Morning Glory


Morning wood can be a bitch

You ever wake up after some dream you can’t remember and you are just, like, ferally hard with morning wood?

You ever wake up like that and find out someone else did too and they’ve shrunk you to the size of a toy and intend to use you to take care of their morning wood? Well, now Bread does.

Commission for Apieceofbread where he gets used and mildly abused by a certain red dragon in the course of handling that pesky morning mood guys often have to deal with.

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Morning Glory

By Dragonien







Bread groaned into his pillow; refusing to open his eyes. He didn't know what time it was all he knew was that it was far too early. Yet as desperately as he tried to forced himself back to sleep through sheer force of will the heavy, rhythmic thumping outside spoiled that possibility. Grumbling angrily under his breath, the caramel-colored Fox rolled over and cracked his eyes open and stared up at his ceiling. He could see there was hardly any light at all coming through the windows and only became more frustrated. It wasn't even light outside yet! When he glanced to the side to check the time on his bedside clock, he saw that it was blank. That got his attention.


“Is the power out?...” he murmured tiredly.


Rubbing his eyes with the back of his wrists Bread started to sit up only to pause when he felt something jostle further down. Glancing down, a soft brush spread across his face as he noticed the obvious tent lifting up his blankets around his midsection. Now that he was awake enough to think about it he realized on him how achingly hard he was. His morning wood felt like a steel rod that he could have drilled a hole through the wall with! He didn't remember any particularly intense dreams last night so he wasn't sure what was causing it to be so bad this morning.


Then he noticed the smell.


The air absolutely reeked of musk and sex. ​​ So much so that it was having a visible effect on him! He hasn't been drinking last night, had he? He didn't remember going out much less bringing someone home. Yet the longer he smelled the scent in the air the more confident he​​ was it wasn’t his. Besides, he would have noticed if there was someone else in bed with him by now.






“What the hell is that sound?!” he all but yelled angrily.


Confusion forgotten under a surge of indignation; Bread threw the blankets off of himself and jumped to his feet. Stomping over to his bedroom window the fox pulled the curtains aside and shoved the window itself open before he even taken a proper look outside; intending to yell at whoever was making all that racket. He was fully prepared to tell whoever it was to shut the hell up regardless of who they were. Instead, the moment he pulled the window open, the scent permeating his room rushed inside and smashed straight into his face. The sheer intensity of it was like a physical blow that sent him stumbling backwards!​​ 


If he hadn't been rock-hard before he sure as hell would have been now. It was like being blasted in the face by a wave of pure aphrodisiac. So intense was it that his body visibly shuttered as a bead of pre formed on the tip of his morning wood and dripped down to the ground. Only after he had taken a few seconds to get himself back under control did he look back towards the window and realize that it wasn't dark outside. There was just something covering that window as well as the one next to it from the outside.


“What the…?” he started to say aloud, only to be interrupted by another voice.


“Oh good. You’re awake.”


Unlike his voice these words rumbled through the air like a roll of thunder. The walls actually vibrated from the sheer volume of the voice! Yet, despite its impossible volume, there was something familiar about it. When the fox finally recognized who it belonged to his ears flattened against his head.


“Oh no… “


As if in response light suddenly flooded through the window as whatever was covering it was pulled away. Looking outside, Bread could see the massive cloth covering that had been over not just his windows but seemingly the entire house dropped in a pile a few yards away. The light was blocked again a moment later at the cloth was replaced instead with the sight of a single, gigantic blue eye staring inside the window.


“Good morning, Bread…“ Dragonien’s booming voice rumbled.


“D-drago? H-holy shit!” Bread exclaimed, stumbling backwards away from the window. “What’s going on?!”


“Oh nothing, don't mind me.” The red dragon chuckled ominously. “Just taking care of my morning mood.”


The eye moved back only for the whole house to shake hard enough that Bread was knocked on his ass. Frantically, the fox pushed himself up to his feet and ran towards the sliding glass door in the kitchen. When he got there, though, no matter how hard he pulled on the handle he couldn't get it open! After a few moments of struggling, he noticed there was a strange film along the outside of the glass. It only took him a moment to recognize it.


“Is that… tape? Oh God no.”


Running to the kitchen window, Bread tried to pull it open so he could crawl through it instead. Unfortunately, he found that it too was taped closed. A dash to the dining room windows gave much the same result when he tried those instead. He did catch a glimpse outside of the window this time and saw a strangely shaped vehicle off in the distance across the strangely brown landscape. It took the fox a moment but eventually he recognized it wasn't the vehicle at all. It was a computer mouse, blown up to the size of a van! No, it wasn't that the mouse was bigger than usual. He had shrunk! Him and his house along with him!


In a last-ditch effort to escape, with no real plan of what to do after, Bread ran towards the front door. Mercifully the front door opened without issue. The issue came after he ran through it without looking first. In his desperate scramble for freedom the fox found himself slamming headfirst into a wall of fabric. The fabric was soft enough that he didn't hurt himself, but he hit it with such force that he rebounded off of it and fell back onto his ass. When he had a chance to look up and try to make sense of what he was looking at the blood drained from his face... and seemed to rush straight towards his crotch.


He had just run into the massive red dragon’s crotch bulge.


“Oh, well good morning to you too. Didn’t think you’d volunteer to help.” Dragonien voice boomed overhead with a clearly taunting undertone.


Dazed, Bread looked up to see the enormous dragon’s grinning face looking over the swell of his gut to the tiny fox down below. The desk his shrunken house was on stood at the perfect height for the dragon to rest his crotch on top of it. Taking advantage of this, Dragonien had positioned himself and the house just right so that his crotch was directly in front of the house’s front door. Before Bread had a chance to respond, fingers bigger than telephone poles hooked into the waistband of the wall of fabric that was the dragon’s dark blue boxer briefs. With little ceremony or hesitation, Dragonien pulled the fabric down and let the boat-sized log of his own morning wood tumble out and slam onto the desk with a, to Bread at least, earth-shaking impact accompanied by the sharp crack of snapping lumber.


The massive slab of ebony-colored meet slammed down against the top of the desk with enough force that Bread literally bounced up off of the ground. When Bread landed and was able to push himself up to his feet the fox couldn't help but measure himself up to the monstrous length of cock in front of him that would have made a bus shrivel up in inferiority. Forget being as tall as this monster was long, Bread wasn't even as tall as it was thick! It took the fox a few seconds to recognize the last sound he’d heard. Glancing behind him, his eyes went wide as he saw his garage! Or, at least, what was left of it.


The Front half of Dragonien’s dick had landed on top of his attached garage crushed it to splinters along with Bread’s car still inside of it!


“Oops. Was that your car? Oh well. Your loss not mine.” The red dragon taunted dismissively. “Not that you’ll need it anymore.”


Before Bread could respond, one of those massive red fingers moved up behind him and shoved the stunned fox forward. The overwhelmed little fox stumbled forward until he was pressed up flush against the side of that massive, throbbing pillar of meat and pinned between it and the dragon’s finger. He could hear a muffled growl of arousal from the dragon as Dragonien slid the finger holding Bread back and forth across the side of his dick. The stimulation couldn't have been that much considering the fox’s scale relative to the dragon but, if nothing else, the size difference itself seemed to be more than satisfactory to the dragon.


Not even giving the overwhelmed fox a chance to think, much less respond, the finger pulled away only to sandwich Bread between it and the dragon’s thumb instead. Lifted up off the ground like a little more than a Lego man, Bread got a dizzying view of being lifted what, to him, was dozens of stories into the air! While he was airborne Bread also got a good view of the dragon using his other arm to scoop Bread’s house off of the desk and walk towards the middle of his bedroom with it. Upon arriving Dragonien deposited it on the hardwood floor below with only half-hearted care to keep it intact. While Dragonien was bent over setting the house down he also dropped the fox down a few dozen yards away. Not that being on the same level as this house did Bread any good when a pair of heavy footsteps of feet big enough to crush multiple cars underneath them slammed down to the floor between him and the house. Faced with such a sight, Bread did the only thing an overwhelmed, confused, and terrified person smaller than a mouse could in a situation like this. He ran.


And it only took the dragon a single footstep to overtake him.


The foot darkened the sky over Bread a moment before it crashed down on top of him with enough force to drive the air from the fox’s lungs! It hadn't even fully settled on top of Bread before it slid to the side to roll the fox over his back so he was facing up towards the underside of the dragon's foot. For a long second, he was simply buried there like that. Buried and squashed into the malleable fleshy arch of Dragonien’s sole. There was so much weight and pressure bearing down on the poor fox that, forget being able to move, it was a miracle he wasn't being crushed out right.


Just when Bread thought the dragon was simply going to suffocate him down there the foot shifted position on top of him again. This time, it slid down until the fox’s face poked out from between two of the dragon’s toes. Beyond the terror and discomfort of his situation, the smooth, warm flesh of dragon’s foot sliding across Bread’s front did well to remind him that, as embarrassing as it was, he had remained rock hard through this entire scenario. The first thing Bread saw when his head was free, though, almost fixed that by sending him over the edge right there. Towering overhead like he were at the foot of a living skyscraper, the dragon's body loomed above and filled the sky over Bread.


​​ Not the Bread could see much of the dragon’s body past the dragon’s waist. The majority of his upper body was blocked by the sight of that massive slab of cock flesh that the dragon was shamelessly jerking off overhead. Worse still, as if it were reacting to his exposure and recognition, a bead of pre formed at the tip of Dragonien’s monstrous dick and dripped down straight towards Bread! Unlike the droplet that Bread had dripped on his own floor earlier, this one crashed down directly between the dragon’s toes and onto Bread’s face like someone had just dumped a gallon of water on top of him. This water, though, had a thicker consistency and left the fox nearly drunk on the overwhelmingly intense musk that it produced.


The taste was even more intense on his tongue. A sharp saltiness that clung to the insides of Bread’s mouth even after swallowing. It was only after the third lap of the fox’s tongue between the dragon’s toes that Bread realized what he was doing. As if his conscious brain was struggling to catch up with what was actually happening the single booming word the dragon had spoken finally caught up to Bread’s consciousness.




The fox had obeyed the command before he even consciously thought about it; so overwhelmed and musk drunk by the bucket full of pre soaking his head that his body had reacted on instinct. And yet even now that he consciously realized what he was doing he didn't stop. Or that is to say, he didn't stop for more than a second. In that moment when his brain caught up and he paused to process it the dragon had clinched his toes around Bread’s head tight enough to block off his access to air. They held him for a solid three seconds like that before they just as quickly they released him. The implied threat was clear. The dragon hadn't​​ done any real harm to the fox yet despite the rough treatment and whether or not that continued was predicated entirely on Bread’s obedience. So the fox kept licking; telling himself it was a survival tactic at this point.


After Bread’s obedient response the dragon seemed content to maintain that situation for a minute or two. He was more than happy to stand there, lazily jerking himself off while the little fox was forced to clean the dragon’s own pre out from between his toes with nothing but his his tongue. Despite the rough treatment and terrifying helplessness Bread couldn't help but be turned on as well. He told himself it was just the musk having an effect on him. Yea, that was it. It was just the musk. But even if it was, he could do little about it. Even though the dragon wasn't crushing him, the sheer weight of Dragonien’s foot was more than enough to leave Bread completely unable to move without the dragon having to push down at all. The fox didn't even have enough range of motion to twitch his hips in an attempt to grind his own needy erection into the underside of the foot. A small, sexually ravenous voice in the back of Bread’s head desperately wished the dragon would let him up if for no other reason than so he can jump up and jerk himself off as well. That voice needed to be careful what it wished for.


The foot grinding the fox into the floor lifted up off of him with no warning. Embarrassingly, the pre still clinging to Bread left him sticking to the toes for a split second so he was actually lifted up off the ground, stuck to the foot for a small distance before peeling off of and falling back to the ground. Knowing that this couldn't be anything but some new torment the fox struggled to push himself to his feet despite his growing exhaustion. To his surprise, the dragon didn't immediately come after him again. When Bread looked up, he saw Dragonien looking back behind him rather than at the fox at his feet. Looking behind him, at Bread’s house.


“What? Oh. No no no Drago don’t…!“ The tiny fox yelled.​​ 


But it was too late.


The dragon was already tipping backwards with a toothy grin plastered across his face. He didn't even try to control his fall. He just let every last pound, which would be more like tons relative to the miniscule fox, slam down mercilessly on top of the tiny house ass-first.


The building had no hope whatsoever of putting up a fight. It was like watching someone sit on a sandcastle. It simply crumbled to pieces the moment the dragon's ass touched it. And yet Bread could hear the chorus of lumber, brick, and metal bending, cracking, and shattering apart until it was little more than a pile of debris laying around the dragon’s ass.


As Bread stood there, eyes wide and mouth hanging open in stunned silence, the dragon seems perfectly happy to fill the silence for the fox. The loud squishing sound of flesh on flesh boomed through the air as Dragonien increased the pace of his own masturbation. His hungry, lustful growling rumbled through the air like a roll of thunder. Bread didn't realize what was coming, or rather who was coming, until it was too late.


The dragon’s whole body seized up; his ass clenching hard enough it could have crushed coal into diamond as his monstrous dick began to twitch and spasm. Bread realized that the dragon was right on the edge of orgasm and desperately trying to hold it back long enough for him to reposition himself. The fox stumbled from the impact of the dragon crashing down onto his side, only to roll over and prop himself up on his knees and one hand while the other hand kept a firm grip on his dick. Bread found himself standing underneath the ponderous overhang of the dragon’s gut as the dragon loomed overhead. But that wasn't what Bread found himself looking at. Instead, the fox’s gaze was drawn to the boat-sized cannon of a cock pointing right at him.


The sound of the dragon’s groan of blissful release was drowned out as the first shot of cum smashed against Bread’s front with enough force that it sent the fox sprawling. The second spurt slammed into him before Bread even had a chance to regain his bearings much less get back to his feet. Thankfully the third one missed him and splattered down next to the fox but the fourth one hit him dead-center again and sent Bread sliding across the floor. Over and over he was smacked with those heavy ropes of cum like short sharp bursts from a fire hose. Even to someone normal sized the dragon had borderline unnaturally large loads. But at the fox’s current size, Bread was all but drowning in the puddle they were creating.


By the time the dragon’s orgasm died off Bread was soaked head to toe and sitting in a puddle that came up to his waist with him sitting in it. At some point during the ordeal, the fox had gotten off as well. But his own release may well have been a drop in the ocean compared to what the dragon had just nearly drowned him in. Before Bread had a chance to stand up or​​ try and clean himself off the ground shook violently. Overhead, ​​ the dragon crashed down onto his side once more and sprawled out next to the mess where Bread lay. His head ended up looming to one side, directly above the soaked fox. The dragon had that dopey, blissful smile on his face that you can only get after a really good orgasm as he stared down at Bread


As he watched the little fox trying to crawl his way out of his cum puddle the dragon felt his libido stirring again. There were few things that can make a man feel as virile as watching someone else literally swimming through one of your loads. By the time Bread had been able to get to his feet and wiped at least a bit of the cum off of his face he could see that the dragon’s dick was already starting to harden up again. The fox’s ears flattened against his head as he turned to look up at the giant face staring down at him with a hungry, lustful grin.


“Wanna go again?” Dragonien rumbled in a tone that made it sound like Bread didn't have much say in the matter.


This was going to be a long day.​​ 

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