I’ve recently begun learning how to make text-based adventure games and Choose Your Own Adventure branching stories! Currently I have two that are currently available. Though they are both in their fairly early stages I am periodically adding to them as often as I can! If you’re interested, check out the links below!

Changing Perspectives Again!

The first is a standard Choose Your Own Adventure story with various branching paths for the story to take depending on what choices you make. It is a spiritual sequel to “A Changing Perspective“; An interactive story I created a long time ago on a now-defunct interactive story hosting site. 

Follow the adventures of David and Tyler the dragons, Fang the wolf, Jessica the fox, and a host of other characters as they find themselves wrapped up in increasingly extreme instances of size-changing shenanigans!

Link: Changing Perspectives Again!

This game contains adult content and sexual encounters and is not meant for viewers under the age of 18

Scientific Espionage

My more recent and more ambitious game project is Scientific Espionage: A text-based adventure game.

Take control of Alex: an arctic fox tasked with burgling a scientific research facility. Once you get inside, though, you start to find that there’s a lot more going on than you just swiping some valuable tech.

Link: Scientific Espionage

This game contains violence and mature themes and is not meant for viewers under the age of 18

Both of these games are currently available to the public!

However, if you would like to support me on Patreon you are able to get access to the latest version of the games before they are made public!

I’m now working to supporting myself financially through my writing and budding gaming skills and any support is more appreciated than I could possibly put into words!

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