Meega Bigger

If you thought experiment 626 was a big problem before, you ain’t seen nothing yet

Fun one-shot of some rare Fanfiction from me

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Well 6/26 was apparently Stitch day cause, you know, Experiment 6/26. And that randomly inspired me so, of course, I got hyper-focused and wrote this 7,000 word story of some shameless size war fun between Stitch and Reuben. Because we all remember the Short Stuff episode of Lilo And Stitch and we all wish they’d used that growth ray just a few more times, don’t we?


And Y’all can mostly blame dylbun and maxpany for inspiring me to do this, cause it’s like collectively 90% their faults.

Also cause this is for a specific day, i did it all in one day, and just cause i feel like it cause fuck it, I’m making this a special case and releasing it simultaneously everywher, no early release on patreon for this one! But remember, most of my other stories are released a week early on patreon, as well as other short stories like this one and tease-scribbles that are only available exclusively on my patreon! Check it out sometime and see what you’re missing. Or don’t, up to you!

Either way, hope you all enjoy this one <3

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Meega Bigger

By Dragonien


 "Me, And my giant sidekick!"

The words came out in a forced, gravely tone of voice clearly mocking the way they had been originally said. A chortle of laughter followed after them, the sound echoing off the metallic walls of the crashed ship's cargo hold. The echo didn't come from an abundance of open space in the cargo hold, but rather from the sheer size of the speaker and the appropriate volume associated with someone so large.

"Enough, you overgrown sandwich disposal!" Gantu snarled from the storage closet off to the side that had become his new makeshift sleeping quarters. "If you weren't such a lazy waste of space then we might have actually accomplished something other than making your ass big enough to fill the ship."

Previous, he had been perfectly comfortable camping out in the cargo bay of the ship. Since their recent encounter with 626, that other crablike experiment, and their dalliances with Jumba's enlarging device, Reuben had been enlarged to an appropriately massive size in hopes of challenging his fellow experiments. Inevitably, though, he had failed Gantu's mildest expectations and refused to even confront 626 or his friends. Instead, he had plopped his now shed-sized backside onto the former galactic captain while helping himself to the local fair's 'world's largest sandwich'. The enlarging device had gone missing somewhere in the chaos and they'd had no way to return Reuben to normal size. now that he was nearly fifty feet tall, the only part of the ship Reuben fit into was the cargo hold, taking up the entire thing in the process. When Gantu had protested and demanded he sleep outside, Reuben had simply jammed his fingers into the edges of the cargo bay doors and pried them open; nearly tearing the hydraulics out of the hull in the process. 625 had been fairly easy to manage when he became belligerent like that in the past; being far too lazy to actually utilize the disproportionate power and skill his genetically engineered body afforded him. Now that he was bigger than a house, though, he didn't even need to exert effort to resist demands he didn't like. It's hard to force someone to do anything they don't want too when all they have to do to pin you in place and leave you helpless is extend their foot towards you and pin you to the wall with it, or roll over and pin you to the floor beneath a plump, yellow furred ass bigger than you were. 

Reuben, for his part, didn't even bother responding to the snide comment. He had long since grown used to Gantu's belligerence. better still, since his enlargement he had come to take a small amount of pleasure in more actively resisting the anthropomorphic whale-like alien. He still couldn't be bothered to do much more than nudge or push him out of the way occasionally, but when he was this big that was usually all it took.  As the former captain's ranting continued to echo out of the small closet, Reuben continued happily munching away at yet another car-sized sandwich. After a few more minutes of grumbling and yelling Gantu finally came out into the cargo hold proper, having to struggle and shove one of Reuben's chunky legs out of the way in the process. He was about to yell some angry demand up at the giant experiment when he paused, mouth hanging open in the failed attempt to speak. In that instant something had clicked in his head and a rapid transition of confusion to examination to anger flitted through Gantu's mind in less than a second.

"Wait a minute. Where are you getting those giant sandwiches? You ate the one from the fair days ago!" he demanded; eyes narrowed in angry suspicion.

With a sigh and a dramatic roll of his eyes, Reuben slowly squirmed his way to turn around and properly face Gantu rather than having to look down over his shoulder at him. He'd know this was coming but had both been too lazy and too content with his current lot in life to make the admission that would fix their current​​ predicament. Unfortunately his genetic predisposition to laziness extended to all things, including defending himself or keeping secrets. 

"Ok, ok fine. So maybe the enlarging device didn't actually disappear. I stashed it away somewhere just before we tried to ambush 626 and his friends at the fair. Then, after everyone had left and they gave up looking for it I went back to retrieve it." Reuben explained.

His head rolled around in-between bites of his sandwich as if the admission itself were exhausting and a waste of both his time and energy. Reuben acted like the admission was more of an inconvenience for him than anything else. Meanwhile Gantu looked like he was about to burst a blood vessel.

"You... had the device the whole time?" He asked in that calm, shaking and subdued tone only the truly furious could manage. "You could have shrunk back down this entire time instead of eating all of our food and taking up all this space?"

"Well. I mean I didn't eat all the food just cause I'm big. That's why I kept it. I figured at this size it'd be hard to find a proper sized sandwich. Isn't every day they'd have a fair with the world's biggest sub sandwich. But just a little zap from that thing and any sandwich is me-sized!' the massive yellow-furred experiment proudly stated. he thought that he had been pretty forward-thinking. 

Gantu did not agree. Several times his mouth opened, then shut again a moment later as if he wanted to start yelling or berating Reuben but was too angry to decide what to say first. Reuben was certain that, had he been his normal size, Gantu already would have either thrown or quite literally kicked him out of the ship at this point in the most violent manner possible. Which only made Reuben that much happier that he was currently big enough to do the same to Gantu instead. After a few more moments of impotent, indecisive rage Gantu finally started to calm down. Once calm, his mind began to work on more productive lines of thought. That, more than anything else, unnerved Reuben.

"Alright 625... where is the device." he asked in a not-quite sickly-sweet voice but about as close an approximation as the whale-like alien was capable of with a smile more sinister than sincere.

Reuben did not like it.

"I feel like telling you would be detrimental to my wellbeing." the giant experiment hedged.

A momentary flash of anger streaked across Gantu's face, quickly replaced by the same calm if slightly sinister smile that he'd. He clearly had something in mind, and clearly was trying to play nice with the experiment big enough to swallow him whole if it wanted. As belligerent as Gantu was, he was still smart enough to knew some situations caught more flies with honey instead of plasma pistol shots. 

"When have I ever hurt you, Reuben?" He asked calmly. More warning bells going off in 625's head at the near non-existent usage of his preferred earth-name.

"Well, you've TRIED a bunch of times but I'm basically indestructible so technically never? But I suppose you want to return me to normal size so you can try again?"

Gantu had to take a second to chew on his lower lip, stifling another bout of rage at the smart aleck response. After a moment he blew out a deep breath to calm himself. Once he was calm a wicked smile slowly spread across his lips as he stared back up at the looming experiment. As much as he would love to cut the furball back down to size and kick him through a window, Gantu had something much... bigger in mind.  

"Who said anything about returning you to normal?"

"Uugh. Smitec!" Stitch groaned loudly, rolling back and forth across the living room floor. "Bored!"

He'd been left all alone in the house for days with nothing to do. he'd already spent hours watching tv, broken half the plates in the kitchen, then spent an entire afternoon painstakingly, if poorly, gluing them all back together. He hated being left alone with nothing to for extended periods of times like this. Whenever he was left by himself for too long he started getting increasingly difficult to control violent and destructive urges. Thus, the slaughter of the dining room china. Now, though, even petty property damage like that sounded boring to him. He'd give anything for some kind of a distraction. 

Knock Knock Knock.

As if on cue a loud knocking shook the front door. Instantly, Stitch was on his feet and growling in the direction of the noise. A split second later he suppressed the animal-like reaction, silently glad both for the dark shade of his fur and that no one was around to see him blush at his own reflexive reaction. Purposefully straightening his spine as if that was all it took to be a proper, upstanding citizen rather than a genetically engineered weapon of mass-destruction, Stitch turned and purposefully strode to open the door. When the heavy knocking game again before he had even had a chance to reach the door, the experiment tensed and growled at the visitor's impatience.

"Accata, Accata! I Coming!" The latter half of his sentence the slurred, awkward attempt to speak English. When he opened the door, though, and found himself staring up at the knee of the towering form of Gantu, he cursed loudly in Tanalog.

"Well well well, if it isn't my arch nemesis." Gantu blustered smugly down at the little experiment. 

"Jaba ramid ny hassin! Yu porma dissy." Stitch snarled even as he barred his teeth and his fur bristled. "You not welcome here!"

Gantu winced briefly at the aggressively crude Tantalog insult. Even then, his smile only faltered for a split second before returning to its full force once more. 

"You can say whatever you want to me, abomination. But today I think it’s finally time to put you in your place."

Stitch's legs bent and he tensed, ready to leap at Gantu and attack when Gantu's arm lifted. Rather than raise to attack or draw a weapon, though, Stitch faltered when he saw the former captain turn to face away from the experiment. He stuck two fingers into his lips, sucked in a deep breath, then whistled as loud as Stitch had ever heard anyone whistle. The silence afterwards was deafening, leaving Stitch staring up in confusion at the captain. he idly wondered if maybe Gantu had finally gone mad after losing to him over and over again. Then, he felt it.


The impact shook the ground hard enough that the potted plants liking the exterior windows rattled in their place settings.


This impact was closer, stronger. A few of the flower pots fell and shattered on the wood of the desk.


The third impact actually made Stitch stumble in place, the entire house shaking around him and sending several pictures falling from where they hung on the walls. By the time the fourth impact hit the ground, Stitch could see its source. Off in the distance, from around the edge of the small mountain that stuck up from the center of the island, strode Reuben. 

All two hundred feet of him.

Stitch was familiar with experiments enlarged to monstrous sizes; he'd even been one of them a few times. But Reuben was by far the biggest living thing he'd ever seen. Even when he'd been grown to take down short stuff at his biggest, he would have only come up to 625's knee at this size! The trees were barely more than grass, struggling to even reach squat experiment's calves. Each casual step the giant took covered dozens of yards of distance; easily as fast if not faster than Stitch probably could run at his normal size! Recognizing the look of shock on the experiment's face, Gantu let out a victorious laugh as he brandished something at 626. That was when Stitch recognized what Gantu was holding in his hand: Jumba's enlarging device!

"That's right, Abomination! We had it the whole time! I figured it was time we cut you down to size. You may have taken down that other giant experiment but let's see you deal with my sidekick when he's the size of a skyscraper!" Gantu cheered.

"HEY!" Reuben boomed, his own words like a roll of thunder that easily drowned out even Gantu's powerful voice. "I thought we agreed no more sidekick stuff! I'm your partner, remember?"

"You're only my partner if you actually finish the job this time!" Gantu snapped back, yelling up at the titan even as it took another step closer.

This time the impact was strong enough Stitch even saw Gantu stumble slightly, though he was clearly making an effort to hide his unbalance. the last thing he wanted to do was show weakness in front of his arch enemy. For a moment, Stitch debated whether he should attack Gantu first and get him out of the way. When he felt another tremor shake through the house and cause the support beams to groan loudly under the strain, though, he decided he needed to deal with the bigger problem first. Otherwise Reuben might end up destroying his house just by approaching it.

Running forward, the little blue ball of fur and teeth leapt up onto the railing of the patio, then jumped off into the underbrush of the surrounding forest. For a moment, Reuben paused his steps as his massive eyes scanned the tree line in search of Stitch. They clearly hadn't planned this out very well, even Reuben's genetically augmented senses not able to see through leaves and trees to find something the size of a bug down below. Luckily for him, he didn't have to search for long. Moments after vanishing from sight the blur of blue reappeared right now Reuben's ankle. In surprise, the gigantic yellow-furred experiment took a half step backwards, not even noticing as their foot came crashing down onto a picnic area in a forest clearing and smashing the entire thing into a footprint. Stitch, for his part, felt confident in his ability to take down even someone this big. After all, he had made easy work of Short stuff and that experiment had been bigger than him too!

Unfortunately, Stitch's expectations were wildly miscalculated.

As his hands clamped down firmly on the back of Reuben's ankle his whole body strained as he began to lift the larger experiment's foot up. Or, at least, he tried too. Reuben tipped backwards slightly as he felt the​​ pressure lifting on one of his legs but other than swaying backwards slightly nothing happened. Stitch stopped his efforts, his second pair of arms sprouting beneath the first as he readied himself. A sharp "PTEW" of him spitting into two of his hands and rubbing them together in anticipation of the upcoming effort signaled his second attempt as now all four arms grabbed onto the giant's ankle and lifted upwards for all he was worth! Stitch could pick up cars and toss them like baseballs, smash through solid brick and claw his way through metal. he was strong enough he had picked up short stuff even when they were the size of a Ferris wheel and tossed them across the clearing like a bag of potatoes! But, for all of his genetically augmented, unnatural strength, he wasn't able to so much as even budge Reuben. Even genetic super-weapons had their limits. 

"Ya done?" Reuben asked, voice rumbling through the air. When Stitch just moved to 625's other foot to try again, the yellow experiment just rolled his eyes. "Come on, bro, this is just pathetic."

The foot Stitch was currently clinging too lifted up off the ground, leaving stitch dangling from his heel. After a brief shake, Stitch fell down to the ground and grunted from the impact. He barely recovered in time for his eyes to go wide and his body to leap to the side just before the booming impact of Reuben's foot slammed down right where he had been. the displaced air blasted against Stitch's side and sent him sprawling far beyond where he had leapt too; leaving him tumbling through the underbrush until he smacked against the trunk of a nearby tree. before he had time to properly recover, another dark shadow was descending from above. it was only thanks to his genetically enhanced reflexes that he was able to scramble onto his hands and feet and scamper into the underbrush again, missing being crushed underfoot by mere inches. 

"You know, normally I'm adverse to any kind of effort whatsoever in anything other than making tasty sandwiches. But when things are this easy, even I can't be lazy about it, haha!" 625 rumbled with laughter.

Reuben wasn't cruel or evil by any standards. If anything, he kind of liked Stitch. but having spent years constantly reminded of his deficiency and inferiority to 626, despite having all the same abilities, being able to show such effortless superiority over his 'better' self was satisfying in a way he hadn't expected. Before long his lazy footsteps were becoming gleeful stomps; more and more force added with each impact until even Gantu a few dozen yards away was forced to hold on to the side of Stitch's roof to keep from falling over. Unfortunately, though, for all his unexpected enthusiasm, Stitch was still just agile enough to keep ahead of Reuben's footfalls. The foliage helped a lot in keeping him hidden, forcing Reuben to guess where he was. Unfortunately it only took a few more steps for Reuben to have the entire area cleared; little more than a few bushes and splintered remains of tree trunks left in an otherwise empty field of massive footprints. There was nowhere left to hide. So, Stitch attacked.

Again, he leapt forward and latched on to Reuben's foot. His lower arms retracted so he could focus all of his effort on his main arms as he tried once more to lift Reuben. he wasn't even trying to lift him entirely this time, just put enough upward force on 625's leg to unbalance him in hopes of knocking him over. Sadly, the size difference between the two was just too big and even that was too much for the comparatively tiny experiment to hope for. Reuben's foot abruptly jerked backwards, pulling itself out of Stitch's grasp. When he regained his footing, ready to try again, Stitch's eyes went wide. 

"Oh... Crabba snabba." Stitch cursed, just as the return swing of Reuben's foot slammed into his front and kicked him clear across the forest.

The wall next to Gantu practically exploded in a shower of wood and glass as Stitch slammed into it with the force of a cannonball. If he'd been anything less than nigh-indestructible he would have splattered like a bug on the windshield. Instead the little blue experiment lay in a pile of rubble and debris in the middle of his ruined living room looking dazed and confused. Which only brought a grin to Gantu's face.

"See, Abomination? I told you that you stood no chance. It’s about time someone finally took you down a peg!" He jeered smugly. Then, turning his attention to the titanic Reuben who seemed to be perfectly content to spend the moment surveying the destruction he'd caused around himself. "Stop enjoying the view and get over here and finish what you started for once!"

Furious, Stitch leapt to his feet and snarled a rude retort back at the former captain. He was half tempted to leap at Gantu and attack him just to give his frustrations an outlet, but he knew that'd be a waste of time that he would be better spent dealing with the real threat.  Despite his irritation, 626's broad ears were flattened against his head in a rare expression of concern as he felt the earth-shaking impact of another approaching footstep. Reuben was just too big to handle, even for someone like him. If the playing field were even just a little bit more even, he was sure there'd be no way he'd lose to his lazy predecessor even if they actually really tried to fight him! That's when, as he continued to glare at the gloating orca alien, an idea sprung to mind. 

"Hey! Ika Patootie!" Stitch yelled to get Gantu's attention.

Before Gantu even had a chance to turn his head and react, Stitch was already leaping upon him. Suddenly fearful of a flurry of claws and teeth flying straight at his face, Gantu raised his free arm up across his face to fend himself; Just what Stitch wanted. Instead, the little blue alien landed across Gantu's forearm, braced himself against it then kicked off hard enough to send the back of Gantu's own arm smacking against his snout hard enough to stun him. Using the momentum of that kick, Stitch flipped upside down to land on his hands only to shove himself back up and deliver a double-legged kick straight to Gantu's midsection. Even with the significant size and weight difference between the two of them, Stitch's genetically enhanced strength was more than enough to knock the wind out of Gantu and send him stumbling backwards. More importantly though, in the shock and disorientation of the attack, Gantu dropped what he was holding; The Enlarging device.

Before it had even hit the floor Stitch already had zipped past Gantu, snatching it up in the process. By the time the alien captain realized what had happened, eyes going wide in the process, Stitch was already down the stairs and dashing off down the path between their house and the main road. 

"Blitznak! He's got the device! Get him, quick!" Gantu yelled up desperately at Reuben.

The massive experiment was anything but quick, though. Grumbling about having to do all of the work and seriously considering just saying screw it and heading into town to find something to eat. The only thing that kept him willing to actually indulge in this silly plan was Gantu's promise of using the device to make himself a sandwich so big even he could use it as a bed, even at this size, once they were finished with 626. By the time he began lumbering his way down towards the path Stitch had taken, the little blue fur-ball was already all but gone from sight. Nothing but the occasional glimpse of a flash of blue between the tree-limbs were visible from so high up so Reuben was left mostly guessing the path Stitch was taking. Granted, at his size, Reuben didn't need to do much more than just head in the same general direction and eventually he'd overtake and more than likely step on his sibling. 

Stitch, for his part, was struggling to get the device aimed properly as he ran through the jungle. Even with his enhanced senses it was a bit of an effort to try to manage aiming the device while fiddling with the controls all while also keeping an eye out both in his path for trip hazards and paying attention to the monstrous titan lumbering after him from behind. All he had to do was give himself a little bit of a zap to even the playing field and he'd be home free. He didn't quite remember how the thing worked though other than that the button at the top activated it and which switch was the bigger/smaller setting. The other half dozen dials and controls were totally foreign to him and he had no idea what the setting was. For all he knew it could make him as big as Reuben, or only an inch taller. Deciding to just wing it Stitch fiddled with some of the controls, carefully making sure that it was actually set to 'enlarge', then pressed the button to fire it at himself. 

Immediately he felt the familiar, pleasing, tingle of the device's energy flooding through him. That faint tickle that made him feel giddy and light headed like the first time they had used it on him. Just like last time, though, the tingle was weak and minor, barely adding an inch or two to his height every couple of seconds. It wasn't nearly enough catch up with Reuben. As he ran, he began fiddling with the controls. The first few settings didn't seem to do anything and another one caused the beam to widen and encompass some of the area around him; growing a few nearby plants slightly larger. Carefully turning that back down to its normal setting, not wanting to risk going too far the other way and just growing his nose or head bigger than the rest of him, he tried the other dial. This time he hit the jackpot! As he turned the other dial slowly upwards, he could both see and feel the intensity of the ray coming from the device increasing; the green glow sharpening and brightening. While this had the desirable effect of making his growth visibly faster, it unfortunately also made the light easier to see and gave away his position.

"Aha, there you are!" Reuben's booming voice rumbled overhead. 

The next several footsteps became rapidly closer as the yellow giant increased his pace and adjusted his course. By now Stitch had more than tripled in size, easily bigger than a full-grown human at this point! Though the size difference between the two of them was so enormous that Reuben probably wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. Before Stitch had a chance to turn the device up further, Reuben made an attempt to catch him unawares. He paused before taking another step, both feet bracing firmly against the ground. The realization of what he was about to do made Stitch's ears flatten against his head and quicken his pace even more out of desperation. Just as expected, the ground rumbled as, with explosive force, Reuben shoved himself off the ground and hopped his way straight towards Stitch! At his size that leap covered several hundred feet in only a split second and made the sky darken ominously over Stitch's head a split second before the behemoth smashed down into the middle of the forest like a bomb had just gone off. 

Even though at the last second Stitch had leapt forward out of the direct line of impact he was sent flying through the air from the concussive force! The initial impact of Reuben's feet slamming into the ground cratered the earth and sent jagged chunks of rock and debris flying everywhere. A literal shock-wave tore through the surrounding trees, uprooting several and snapping dozens more like twigs in a strong wind. Had he been a split second slower, or hell even just if he hadn't been bigger and thus had a longer stride there at the end, Stitch would have been utterly crushed. Even though he wasn't he was still battered and flung about by the impact, smashing through an entire tree trunk before coming to a stop a few yards away. When he finally recovered enough to sit up he looked up to see Reuben surveying the surroundings of his destruction.

"Wow. Maybe I haven't given this enough of a shot. I'm starting to kinda see why this whole rampage and destroy everything stuff is pretty cool! It helps that it’s so easy at this size I'm not even trying!" Reuben exclaimed in excitement.

As if to emphasize his point, he lifted one of his massive feet up and casually slammed it down on the trunk of an uprooted tree; smashing it into splinters with ease. The impact shook through the ground and made Stitch stumble in his attempts to stand up. What it also did, though, was dislodge the enlarging device from where it had gotten caught in the branches of the tree overhead. Desperate to do something before Reuben was no longer distracted with his own power, Stitch turned the device back on himself and slammed a hand down on the fire button. What Stitch didn't know was that, in that moment when he had been flung forward by Reuben's impact, his finger had inadvertently and unknowingly jerked forward on the intensity setting of the device; pushing it up several magnitudes higher than he had intended.  Several things happened in quick succession after that.

The first was that the device released a sudden, sharp burst of green light so powerful and bright that when it hit Stitch in the chest it quite literally lifted him up off his feet and sent him sprawling backwards. In the process, the device flew from Stitch's hand and was sent tumbling down the edge of the hill they were on and​​ somewhere in the direction of the main road at the bottom of the hill. The flash had attracted Reuben's attention and already the behemoth was lumbering his way around to face his short-stacked body in that direction. The problem was that by the time Reuben had turned and taken a single step towards Stitch, even down on all fours Stitch's back was now taller than the surrounding trees.

"Oh... Um... well that's not good." Reuben muttered out loud.

The green glow of growth energy was still radiating off of Stitch even as he pushed himself back up to his feet. The sudden wave of vertigo from abruptly raising up so high left the experiment stumbling backwards a half step. He barely even noticed as his foot came down on another uprooted tree, which only held up for a split second under his weight before snapping in half like a twig. In that split second as he got his bearings Stitch could tell he was easily at least as big as he had been the time he had grown to face Short Stuff, the nearby tallest trees barely coming up to his waist. To his surprise and swelling excitement, though, he could see the trees still lowering down around him; He was still growing. That gleeful expression turned into a smug grin as he turned around to face Reuben, only for his grin to melt into a nervous frown as Reuben continued to tower over him. Even with his growth Stitch still wasn't even half of Reuben's size.

Reuben chose to accentuate this by taking a step forward and casually shoving the modest swell of his paunchy gut right up against Stitch's face, forcing Stitch to take a half step back to retreat from the face-smothering softness of 625's gut. It was clearly a show of smug dominance, something Stitch never would have previously expected from Reuben, nor Reuben from himself. But something having been so big for so long and finally having gotten so close to getting the better of his younger, 'better' brother had made Reuben start to enjoy his superiority. The last thing he wanted to do was lose it.

"Well at least you're big enough for me to properly see while I'm bullying you. "Reuben blustered, trying to not let his nerves show as he watched Stitch continue to grow. Even as he spoke the blue-furred experiment's head had risen past Reuben's belly button and neared his chest.  "Still a bit on the short side, though, aren't you? Maybe your name should be Short Stuff rather than the crab guy."

Despite his strong words, Reuben was having to resist the urge to take a step back from the still-growing blue experiment. With every foot Stitch gained he felt his own confidence wavering as the fear that it wouldn't stop in time grew along with him. Stitch seemed to catch on to this and slowly let his lips twist into a devious grin. He took a half step forward again to close the distance he had stepped back previously. Now, his face was just above Reuben's chest, leaving him only having to look slightly upwards to stare Reuben face to face. Their noses were nearly touching from how close they were, then did touch as Stitch's head swelled just a few feet higher... right up to the point that the two were staring at each other eye to eye. But, just as Reuben feared, it didn't stop there. Stitch continued to grow even larger than that. Soon the sizes were reverse and it was Reuben who was looking up at the smug grin of 626. Seconds later he found himself staring ahead at the blur fur of Stitch's chest. 

"Meega..." Stitch growled, Reuben able to actually hear Stitch's voice growing slightly louder and deeper between syllables. "...Bigger!"

As if taking cue from his declaration, Stitch's growth abruptly stopped. He was nowhere near as big to Reuben as he had once been to Stitch but now 625 found his face was the one staring directly ahead into Stitch's belly. Slowly, Stitch bent down at the waist to better face Reuben. He made a grand showing of how he had to bend down to meet him eye to eye, doing everything he could to emphasize the size difference between them. He was clearly enjoying this turn of events just as much as Reuben had been earlier, if not even more so. For all of Reuben's massive two hundred-foot-tall height, it paled in comparison to 626 who had to be closer to three hundred, himself. 

Before Stitch had a chance to really make use of his newfound superiority for more than a moment of intimidation, both giant experiments were distracted by a tiny, high pitched voice off in the distance. Stitch was confused by it and it took him a few moments to register what the sound even was, but Reuben had been hearing it for quite a while and easily recognized Gantu's comparatively high pitched, quiet voice.

"You damn abomination, you ruin everything! And you, 625. You literally had him outclassed fifty times over and couldn't stop playing long enough to seal the deal!" he ranted up at the two.

Surprisingly, both behemoths looked at each other and seemed to be in complete agreement at the annoyance of the little former captain. He may have been at least slightly intimidating in normal circumstances, but in their current situation he barely registered as a bug to either of them. They were just about to dismiss him entirely when Gantu raised up something shiny and metallic that caught both of their attentions. The enlarging device. 

"Last chance 625, make yourself useful for once!" He roared up at Reuben, aiming the device and preparing to fire. 

"Whoa, boss I don't think that's a good idea we're already kinda way too b-"Reuben started to protest.

Before he could finish his sentence, though, Gantu fired the device up at him. Reuben's eyes went wide as he watched, as if in slow motion, the blast of green light surging up from the device and towards him. Fear shot through him at what being hit by it might mean if it was still on the same setting that had just turned the pipsqueak 626 into someone even bigger than him. At the same time, though, that fear mingled with a thrill of excitement at being the bigger of the two of them again and once more getting to put stitch in his place. That excitement transformed into terror when he noticed the tufts of blue fur invading his vision from the side. Reuben's eyes went wide and he began to move forward as he realized that Stitch was still reaching down towards Gantu in an attempt to stop him from using the device. But Reuben was too late. Stitch accidentally got in the way of the blast just as the back of his hand swung around and backhanded Gantu out of sight and somewhere deep in the forest. The damage had been done though, and Reuben used the split second of time he had left to turn and run.

It wasn't enough.

In the span of a heartbeat, Reuben was knocked forward as a wall of blue furred ass slammed into him from behind. The sudden explosive growth of 626 had literally grow him backwards enough to smack into him with him still bent over. Even then, Reuben struggled to crawl away; scooping massive, multi-ton handfuls of dirt and trees out of the ground as he crawled his massive self through the forest. When he dared look back over his shoulder though, he realized the futility of it. If Stitch's previous growth had been abrupt, this time it was downright explosive. For any of the normal sized people that might have been nearby they would have actually felt a shock-wave of displaced air caused by the abrupt explosion of mass that was his growing body. Within a second Stitch had doubled in size, two seconds later he had doubled it again. His broad toes were literally bulldozing their way through the island jungle as they grew; uprooting dozens, then hundreds of trees and displacing untold tons of dirt as his feet sunk down into the ground into increasingly deep footprints. The sky soon darkened as his titanic body blotted out the sun, Stitch surpassing a thousand feet in height then swelling beyond two thousand only moments later. Stitch was forced to widen his stance as his growth continued, not even noticing as his foot came crashing down onto a large portion of the beach-side city even as his height surged past a full mile in height with no signs of slowing down. 

The growth was so fast that it was making Stitch dizzy just from the changing of his perspective and soon he found himself wobbling back and forth trying to keep his balance. A hand raised to clutch the side of his head as he tried to focus on a point across the ocean on the horizon in hopes of balancing himself, again not​​ even registering the devastation that his feet caused as he stumbled a couple of steps forward. Multiple blocks of the towns including cars, people and buildings were pulverized into massive footprints in the ground until his second footstep landed in the bay rather than on dry land. That simply caused a sharp increase in the tide, sending a flooding wave of water across the lower sections of the city in the process. As 626's height swelled past two miles, then three the dizziness only got that much worse for him. His arms extended outwards in a last final attempt to hold his balance. As he reached the four-mile mark, though, it finally became too much. Those remaining in the city watched the oncoming apocalypse with wide, terrified eyes. The sky was falling down on top of them, and that sky was a blue fur-covered ass.

Even as he toppled backwards, Stitch continued to grow. This only furthered the terror those down below felt in their last moments as they watched the behemothian experiment continue to expand through the sky. Thankfully they didn't have to wait much longer before with a final, resounding impact that shook the entire island, Stitch fell back on his ass. He barely even felt the untold hundreds of buildings, houses, cars, people, trees, and even roads and light fixtures that were simply powered by the sheer impact force of his ass landing on the ground. If Reuben's leap forward earlier had been like a bomb going off, then the impact of Stitch's ass was more like a meteor strike. The entire island seemed to tremble and visible cracks spread up the sides of the mountain in the middle of the island. Thankfully, moments after that cataclysmic impact, Stitch's growth finally slowed to a stop.

Seconds dragged on to minutes after Stitch's destructive topple backwards before he finally reacted. The titanic experiment, all six miles of him, slowly surveyed his surroundings with a look first of concern that quickly grew into amusement. Regardless of any 'good behavior' he had learned in the last few years there was no way to hide the primal glee at so much power at his fingertips. He had destroyed an entire city without even meaning too, without even NOTICING! He quickly was coming to see what had come over Reuben to make even his lazy self become so active and willing to indulge. 

Looking back over his shoulder he couldn't help but grin impishly and wiggle his plump ass back and forth, digging his heavy ass-cheeks deeper into the twin impact craters they have created in the coastline. He could actually feel the thousands of tons of dirt moving about as his casual squirming displaced it; creating new hills just from the weight of his shifting ass moving. Before he thought to stand, though, something caught Stitch's eye. When he recognized what it was, his lips spread back to expose his teeth as his lips twisted into the biggest, most devious grin he had ever managed. Carefully he reached out a mile-long arm across the side of the island, fingers bigger than buildings reaching down to carefully wedge themselves between a grove of still-standing trees. Once they had carefully clasped around either side of their target, they raised back up like some mockery of a crane game and moved back around to dangle Stitch's prize in front of the living mountain that was his face. There, staring him eye to titanic eye, was Reuben.

"Oh, uh... H-hey there little bro." Reuben stammered nervously. "What's um... what’s new with you? No hard feelings about the whole, you know, chasing you around as a giant thing, right?" 

His words only made Stitch's grin spread that much wider. A single sharp exhale of air from Stitch's nostrils view across Reuben like a gale force wind, strong enough even his two hundred-foot-tall body would have probably been blown away if Stitch hadn't been holding him. When Stitch responded, his words made Reuben's ears flatten against his head in concern of the just deserts that were sure to be coming his way in the near future.

"Meega... BIGGER..."

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