ground to be smashed underfoot like stepping on a tin can. Metal supports and steel beams meant to withstand earthquakes, tornados, and anything short of a direct hit from a bomb were bent, crushed and torn apart like they were little more than tissue paper. Eventually their destructive rampage turned on each other, mingling their growing arousal with the feral savagery of their inner-beasts being let free.​​ 

Kaitlin found herself being pushed against the wall, crushing an old overseer's office into rubble between the wall and her immense back. Arms momentarily pinned to her sides, she found Krissy's directly in front of her own, sniffling at her sent and smelling both of their arousal in the air before licking at the side of Kaitlin's muzzle in a mix of affection and taunt. Seconds later Kaitlin was using her superior size and strength to shove Krissy back, smashing her against the wall instead and biting down on her neck with a possessive snarl that somehow portrayed affection through the savagery. Their 'play' only got more violent from there.​​ Werewolf-augmented healing left bite marks and claw wounds closing up seconds after they were made as the two broke down into a strange mingling of fight and making out that surely would have left any normal human hospitalized. Concrete was smashed, machinery torn to shreds, and even an entire wall of the factory collapsed when their horseplay got too violent and one of their shoves sent them both crashing through it and out into the evening air. Eventually their bestial natures took over, both content to let the inner wolf have its fun with the assurance that they were firmly entwined with their interest in each other to not risk the beasts wandering off towards a more populated area.​​ 


When morning finally came around the two girls lay snuggled up with one another under the fledgling glow of dawn over the horizon. Their bodies, naked to the morning sun, shivered slightly at the touch of warm contrasting the slight chill of the fading nighttime air. Krissy stirred first, eyes fluttering open and looking down to find Kaitlin adorably snuggled up against her side; arms wrapped possessively around her. The subtle movement of Krissy's waking stirred Kaitlin to consciousness moments later. Tiredly, she raised her head enough to look around them; prompting Krissy to do the same.

The factory grounds were completely destroyed. There were a dozen different footprints smashed into both the dirt and concrete around the area that could have easily fit their car in them. The entire wet side of the factory had collapsed and was now open to the air while the interior was almost completely gutted. There wasn't a single piece of equipment or machinery left intact inside the factory. They also noticed that each other seemed to have retained a souvenir from their unnatural transformation last night. Krissy now sported a bright purple highlight along a lock of hair in front of her face, while Kaitlin now had a similar highlight of green along her own.​​ 

"So, um..." Kaitlin finally broke the silence, abash in her voice. "I uh... I think we might have gone a bit overboard last night."

"Ya think?" Krissy mocked playfully, looking over to where a refrigerator-sized chunk of concrete from the factory wall had landed less than ten feet from where they'd parked their car.​​ 

"It was... it was amazing." Kaitlin said with reservation, as if she were reluctant to voice the thought aloud. "I mean, I know we're strong when we change normally but that was... we were like..."

"Real monsters?" Krissy finished for her, grin growing wide. "Not just big wolves walking around on hind legs."

Kaitlin just nodded silently for a moment, smiling happily to herself as she held against Krissy. Then, she turned her attention up to Krissy again. There was a gleam in her eyes, one that Krissy clearly remembered through the haze of her beast's memories from last night. It was that same, almost slightly crazed look of power-hunger.

"Do you think it'll happen again next full moon?"

With a smile Krissy reached over to brush the green highlight of hair, which she just then noticed seemed to be glowing just the tiniest bit, away from Kaitlin's face.  then, she leaned down and planted a gentle kiss to Kaitlin's forehead.​​ 

"You know. Something tells me this might just be the beginning." she reassured Kaitlin with a smile.

Just as she started to settle back down, content to simply lay with Kaitlin a few more minutes in the morning sun, Kaitlin said something that made Krissy suddenly nervous... and excited.

"I hope that we get even bigger next time. I wanna make Godzilla look like a runt."

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