Update June 2021

Hey guys! New update is here!

This month we have six new stories!

New story:

– Quantum Nonsense

– Slowly Seduced by a Size-Shifter

– Divine Musings

– Morning Glory

– The Original One

– Stroll Through the Moonlight

– Unnoticed Under Foot

I’ve also updated the link to Changing Perspectives Again. the interactive has undergone a major overhaul visually and mechanically as well as having about 8,000 words of new content added to it! I have also moved it to be hosted on Itch.Io alongside Scientific Espionage. You can find the updated link in the Games dropdown of the navigation bar!

Update 4/17/2021

Hello all! sorry about the longer stint between updates. Had a bunch of RL things that’ve kinda thrown my life into chaos. Suddenly became unemployed and decided to take the opportunity to try to financially support myself through my writing rather than get another soul-crushing job. So making content you’ll find here is now (At lest if i can make it viable to live off of) my job! 

To that end I’ve started a major new project that’s been a huge learning experience for me. For those of you that have played Changing Perspectives Again! you know I’ve dabbled in CYOA style stories. Well i decided it was time to dig a bit deeper and I’ve been very slowly learning the basics of javascripting and CSS in the pursuit of creating a more interactive text-based adventure game. To that end I have begun a new game called “Scientific Espionage“. This game will have much more dynamic interaction and exploration than just a standard CYOA. and with every update I’m adding more game-like elements and functionality to it as I learn them. For example in the most recent update I’ve added my first statistics system to the game that can determine how some events play out!

Like Changing Perspectives Again, this game will be released publicly with the latest version being available to patrons. So if you’d like to help support me in trying to make a career out of doing something I love, and get early access to the latest games and stories in the process, any support of my patreon is more appreciated than I could possibly put words too.

New story:

– Taking For Himself

New Info Page: Games

-Includes info and links to Changing Perspectives Again

-Includes info and links to Scientific Espionage

Update 3/1/2021

Happy March Everyone!

Had some major and less than enjoyable abrupt changes in my employment situation (See: fired unexpectedly for no good reason). So I’m currently between jobs. I’m debating trying to make a run at actually trying to support myself exclusively on my writing so we’ll see how the next week or two goes. In the meantime, if you like my work, any support is greatly appreciated. <3


Today I have the latest updated to Changing Perspectives Again, Version 1.01 which adds 10,000 more words of content; this time all centered around everyone’s favorite egotistical black wolf: Fang!

Right now 1.01 is exclusive to patreon supports at the $3 tier or higher. Starting next month i will be staggering releases a month and making the previous month’s version public. So if you want to get the latest version of CPA as it comes out, subscribe to my patreon! Otherwise, starting next month, you’ll be able to get the updates a month behind the patrons.


Update 1/24/2021

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry it’s been a while.

Got four new stories for you, as well as updated thumbnail art for the story Meega Bigger!

Not to mention we finally have the first public version of Changing Perspectives Again now live! The sequel to the writing.com interactive from years ago that so many people enjoyed.

New Stories:

-Dragonien and Acheroth’s Growth War

-CrunchVille: Days Off

-Turnabout Is Fair Play

-Who’s Bigger Now?

Update 7/12/2020

Hey guys! Sorry It’s been a bit since I’ve updated. Life’s been coming hard and fast at me and its left me limited in the time i have for side projects and writing.

Got two new stories for you today!

New Story:

-Meega Bigger

-Growing Into Herself

Update 4/28/2020

New story available! Sorry for the slow uploading process. As with everyone else the whole Covid-19 thing hit me pretty hard this month and has made it difficult to be as productive as i wanted to be. 

New Story:

-Storm Caller

Update 4/3/2020

Two new stories available! I hope to sometime next week start trying to update the gallery more and start getting some of the artwork I’ve commissioned over the years posted as well. Stay tuned!

New Stories:

-A Night At Home

-Tyr’s New Boyfriend

Update 3/17/2020

Nothing super ground breaking today. Been a bit busy in the background with all the chaos going on and haven’t had a chance to upload any more of the backlog. Just one new commissioned story to share with you all today!

New Story:

-Envious Gains


Update 3/9/2020

Two older stories have been added, including Crystalline Ascension which is a personal mark of pride for myself. It was the first story I ever wrote that was over 10,000 words, was my first ‘major’ commission, and was what really launched me into my current string of productivity. Honestly it was the story that probably made or broke whether I continued trying to be a writer. And as if that wasn’t enough, the commissioner Skydon was nice enough to actually illustrate it! And any of you that know me even a little know how much of a sucker I am for an illustrated story!

Update also includes two recent stories just released today to the public! Remember if you want to catch my current content a week early, check out my patreon!


New stories include:

-All Mine

-Crystalline Ascension

-Beasts Within

-Draconic Mischief

Update 3/5/2020

Added three more older stories so we’re that much closer to being up to date with everything. Also posted my latest current story: Super Effective


New stories include:

-The Archive: Ars Antiqua

-Sizable Sins

-Weighty Consequences

-Super Effective


I also added a new Links page where you can find links to the other places to find me and my content, as well as added a link to my Trello on my commissions page so you can keep track of my current commission queue!

Update 3/2/2020

Update includes the half dozen or so of my most recent stories so that the most up to date content is available. I will periodically be adding older stories until eventually all of my content is available. But this way at least I feel comfortable posting new stories here as well without feeling like things are TOO disorganized. 


New stories include:

-Demonology 101

-Wishing For More

-Wishing For More – Ascension

-Playing With Magic

-One-Night Smash

-Organic Anomaly

-Dwindling Talent

-First Contact

Update 2/29/2020

Live launch of the site!

The site is now functional enough I feel comfortable sharing it to the public. About 1/3 of my older stories have already been uploaded to start with. There’s still a lot of work to do, and a lot more content to upload both in the gallery and the backlog of stories but hopefully this will be a good alternative place to find my content; especially if the main sites like FA and SoFurry were ever to have issues again. 

So please have a look around, enjoy, and don’t hesitate to poke me on twitter to let me know if you have any suggestions <3

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