Unnoticed Under Foot


Undersided and Underfoot. Not ideal.

Commission for Vanrel

Another short commission of Vanrel’s friend Mekuto finding themselves absurdly tiny around an air elemental fennec waking up first thing in the morning. Unfortunately for Mekuto he’s a bit too small for Vanrel to noticed and quickly winds up underfoot. Literally.

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Unnoticed Under Foot

By Dragonien


Crap crap crap crap!


This was the curse repeated in Mekuto’s head as he ran for his life. The striped, purple wahsune desperately pumped his legs in an attempt to get just a little bit farther before it was too late. Every ounce of energy he had was put towards pushing his body a tiny bit harder. Unfortunately, for all his frantic running, he was only able to cover about a foot of distance. Which would have been less than a step for most people. But for someone shrunken to nearly unnoticeable sizes it was a marathon distance. Even running full out that was as far as he was able to get before the heavy impact behind him nearly sent him sprawling. The powerful, earth-shaking impact of a foot bigger than a boat seemed to rock the world underneath Mekuto as he ran. He actually felt his feet bounce off the ground for a solid second before he stumbled to get them back underneath him again! He knew it was a bad idea, that looking would only panic him more, but he couldn't resist looking behind him anyway.


A single one of Vanrel's feet rested on the ground what seemed like a few dozen yards behind the wahsune. The massive, fluffy white-furred appendage was big enough that it could have smothered half of a parking lot beneath its tread! It's toes alone were taller than Mekuto was several times over and the Wahsune could have walked between them like walking in an alleyway! The pale tufts of cotton-like cloud that floated around the titanic fennec air elemental’s ankle may as well have been actual clouds floating in the sky considering how high up they were to Mekuto. Then again, what could he expect after a botched spell left him lucky if he even was a full inch tall?


Mekuto’s musing was cut short buy a booming roll of thunder overhead that drowned out any sound and thought for the miniscule fur for a solid three seconds. The sheer size difference between him and the normally short, but now comparably cataclysmically big, fennec made his voice so deep to Mekuto that it took Mekuto several seconds to recognize that rumbling sonic boom of sound to be the air elemental yawning. Good Lord, Mekuto had actually felt the ground shake from the sound alone! As if there weren't enough things reminding him of how absolutely insignificant he had become now even Vanrel’s voice was all-but a force of nature by itself.


Mekuto knew that there was no possible way even Vanrel’s sensitive ears could possibly hear him at the size even if the wahsune had a megaphone and yelled at the top of his lungs. But that didn't stop him from trying out of sheer despiration.​​ 


“Vanrel! Vanrel, help! I’m down here!” Mekuto yelled through ragged breaths as he continued to run. “Look down! Down here!”


But Vanrel did no such thing; he had no reason too. Instead, his other leg swung off the side of the mountainous bed looming overhead and slammed down to the ground near the first foot. To the fennec it was nothing more than him climbing out of bed and pushing himself to his feet but to Mekuto it may as well have been some ancient deity rising from its thousand-year slumber to lord itself over the land. The fennec didn't even have to try and look imposing. Even with the Vanrel’s fur unkempt and uncombed and his body clad in a slightly faded bathrobe rather than some glorious silken robe of the gods his sheer size made him a wonder to behold. Well, a wonder or a living natural disaster. It was that thought that reminded Mekuto that Vanrel was far more dangerous than awe inspiring at this scale.​​ 


Vanrel took his first step of the morning, completely unaware of the shrunken speck of a wahsune down on the ground below. In that single step the titanic air elemental covered more than half of the distance Mekuto had covered in a couple of minutes of himself moving at a dead run. Mekuto felt a knot form in his stomach as he realized there was no possible hope of him escaping this short stack titan that normally barely came up past his waist. Even as the wahsune kept running full speed it wasn't nearly enough to escape the shadow rapidly covering the area he was moving through. The shadow of a foot big enough it could have classified as a small cruise liner.




The whole world turned dark for Mekuto an instant before the impact. The footstep had landed the titanic air elemental’s heel a couple of yards behind him. The impact had been so powerful, being so much closer, than it literally threw Mekuto off of his feet and into the air several inches only to flip onto his back. The wahsune got a perfect, if terrifying, view up at the​​ blue flesh of the​​ underside of Vanrel's foot a split second before the softer, meatier area of the titan’s foot smothered Mekuto into the floor.​​ 


Despite the impossible weight bearing down on him the underside of the foot was soft and malleable enough that the flesh squashed around him and conformed to the shape of his body to pin him and place rather than simply crushing the wahsune. Not that it made it any more comfortable being buried under what, to Mekuto, was comparable to a few metric tons of foot flesh. He would have thought an air elemental would have weighed less.​​ 


Mekuto didn't have to wait long before the foot rose up from where it was pinning him. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be finished with the tiny wahsune that found himself stuck to the underside of the massive appendage. Mekuto felt his stomach bottom out as he was lifted what seems like dozens of stories into the air in the span of half a second only to soar back down at the foot lowered and smother him into the floor once more a few feet away.


It was utterly humiliating. The only saving grace was that no one knew that Mekuto was down there. No one knew that he was the size of a piece of lint and stuck to the bottom of a foot being constantly pancaked into the ground by the casual footsteps of someone normally too short to ride roller coasters. By this point Mekuto wouldn't have even minded people knowing he was here. He would gladly accept any teasing or jokes at his expense if it eventually led to the someone helping him get out of this predicament. But there was no possibility of being found by anyone else at this rate. The only other person nearby was the walking, talking, barely awake mountain that currently had Mekuto stuck in the wrinkles on the underside of his foot.​​ 


The poor Wahsune was forced to endure those heavy footfalls three more times before he finally felt himself starting to peel off the foot halfway through the fourth footstep. Unfortunately for him it was in the worst possible place


“Oh God no no no!” ​​ Mekuto yelled out ineffectually as he looked at what lay beneath him.​​ 


Below him lay the deep, dark chasm of the entrance a fuzzy blue house slipper that was bigger than mansion to the miniscule wahsune! Futilely he tried to hold on to the soft flesh he was stuck to but there was no place to grab on. Even the minor wrinkles along the skin of​​ Vanrel's sole were so thick compared to him that he couldn't even use them as hand holds. Before he knew it, Mekuto had peeled free and was free falling through the air.


Thankfully the insole of the house shoe was padded with a particularly thick and soft gel that cushioned his fall and left him unharmed upon impact. Unfortunately, it was also malleable enough to act like the floor of a bouncy castle. When the wahsune landed the gel rippled under him and sent him rebounding backwards like a trampoline and tumbling into the deeper recesses of the cavernous shoe. By this point the entire situation had been so non-stop overwhelming that Mekuto was acting on pure instinct; not even having time to coherently think through what was happening. So, when he saw the now far off entrance of the house shoe in the distance darkening as something lower inside his eyes went wide and he turned to run.


There was really no where to go. The back of the shoe was an enclosed Ccavern of fabric and silicone gel. But, in his frantic state, all Mekuto was able to think about was seeing something massive heading right for him and trying to get away from it. Toes the size of houses bulldozed their way through the empty space and surged towards him like a tidal wave of flesh. It didn't help that the squishy gel floor was so soft it made it difficult to run on so Mekuto was even slower in here than he had been outside on the hardwood. Which meant that it was only a matter of seconds before one of those massive, clawed digits rammed into him from behind and rolled over him like a steamroller.


Again, Mekuto found himself buried beneath an impossible amount of foot flesh. The underside of the gigantic toe was harder than the arch of Vanrel's foot. But, thankfully, the gel underneath the wahsuke was soft enough to make up for the difference. He wasn't in danger of being squashed at least, but there was no way in hell he was going to be moving until Vanrel chose to remove his foot from the shoe. Which he didn't seem inclined to do anytime soon. Not if his previous sluggish demeanor was anything to go by.


As far as Mekuto could tell the fennec still had no idea that he was even there. He may as well have been a piece of lint inside the shoe for all his presence was noticeable to the tiny titan his diminished size had made Vanrel out to be. Vaguely he could feel the change in altitude of the shoe and the foot inside of it raising and lowering with more footsteps but the gel did a good enough job of softening impact that he barely even noticed it. So, he was safe... Maybe not entirely comfortable but not in immediate danger.


​​ From the sound of more booming yawning and incoherent grumbling from outside the shoe he could tell the Vanrel still hadn't even properly woken up yet. Mekuto could only imagine the titanic short stack going about his morning routine completely unaware of the stowaway inside his shoe. Brushing his teeth, combing his fur and even sitting down for a quick breakfast; Mekuto was stuck there for all of it. At this point his only real hope was that after the fennec had a cup or two of coffee he might be alert enough to notice the tiny little lump stuck underneath his toe. Maybe then Vanrel would finally realize he was down there and could help him get back to normal. But until that time came…​​ 


Mekuto was trapped.​​ 

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