Growth War 2020 – Round 1

Round 1 of the epic size-based showdown between Dragonien and Andy. Who will be the BIG winner?

I Finally got around to doing something for Macro March, halfway thru the month, haha

Twitter poll of who should be bigger, me or Andy (Drewbermeister) who’s an awesome guy that helped me really get started with this prolonged period of self-confidence and productivity <3 so here we have round one! check it out, and don't forget to vote in the next twitter poll, which should show up on his twitter soon, to see who wins round two

Andy’s Twitter


Macro March: Dragonien Vs Andy Round 1

By: Dragonien


 "And we're live! Welcome to the stream, everyone! I'm Nisa-"

"And I'm Rebecca-"

"And today you're all for in a show that you'll never forget!"

The two girls cheered excitedly as they posed in front of the web camera, giggling to themselves at their over-the-top introduction. Despite their chipper attitudes both were having to make an effort to keep their nerves from spilling out into their expression or demeanor. Nisa was mostly uncomfortable simply due to being a bit shy and nervous in front of crowds. Granted, a livestream full of people that she could neither see nor hear and only interacted with through a webcam and a chat room made it more bearable for her but she still felt the tingles of stage fright making her just a bit too tense. The green-skinned kobold had little problem with what the two of them actually planned to do tonight, whereas the petite, tan-furred fennec girl still had some qualms about their plans for the evening. 

"What are we, chopped liver?"

The voice came from behind the two girls; the tiniest hint of a growl to the words that immediately gave it away to a larger predator species. Most people would have expected some big lion or tiger, so it would be a bit of a shock when, instead, they saw a fox pushing his head into frame. Granted, this fox looked to be nearly twice the size of the comparatively little fennec-girl currently on screen, but he was a fox none the less. Even if his teeth were a bit elongated for a vulpine and his fur seemed to bristle just a bit too thickly and wildly and gave him a slightly feral look to him. 

"N-No, I was just getting to that, hon." Rebecca replied, her voice suddenly taking on a slight stammer of nervousness. "Everyone, this uh... This is my boyfriend, Andy..."

"And this is my boytoy, Dragonien!" Nisa exclaimed excitedly. From off-screen she reached her arms out and grabbed ahold of a much larger red arm from off-screen, hauling it's owner into view until the camera's view was crammed packed by the two girls, the large fox, and now a grinning red dragon with a smooth-combed mop of black hair atop his head. 

"Oh what, I'm not even a boyfriend? I'm just some piece of meat for you to play with?" The dragon scoffed in mock-indignation at the kobold. The way he reached his massive hand down to ruffle the leafy-green feathers that stood in for the kobold's hair showed he took her joke for what it was.

"Well I've got my toy to play with." Andy growled out jokingly.

In response to his words he wrapped a massive arm around Rebecca's midsection, bodily lifting her up off the ground and all but crushing her against his chest. For several seconds all she could do is squirm and protest muffledly into the wall of his fluffy chest; ineffectively banging her fists against his torso with the same effect as if she'd been hitting a brick wall. Finally, he let go and watched her stumble to catch her footing rather​​ than simply fall back on her ass. Despite the glare she shot up at the much larger fox her ears were flat against her head and the bright blush of embarrassment was hot enough under her cheeks to show even through her cheek fur. 

"Ahem..." Rebecca cleared her throat, struggling for a moment to regain her composure. "Tonight, we'll be tallying your votes for our Big Boys competition. As you can see, we've got our two big boys here already."

She paused for a moment to wave an arm back behind her towards Dragonien and Andy. Dutifully, the two stepped back a bit so they could both be in frame, not an easy feat considering their heights. With Nisa standing between them they looked even more massive than they were, considering the kobold was barely more than five-feet tall. The top of her head didn't even reach the chest of either of the beastly men to either side of her. Dragonien had a few inches on Andy, the fox's eyes only being level with the bottom of Dragonien's chin; but Andy more than made up for it in the extra raw muscle mass that he sported over the more leanly muscled dragon beside him. Both wore what looked like their gym outfits; Dragonien in a pair of blue shorts and matching t-shirt while Andy wore a black pair of shorts with gold-bar trim and a sleeveless muscle-shirt that showed off his arms to their fullest. 

"With your votes, we're gonna decide who's the biggest boy of them all!" Nisa exclaimed happily as she pressed herself lightly against Dragonien's leg. "My big boy, here...." She paused for a moment, then gave a mock-disinterested look up and down at the fox. "Or the furball."

"Hey!" both Andy and Rebecca exclaimed in unison, sending both Nisa and Dragonien into a fit of giggles. 

"I'm just teasing!" Nisa apologized, still giggling under her breath. 

"Now!" Rebecca called out, drawing attention back to the matter at hand. "We've uh... we've injected the two of them with some experimental nanites that, for legality's sake, I cannot name the origin of" Rebecca exclaimed with a nervous look around, as if expecting a swat team to break in any minute. "and we've... uh... well. We've hooked them up to the stream's voting system. So your poll votes will control the outcome of the... event. You'll see."

Rebecca was all-but bowled over by the kobold's sudden rush to the computer. A few frantic clicks later she was hopping up and down in front of the screen; causing the ample bosom stuffed into her sports bra to unintentionally bounce rather enticingly for the audience.

"VOTING'S OPEN, VOTING'S OPEN! Who should be the biggest!?" Nisa exclaimed, clapping her hands together excitedly. 

A few minutes later the two of them gave a final call then closed the votes down. Rebecca looked annoyed while Nisa was giggling madly to herself. The fennec's annoyance turned to a look of mild concern as she turned her attention back to the two men behind them; both of which who were staring down at her expectantly. There was a moment of silence between all of them, broken by a sharp beep from Rebecca's phone. The moment the sound played both Dragonien and Andy shivered in delight.

"Ooh... I feel something.." Andy growled, licking his chops hungrily.

"Mmm... me too... I think it's working.." Dragonien agreed, tail swishing happily behind him.

The two of them stood there for a moment as still as they could be as if afraid any movement might break whatever spell was overtaking both of them. Before long though both girls, and the livestream audience at large, started to notice the difference. Both of their clothing had started to pull tighter across their already impressive forms. Andy's already thick, muscular legs began to fill out the legs of his shorts to the point the seams began to strain. Dragonien's arms and biceps began to mirror the effect onm the sleeves of his shirt until, soon, the faint sound of ripping fabric began to fill the air as his biceps began to split open the sleeves around their girth. Shirts pulled tight across their thickening chests and broadening shoulders, toes stretching out slowly across the carpetted floor. It didn't take more than a few seconds before both of their heads were bumping against the ten-foot ceilings; not that either of them had ever had much to go before they'd reached that with both of them being over 8 foot tall. But raising your arm to touch the ceiling and being able to do so with your forhead were two totally different things.

The two girls, for their parts, had resorted to clinging to one another. Both held their arms wrapped tightly around one another in a show of mutual solidarity as they watched their two men swell and expand larger in front of them. Every time they heard the rip and tear of a seam splitting or the creak of a floorboard beneath them one or both of them shivered in delight. Nisa may have been more open about it while Rebecca tried to hide it behind a more professional social persona but both of the girls were driven wild by how big their men were. Watching the two growing even larger and more powerful only made that size-lust in the two of them that much more intense. As the dragon and fox continued to grow, though, they started to notice a slight discrepancy in their growth rates. Dragonien's chest filled out his shirt a bit more quickly than Andy's did; the back of it splitting open across his broad shoulder-blades a good ten or so seconds before Andy's own upper body shredded his shirt open. Andy clearly should have reached that stage first considering he had the superior musculature between the two of them and had already stretched his shirt out pretty far just wearing it normally. That left only one realization for both of them; the dragon was growing faster. 

It wasn't a lot, not even really noticeable unless one was looking particularly hard during the whole encounter. But as time went on the difference became more and more obvious and the livestream chat room blew up at the realization. The two were having to start hunching down not to burst straight through the ceiling, though where Andy only had to slouch and hunch his shoulders Dragonien was soon being force to bend a bit at the waist to keep from tearing into the second floor. Then, abruptly, Andy just stopped growing. Unfortunately for him, Dragonien still seemed to have a big more in him. Finally the space got too cramped for the dragon and, rather than stay bent over at the waist he simply let himself topple backwards. the CRASH that echoed through the house sent a quake through the entire building that made both of the girls stumble and even made the beastly were-fox sway a bit on his feet. The crash had been the poor, splintered remains of what had once been a couch being thoroughly pulverized beneath his immense weight as he carelessly landed upon it. Just as abruptly as Andy's growth stopped, Dragonien's shut of as well. 

The room was almost disturbingly quiet for several long seconds, none of them even seeming to notice that the livestream chat was still exploding with everything from exclamations of disbelief, protests or cheers for the apparent outcome, or demands for more. Instead they all had their eyes looked on the two giants now filling a good portion of the living room. 

Thankfully their underwear had more or less survived their growth, not that it really hid much with how it stretched skin tight across bits of the dragon and fox that both had plenty to be proud of. The remains of their gym clothes hadn't faired so well though and tatters of cloth fell off of them as the two shifted to make themselves more comfortable. Even sitting down all of them could clearly tell that Dragonien had gotten a bigger dose of the growth than Andy had. Not that being a nearly twelve-foot-tall fox was anything to sneeze at; he was a monster by any metric one could imagine. But dragonien definitely had him beat by at least a couple of feet. That brought a wide grin to the dragon's muzzle, as well as to Nisa's face as well.

"I think I win." Dragonien said smugly, grinning up at the fox.

"For now." The fox huffed in annoyance back at the dragon, a brief glance over at Rebecca seeming almost accusatory for a split second before turning back to the dragon.

Nisa had wasted no time in rushing over to Dragonien's side the moment they had settled. She had her arms wrapped entirely around one of Dragonien's bicep; all-but grinding against it as she marveled at how, even sitting, Dragonien still loomed over her now. Despite her teams 'loss' Rebecca still seemed to be in a bit of a daze as she stared at the beast her boyfriend had become. Though most of their attention was on the two giants and the dragon and kobold specifically, more than a few people noticed that the fennec's nipples were rock hard and rather obviously pushing out against the front of her shirt. She was trying to keep her cool, but they could tell she was about as turned on and excited about Andy's new size as Nisa was about Dragonien's 

"Well... Um. There you have it." Rebecca announced in a subdued tone. The final results.. Dragonien won with 57.5% of the vote, while Andy ended up with 42.5%. Final sizes are..." she puased for a moment, looking at something on her phone and swallowing nervously before continuing." Dragonien at thirteen feet and two inches, Andy at eleven feet and three inches."

Putting away her phone she tried to smooth out her shirt a bit and regain her composure. Then, she turned her attention fully back to the camera. She did her best to ignore the increasingly loud sounds of making out coming from the dragon and kobold behind her, as well as the low, throaty growl coming from her fox. Quickly she typed in a few things into the laptop, setting up the next poll and adding an extra message too it when Nisa wasn't looking.

"Vote now for the second round, and when we return we'll see how things end up after round two, possibly with a bit of a surprise..." She murmured ominously.

That was the last thing she was able to get out before a massive pair of furred fingers wrapped around an entire one of her arms. The little fennec found herself jerked off of her feet and pulled backwards into the lap of her beastly boyfriend as Andy decided he didn't want to be the only one that wasn't getting some make-out time with their girl while they waited for the next poll. 


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