Fantasy Made Real


Be careful what you wish for

Hey everyone.

New story! A commission I owed to Borusa that I finally had a chance to get to in between working on the game!

Borusa’s always had some rather ‘big’ fantasies both about himself, and about his unnaturally large roommate. when he gets ahold of a real life growth ray he finally gets to indulge in those fantasies! Although they end up a bit more intense than he expected. Not that you can hear him complaining.

Borusa’s FA



Fantasy Made Real

By Dragonien


“Come on there’s no way it’s real.”


“I mean, what if it was though?”


“Then I’d gladly suck your dick for you to shoot me with it. But dude there’s no way it’s real.”


“What’s the matter? Scared you might end up looking down at me for once?”


“Only if you climb up on the roof.”


The heavyset duo of orange rex and red dragon argued like this for nearly an hour. Borusa had ordered a ‘growth ray’ off of eBay in the tiny hopes that it would be the real thing and Dragonien, as much as he would love for it to be real, was absolutely positive that Borusa had been scammed. Stuff like that didn’t just pop up on an auction site at random; if it even existed at all. ​​ But that didn’t stop Borusa from hoping.


“Won’t know till we try!” Borusa called out excitedly.​​ 


Before Dragonien could protest further the rex turned the device around so the barrel was pointed towards his chest and pulled the trigger. The moment he did a faint spray of green light burst from the end of the gun and shined across his chest. The light was barely visible in the otherwise bright living room. After a moment of fiddling with it, Borusa found a small dial on the side that looked to be an intensity setting of some kind and when he turned it up the light intensified visibly. Other than the emerald-colored lightshow, though, nothing seemed to be​​ happening. That didn’t stop the rex from holding the trigger down for several seconds longer.


“… Do you feel anything?” Dragonien asked, not entirely keeping the hope out of his voice.


“Kinda tingles a bit, but other than that. No.” Borusa sighed in defeat. Releasing the trigger and tossing the chrome-colored device on the couch he continued. “I guess it was a hoax. Probably just some colored flashlight and one of those static generators to make it seem more real. You were right.”


Despite Dragonien’s vindication he wasn’t exactly happy it hadn’t been real. Borusa knew full well the dragon had rather… interesting tastes in his perverse fantasies. Particularly ones that made him see creatures like Godzilla as more attractive partners than the cute men and women on the beach that ‘only’ were between six and eight feet tall. Just couldn’t please a macrophile with anything less than double digit heights. Then again, if the device had been real and Dragonien had his way with it, Borusa was pretty sure that someone who’s height was triple digits would still be struggling to see past the dragon’s ankle. When it came to some things, Dragonien could be a bit… greedy. Must be a dragon thing.


Borusa wasn’t any better. While he was far too shy to openly admit his interests like Dragonien was, Borusa was into much the same thing as the dragon. He, too, fantasized about towering over skylines and being towered over like he were an ant. Part of why he had been so eager to buy the device under the guise of giving it to Dragonien if it was real.​​ 


“I mean. I dunno what you’d do with a real one anyway.” Borusa commented, trying to lighten the suddenly disappointing mood.” You already barely fit inside most buildings.”


“Yea the problem is that ‘barely fit’ part.” Dragonien retorted with a playful wink.


It was true Dragonien hardly needed the help. Borusa was pretty big by normal standards; a few inches over seven feet tall. His prodigious proportions leaving it not an uncommon occurrence for him to actually get wedged in doorframes and needing to force his way through only added to the sheer immensity that he projected. And yet Dragonien still made him feel small. While the dragon didn’t have the gut that hung down well past his mid-thigh and hips more than half as wide as he was tall, He had some meat on his bones as well. More visible muscle especially in the arms and chest accentuating the heavy ball-gut of fat and muscle that sagged down just a bit past his waistline. More ‘heavyset’ rather than outright pudgy like the rex was. Add that to the fact that he was just a couple inches shy of ten feet tall made him dominant any room he was in even with Borusa there as well.​​ 


And yet Borusa still fantasized about the dragon being even bigger; more so than doing the same for himself. He liked the idea of being big to give himself more confidence and feel powerful. But he liked the idea of Dragonien being bigger even more because the dragon knew how to show off and use his size and that just drove the rex nuts. If he’d been less shy, he’d have asked his roommate out by now. Instead, he simply sated himself with his collection of lurid art and stories on his computer and the perverse thoughts on his head.​​ 


The rex was pulled from his musings and, admittedly, increasingly perverse mental images by the dragon’s heavy hand landing on his shoulder.


“Don’t worry. I’ll buy you a stepladder for your birthday so you don’t have to look up quite as far at me.” The dragon teased with a grin.


Borusa glared up at the dragon; using the stern look to hide the blush that crept up his face. The mental image of how even standing on a stepladder​​ Dragonien would still tower over him was more appealing than he expected. Rather than letting him fall down another mental slippery slope He pulled away from Dragonien’s hand and stepped towards the door.


“Ha Ha. Very funny.” He grumbled. “And maybe I’ll get you one of those flashing red lights so you don’t have to worry about planes flying into your head at night, King Kong.”


“Oh please.” Dragonien scoffed. Then, grinning toothily he leaned down to be eye level with Borusa. “King Kong’s got nothin on me. He’d be trying to climb my leg like the empire state building.”


That time Borusa wasn’t able to entirely hide the flustered look that came across his face. So, instead, he turned towards the front door and began slipping his sandals on. Grabbing his keys from the rack on the wall, he gave a pointed thump of the chunky log of flesh that was his tail and turned his nose up at Dragonien.


“If you’ll excuse me. Us people below the cloud-line have errands to run.”​​ 


Just as he was about to open the front door he paused, the rex suddenly looking abashed as he glanced over his shoulder.


“Uh… Its cool if I borrow the jeep, right?”


Laughing at the rex’s antics, Dragonien gave him a nod. More than that, though, he reached out just as the rex was squeezing through the front door and gave his ass a firm slap. The impact sent the rex stumbling forward more out of shock than the force of it; letting out a loud yelp of surprise as visible wobbling rolled through the meaty hindquarters straining the back of his jeans.


“Jerk!” he called back, flustered.


As he climbed into the oversized car, modified to handle larger people like him and Dragonien, he heard the dragon call out after him just as he began driving away.


“No thanks! I’ll wait till you get back to do it for me!”


Borusa pointedly did not respond as he sped down the road. Nor did he acknowledge the raging erection straining the front of his pants at the thought.​​ 



Ten minutes later Borusa was pulling into the parking lot of a nearby gas station on the edge of downtown. Part of the reason was that he needed to put some gas in the car but primarily it was because his clothes were so damn uncomfortable.​​ 


He had thrown them on in a hurry shortly before him and Dragonien had messed with the fake growth ray so he hadn’t really paid attention to how tight they were. They must have shrunk in the wash or something. But the longer he was alone in the car with nothing else to distract him the more he became aware of how much they were digging into him at the various seamlines. Leaving the pump running to fill up the modified hummer’s monstrous gas tank, Borusa headed inside the gas station and made a b-line towards the bathroom. He needed to readjust himself and he certainly wasn’t going to do that in public.


Grumbling about short doorframes as he walked into the bathroom and felt his head scrape against the top of the door, the rex pushed the door shut behind​​ him and slid the deadbolt closed to lock it. Once he was alone he turned his attention towards the reflection in the large mirror hanging over the sink.​​ 


“… Damn, have I been putting on weight?” he asked aloud.


It was a silly question. He already weighed well over 500 pounds; the lion’s share of it being soft flab. A pound or two more here or there was unlikely to even be noticed. So, unless he’d suddenly gone on an eating binge in his sleep and cleared out an all-you-can-eat buffet it seemed unlikely. Yet the more he looked at himself the more he swore something was different; something that wasn’t as simple as his clothes having just shrunk from too much hot water used to wash them. Unable to place what it was exactly; he eventually gave up. After tugging his shirt down a few times then giving up and simply letting it ride up to expose some of his prodigious gut, the pudgy rex turned towards the door to leave.


Then froze in place.


He had grumbled that the doorframe was so short when he’d come inside and he’d nearly bumped his head on it. But now, as he was looking towards the door to leave his line of sight was eye level with the space an inch or so ABOVE the doorframe.


“What the…” He started to ask, only to be interrupted by a faint nudge of pressure against the top of his head.


Looking up, Borusa’s eyes went wide as he saw what was now pushing down on him from above. The ceiling!


Everything clicked into place after that realization. Any sense of disbelief was instantly buried under a wave of giddy excitement. It had worked! The growth ray was real! That was the only possible explanation for why he was now taller than​​ the ceiling! He couldn’t wait to get home and show Dragonien! At this rate, by the time he got there he’d get to be the one looking down at the dragon for once! That thought alone had the rex so turned on that even if he hadn’t been in the process of outgrowing his clothes his erection would have been straining against the front of his pants hard enough to threaten the zipper’s integrity. Although, thinking about the dragon back home… that did bring up a question.


How was he supposed to get out of here?


Looking over at the door, which he noticed now seemed even lower than it had been a few moments ago, there was no way he was possibly going to fit through it now. He’d had to squeeze his prodigious width through it when he first entered. Now that he was even bigger even that wasn’t viable. He didn’t have to think long on it before his body decided to answer the question for him.


A sudden tingling spread through his body; a tingle that he only now recognized he had felt ever so faintly this entire time but that hadn’t been strong enough for him to really take notice of. Now it was strong enough to leave his whole body buzzing like he were touching a low-voltage power line. He only recognized it as the familiar tingle he had felt when he had turned up the intensity on the growth ray a split second before his body lurched upwards and smashed his shoulders into the ceiling. Yet even after that impact his body continued its surging expanding until it forced him down on his hands and knees as he filled up more and more of the bathroom with each passing second.​​ 


“Uh oh…” He rumbled in a voice noticeably deeper than it had been only a few moments earlier. “Uh… I hope everyone starts running soon…”



“Oh fuck, sorry!”


Even over the loud crashing sounds of crumbling concrete, shattering glass and warping metal the rex’s voice was easily audible. Feet the size of cars smashed through one side of the gas station and sent a shower of debris flying out into the street while his head tore through the opposite end and landed on a parked pickup; crushing it like a tin can. The sides of the building met a similar fate as pudgy arms tore through them both and ended up draped across the parking lot of the gas station in front and the empty lot behind. Within moments the gas station had gone from a normal, standing building to little more than a ruined foundation and a barely-intact roof resting atop the still-growing expanse of Borusa’s prodigious gut like some perverse bastardization of Alice in wonderland outgrowing the white rabbit’s home.​​ 


Groaning aloud less at any sense of pain the destruction had caused him and more in simple disorientation, Borusa slowly began to push himself up into a sitting position. As he did the remains of the roof slid down his belly and crumbled into a pile of debris in his lap; drawing his attention down to the sensitive log of flesh making itself known from where it was pushing up against the underside of his heavy-hanging gut. Looking down the rex couldn’t help but blush profusely as he realized that was still as rock hard now as he had been when he first realized he was growing. That sense of embarrassment quickly faded when he glanced to his side and saw several people standing on the sidewalk only a few yards from his now-massive thigh. In any other situation the realization he was being watched by a crowd of wide-eyed people would have made him even more flustered. When he saw how small they looked relative to him, though, it ended up just turning him on more. Embarrassment rapidly morphed into confidence and even cockiness as his shy smile morphed into a playful grin. He had to be at least fifty feet tall now and still was visibly growing and he was finding it hard to be embarrassed when he realized that his dick was already bigger than any of the people standing around him.​​ 


“You know…” Borusa rumbled out, a surge of fresh lust rolling through him at just hearing how deep his voice was becoming. “I know there’s a lot to look at but it’s rude to stare.”


Despite his choice of words, the rex didn’t seem to mind at all the stares of the dozens of people standing around him in varying levels of fear, shock, or lust in the case of a rare few. The rest had already run off but this crowd was either too scared, too stupid, or too turned on to make the smart choice. Which meant the rex had some toys to play with.


He’d played these fantasies out in his head dozens of times. All of those pictures and stories he’d jerked off to night after night had left him with an entire checklist of things he said he’d do if he ever got to live out this experience for real and now he was ready to start checking them off.​​ 


The first thing he did was reach out and grab one of the nearest vehicles. Coincidentally the first one that his plump, telephone pole-sized fingers got their hands on was the massive jeep that he had driven here in. As he lifted the vehicle up to his face with about as much effort as it would have taken him to lift an RC car he couldn’t help but growl lustily to himself. His free hand reached down past the prodigious gut squashing against the inside of his thighs to squeeze the tip of his engorged dick as he inspected the vehicle. Much to his amusement he could still see it actually getting smaller on his open palm as the seconds passed by. A quick glance over his shoulder told him he was, in fact, still stretching up higher and higher. The mental image of his massive ass literally bulldozing its way across the rest of the gas station parking lot didn’t help his libido calm down in the slightest. When he turned his attention back to the car he let out an ominous rumble of a chuckle…




His fingers clenched around it from all sides with the merciless force he’d have used to crush an empty soda can. Even the reinforced frame held up little better than tinfoil against his impossibly powerful grip! Digits thicker than the tires were around smashed into the sides and compacted the doors down into the seats while the frame crushed inwards until it was nothing more than a warped,​​ misshapen tube of metal barely even recognizable as having once been a car. In any other situation he would have been terrified at Dragonien’s car having been even scratched much less utterly decimated like this. ​​ Yet that seemed to only make it that much more of a turn-on for the rex.​​ 


Even in his macro fantasies he wasn’t much of one of those overbearing, domineering monsters that had to put everyone in their place. He was more just about enjoying the unstoppable power that came with size and not really caring about the consequences. But now, looking down at the remains of the vehicle and thinking of how Dragonien would have reacted at the sight all it did was make him chuckle and stroke his dick a little more eagerly.


“What’s he gonna do about it? Kick my ass?” he rumbled under his breath. “Like to see him try.”


The power and size was definitely going to his head. But who could blame him? He’d just smashed at least a ton of heavy-duty automobile in his hand like it was nothing.


By the time Borusa drew his attention away from the wrecked vehicle and tossed it carelessly behind him he noticed that he’d finally stopped growing. His best guess was that he was around the hundred-foot range, give or take a story. During his little show of force several more of the people crowding around had made the smart choice and ran off. But there were still plenty that were stuck in place staring at the spectacle that was the now-gigantic rex. That was good, he thought. He was starting to feel peckish.


The ground rumbled as the massive dinosaur pushed himself up to his feet. The few people standing around that hadn’t yet been scared suddenly began to rethink their decision as they found themselves cast in Borusa’s massive shadow. Even standing over a dozen feet away they couldn’t even see his face past the​​ massive protrusion of his gut and, more intimidatingly, the heavy-hanging pillar of his cock.​​ 


His first footstep as a giant was far more satisfying than he expected it to be. Borusa could feel the ground shake from the impact of what must be a few hundred tons of himself now! That by itself made him pause after the first step just to take a moment to enjoy the sensation. After that it only took him three more steps to cross the street and the entire parking lot of the grocery store across the street from the gas station. The entire building shuddered violently as the twin impacts of Borusa’s knees slamming to the ground threatened to collapse the entire building! The following pair of impacts of his hands doing the same directly in front of the entrance shattered several of the plate glass windows along the front.


Those people still huddled inside stared in varying levels of shock and terror at the sight of two gigantic eyes staring through the front of the store at them; Borusa now laying down on his front admiring his first targets. It didn’t help the fear levels of those inside when they heard another rumble vibrate through the ground. When they didn’t see the giant outside moving, however, it took them several moments to realize it wasn’t him that was growling. It was his stomach.​​ 


Moments later arms as big as busses smashed through the front of the store and used hands bigger than bulldozer blades to scoop entire handfuls of food, the shelves that it was on, and even a person or two out of the building. Borusa had skipped breakfast that morning, intending to grab something to eat once he got into town, so he was absolutely ravenous by this point. He didn’t even take the time to tease or play with the people that ended up trapped in his grasp like he’d fantasized about. Instead, he simply shoveled them, and any other food or debris that he caught up with them into his mouth and all-but swallowed the entire handfuls whole. He could feel everything from squirming bodies to dozens of watermelons to wood and steel shelving compacted by the powerful muscles of his throat as he gulped them down. Even the futile struggles and screamed protests of those now doll sized people that ended up in his grasp did little to slow the speed at which he shoveled them into his mouth. Before long he couldn’t help​​ but start grinding himself against the parking lot as his own shameless gluttony added to his already raging libido.​​ 


Just as he’d finally taken the edge off of his hunger and was considering slowing down to be a bit more playful with his next few something drew his attention. A low, resonant impact vibrated through the ground beneath him. It shouldn’t have been anything unusual to him at this point save for the fact that he hadn’t caused it. He was still laying in place with his face half-shoved into the front of the partially destroyed grocery store. A moment later, a second impact shook the ground again and Borusa had to pull his head back and look back behind him. For a moment he had been concerned that maybe the military had already arrived and was firing mortars at him or something. As much as this whole situation was a huge turn on for him he wasn’t sure if he was quite ready to go up against the military. Fantasy durability and real durability could be wildly different and he didn’t know how he’d fare against a tank shell for real. When he looked back though, it wasn’t the military he saw coming for him.


It was Dragonien.​​ 


A third impact was quickly followed by a fourth, then a fifth. Each one was stronger than the last. And it wasn’t just that he was getting closer, either. Borusa’s eyes slowly widened as he watched Dragonien’s form slowly rise up and higher and higher over the buildings surrounding him as he approached. The fact that he was giant in itself was enough to make the rex nervous; but the fact that he was still growing only made him that much more so. As the now-massive red dragon reached the next street over he made a casual show of stepping over an entire strip mall to reach the same street Borusa was on. By then Borusa had rolled over and was beginning to stand back up to his feet. When he finally got upright, though, his breath caught in his throat. He, the now hundred-foot-tall monster of a T-rex who had just crushed a car in one hand and swallowed at least a half dozen people, was only eye level with dragon’s throat.


And the dragon was still growing.​​ 


“Oh. Well, hello there.” Dragonien rumbled, lips twisted into the biggest shit-eating grin he could muster. “Fancy meeting you up here.”


The shock of seeing anyone else at this size was enough to momentarily make the rex forget the fact that the dragon was still growing… as well as the thought that the two of them were stark naked in front of each other and he currently had a raging hardon. A raging hardon that that, though he’d never admit it out loud, was throbbing just a bit harder at the sight of seeing his roommate as a real life giant as well.​​ 


“How did… How did you get so big!?” Borusa asked accusingly.


“I mean. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.” Dragonien shrugged. “turned on the news, saw a familiar big orange ass smashing stuff downtown at an unreasonable and unrealistic size. Only know one person with an ass that big that was fooling around with something we thought was a toy growth ray this morning. Two plus two equals it’s a real growth ray. Soon as I saw that, you know I couldn’t resist zapping myself with it too. Didn’t take as long to take effect as yours did, though! Maybe cause it started on a higher setting? Or I used it longer. Who knows?”


As the dragon explained Borusa’s eyes got wider and wider. Both from the actual explanation and the fact that Dragonien was still stretching taller. When he had started talking Borusa had been just above eye level with his Adams apple. Now the rex was having to look up at Dragonien’s collarbone! The rex was forced to take a step back from the growing dragon partially from a need to give his growing self more room and partially out of a mix of fear, arousal, and embarrassment.​​ 

“Well I uh.. ah that is…” Borusa stammered; causing the dragon to chuckle ominously.


“Go ahead, Rex. Even if I didn’t know what I know it’d be pretty damned obvious how turned on all of this is making you.”


When Dragonien gestured with his chin towards Borusa’s still blatantly obvious, raging erection the rex instinctually tried to cover it with his hands. Borusa was a big guy in more ways than one, though, and his hands weren’t quite up to the entire challenge. The bashfulness made Dragonien laugh again as he slapped a heavy hand on Borusa’s shoulder. The rex did his absolute best not to think about how he could feel the appendage slowly swelling larger and heavier on his shoulder with each passing second.


“I saw the pics, Rexy.” Dragonien said in a soft voice like whispering some devilish secret.


Instantly Borusa went rigid, and not just below the belt this time. If his hide hadn’t already been a bright shade of orange naturally it would have turned nearly the same shade of red as Dragonien! There was only one set of pictures Dragonien could possibly be talking about in this context.


“Y-you did?” He nervously asked.


“Yep. All of em. You forgot to lock your PC. I wasn’t tryin to snoop or anything but it caught my eye as I walked past. And when I went in to turn it off for you. Well… I couldn’t help but take a peek considering what I saw still posted on your screen.” The dragon recounted; playful grin plastered across his face the entire time. “This is a huge turn on for you, isn’t it?”


For a moment Borusa shuffled nervously in place trying to decide how to respond. Somehow the embarrassment of being called out on his fetish was amplified by the fact that he was living it right now and Dragonien, considering​​ their size, was broadcasting it across the entire neighborhood. Somehow just smashing stuff and getting off on it didn’t bring the same flustering effect as being called out for getting off on those things out loud.


“I Um… I mean. You know I kinda like… you know. Like giant monsters and stuff. I mean. The power? Its kinda hot.” Borusa hedged, smiling nervously up at the dragon.


The realization that he was now only eye level with the bottom of Dragonien’s chest now made his cock throb again.


“Oh no. Not those pictures. I’ve known about that for a while. Ill admit this whole macrophilia thing is pretty hot. I mean I’ve been used to being a big guy for a while. Never really considered being THIS big though. But No, I’m talking about those other pictures. The ones you photoshopped. The ones of you and me. How turned on are you right now that you’re big enough to fuck a city bus like a fleshlight and you’re STILL looking up at me?”


Borusa’s cock throbbed again. The traitorous appendage was achingly erect at this point; pre dribbling in a near constant stream down its under channel and splashing in gallon-sized droplets to the ground below. Dragonien was right. To Borusa, this was hot as hell. He was a macrophile, sure and he also liked how Dragonien could make him feel small in his day to day life even though he was pretty damned big by anyone else’s standards. But adding an extra layer of size on it, where HE was the rampaging unstoppable monster, only to find himself still looking up at his dragon roommate and feeling small had been something Borusa fantasized about almost daily.​​ 


And now he was living it.​​ 


“I don’t…” Borusa started to protest, his bashfulness overpowering his desperate desire to just shut up and indulge in his fantasy made real.


It wasn’t like they hadn’t fooled around a bit before. A bit of kissing here, a blowjob there, but they’d never indulged in anything deeper. Now all Borusa wanted was to jump the dragon and ride him like a bucking bronco. Dragonien saw that and, rather than let Borusa shy away from what he clearly wanted, the dragon took action.


The hand on Borusa’s shoulder shoved him backwards abruptly; sending the massive rex stumbling back three steps until his back slammed against the front of a multi-story apartment complex. The brick and mortar crumbled underneath the impact like it were little more than wet sand. Now held in place by the larger dragon, the rex looked up to see Dragonien’s muzzle lowering down to push itself up against his own.


The kiss was… perfect, to say the least. The rex’s whole body practically went limp as the dragon’s powerful lips engulfed nearly his entire muzzle and the dragon’s large, even by normal standards, tongue shoved its way into his mouth. It was like Dragonien was plucking his desires like they were the strings of a guitar. The impact against the building and feeling how easily it had been damaged just by him pressing against it had sent a surge of hungry, ego-boosting power through him. Only to have that boosted ego knocked down a moment later as he found himself held in place, unable to easily escape and nearly choking on a tongue that was filling his mouth to the brim!​​ 


The contradiction left his hips rolling forward to thrust his heavy gut and the protruding erection from beneath it into the empty air as if desperate to grind against something. Being unstoppable, yet helpless; A living titan and a plaything all at the same time. He’d never been as close to a completely hands-free orgasm as he was right then and there.​​ 


Before he could push himself over the edge the dragon pulled away abruptly. The sudden lack of pressure pushing him against the building sent him stumbling forward down onto his hands and knees. He got a brief glimpse underneath him where he saw a literal puddle of what had to be at least a dozen if not more gallons of pre forming beneath him; yet another reminder of how even miniscule details about him now were massive and overwhelming. The foot shoving against the top of his head knocked that sense of superiority right out of him again.


Dragonien hadn’t kicked him; Borusa knew he’d never do anything like that. What he had done, however, was shove his foot against Borusa’s head hard enough to roll him backwards. The rex toppled back and smashed into the building again; this time far harder and gouging a deep hole into it as he wound up on his back. Before he even had a chance to recover the rex let out a wheezing “Oof!” as a massive, red foot pressed down on his gut.​​ 


All the while Dragonien had continued to grow. While Borusa couldn’t easily judge his size from down on his back what he could easily tell was that Dragonien’s foot was now almost big enough to stretch all the way from his waistline to his chin! He had no difficulty imagining that if they were to both stand upright right now he’d be looking dead ahead at that massive, heavy hanging ebony erection that was jutting out from underneath Dragonien’s own gut. At least Borusa had that to reassure him that Dragonien was enjoying this almost as much as he was.​​ 


The dragon was careful not to actually hurt the rex but he was clearly throwing his weight around. Roughhousing the rex up in ways he knew the rex could easily take while still showing him who’s boss, so to speak. As if silently reminding the rex that, as big as he was, Dragonien was bigger. As powerful as Borusa had become, Dragonien could still overwhelm him. Borusa didn’t even realize what he was doing until he had already leaned his head up and let his lips plant a single, breathy kiss against Dragonien’s middle toe. The dragon paused in whatever he was planning to do next.


“… Oh right… you like big feet, don’t ya?” He rumbled teasingly. “I’d almost forgotten.”


The weight on Borusa’s torso increased to uncomfortable levels for a moment as Dragonien put his entire weight on that foot. A second later Borusa saw out of the corner of his eye as Dragonien’s foot smashed down on top of the gas pumps of the nearby gas station! A thick ball of fire surged upwards as the tanks ruptured and exploded; sending plumes of flame and smoke swirling up from either side of the dragon’s foot. And yet he didn’t seem phased in the slightest. That explosion probably would have killed either of them if they’d been nearby at their normal sizes. Now, something like that didn’t even seem to singe Dragonien.


“You like these big, heavy stompers? See how easily I could crush anything I want under them? Bet I could turn a tank into scrap metal with just my middle toe. What do you think?” The dragon teased, licking hungrily over his own lips.


“mmmrph… Mmhmm…” Borusa murmured lustily, struggling to form coherent sentences at the sudden display of over-the-top dominance. “Y-yea… It wouldn’t stand a chance.


Normally Dragonien, for all his teasing, was a bit of a softy. Borusa knew that this act the dragon was suddenly putting on of being an overly aggressive bully was certainly for his sake rather than being how Dragonien normally would act even when he found himself the size of Godzilla. Somehow, that made it even hotter for him.


“Lick.” Dragonien’s voice interrupted Borusa’s thoughts.


Glancing down Borusa saw the toe he had just kissed pushing forward against his chin. For a second Borusa thought the dragon had shoved it forward to emphasize his demand. Then the rex realized that the dragon’s heel was still in the​​ same place on the bottom of his gut, just above where his erection was sticking out. His foot had simply grown with the rest of the still enlarging dragon until his foot really did stretch the entire length of the rex’s torso!


Borusa didn’t even think about it. Whether it was his overload of lust, his desire to live out a guilty fantasy he’d played in his mind a thousand times, or just his deceptively submissive side obeying the firmly-spoken command it didn’t matter. The result was the same.


Borusa’s tongue slid out and licked along the top of the broad red digit; polishing its way along the edges and bottom of the curved claw tip jutting out from it. The light reflected off the polished sheen of saliva that now coated the entire toe after only a couple of seconds. The rex didn’t even need to be told before he was leaning to the left, then the right, to give the other two toes the same treatment. Each of those massive digits was now almost enough to fill his entire mouth by themselves. And they were still growing. If Borusa were in a slightly more rational state of mind he might be starting to get a bit worried at how big the dragon was actually going to get! Instead, all he could think about was wrapping his lips around Dragonien’s middle toe and suckling on it with the same devotion a beloved partner would show their significant other’s morning wood.​​ 


“Oh damn…” Dragonien rumbled from overhead. “That… wow. Yea that feels good. Keep doing that…”


The dragon’s bullying persona broke briefly at the unexpected positive feedback he got from that little bit of foot worship. It wasn’t something he’d indulged in before and was surprised at how sensitive his toes were to the rex’s oral ministrations. Before either of them realized it the dragon was pushing his foot forward to force more of each digit into the rex’s mouth when their turn came.


“I didn’t... mmm… Didn’t realize how much you were into this. If I’d realized sooner, I’d have had you kissing and rubbing my feet a week after we moved in together…” The dragon panted softly. “Yea… There you go… get your tongue nice and deep there between the toes… Mmm… damn that’s sensitive.”


As the dragon encouraged the rex his own hand reached down and began stroking at his own throbbing erection. Long, drawn out strokes up and down its length to savor each sensation rather than actively trying to get himself to orgasm. The time seemed to melt away from the two for a while at that point; both lost in their mutual lusts and worship. At some point Dragonien switched legs so that Borusa could give the same treatment to his other foot. It was only when Borusa felt something wet splattering across his face that he finally opened his eyes and focused them enough to realize it had been a drop of pre. A droplet of pre that had felt like an entire cup of water being splashed on his face. And up above… way, way above, was Dragonien’s monstrous erection.​​ 


“… Oh fuck. Drago… you’re still growing…” Borusa groaned out somewhere between a lusty moan and nervous exclamation.​​ 


Dragonien opened his eyes and pulled himself out of his own little fantasy to look down at Borusa and the surrounding neighborhood. When he saw how much smaller everything looked since he had stopped paying attention, his eyes went wide.


“Holy fuck. I’m huge…!” His voice boomed across the suburb.​​ 


Even to the massive t-rex the dragon’s voice sounded like a roll of thunder. It was both uncomfortable with him being so close, and just yet another bit of kindling atop the raging inferno that was his libido at that moment.​​ 


Finally for the first time in what felt like an hour, Dragonien’s foot raised up off of the rex and thumped down next to him. Only when he was freed did Borusa realize Dragonien’s feet were now easily big enough to cover his entire body! Forget fitting one of those toes in his mouth anymore, each toe was bigger than his own head! The sight he saw when the rex finally pushed himself up to his feet again nearly pushed him over the edge of release as he found that all one hundred plus feet of his massive self barely came up to Dragonien’s calves.


By now, Dragonien was lustily panting almost as hard as Borusa was. His own erection was leaking and dribbling a near-constant stream down to the ground below. Just as Borusa was about to work up the courage to offer to help Dragonien with his obvious problem, the dragon suggested it for him. Well, suggested might be a generous term.


“I think it’s time I put you to better use…” Dragonien rumbled.​​ 


Before Borusa could question what the dragon meant he was nearly knocked on his ass as the ground shook violently. With barely any effort at all to soften his fall the dragon had simply flopped himself down onto the ground; completely burying the entire damaged grocery store beneath his prodigious ass. Legs bigger around than yachts spread to either side of the suddenly nervous T-rex as he found himself framed by Dragonien’s thighs. Sitting directly in front of him was the dragon’s enormous ballsac and the raging erection that looked to nearly be the same size as Borusa himself! It didn’t escape Borusa’s notice that a half-crushed car stuck out from underneath Dragonien’s left nut; yet another subtle reminder of how massive and powerful the dragon was even compared to him now. His balls could literally crush cars, if not buildings.​​ 


“C’mon, Rexy… We both know there’s other parts of me you want to worship just as much as my feet. Well come on then… Lets see you worship at your new god’s altar.” Dragonien rumbled in the deep, thunderous baritone that came with being the size of a skyscraper.​​ 


Borusa didn’t need to be told twice. He was all-but falling over himself stumbling towards the dragon’s erection within a second. Climbing his way up balls that were easily bigger than cars to him, he scrambled his way up to wrap his arms and legs around the dragon’s erection like a long-lost lover embracing their partner and refusing to let go.​​ 


Dragonien let out a soft groan of pleasure at the sudden stimulating contact. His fingers twitched where they rested on either of his thighs as if he wanted to reach down and start jerking himself off but had to consciously restrain himself from doing so. Instead he simply stared down at the rex expectantly.​​ 


“Nothing to say, little guy?” He teased.


“… You aren’t quite big enough to be a god yet.” The rex retorted with what little playfulness he could muster through the haze of sex. “Think you’re gonna need at least another zero if not two to your height for that.”


The rex had meant it as a joke to tease the gigantic dragon as he ground against their erection. He hadn’t meant the dragon to take him seriously. So when Dragonien reached over to pick up what looked like some tiny toy to Borusa, only to see it rapidly grow and swell into the growth ray at a perfectly usable size for the massive dragon, His eyes suddenly went wide.​​ 


“Wait, Dragonien I didn’t mean th-“ Borusa started to protest.


His words were cut off by his vision filling with a bright flash of colored light from the growth ray. Much to his surprise he found the dragon was currently bathing the rex in the unnatural, growth-inducing energy that the device was producing. He probably should have been worried when he saw the intensity setting was turned up all the way to the max and the longer the dragon held the trigger down the more visibly the device seemed to vibrate.​​ 


Unlike the last time, the growth happened within seconds. Borusa rapidly felt the massive canoe of a dick his arms and legs were wrapped around seeming to shrink down in size as he expanded around it. Soon he was tall enough to hold onto it and put his feet on the ground. Seconds later he could see over the dragon’s thighs again! Doubling, then tripling his previous height before a fresh, repeat blast from the device sent him doubling up again! Within less than a minute the rex was standing almost as tall as Dragonien was at his sitting height! ​​ Granted it was still a far cry from being even equal, much less surpassing, Dragonien in size but compared to the height he had been only moments before he was a giant even by giant’s standards! Borusa was about to reach up to grab the dragon’s head to pull him in for a kiss but Dragonien had other plans, it seemed.​​ 


“There you go… that’s about the size of Godzilla, right? I’d eyeball you around five hundred feet… OK maybe a bit bigger than Godzilla. That’s kinda hot though, right? The big man himself would be a shrimp to you.” The dragon rumbled approvingly. “that’s your ideal size, right? A big massive rampaging kaiju monster that the military couldn’t even scratch? Good. Now, my turn. I’ve never really thought much about my ideal size before, so I guess I’ll just use your ideal size for me.”


Borusa was confused as to what the dragon meant as his ideal size for the dragon. When he saw what the dragon was doing a moment later, though, recognition dawned.


“Dragonien wait don-!” Borusa called out.


But it was too late.​​ 


Dragonien pressed the trigger down for the device after turning it towards himself. Then, with a sharp jerk from his index finger, he partially broke the trigger and wedged it into the trigger guard so it was stuck pressed down. ​​ This seemed to​​ break whatever resized the device as well for a second later Borusa could see it beginning to shrink in Dragonien’s hand as he began to grow from his own exposure. But he wasn’t done. As Borusa watched, too stunned and too small to reach up and stop him, Dragonien raised the device up to his face and tossed it into his mouth.




And swallowed it whole.


The ramifications of what he had just done rolled through Borusa like an electric shock. Part of him was jealous that he didn’t have a way to get bigger now. Part of him was terrified at the implications of what a constantly-firing growth ray was going to do to Dragonien… and make him do to the rest of the world. The majority of Borusa’s mind, however, was writhing in uncontrolled lust at the thought that, for all intents and purposes, he had just seen the triggering event that would create a new god. His god.


He shoved himself up against Dragonien’s cock once more with a renewed fanaticism. Dragonien seemed caught off guard and let out a surprised moan. One hand crashed down between his thighs near Borusa while the other gripped at the dragon’s thigh to keep itself from grabbing at him. The rex ignored the sights around him; the sight of the dragon’s thighs stretching higher around him or the sound of buildings being crushed and bulldozed out of the way of the dragon’s growing body. He was solely focused on rubbing, grinding, squeezing, licking, and kissing against the monstrous slab of ebony-colored dick in front of him while he was still big enough for Dragonien to feel it.​​ 


The entire city was slowly pushed out of the way to make room for Dragonien’s increasingly immense tonnage. His hips and ass spread across the landscape like a tidal wave of flesh as his growth continued to compound on itself and increase in speed. Cars, people, and soon even entire buildings found​​ themselves smashed out of the way or buried beneath the monolithic mass of the dragon. A desperate reporter had climbed to the roof of their building and had tried to commandeer their news chopper to fly to safety but soon found themselves being overtaken not even by the dragon moving towards them but instead simply continuing to grow. Within moments the dragon was growing faster than the helicopter could fly! The entire world wasn’t just watching him ascend into the air like a new living mountain; it was literally being forced to make room for him. The ground compacted in beneath his increasingly impossible weight and the landscape around him was shoved to the side as the city, then its suburbs, then the surrounding countryside rapidly began to disappear beneath his titanic backside.


The sensation of rising higher and higher into the air was intoxicating to Dragonien. The way everything seemed to be shrinking around him in his vision was like watching the entire world bowing before him in a way. The lifetime he’d spent towering over everyone was now magnified a thousand-fold and only going to get more extreme as time went on. And all the while his cute roommate with the hot ass was grinding away against his dick as it rapidly outgrew the size of their entire body. It didn’t take much of that to push him over the edge.


Just as he felt himself about to blow, he reached down and grabbed Borusa and his dick at the same time. His fist slid the rex upwards until he was half-draped over the dragon’s cockhead. By now Borusa was less than half the size of the dick and still seeming to shrink atop it. But that didn’t matter to Dragonien.


“mmrph… I saw this picture too… might be the last time you have a chance to do this cause next time I get off it might just flood the country…” Dragonien rumbled breathlessly from overhead.​​ 


Before Borusa could ask what he was talking about he felt Dragonien’s thumb shove down against the back of Borusa’s head. Eyes wide, Borusa immediately realized what was about to happen as he felt his muzzle shoved into​​ the top of Dragonien’s urethra. ​​ And that last, tiny bit of stimulation was all the dragon could handle.


His cock surged beneath him as if a visible wave of his load were traveling its way up the highway-shaming dick. Unfortunately for Borusa it didn’t just hit him in the face it all-but forced its way down his throat. With the dragon’s thumb holding his head down there was no way for him to pull free and he was still big enough his head and the dragon’s thumb made a near-perfect seal around the tip of his dick.​​ 


First one shot, then a second, followed by a third after that. Each powerful spurt of cum would have been strong enough to have smashed through a skyscraper and flooded the city’s storm drains. But instead, it forced its way into the rex’s mouth and down his throat. To the few still down so far below they watched the comparatively tiny red speck pressed against the growing dragons dick visibly inflate in a rhythmic pulsing as each shot ballooned him half again his previous size. Again and again and again Borusa choked and gagged on the overwhelming amount of liquid forcing itself into him. He wasn’t even swallowing it at this point so much as it was just forcing itself down his throat and blowing him up like a balloon! At some point during the dragon’s own orgasm he came not once, but twice; barely even feeling it from the otherwise overwhelming sensations of being ballooned like a condom. ​​ It was only after a good dozen shots that the dragon’s orgasm died down and he collapsed onto his back.


He didn’t even think about how much of the city, if not the neighboring city, was probably crushed beneath his immense mass as he lay there. Panting breaths came and went as he struggled to catch his breath. Only after a few seconds post-orgasm did he release his thumbs grip on the rex and lazily lift him up to drop onto the top of his own impressive gut. What he saw tore him from his lusty afterglow haze and made him break into a series of thunderous giggles.


“Oh my god. Rexy. You should see yourself right now.” He chortled.


Borusa glared even as he coughed to regain his breath. Each cough sent a ripple through his bloated body like someone poking a water balloon. He would have stood up and glared at the dragon but his gut was currently so overflowing with Dragonien’s load it was literally lifting him up off the ground! So instead, all he could do was lay there where the dragon had set him and slosh around in a futile attempt to get his feet under him.​​ 


“Not funny!” He huffed. Then, blushing profusely added in a quieter voice. “But holy fuck its hot.”


Dragonien couldn’t help but grin at the last part. Reaching up to poke the bloated rex with a finger the dragon watched in amusement as he sloshed back and forth from the contact. Finally after a minute or two of playing like this and the two of them realizing Borusa was still shrinking. Or, rather, Dragonien was still growing but with him already stretching out below the rex like a landscape himself Borusa felt like he may as well be shrinking.


“… You do realize what you’ve done, right? Who knows if you’ll ever stop growing?” Borusa asked tentatively. “I mean… We have no idea what that thing even runs on much less how long it’ll last.”


That just made Dragonien grin.


“Yea. ​​ And that just must be the single hottest thing to you, isn’t it?” He accused with a playful grin.


Again, Borusa’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment.​​ 


“… That’s neither here nor there!” he protested in an attempt to divert attention away from his own fantasies. “I think you might have overshot your target size.”


“Oh yea?” Dragonien asked, mountainous eyebrow cocked. “isn’t this your favorite size for me?”


“I don’t… I don’t even know how big you are. All I can tell is that you’re still getting bigger.” Borusa admitted, trying not to let it show how much that statement was making him squirm.


It did make Dragonien’s lips twist into a sky filling grin. One that stretched wider and wider across Borusa’s horizon with each passing moment.


“Exactly. Your favorite size for me…” Dragonien rumbled ominously. ​​ “The only size that I could be that would ever satisfy those fantasies of yours.”


“…W…what size do you mean?” Borusa asked even as his cock was rising to attention once more.


“The best size for big red dragons according to you. Growing.”

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