Turnabout Is Fair Play


Rebecca has BIG plans for her boyfriend… and herself

Another commission for Andy/drewbermeister

Rebecca has spent her life becoming a world renounced biologist. No one knows her efforts were solely for the purpose of developing something to make her big boyfriend bigger. Now that she’s done it, she’s decided to use herself as a guinea pig first and have her way with her boyfriend before finally turning him in to the Titan she’s always dreamed of him being.

Andy’s FA



Turnabout Is Fair Play

By Dragonien




It was done, after years of experimentation and ailed trials going on well into morning hours just like today Rebecca had finally finished her life’s work. The proof lay lined up against the wall in neat rows of a half dozen wire-mesh cages; each containing a white laboratory mouse. Nine of the cages each held the proof that her project finally worked. Each of those nine cages held a mouse, identical to all of the others around it save for one single detail.


Each of those nine mice were the size of large cats.

A single drop of her serum had caused explosive growth within the rodents that, for as far as she could measure and test, held no negative repercussions on the mice themselves. They were as healthy as they ever had been, maybe even healthier! they were just also bigger than they had ever been. It was a petty, insane, selfish desire that had driven her ever since high school when she had met her boyfriend. It had led her to graduating top of her class and going off to the most prestigious college in the country specializing in biology, said boyfriend eagerly following after her. She had made her way to the forefront of her field and earned dozens of grants and awards for her research on cellular multiplication and cellular regeneration. To all the world she was the forefront in researching new ways to use science to heal wounds, restore deteriorated muscle mass and cure dozens of different diseases dealing with inadequate or unstable cellular growth.  Rebecca, the petite little five-foot-nothing tan-furred fennec woman had been on the cover of science magazines the world over as they celebrated her breakthroughs. There wasn't a research lab or hospital on the continent she could walk into without being recognized. 

But that had all been a ruse.

Oh, sure, she had actually made huge strides in the fields they said she had and she really had all-but cured a half dozen different diseases and genetic defects. But that hadn't been the reason why she had done it. The reason, the drive that pushed her to realms of research and study that bordered on super-science the likes of which lingered only in comic books was far more personal; far more selfish and pettier than anything so grand and noble as advancing science or curing disease. She wanted to make her boyfriend bigger. 


Said boyfriend in question was Andrew Reynard, or Andy as everyone called him. He was an impressive specimen for a fox, often times mistaken for a wolf simply due to the sheer size of him despite his obviously vulpine fur coloration: deep orange fur with dark brown fur from his mid forearms and calves down like 'boots' and 'gloves' of fur. He was well over eight feet tall and built like an amateur bodybuilder. The​​ jackpot of all genetic jackpots let him keep muscle with almost no effort and put it on even easier so he barely even had to go to the gym to keep his imposing physique. He filled any door-frame he stood in and then some, forced to duck under them all to fit through them, and loomed over just about anyone he had ever met all the way back since his junior year in high school. He was a living Greek statue of masculine fox that personified what it was as a person to be big. And next to Rebecca's petite five-foot frame he looked even more massive.


But that hadn't been enough for her. All through their high school years dating each other they had teased each other and talked about him getting bigger. Back then they'd been nearly the same size. That had been before Andy's puberty had started hitting him like a whole fleet of buses, though. He'd sprouted up like a weed to the point Rebecca felt like she was shrinking day by day despite it being Andy that was outgrowing his clothes almost weekly. Their jokes and teases had rapidly become something more perverse and provocative as they both began to fetishize how quickly he was growing. It had been a huge disappointment when his puberty finally topped off and he no longer could see the measuring line on the wall going up every other week. But that hadn't stopped the two of them from continuing to fantasize about Andy becoming even larger than he already was. Eventually the teasing had grown into an obsession in both of them, though they both had manifested it in different ways.


Andy had begun hitting the gym. Riding on the tail end of the hormone explosion that was his puberty he had rapidly bulked out his lanky, lean teenage body into a powerfully built adult form that made Rebecca weak in the knees every time he took off his shirt. Even without the help of those extra hormones he found himself making gains in weeks that would take anyone else in the gym months to achieve. As if his ego hadn't already been powerful enough after being bigger than anyone else he met since he was 16, the fact that he was now leaving the obsessive gym rats in the dust with only minimal effort had made it all but impossible for him to avoid developing a bit of a narcissism complex. He didn't get violent or irrationally aggressive but rather simply took control of whatever situation or location he was in. He was massive, intimidating, and he didn't hesitate to use that size and strength to get whatever he wanted with as little effort as possible. And people gave in to him, which only further fed his ego. It's hard to say no to someone big enough to dead-lift the back of your car up off the ground and tall enough that they have to duck under the door to any room they enter.


As Andy grew into his own self, Rebecca had become even more obsessed than he had with his own size and power. She buried herself into science to try to find out the secret to why he was so big and how she could replicate, and compound it. It became her life's obsession. Though no one knew that the brilliant, talented biologist standing in their midst was secretly funneling all of that money, research, and equipment into something as petty and self-serving as making their boyfriend bigger. Now, though, it didn't matter if they knew. She had what she wanted, what she needed,​​ and they could ban her from every conference and campus on the planet for all she cared. 


As Rebecca looked around the lab she took stock of what evidence there was here and what she needed and didn't need. The test animals would have to go, as would all of her research notes. Even with all of her research it would take anyone else years to reproduce her own work much less find a way to reverse it. But she hadn't gotten as far as she had by being careless. The computers were wiped of all of their data and had a high-powered magnet ran across the hard drives just to be sure. Any physical papers and documents were piled up together in a corner. Before she took the last step, though, she had to collect the rest of her prize.


Across the empty lab sat the large, elaborate series of glass tubes and machines that she had jokingly dubbed her alchemy lab. Chemicals bubbled, liquids boiled, and small puffs of steam issued from various release valves every few seconds. But there, sat in the center of the elaborate setup was an almost obnoxiously plain and out-of-place gator-aid bottle filled nearly to the brim by a drip of the same faintly glowing, bright blue liquid that a single droplet of had turned the mice into monsters. glancing back at the mice then back to the bottle, Rebecca visibly shuddered as the thought of just how much power was contained in that single bottle. Her nipples hardened and heat blossomed between her legs simply at the implication of Andy drinking even a single mouthful of that liquid. As she carefully screwed the plastic lid back onto the bottle she mused to herself what this much of her serum could really do to someone. Forget playing god. Rebecca would be CREATING one. 


A last, thorough look around the lab to ensure that she hadn't forgotten anything caught one little oversight. Delicately, like she were handling some priceless fragile artifact, she used two fingers to lift the little eye-dropper that she had used to test the serum on her lab mice up to eye level. In her rush to take the formula home she had nearly overlooked this little leftover dosage of the chemical. She was getting ready to unscrew the plastic bottle and deposit the few droplets inside when the rest when she caught herself. A fleeting, intrusive thought had just invaded her mind as she found herself staring intently at the eye dropper again. Something she had never thought of; never even considered as an option before now in all of her years of her obsessive work to create something to turn Andy into the god she always wanted him to be.


What if she took some of it, too?


Once the thought had been placed in her head Rebecca couldn't stop herself from letting out a bark of incredulous laughter. She knew she was a lot of things but she had never once thought of herself as stupid. Now, though, she felt like the supreme king of idiots, unable to fathom how she never even considered using some of it on herself. She thought back to how many times her and Andy had gotten intimate and she had struggled to keep up with him. He was just so much bigger and stronger​​ than her that a casual romp in the sheets for him was like a day long, full body workout for her. As that thought settled in her mind it was joined by other intrusive thoughts. Mental sympathetically of what if she no longer had to strain so much to keep up with her beast of a boyfriend. What if she finally was able to match him size for size? She found herself squirming a lot than she expected too at the thought of being able to stand up straight and look him square in the eyes surrounded by normal sized people that didn't come up to either of their chests. The thought made her feel big, powerful, and important in a way that even world scientific renown never had. That feeling mingled with tiny twinges of jealousy, ones she never held against Andy but were still there and directed outwards towards the world at large.


Andy may be her boyfriend but they were hardly exclusive. She understood that he cared for her deeply but that she simply wasn't always able to keep up. Hell, she didn't think anyone on the planet could keep up with the beast of a fox for more than a week before they'd break down. So, Andy got around. One person can't keep up with him but between herself and a half dozen other friends-with-benefits they were able to keep him satiated. Now that she had completed the serum, though, maybe she didn't need to share anymore. A few drops of this and she would finally be Andy's match; would finally be able to keep up with him. The idea of being the only woman in the world big enough to fully handle him was as much of a turn on as Andy being too big for the world at large. 


She found herself imagining the two of them even taller together than before. The crowd of people she envisioned now only stood as tall as their hips, the tops of their heads not even making it as high as either of their belt-lines. They were two titans in a world of little children and none of them were good enough for her monster of a boyfriend. She was though. She was the only one that could handle him, could satisfy him... could tame him. When that last thought sprouted in her mind a new thought quickly followed behind it; a new change to that little fantasy of her and Andy together that had her chewing on her lip and letting out a soft growl of hunger that had nothing to do with a desire for food. Why should she stop at being big enough...?


When she could be bigger.


The thought of looking DOWN at Andy for once in her left had Rebecca all but squirming in place. It wasn't that she resented being the smaller one; she LIKED how big Andy was and feeling small around him. But the sheer contrariness of her being the taller one for once was driving her wild in a way she hadn't expected. It left her in a state she probably shouldn't have been making major decisions in which was a thought readily pushed to the back of her mind as she raised the eye dropper still full of the chemical used on the rats and stuck out her tongue directly below its opening.

Drip. Drip. 

At first, nothing happened save for Rebecca shuddered slightly at the harsh, faintly metallic taste of the chemical. It didn't take long for the tingle to build within her gut and spread out through the rest of her body. The little fennec let out a gasp of pure carnal lust as her senses were suddenly overwhelmed with pleasurable stimuli. It was like her entire body had suddenly been transformed into an erogenous zone sensitive enough that even the slight breeze of air from the air conditioners in the ceiling felt like someone running tantalizing fingers across her most intimate regions. A sudden tug of clothing tightening across her entire body only further stimulated her over-whelmed senses as she only vaguely recognized that she had begun to grow. 

Her legs lengthened out of the tight pencil skirt she wore while her arms stretched further out of the sleeves of her laboratory coat and the dress shirt underneath. The collar of her shirt pulled taunt across her neck then suddenly relaxed as the top button burst apart the moment it was put under too much strain. The rest of the buttons rapidly began to follow suit as the two modest swells of her breasts rapidly began to inflate like balloons beneath her clothing. C cups swelled to D cups, then E cups, beginning to pop the next series of buttons off of her shirt as they swelled even beyond that size and sent a barrage of little plastic buttons ricocheting around the laboratory. Her skirt fared little better as the growing length of her legs mixed with their increasing girth and the widening of her hips and thighs until the skirt split down one side and freed her legs from their confinement. The moment it did Rebecca stumbled a half step to the side, catching herself with her elongated legs as she was forced to adjust her stance to her expanding height. 

When she finally regained enough of her senses to take stock of her surroundings Rebecca got to actually see her perspective slowly stretching higher and higher. That alone normally would have been arousing enough to bring her to her knees but she forced herself to stay upright through sheer force of will so she could continue enjoying the show even as her eyes soon swelled up to be level with the top of the laboratory's door. Her lips curled into a wicked grin as she ran her free hand down her expanding self; admiring new heft to her chest and curve to her hip that had never been there before. She had only expected to get a bit taller, not to have her whole physique upgraded but you wouldn't hear her complaining. 

"More to tease Andy with..." She growled hungrily under her breath.


Her changes slowed but continued on even as she started making her way towards the door. She couldn't help but notice that she could actually hear her footsteps now even though she had outgrown her shoes. Each step came with a faint, resounding whump of impact that signified how much heavier she must be now. Any other girl probably would have been worried about suddenly packing on what she guessed was at least a hundred pounds or more. But when you're suddenly a couple feet taller, it just comes with the territory. As she made her way out of the lab, eager to get home and surprise Andy, she turned and gave one last look at the lab. She felt a​​ brief pang of sadness at the thought that this would be the last time she'd see the lab she'd spent so much time in. Then she glanced down at the bottle held in her hand and her smile returned. She'd gotten what she needed from it after all. With that last thought firmly in mind, she felt no remorse for the lit match she tossed into the trash can beside the door as she left. It would take a while for the fire to spread to the accelerate she had poured around the lab and she'd be long gone by then. By the time anyone found out that the fire had been started on purpose, it would be far too late to do anything about it...

Andy had already been fast asleep when the heavy sound of footsteps rolling their way through his home woke him. he sat up and rubbed blearily at his eyes with the back of his wrist trying to clear the sleep from his vision. By the time he was awake enough to see anything more than blurry shapes Rebecca was already ducking her way into their bedroom. It took a moment for the specific details of that action to dawn on him, but when they did the bed-ridden fox's eyes slowly went wide. She'd had to duck UNDER the door to get into the room. Even in the dim light of the early morning moon's illumination mixed with the street lights outside filtering through the curtains he could make out plenty of details to make his throat go dry. Rebecca's ears were brushing against the ceiling: the ten-foot-tall ceiling of their bedroom specifically. quick flashes of memory of all the times he had bragged to Rebecca how he was so tall he had to duck down under the door-frames in their house fluttered through his mind as he realized now she was now nearly tall enough to be experiencing the same thing with the ceilings instead. 


The shock of her insane increase in height had momentarily distracted him from other, more pressing details but he quickly started to let his eyes wander away from her face and take in the additional details. Such as the fact that Rebecca was all-but naked. Her clothes were hanging off of her in shreds like she had just hulked out of them. Some tiny, absurd voice in the back of his mind wondered if she had come all the way home from her lab dressed like that and a strange mix of sympathetic embarrassment and possessive outrage flashed through his mind before he was distracted from it once more by what he saw in her hand. In the dim light of their barely-lit bedroom the faintly glowing liquid in the sports drink bottle stood out like a glow-stick. Andy's mouth hung open in disbelief as he quickly started to put two and two together. 


"You... you did it... you actually did it." he whispered aloud in disbelief.


Despite the disbelief and awe in his voice, Rebecca clearly saw the throb underneath the thin sheets around Andy's waistline. He'd already been rather obviously half-hard from whatever dreams he had been having but she'd gotten to watch as he had swollen from that half-aroused state to what looked like a nearly painfully raging erection the moment he'd recognized the bottle for what it was. She wasn't surprised. He'd been just as turned on, if more so, at their little fantasies of her finding a way to make him even bigger. Even if he had been mostly disbelieving there had always been that tiny voice in the back of his head that had hoped she'd succeed. The fact that she now stood here, nearly twice her normal size in the shredded remains of her clothes, was better than any explanation or assurance she could have given verbally that she had finally succeeded in creating what she'd always promised she would. 


"Of course I did, dear." Rebecca all-but purred out into the quiet room. "If I didn't know better, I'd almost think you doubted me."


The deeper-than-normal tenor of Rebecca's voice was jarring enough to snap Andy out of his momentary disbelieving stupor. He was so used to hearing her slightly high pitched, quiet voice that both the deeper tone, louder volume, and additional air of I unexpected confidence in her words shook him. In all their fantasies and discussions and planning, most of which he had attributed to just extensions of the fantasies never once had they ever talked about her being the bigger of the two. While he wasn't sure exactly how tall she was now, he knew he'd be looking up at her if he stood up.

"I uh... I see that you already er... tried some of it." Andy murmured nervously, eliciting a wide grin from Rebecca.

"I had to test it to make sure it was good enough for my big man, didn't I?" Came her teasing reply.

As Andy lay there, wallowing in his confusing mixture of arousal and concern Rebecca started to approach him. She reached down and casually grabbed a handful of the tattered remains of her clothes; effortlessly tearing them apart and tossing the handful of shredded fabric off to the side. She placed the bottle of faintly glowing liquid and accompanying eye dropper on the nearby dresser before stepping up to the foot of their bed to loom ominously above her vulpine boyfriend. 


Andy still wasn't quite sure exactly how to feel. On the one hand he was so incredibly turned on it was a miracle he hadn't already busted a nut just from the sight of his girlfriend. Rebecca's normally small, petite body magnified not just in overall size but streamlined with newfound muscle mass, increased mass in her hips and ass, and a generous enhancement to her bustline had transformed an already attractive girl into a walking wet dream. At the same time, though, the years Rebecca had spent building his already powerful ego into a bastion of dominant near-narcissism was struggling to cope with the fleeting sense of inferiority.

It didn't help when Rebecca reached down and wrapped a powerful hand around one of Andy's ankles and roughly jerked him closer to her. For a split second she seemed almost as shocked as Andy was at how easily she pulled him across the bed towards her; clearly as unused to her new size and strength as Andy was. She recovered quickly, though, and her toothy grin returned as she reached down to haul Andy up into a sitting position by one of his shoulders so that she could lean forward and, moving her hand from his shoulder to the back of his head, stuff him face-first into her cleavage. Any concerns or protests the smaller fox might have had momentarily fled his mind as he felt his face being enveloped by the supple softness of two breasts each bigger than his own head. The familiar, tantalizing smell of Rebecca's natural scent mixed with the obvious smell of her own arousal further encouraged Andy into a more relaxed mood. When he let his tongue slide out and lick along the sensitive flesh between her breasts he heard the fennec let out a soft gasp at the stimulation and his dominant personality flared back to life like the sound had been lighter fluid sprayed onto a budding flame. It didn't matter if she was bigger than him, she was still Andy's girl.

Broad, muscular arms reached up and shamelessly grabbed handfuls of Rebecca's breasts. His palms kneaded mercilessly into the sensitive, hardened nubs of flesh that were her nipples as his groping fingers sunk inches-deep into the malleable flesh of her bosom. A low, possessive growl began to well up within Andy's throat as he dug his muzzle in deeper and slathered his tongue more forcefully into her cleavage, encouraged by a shiver of lust making Rebecca's entire body tremble briefly. It didn't matter if she was the bigger of the two for the moment; the years of power dynamic between them had ingrained submissive urges and responses too deeply into Rebecca's mind for them to easily be broken by a few extra inches (Or feet in this case) of height. 


When Andy finally had his fill of the new depth of her cleavage he gave a firm push back against her and felt her body move backwards as if of its own accord. He was still strong enough that he probably could have overpowered her even with her newfound sized if it came to a contest of strength but her body gave no resistance to his unspoken tactile command. When he looked up at her now that his face was free from her chest he saw her staring down at him with her mouth hanging slightly open; panting softly in the heat of her own lusts. The look on her face that was all too familiar to Andy. 



One glance at that look on her face was all Andy needed for his typical cocky dominance to reassert itself back to full force. He reached out and gripped firmly at either of her hips and tugged the oversized fennec girl towards him. Her body moved of its own accord, obeying his direction reflexively rather than actively being overpowered by even his impressive strength. The result was the same as he pulled her in towards him; squirming around just a bit to get his underwear down around his ankles and​​ release the throbbing mass of his erection into the cool morning air. When he guided her down to straddle him like they'd done together so many times before he instantly realized he'd made a mistake. 


The weight wasn't painful. It wasn't even more than mildly uncomfortable. For all of her impressive new size Andy was still a big, powerful specimen of a fox and it would take more than a couple hundred extra pounds of his girlfriend to really threaten his durability or strength. But it was enough, both of newfound weight and surprise, that he let out a wheezing grunt when she abruptly dropped all of her impressive new mass down right into his lap; long legs wrapping themselves around his middle while the thick, plush swells of her ample ass-cheeks pinned his erection down underneath them and squeezed around its length long-ways like an oversized bun squeezing around a sausage. That grunt made Rebecca's ears perk up and a slow, sultry grin began to spread across her face again; filled with that same uncharacteristic confidence she had never been able to show around Andy before she'd been tall enough to look down at him.

"Oooh... Sorry dear, Am I too heavy?" she cooed in a quiet, playful voice. "I thought you were a big, strong man. Can't you handle your petite little girlfriend?"


As she teased him, her arms lazily draped their way over Andy's shoulders in a loose hug. She leaned herself in closer, neither of them missing that she still had to look down at him despite having been in this same position dozens if not hundreds of times in the past and always being at least a head shorter than him. The distinction was sharp and filled Rebecca with more of that newfound confidence that made her want to tease her now smaller beast of a boyfriend relentlessly. She still drooled at the thought of him towering over her, of how powerful and muscular he was and how he made any other man she'd ever met look like an underdeveloped child in comparison. But that didn't stop her from enjoying her own brief power trip. Andy may have been the ideal male but now she got to enjoy being the only woman big enough for him. Or, maybe, now that she was so big...

Maybe he was the only man big enough for her. 


Despite her teasing Rebecca didn't hesitate to teasingly grind her ass up and down along the length of Andy's erection; eliciting a low growl of frustrated lust from the smaller fox. She could feel his hips roll up against her in an attempt to reposition and thrust inside but she deftly used her new weight to keep his midsection pinned down and deny him for the moment.

"Ah ah, naughty boy... I'm in charge tonight." She growled out with a show of her own, if smaller, still sharp and predatory fangs. 

One of her hands reached out to cup the back of Andy's head; giving it a gentle nudge before pulling on it more firmly until his face was jerked forward and pressed firmly into the flesh of her left breast. The action was obvious in its demand and more​​ out of reflex than compliance Andy's lips wrapped around the hardened nub of her nipple and began to suckle gently on it. As a 'reward' for his compliance, Rebecca rolled her hips backwards and ground the thickened fleshy pillows of her ass-cheeks back down into his lap; eliciting a muffled groan from Andy's occupied muzzle. She was riding high on even that minor amount of control that she had over her normally overwhelming boyfriend and, though she was certain he would have preferred to have her pinned to the bed beneath him at the moment, he certainly didn't seem to be complaining to vocally. For a moment she almost considered just leaving things like this; hiding the rest of her formula away and staying large and in charge. The idea of leaving Andy the one sexually exhausted and sore the morning after for once was an incredibly tempting one. But, as much as she loved that idea, just the brief drifting of her mind to what she had truly envisioned when she had first created this formula was enough to set her squirming hard enough that Andy let out a brief grunt of discomfort when she put too much of her weight on him. She liked being larger and in charge but at the end of the day it was Andy she wanted to see filling the sky from horizon to horizon.

That didn't mean she couldn't have some fun beforehand, though. 

"You know it’s so hot how you always towered over me... How all you'd have to do to be overwhelming and intimidating was just stand nearby..." She cooed softly, her own words working her up into an increasingly lusty frenzy. "I can’t wait till everyone else can experience that... I can't wait till people standing on top of skyscrapers can feel that way around you. Having to crane their heads back to look up at you even when they're already thirty stories up."

Then her voice became rough, hungry and all but a snarl of pure desire.

"But that's for later. Tonight, it’s me that you'll be looking up too. That EVERYONE will be looking up to... Don't worry, dear. You'll be the god of this world soon. But before then, you're going to have spend a bit of time worshiping your goddess to earn it."

her hand tightened its grip on the back of his head and pulled the smaller fox harder against her breast. Her hips rose up and her free hand lowered down to help adjust herself and Andy so he was lined up true, then she simply slammed down on him. The sudden surge of stimulation had them both letting out an involuntary moan of bliss as every inch of the more than foot of fox flesh speared its way into her depths! Her powerful inner muscles immediately responded to the intrusion by clenching down around Andy's shaft almost uncomfortably hard. Both of them wrapped their arms around each other, clinging to one another to drag out the bliss of that initial bliss before they finally were able to release the collective breath they had sucked in. Rebecca could actually feel Andy leaking pre into her; providing his own lubrication in concert with her own. Andy, meanwhile, could feel her clenching and shifting atop his lap as if trying to push him just the tiniest bit deeper. But she was unable to as, for the​​ first time either of them could remember, Rebecca was able to take all of him. Even after years of practice and 'training' with increasingly large toys she'd never been able to take him all; a fact that had only helped to stoke the fires of Andy's ego to the lofty place it had ended up at. Now, though, she reveled in the victory of fully indulging in her boyfriend’s ample proportions. 

She began to bounce in his lap; arms still wrapped firmly around him both to keep his head pressed against and nursing on her nipple for the added stimulation and to help support her as she rose up then slammed back down onto him over and over. Each time she pushed back down she heard the faint grunt of discomfort that came from Andy, as well as felt the throb and roll of his own hips that alleviated any concern she might have had that she was being too rough. All things considered; she knew Andy was a tough guy. He could take a little roughhousing. Their bed, however, could not.

Both of them felt the bed-frame give away after the fourth bounce atop it snapped the support frame into pieces. This only encouraged Rebecca though; her first time breaking a bed while fucking her boyfriend compared to the four that Andy had to his name. She released her arms from around him and instead pressed one of her broad hands against his muscular chest and pushed Andy down onto his back atop the now ground-borne mattress as she continued to bounce atop him. Each rise and fall of her hips and ass was accompanied by the tinkling of glass rattling and the deeper resonance of walls vibrating around them like a musical chorus accompanying her power-trip. She was so intoxicated on her own control of the situation, of her own power, that she found herself hungering for more. Which is when her head rolled backwards to glance over at the eyedropper still resting atop the nearby dresser. Andy was too absorbed in the brutal pounding his pelvis was taking by his oversized girlfriend to notice what she was doing until her lengthy arm had already stretched across the room to snatch up the little eye-dropper of glowing liquid. He didn't even have a chance to speak before she had already raised it up to her lips and greedily sucked down the half dozen or so drops of the precious liquid trapped within all at once. 


The sensation built in her stomach just like it had before in her lab. A pleasant warmth turning into a burning, but not uncomfortable, fire of stimulation like she had just downed multiple fireball whisky shots all at once. She felt her muscles and tendons beginning to surging and swell; her bones elongating and thickening as her whole body began to stretch out in all directions once more. Within moments she had grown so large that, even sitting nearly on the ground atop Andy and the half-broken mattress she reached up and effortlessly pressed the palms of her hands flat against the ceiling overhead. She felt furniture being pushed out of the way by her lengthening legs and thickening tail behind her. She felt her already ample chest swelling faster than the rest of her as the girth of her hips and ass burgeoned backwards to press back against where her legs were folded up underneath her and a brief sense of smug satisfaction at her increasingly luscious proportions welled up in her. Each inch of height, each​​ pound of newfound flesh that swelled onto her made the next bounce atop her increasingly frazzled lover that much more powerful, that much more overwhelming. At some point she felt Andy, finally overwhelmed by the situation and stimulation begin to unload into her; filling her up with spurt after spurt of his impressive load. But, for the first time since they had been together, she didn't feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it and that just turned her on more.

"More... MORE!" She boomed, her voice becoming increasingly resonant and thunderous as she grew. 


She was literally panting at this point; her tongue hanging out of the edge of her mouth as each breath came mixed with a gasping moan of near-delirious levels of lust. Each bounce on top of her increasingly-overwhelmed boyfriend created a stronger, louder thud of impact even through the mattress. By the fifth bounce the walls were shaking. By the seventh bounce some of the pictures hanging on the walls were being shaken out of their settings. As she swelled past twelve feet, then thirteen, she was quite literally starting to make the earth shake with her sex. Andy's growls of lust turned into grunts of effort as even his impressively durable and powerful body began to struggle under such an onslaught. Each impact resonated through his entire body and smashed him down into the mattress below.  Her arms stretched out to either side until she was able to lay her palms flat against opposite walls for support. Her arm's breadth was now as wide as the entire room! She barely even noticed when her head bumped against the ceiling. Out of instinct she ducked her head down and hunched her shoulders to try to give herself more space between her and the ceiling. It wasn't so much that she was trying not to break it as she wanted the extra space to lift herself back up before slamming down on top of Andy again. More than once she misjudged the distance in her lust-addled state and left an increasingly large dent in the drywall of the ceiling.


Then, just as suddenly as the previous change had occurred, it stopped. She was left panting both from the sharp over-stimulation of her changes with the still pent up lust burning inside of her from their incomplete coupling. Andy had gotten off at least once, though from the way he was still throbbing urgently inside of her she knew that he easily could blow again with just a bit more stimulation. That insatiable nature was often as much of the reason she was so attracted to him as it was part of the reason she was enjoying being the one overwhelming him for once. But in that brief lull brought on by the sudden, jarring cessation of changes and the accompanying stimulation she took a moment to calm down and take stock of her new self.


Looking around at how small the room looked to her now she guessed she had to be at least twenty feet tall!  Even with her sitting down straddling Andy her head was pushed up against the ceiling and forcing her to hunch down and forward slightly, unintentionally giving the sex-battered fox beneath her an impressive look up at her heavy-hanging breasts. At that thought she looked down; a momentary pang of worry​​ seeping up from the overwhelming power trip she was riding on as she realized that she didn't feel Andy moving beneath her anymore. For a silent moment she stared down at the fox pinned beneath her and framed between her thighs, his chest heaving in exhaustion but otherwise unmoving. She had clearly been rougher with him than she had intended. If it wasn't for the thankfully soft material of the mattress she was pretty sure he would already be covered in bruises, if not have a few broken bones! She needn't have worried though. He wasn't moving because he was simply trapped; pinned beneath the weight of her immense ass and thighs so thoroughly even his impressive strength wasn't able to budge her. She felt a fresh flood of arousal at the realization that this must be how she looked and felt every night after he had worn her down and left her barely able to stand. In that instant she was ready to begin grinding down on top of him again, even tempted to reach out for another droplet or two from the eye-dropper. 


She'd seen him as being shorter than her before when she'd first come home and the idea had thrilled her but she'd never really questioned his own size. For all of her increased proportions he was still big, powerful, and hung enough horses bragged they were hung like him rather than the other way around. But now, though, for the first time in her life a tiny voice whispered an intrusive thought into her head and filtering out through her lips before she could stop it that she never thought would ever be uttered seriously.


"Gods, you're so small...!"


Of course, whatever exhaustion the poor, overworked fox beneath her was dealing with disappeared under a sudden surge of indignation stoked from the fires of an ego built over the course of decades. He growled and reached his one free arm to grab at the side of her thigh and try to hoist himself up higher so he could give her the same commanding glare that always left her flushed and shivering submissively. Unfortunately, the sheer weight of his enlarged girlfriend mixed with his lack of leverage made it nigh-impossible for him to wiggle more than an inch or two in either direction. It didn't help that, while not bouncing atop him, she was still shamelessly grinding her ass down on top of him and squirming herself back and forth both to stimulate herself and, more unconsciously than intentionally, reinforce how thoroughly she had him pinned. She didn't even seem to notice Andy's attempted squirming, though. Even as his, despite all of the rough treatment, raging erection throbbed needily inside her folds she slowed her own menstruations to instead admire her own improved physique. In some ways it was even more infuriating that she was, or that she even could be, ignoring him even as he struggled against her. From the way he felt her clench around him occasionally when he squirmed particularly hard it wasn't that difficult to tell she was getting off on how thoroughly overpowered she had him. Andy had to admit though, for all the rough and battering treatment he was getting he was still getting quite a show as the towering mini-giantess pinning him down shamelessly​​ admired herself. 

From down below where he was all-but pinned between her thighs he could barely see her face past the ample swell of her immense bosom. Even had she been her normal size but with those proportions each of those massive breasts would easily have been a handful for even for Andy's massive mitts. Now, though, they were big enough that they could have almost completely smothered him; each one shaming a fully inflated beach-ball in sheer scale. He got to watch as she raised an arm and experimentally flexed it; then feeling her inner muscles clench briefly around his shaft still buried deep within her as a sign she was clearly enjoying the view she was getting. She wasn't going to pass as any female bodybuilder anytime soon but there was definitely a lot more lean, feminine definition to her arm than there had been before. And when she had flexed, the clear outline of a bicep she had never before had surged upwards towards an impressive peak; one made all the more impressive by her sheer scale making it bigger than any other bicep even of professional weight lifters. Andy could feel her thighs squeezing together around him briefly as if testing the strength in them and let out an involuntary grunt in response to the pressure. That only elicited another sigh of lustful bliss from the newly-grown mini giantess that was his girlfriend. 


For a brief instant, Andy saw himself in the giant beauty sitting above him. He watched as if viewing himself from the outside as that flame of ego and confidence he was so used to that he didn't even notice in himself anymore spark in her eyes. He watched as she slid her tongue out and dragged it shamelessly across the top of one of her biceps; tasting the hardened muscle and matting down a bit of the fur covering the hard swell of meat. He watched one of her free hands reach up to cup the underside of one of her massive breasts. Even her huge hands, big enough they could palm his entire head with room to spare, looked downright small compared to the massive swell of feminine flesh muffin-topping around her squeezing fingers. Her nipple stuck out from between two of her digits like a milk dud; big enough he could have wrapped his lips around it like the nub of a bottle. A sharp scratching sound filled the air as she clenched her toes in response to squeezing at the sensitive nub of flesh; the claws of her toes tearing deep gouges into the hardwood of their bedroom floor while her free hand did the same shredding thick lines through the drywall of the wall it was braced against. The deep, rumbling moan of pure lust she released was so loud and resonant thanks to her increased size that both her and Andy felt the walls actually shake from the sheer volume of it. Andy's girlfriend had turned herself into a beast. 

As much as he was turned on by the beast his girlfriend had become, he also was more than ready to put the overgrown girl back in her place again. If anything, her having become such an overwhelming monster made him want that chemical all the more for himself. It was one thing to ruin an already small girl with overwhelming size and strength. Hell, that was the foundation of their sexual attraction to one another. It was another thing entirely to do the same to a formerly small girl who now was, herself, overwhelming. Not to mention right now he was getting a first-hand account to what​​ just a few drops of the stuff could do to someone as formerly small and petite as Rebecca. The thought of what an entire water bottle full of the stuff could do to him was almost enough to set him off again. Luckily for him, finding that out wasn't that far out of reach.


In all of Rebecca's roughness she had done more damage to the room than simply breaking the bed. The bedside table had been knocked over; its lamp falling and breaking, forgotten, on the floor below. There was at least one dent in the ceiling from where her head had hit it when she had raised up during her growth at one point and smacked into it and both of the rear bed posts had been snapped into splinters by her grip during their initial bout of love making. Most importantly, though, her swinging hips and swishing tail had knocked over the dresser behind her and in her frantic self-pleasure at his expense she hadn't even noticed a small, faintly glowing bottle rolling its way across the floor to come to rest easily within reach of even Andy's pinned position. So it came as quite a shock when Rebecca finally finished her own self-assessment and looked down, clearly intent on teasing Andy further, only to find him with his free arm holding the bottle up to his mouth with his throat and Adam's apple visibly bobbing with the greedy swallows of him chugging the entire bottle's contents.


"Mmm... Look at me, I'm a damn MONSTER! Is this how strong you feel all the ti-Andy!" She started to brag, only to shout out in shock. "What are you doing, that's way too much!"


By the time she had reached down between her thighs to where Andy's torso stuck out from beneath her he had already downed almost the entire bottle; nothing save for a bit of dampness around his lips and droplets of the liquid soaking into the fur of his neck and chest where his gluttonous chugging had sloshed some from his lips. The bottle she snatched from his grasp had little more than the eye dropper originally had in it left within its plastic confines. He'd drank not just dozens, but hundreds of times more of the chemical than she had. And, from the near crazed, predatory grin splitting Andy's muzzle nearly from ear to ear, that's exactly what Andy had wanted. And from the way Andy felt Rebecca clench around him and grind her ass harder down atop his pelvis, despite the look of shock and concern spread across her face, she wasn't as put out as she was letting on.


"Too late, 'goddess'. I think it's time you remembered who worships who around here." Andy growled mockingly as a smug grin spread across his muzzle. 

For a few moments the whole room, the two beastly vulpine included, went completely still. It was like a calm before the storm; Andy eagerly stilling himself to search for the telltale signs of the chemicals effect starting while Rebecca held herself silent as if afraid any further action on her part would set the inevitable chain of events in motion. When it began, though, neither of them had any doubts as to the moment the effects began to take place.


"Oh, FUCK yes!" Andy all but yelled as the soon-to-be familiar tingling built in him until it was closer to a tasering than tingling.


Andy's whole body flushed to the point Rebecca could actually feel his body temperature raise beneath her. His eyes widened and she swore as he clenched his jaw against the sudden tingling tension filling his body that she saw his fangs actually elongate inside his mouth. Then, it was she that was letting out a gasping mix of surprise and lust as Andy's cock all-but exploded in size inside of her. It felt like he was getting an erection; safe that he had already been rock hard. She could actually feel the turgid log of flesh thickening and swelling like a balloon of meat inside of her. Her nethers spread wider and wider, forcing her thighs to spread in response as it rapidly filled even her massive new size to capacity. yet even as it reached the point of filling her to the brim and then some, it showed no signs of slowing its growth. If anything, it was only speeding up! Leaving her gasping and panting as she frantically clawed at the ceiling and wall for support. 

"What's the matter, 'goddess'? Am I too much man for you?" He mocked; his tone of voice near feral from lust. "I thought I was just so SMALL!"


The sensation of being overflowed with Andy's massive dick was so overwhelming that she didn't even notice the other changes at first. The feeling of Andy's thick fingers swelling where they gripped at her thighs and spreading across the girth of her hips to better grip her waistline. She didn't even notice that she was rapidly beginning to lift up into the air as his body literally grew out from underneath her to the point that even ducking down her head was still brushing against the ceiling from her position straddling him. Inch after inch, pound after pound of newfound size and mass burgeoned across Andy's already impressively muscular form. Within less than a minute he had easily doubled in height; so tall now that his head pushed up against the headboard and wall behind their bed while his feet were stretched out and pushing up against the door opposite their bed. Where before he had been impressively muscular his body now rapidly swelled with muscle disproportionate to the rest of his growth until, by the time he was as tall as the room was wide, he'd gone from athletically built to a hulking beast of muscle mass that could have shamed all but the most size-obsessed professional bodybuilders. His biceps had ballooned to rival his own head in size, his pectorals had swollen to jut out nearly as far as his chin and his thighs would have been as thick around as a normal persons waist even if he were a normal height! now, though, they were thicker around than a refrigerator. And he was still growing. 

It was only when Rebecca felt powerful hands wrapping around her wrists and tugging her downwards did she break momentarily from the overstimulated daze of Andy filling her up. Looking down she saw her hulking fox boyfriend beneath her, as tall as he had ever been to her and once more making her feel petite, tiny. On top of that her eyes widened as she saw his newfound musculature and felt the ease at​​ which his casual tug had all but jerked her off of his cock in his lazy attempt to pull her torso down atop his own. Even as she felt him pulling her down, though, she could feel his hands and fingers thickening around her wrists and watched him spreading wider and wider across the floor of their bedroom and knew that this momentary return to 'normalcy' in their relative sizes was only going to last a few more seconds.


By the time she'd been pulled down, her ample bosom squishing up against the thickened mass of his pectorals, he was nearly​​ half-again​​ her size. His legs were bunching up underneath him and pressing into the small of her back and top of her ass as he ran out of room inside the bedroom for himself. By the time he'd moved one of his hands from her left wrist up to the back of her head, she could hear the crash of the door behind her being smashed off its hinges as one of his legs broke through it and stretched out into the hallway. There was a split second where his amber eyes locked with hers and that powerful, domineering persona of his seemed to radiate out from them like some kind of laser beam that shattered what little remaining fragment of built up ego her previous exploits had built. The single, growled word that seemed to rumble around her like a declaration from god delivered via thunder reminded her firmly of where her place in the world was; reminded her of who she belonged too. As if to seal some kind of pact between the two of them following the word Andy's hand had pulled her down for a kiss, his muzzle was so much larger than her own it nearly engulfed the front of her face and she found herself nearly gagging on the sheer girth of the canine tongue now invading her muzzle. 

"M I N E."


Her moans were muffled by the powerful muscle of his tongue shoving its way down her throat, even as she tasted the familiar lingering taste of the growth chemical still on his lips and tongue. She felt the familiar flush of power coursing through her as those tiny remnants began a new growth spurt in her own body but, with Andy's still rapidly swelling form all but engulfing her from all sides she still felt like she was shrinking even as she began to gain inch after inch of her own increasing size. It was a good thing she was growing, too. Thankfully whatever effects the chemical had on the body had strengthened it beyond simply adding new muscle mass otherwise the monstrous erection spearing up into her deep enough it actually was creating a faintly visible bulge in the bottom of her stomach would have ripped her open. Instead, she felt her insides shifting and straining around its girth in a desperate attempt to keep up with its growth as if her own body's alterations were adjusting themselves specifically to compensate for the strain Andy was putting her under. Even with all that, though, he was still growing far too fast for her and she could feel herself reaching a limit even as she felt Andy's hips beginning to roll and thrust up into her; pushing his already oversized erection deeper and deeper into her.  

It was only when the sharp light of the rising sun glared across her vision that Rebecca realized they were suddenly outside. A momentary glance around in what​​ limited field of view she had still behind held mid-kiss with Andy told her they had outgrown their bedroom and most of the house. Whatever other changes were happening to their bodies they had grown so tough and powerful that she hadn't even felt the piping, wood, and brick of the house crumbling around them. not that she felt that anyone could blame her. When anyone else had a dick thick around as one of her legs and nearly as long speared up into them and could be perfectly aware of their surroundings then they could criticize her. 

From the brief look around Rebecca had to guess she was probably close to forty or fifty feet tall by now.  But that did little to fill her with the same sense of overwhelming power she had felt before considering, from the way that she felt herself still seeming to be shrinking into Andy's increasingly large grasp he was probably at least twice that. From the way Andy's upwards thrust into her suddenly spiked in force and intensity, though, he definitely seemed to have noticed. And he clearly liked what he was seeing. 

It didn't take much more of the combined stimulation of her over-tight vagina and the overwhelming sense of power that he felt to push him over the edge. The entire time he was fucking Rebecca, though, he never let her pull away from the kiss even when it made their position awkward. Every grunt, growl, and snarl of hunger and lust muffled itself into her increasingly petite muzzle engulfed in his own. His hand kept a firm grip on the back of her head even as it spread out to the point he was paling her entire head like it were a small melon. The message was all too clear without needing a single word to be said out loud. It was a declaration of both love, desire and, more predominantly, ownership. He didn't have to say a word for her to hear his voice ringing out in her head in a rumbling, authoritative declaration of "M I N E" repeated from barely a couple of minutes ago. So when he finally pushed himself as deep into her as he could manage and let out a lustful snarl she eagerly pushed back against him in an attempt to accept everything she could of him into herself. Something she regretted almost instantly.


She'd never thought she'd know what it was like to be a balloon until she felt that log sized cock wedged up inside of her like a cork suddenly bulge and spurt forth what had to be dozens, if not hundreds of gallons of fox cum into her. One spurt, then two, then four, then ten over and over as she actually felt her belly visibly distending and pushing down against Andy's own torso. Once more whatever after effects of the chemical helping her body alter itself to better support the overwhelming nature of Andy's lusts. When his orgasm ebbed nearly a full minute later and he finally released her both from the kiss and the hand atop her head she looked like she was seven or eight months pregnant; her belly visibly jostling with her slightest movement from the sheer amount of Andy's seed bloating her up. When he finally shifted enough to pull himself free from her the sheer amount of seed he had pumped inside of her mostly flowed out of her and all-but flooded the yard beneath them both. Andy was still rock hard, though, and she knew nothing more than a touch and tiniest bit of​​ encouragement was all it would take for him to do that again to her, and more. But, for the moment, despite Andy's still raging erection the two were able to calm down and take a moment to catch their breaths.


Rebecca lay, exhausted, on top of Andy's enormous chest for several long moments as she sucked in air to catch her breath. She could feel the broad expanse of muscle beneath her shuddering and shifting as Andy did much the same. When she finally looked up at his face, grinning smugly down at her she blushed softly; a strange sense of embarrassment at the entire situation and her current, bloated predicament overtaking her. 

"Um... Sorry about how... how I acted earlier. I guess I let the size go to my head." She murmured apologetically.


Even as she spoke, though, she couldn't help but reach an arm out and stroke across the ample hill of musculature that was Andy's pectoral. She watched with wide eyes as it shuddered slightly, then puffed up larger underneath her hand. She felt her own body flushing with fresh waves of arousal at the casual show of flexing he was putting on for her. It was made all the more impressive that now, despite knowing she had to be at least as big as a four or five story building, she was now small enough to lay atop Andy's torso like she had once done with their queen size mattress.


"Though I guess you showed me. You're kinda huge now, hon... Though, I kind of expected you to get a lot bigger with how much of that stuff you drank."

It was only when she watched his pectoral flare, again, despite not having relaxed before and his lack of verbal response that she started to become confused. Looking up at Andy's expression she noticed that his jaw was clenched despite the hungry grin still on his muzzle. He looked like he was straining, struggling to hold a flex or keep his gut sucked in or something of that nature.


"Andy? What's wrong?" She asked, a note of worry in her voice.


When Andy responded, his voice came out strained and labored; again portraying whatever physical struggle he was fighting.


"Its... so much." He grunted. "I can't hold it back much more..."


As he spoke, she felt his whole body shudder and gasped when she felt the entire mass of furry muscle and bone beneath her SURGE outwards in every direction! In the span of only one or two seconds Andy swelled nearly a dozen feet taller before that same tension returned and his growth pulled to a stop. Realization slowly followed. 

"I can feel it, Becks. It wants out... it wants to make me grow. I have no idea how big it'll make me... I just wanted to make sure I could give you one last time with me." He growled lustily, clearly as turned on by the thought of sex with Rebecca as the thought of being too big to not be able to do so. 

"You... You mean you grew this big while holding it in?" Rebecca asked, a mixture of worry, terror, and excitement filling her. "Andy​​ easily got to be over a hundred​​ feet tall! You got that big without even trying? hell, while trying NOT to grow?!"


The words clearly had an effect on Andy from the way she felt his body tense and saw his cock throb needily behind her. Apparently, the idea of growing so big even when trying not too; of having so much power that even he couldn't control it, was a lot more of a turn on to him than either of them expected. 

"I wanted to see if I could hold it in... I wanted you to see how powerful I was, I could become while trying NOT to grow... This isn't even me not trying, Rebecca. This is me trying to stop it. And look at you. You're barely more than a living fleshlight for me right now if you could even manage that. I hope you enjoyed your last tumble in the sheets with Andy, your boyfriend..." he rumbled, the strain building in his voice and telling her that he either couldn't, or wouldn't hold it much longer. From the lustful hunger dripping with increasing fervor from his words as he spoke, she was leaning towards 'wouldn't'.  "because once I let go, he's gone. All that will be left is Andy, your-"


"God." She finished for him, whispering the word under her breath in a mix of awe and lust.


She could feel his whole body surge larger, his cock throbbing almost desperately as he heard her say the word for him. Just hearing her say it out loud was like physical stimulation for him. She knew it was time to let him have what he wanted, what he deserved. Rebecca took one last look at Andy's looming face, locking its visage into her mind as if expecting never to see it again. This was despite her knowing that, most likely, it would soon be ALL she could see. Then, she spoke the words, like a magic spell to set Andy free from the final restraints holding him back.


"Then Grow, Andy. Grow into my, and this world's, new god."


And grow he did.

It was like a light switch was flicked off in Andy's brain. Whatever self-control he'd had wanting to hold himself back, or to savor the growth slower, or whatever other reason he had contrived to try to hold himself back shattered like a thin piece of ice being hit by a cannonball. Rebecca had thought he had been growing fast before but he may as well have been standing still compared to how fast he was growing now. She could actually feel herself being raised higher and higher into the air as the​​ mattress sized torso of her boyfriend expanded outwards in every direction around her; doubling in size then doubling again and again in the span of just a few seconds. She actually could see the fur thickening and growing around her like she were right in the middle of some 360 VR orange-colored grass growth time lapse video. Within thirty seconds she actually felt her ears pop from the sudden change in altitude and a brief twinge of fear tickled through her at the thought of running over to the side of Andy's still-growing torso to see how high up off the ground they were. Then she felt herself squirm a bit as she looked out towards the edge of her stomach and worried that she might not be able to move across his stomach faster than he was growing. 


Meanwhile to everything else around him Andy was less a growing wonder and more a living cataclysm. A literal tidal wave of flesh and fur plowing its way across the countryside as he grew past a hundred feet, then two hundred, then five hundred, then a thousand in less than a minute! Everything was rapidly swallowed up beneath his growing bulk from cars and houses to department stores and skyscrapers, all the while including the hundreds, then thousands, then soon millions of people inhabiting them all.  Andy himself was too lost in the stimulation overload of letting the chemical's full effect free. His tongue hung from his mouth in a very undignified, canine manner that would have been outright adorable if it hadn't been on a face growing so fast that it out-paced a nearby helicopter trying to fly away and caused the vehicle to explode harmlessly against his cheek. All across the city people looked up into the sky to see a vulpine mountain rising up around them, stretching towards them like a living landslide. The last thing many of them saw was the explosive blast of displaced air and cloud of debris preceding it that spread out before Andy's growing mass. Just the act of him growing was causing so much devastation the surrounding area was torn apart and destroyed before he even grew over it. 


Clouds were blown away by the air displaced by his body. Planes were eventually unable to fly fast enough to escape the area Andy was growing in to. Even the ground itself began to shudder and rumble just from the act of him growing; the tectonic plate he lay upon beginning to strain and crack under the sheer amount of weight Andy's titanic and still growing form was pressing down into one area of it. All the while, lost in the growing forest of orange fur atop his chest, was the little giantess Rebecca... several stories of massive, powerful Amazonian might... lost within the fur of her god-like boyfriends’ muscular torso. Eventually, she knew he'd stop growing and they'd figure out a way to talk again. even if they didn't, though, she was perfectly happy with that. She'd accomplished what she'd wanted since she first met Andy. She'd made him into the god he was always meant to be. Besides, she'd always wanted to visit other countries. 


She just had never really expected one of those other countries to be her boyfriend's torso.

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