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Commissions are closed.

Will Reopen after the new year



Stories start at a flat rate of $.05 per word, rounded up to the nearest 250 words to account for any word fluxuations during the editing process

Unless otherwise stated, Commissions must be a minimum length of 1500 words.

Payment is not required until you have received and approved the rough draft. Upon receipt of payment, the story will be edited with any requested changes or edits (Within reason) and the rewritten and edited final draft will be provided. Significant rewrites or changes to the store may require an additional fee at my digression.

Special Rates:

Image Descriptions: $35. Includes a 1,000-word narrative based on a picture you provide. (Picture must either be your own artistic work or work that you have commissioned and own the legal rights too)

Gore/Squeamish Tax: +$10 per 1000 words. If you like it bloody or ‘weird’ no judgement from me. But if it’s something that I typically do not feel as comfortable writing I may either decline the commission entirely or may have to ask for an additional charge to cover the added difficulty of topics I may not be as comfortable with. Any additional charges will be fully discussed and approved by you before they are added (No surprise fees from me!)

Private Commissions: Price raised to $.07 per word. I use my written works, commissions or otherwise, to help advertise myself and show people what they are paying for. If you would like to keep your work private that is perfect acceptable, however I will have to ask for compensation to cover the loss of promotion that the new public content would otherwise provide.

Disclaimer: Depending on the complexity of the story the word count may fluctuate outside of the requested word count limit. If it is within a reasonable margin of error on my part no additional charge will be added. However if the story is expected to be going significantly over the word count requested I will communicate with you the issue and negotiate any price changes or content cuts/adjustments that may need to be made to get you the best story I am able to offer that still stays within your budget.


At this time only PayPal is accepted as payment. PayPal transactions are subject to a 3.5% transaction tax to cover the cost of the PayPal transaction.

To request a commission, follow the link below and fill out my commission form!

Commission form!

you can stay up to date with my current commission queue via my Trello at the link below!

Trello Link!
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