The Original One


Don’t horse around with a god

Sometimes things may not be as they appear. That intern at the office might just be another desperately struggling post-college graduate trying to find a good job. Other times he might be the Pokémon equivalent of god, themselves and find themselves outgrowing the entire galaxy.
So be nice to your interns.

Commission for Morgan about a Pokemorph Arceus being stuck in mortal form only to break free and outsize… well, everything.

Morgan’s FA



The Original One

By Dragonien



“Arc, hurry up with my coffee!”


The barking demand came from the heavyset arcanine in one of the dozens of cubicles lining the office floor. In response to his shout, a clattering and heavy thumping accompanied the frazzled response shouted from halfway across the room.


“Coming, sir! Sorry!”


The mudsdale scrambled his way between the cubicles with a still-steaming cup of coffee in hand. His bulky eight-foot frame barely fit in the walkway between the work spaces. Every heavy foot step he took rattled the floor from his immense weight alone. He was easily a foot taller and weighed half again as much as the next biggest guy in the entire building! His bulky frame looked ready to burst out of the skin-tight dress shirt and pants that he wore; only getting away with the borderline indecently tight clothing because the local Big and Tall store literally didn't have anything bigger.


And this hulking monster of an equine Pokémon was rushing through the building like a flustered manservant being yelled at by his master.


“Sorry sir, sorry!” the mountain of horse Pokémon apologized as he approached. “The coffee pot was broken and the elevator is being cleaned so I had to run up two floors higher and use theirs. Don't worry though! I ran as fast as I could so it's still hot!”


The arcanine glared at the monstrous mudsdale that could have twisted him into a pretzel. He was on a typical workplace power trip; an office drone asked to look after the intern and taking it as opportunity to lord themselves over someone to feel less powerless in their own position. And, like a good intern desperate for good recommendation letter, Arc put up with it all with a smile.


“It’s about time.” the fiery canine growled as he snatched the cup away from Arc.


After taking a sip, the arcanine immediately began complaining profusely about how mediocre it was. It wasn't even that bad he was just looking for an excuse to berate the horse Pokémon. As usual Arc simply stood there with an attentive expression on his face as if taking everything at face value as genuinely helpful advice. That is, until someone bumped into him from behind.


Out of reflex Arc spun around in an attempt to apologize for being in the way. Unfortunately, with how narrow the walkways were, this only caused his tail to smack the papers out of the persons hand and send them flying as they fell onto their ass. A flurry of stammered apologies rolled from the horse's mouth has he started to step forward and help up the Rattata secretary he had knocked over. When he took a step closer his hoof landed on one of the papers and slipped out from under him; sending him tumbling backwards on his own back.


As he toppled, Arc desperately grabbed at the cubicle walls to either side of him in hopes of catching himself. With his immense weight, though, all he ended up doing was tearing them down with him! One of the cubicle walls had the chords of one of the nearby worker’s computer and printer in it which, when it was ripped down along with the horse, sent their printer flying off of their desk and swinging around by its cord like a flail to smash directly down onto Arc’s head.


The impact left the mudsdale of seeing stars. His vision blurred in and out of focus as he tried to regain his sense. The problem was, when he finally could see straight again, the stars were still there. And his mind was still clearing in a way he couldn’t put words too; somehow beyond his normal level of attentiveness. The impact to his head had knocked something loose by sheer happenstance. Brain trauma had snapped together two neurons that weren't supposed to be connected any longer. And now that they were...


He remembered.


“Those bastards.” Arc growled under his breath.


The angry tone in his voice made the small crowd around him recoil in concern. The mudsdale had been even tempered to a fault since he first started interning and no one had ever even heard him complain a single time before much less curse. When Arc looked down at himself it was as if he was seeing himself for the first time. Looking at his brown, red, and black fur colorations twisted his expression into something not-quite disgust but not far from it.


Pushing himself to his feet; Arc continue turning his hands back and forth as if trying to make sense of them. Now that the initial shock of the commotion had worn off, though, his arcanine supervisor began berating him for all the damage he just caused.


“Quiet.” Arc commanded.


His voice came out in a dismissive huff, as if he could barely be bothered to pay attention to the pudgy flame canine. As Arc spoke one of his hands flicked out towards the arcanine and he simply... went quiet. His mouth was moving, his body was flailing about with all of the body language he normally used when getting angry about something. But there was simply no sound coming from him anymore.


Everyone's eyes went wide at the sudden, impossible effect. They stared at the mudsdale as he seemed to finally collect his thoughts. The confused expression melted away into a look of calm on Arc’s face he closed his eyes and clenched his fists. Sucking in a deep breath, everyone in the room felt... ‘something’ pulling towards the mudsdale. No one could quantify what it was but there was something intangible that Arc was drawing towards him out of the air itself and everyone present. As it was drawn into him the mudsdale everyone around him watched as Arc began to change.


Starting at his hands, his fur turned a pure snow white and the color rapidly rushed up the rest of his body. The blunted fingertips of his hands and hooves polished and brightened into a golden sheen while the thick mohawk of for a top his head reshaped and stretched itself backwards into a waving ponytail fluttering in wind that wasn't there. The nearby cubicles were abruptly pushed backwards as a brilliant golden wheel with four colored gems set into it​​ seemed to manifest out of nowhere and shove everything nearby out of its way in the process. After hovering around the transforming equine for a moment the wheel shrunk itself down and wrapped around one of Arc’s wrist like a bracelet. By now people were finally starting to catch on to what they were looking at. They didn't know how and they didn't know why. All they knew was who.


“Is that…”


“Holy shit.”


“It’s…! “




The mythical Pokémon let out a contented, relieved sigh as his true form asserted itself once more. He would never demean any of his creations by disparaging their physical appearance. He made them, after all. But the idea of being trapped in the guise of a mudsdale instead of his true self was appalling. At that thought, the memory of Dialga and Palkia’s betrayal asserted itself anew in his mind. They had tricked him into lowering his guard and letting that glorified sentient primordial ooze Mew get into his head and lock away the memories of his true self. He had just spent the last three months thinking he was some fresh out of college nobody running around getting coffee for career salary men!


He was not amused.


“You all should leave.” Arc said in a dismissive voice.


It was the most attention he could bother sparing for the mortals around him. Arc, or Arceus as he was truly known as, fully intended the payback what was done to him. But, spending so long bereft of his connection to the larger Universe, he needed to... recharge.


Like before, Arc began to inhale. As he did something fundamental, primal within the universe itself vacuumed up into him like he were a void waiting to be filled. People quickly got the message, if not understanding exactly what was going on, and begin running in varying states of panic towards the stairs. Even the arcanine, still unable to make a sound, stared in shock only a moment longer than everyone else at the mythical Pokémon God. The Pokémon god before him the arcanine had been berating about bad coffee minutes earlier. Then he too turned tail and ran. It was a good thing he did. As that power flooded into Arceus his vessel, stiff and shriveled from lack of use, began to expand.


Within seconds a chorus of pops filled the room as the buttons of his already-straining dress shirt popped off in a rapid-fire machine gun of little plastic pellets. His thighs bulged obscenely as they surged larger not just overall in size thickening in proportion as well. The leggings of his dress pants shredded into tatters as his body expanded and bulked up at the same time. In less than ten seconds his ears were brushing twelve-foot ceiling.


He didn't even feel the tiles pushed out of the way by his head as it rose. Nor did he feel the tile settings bend and crack as his shoulders rammed into and then through them. Even when his head began to tear into the concrete slab between his floor and the one above to him it felt like a little more than pushing his head through a sand sculpture. And yet he continued inhaling, continued growing. Not inhaling air, not oxygen or anything else so tangible but rather the spread-out particles of reality that he, himself, had seeded throughout the cosmos. Yet even as pulled in his own power from the world around him he could still feel how woefully empty he was after his attackers had left him to shrivel up, powerless down here with the other mortals. Only growing further frustrated at the fact, Arceus continued to grow.​​ 


Thankfully, someone had the forethought to pull the fire alarm. Everyone had evacuated the building barely moments before they could see the interior beginning to collapse. A heavy thud followed by another and then another, each louder than the last, eventually stopped on the bottom floor and sent a wave of dust and debris flying out of the open windows and doors as if something had crashed through every floor in the building and landed in the lobby. Inside they could see incoherent shapes moving in the windows moments before piles of furniture and debris were shoved through the glass as something inside took up the space they had occupied. Then a pair of arms tore their way free from either side of the building. Arms that each, by themselves, were as thick around as boats with hands that could easily each palm one like it was a toy! A distinctly, if unnaturally streamlined, equine head tore its way free from the roof of the building moments before being followed by a pair of cannonball shoulders that​​ would have been monstrously huge even if their owner wasn't now literally outgrowing a thirty-story building. After only a few more seconds the titanic mythical Pokemorph shook off the crumbling remains of the building and let it fall down around his feet. Finally taking his first step in his true form once more, with at least a fragment of his power restored, Arc swung his head around to examine his surroundings.


It was only then, as if he hadn't known what was actually occurring around him, that he realized what he had done. The building that he had spent the last three months working in now lay in ruins around him. Normally, he wouldn't have cared as much. But maybe his time feigning mortality had made him a little more sentimental towards their mundane struggles. Taking another step back, not noticing as his hoof slammed down onto a bus and crushed it into a pancake, Arceus waved his hand over where the skyscraper had been.


Power flooded out of him and permeated the area. Everyone still nearby felt their hair and fur stand up on end. A faint, barely visible aura surrounded the space where the skyscraper had once stood and then it simply began to... undo its own destruction. Chunks and pieces of debris began flying upwards as if watching a video in reverse; snapping themselves back together as if they had never been torn apart by the massive Pokemorph’s growth. Within seconds the entire building had reconstructed itself as if nothing had ever happened. If it hadn't been for the fact that he was still standing there, towering over most of the nearby buildings, no one would have even noticed anything unusual had happened.


But someone did notice.


The ripple of power that he released was felt across the cosmos by the few that were sensitive to it. Including the two responsible for Arceus’s imprisonment. The two reacted almost instantly. Barely sparing a glance at one another, Dialga and Palkia turned their attention towards the source of the disturbance. With a wave of Palkia’s hand they were simply there; appearing as if out of thin air. The determined look on both of the Legendary Dragons faces morphed into shocked concern as, the moment they appeared in the air above the city, each one found themselves snatched up in a massive hand. Eyes going wide, the two of them stared ahead as they were slowly raised before the ominously glowering face of Arceus.


“Arceus wait we-“ Dialga began to say in an attempt to placate the mythical horse Pokémon.


“Enough.” Arceus cut him off. “Your excuses and reasons mean nothing.”


The two glanced at one another, concerned, before determination set across both of their faces again. Palkia opened his mouth to say something as well but was cut off before he even got the first word out.


“I hold no ill will towards either of you. In a way, it was refreshing spending time amongst the everyday ones below.” Arceus explained. The brief flash of relief those words gave the two legendary dragons melted away when he continued. “But you both still need to be reprimanded.”


Immediately, Dialga lashed out with his own power in an attempt to catch the creator Pokémon off guard. The very flow of time itself coiled around equine Pokémon go like a lasso. Or at least, that's what it was supposed to do. When he reached out for his immaterial grasp on time itself his hand slid through it like spread fingers trying to scoop up water. Feeling the strange ripple of released and ineffective power from his partner, Palkia panicked and tried to pull them both away. Much like Dialga, though, when he reached out towards the fabric of space he simply couldn't grab on and manipulate it. And then they both felt it. In much the same way their physical bodies felt the powerful grasp of Arceus’s massive hands around their comparatively tiny bodies, they felt similar grips at core of power within them that let them manipulate the laws of the universe.


The power, it dawned on both of them, that Arceus had given them.


“Don't worry. I'll give these back eventually. Once you've had a chance to humble yourself like I have. Until then, I'm taking back what was given.”


Honestly, Arceus was glad they had come to him. With him still regaining his power it would have taken quite the effort to track them down and go to them. Appearing directly in​​ front of him, however, had been like delivering two massive battery straight into his hands. Batteries that he immediately drained dry.


The two disempowered legendary dragons fell to the ground as Arceus released his hold on them. Thankfully the lingering dregs of energy they had were enough to keep them from being hurt upon impact but that was about all they had the energy for. That, and turning to run. Not that it did them any good.


Unlike his own core which was still bereft of most of its power, the dragons had been overflowing. Even if neither was a match for his own at its full capacity, they were more than enough to fill him up at least part ways. And with that new energy flowing into him, his body expanded in kind.


In the first few seconds this growth made his previous expansion seem like him raising up on his tiptoes. His body exploded outwards in every direction like a detonation of swelling flesh and mass. Within the blink of an eye, he had doubled his size then doubled it again in the next blink. It was the best the equine Pokémon could do to make a mental note to repair what was damaged as he reasserted his power and let it flood back in to him. Moments after the dragons had landed on the ground they were bulldozed over by Arceus’s feet; each one growing to cover an entire city block and only growing faster with each passing instant. Seconds later one of those monstrous appendages covering the entire city instead of just a block of it. And then they covered the country. The entire planet had less than a minute to even taking notice of, much less react, to the white and gold Pokemorph outgrowing a continent, then the atmosphere, then the very planet itself.


The star at the center of the solar system surged towards him as if it were rushing to meet Arceus. Yet at the same time it seemed to dwindle down from a burning titan of plasma into a tiny pinprick of light. The smaller celestial bodies like the other nearby planets he didn't even notice as they got swept away into his impossibly massive and still growing pelt of fur. By the time Arceus reached his arm out he had already grown so massive that he could reach halfway across the solar system and pluck the now pea-sized Sun from the middle of the solar system and raise it up for inspection. A second later it had dwindled so small it seemed to simply vanish from sight.


And yet his growth only continued to increase in speed. By now he was growing so fast he didn't even feel like he was filling out the space around him. To Arceus it felt more like the entire universe around him was compressing inwards towards him. Considering who it was at the center of this all it may very well have been doing exactly that.


Soon entire solar systems fit in the palm of the equine god’s hand only to dwindle out of sight like everything else. Entire nebula of celestial gases fluttered in front of his face like clouds only to seemingly evaporate into nothingness as he grew beyond the ability to perceive them with his physical senses. Stars became less than tiny embers surrounding him; their light barely even enough to give him a reference point to examine his own expansion. Before long even that became inadequate as his head tore its way free from the top of the celestial spiral that was the galaxy itself. Hands spanning tens of thousands of light-years reached out and grasped the edges of the universe itself like they were a physical thing. Pushing against it, Arceus slowly hefted himself out from the middle of the Galaxy like it were nothing more than him crawling out of a small hole.


Glittering pinpricks of light still floated around in the distance. Though, at his size, there were exponentially fewer of them than there had been only minutes before. Arceus knew they weren't even stars at this point. Looking out past the infinite void of space beyond the edge of the Milky Way he knew the each of those tiny pinpricks of light, barely visible even to him, were each an entire galaxy in of themselves. But that wasn't where his attention was focused at the moment.


Turning his gaze back to the tiny Milky Way still dwindling before him, Arceus scooped up the galaxy in his hand like he were scooping up a puddle of water. Gently circling his hands around it he formed a protective bubble of energy. Once he was sure that it was both a solid and secure he raised the now-contained galaxy up towards his neck. With but a thought a glittering golden chain manifested itself around his neck and attached itself to the orb. When he released it, the orbit dangled down into the massive canyon between his pectoral like it were nothing more than the tiny decoration of a necklace.


Arceus had ensured that the barrier would protect both the universe from accidental damage as well as restrict cosmic energies from entering. That way, the two offending dragons he had left in timeout would be unable to regain their own powers until he allowed it. It would do them good to spend a little time as mortals. It would give them a better appreciation of​​ what they had like himself. And yet, despite that appreciation, he found himself glad to have his powers back once more. In fact...


Smiling to himself, the impossibly titanic celestial mass of a pokemorph turn his attention toward those other pinpricks of light in the distance. It might be fun to let loose a little bit. Maybe stretch his legs as that arcanine at the office had once said. And as he began to reach out one of his impossibly expansive arms into the distance he let himself keep growing until he could scoop up the next galaxy as well.


After all, he had room on his new necklace for more.​​ 





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